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Found 33 results

  1. So after a lot of research, I've decided to start small and buy a basic machine to develop my skills for atleast one year before I even look at a Londinium R(machine I love). I believe I must master the basics first. Here's what I've come up with: Machine: Gaggia Classic (currently looking at @Rakesh 's thread). Grinder: Sage smart grinder Pro (already have one at home) Tamping station: Need advice Any other accessories? Coffee bean supply: Monmouth Anything else I need? All suggestions welcome.
  2. Hi all newbie coffee drinker/maker here with first attempt at a home espresso station lodged in a corner of the kitchen, nothing particularly new and exciting for all you experts who know what you're doing with posh Italian-named machines and stuff but we love it and it's way more sophisticated than anything we've ever had before and gives us loads of things to play with as we learn It's all about a week old and I have some ideas for organising it a bit better especially coffee storage, glassware and the barista cloths (not really cool hanging on the cupboards knobs really) as well as making room for the inevitable upgrade to Niche grinder and who-knows-what shiny classic espresso machine in future I can tell I'm now addicted because I've got a real hankering for a shiny ECM Tamper Station to sit on our tamping mat, which has got to be the most expensive lump of metal adornment I've ever come across but for some reason I'm irrationally attracted to it...
  3. I'd be grateful for any advice you lovely coffee types can give. I've got a Super Jolly that I've been using with a Gaggia classic and after a good year of use have concluded that espresso just isn't my thing and I love a good pourover. I'm therefore thinking of selling my set up and just having a grinder and v60. I've read in various places online that the Super Jolly is an espresso grinder and as such isn't very good for pourover. Is there a material difference between an SJ and a "pourover grinder"? Should I just hang on to my SJ and use it for pourover or sell up and get something more pourover focussed? And if so, what could I get for a similar cost as I could sell the SJ for? Thanks for your help!
  4. Has anybody found the micro adjustments on the SGP have a lot of overlap with the macro settings? eg Macro 17 Micro 3 is much finer than Macro 13 Micro 6 I assumed that the micro adjustments would have only made the slightest of adjustments to the grind size but this is not the case for me. Does anybody else find this the case with the SGP? Thanks
  5. £320 Free pickup in Shoreditch, East London PayPal or bank transfer This is not listed for sale anywhere else (Photos at the bottom) Owned since 2nd January 2020, this is all in excellent working order. No damage and you're even getting a knock box included. Here is everything included: -- 1 x Sage the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Coffee Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel 1 x 54mm tamper 1 x 54mm Portafilter 1 x Integrated Tamper 1 x Razor Dose Trimming Tool 2 x pressurised baskets 2 x non-pressurised baskets 2 x unopened sage espresso machine cleaning tablets 1 x Stainless Steel Milk Jug 1 x Sage the Smart Grinder Pro™ Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel 1 x Portafilter Cradle–Small 50-54mm 1 x Portafilter Cradle–Large 58mm 1 x Grinds Container with Lid and Sealing Cap 1 x Conical Burr Cleaning Brush -- The included water filter is currently inside the water tank is probably now due for replacement. I lost the allen key it came with but I think most people have a few lying around. I have popped the shower screen off several times to keep it clean. The steam wand was of course purged and wiped down after every use. If you're wondering, I've only used Brita filtered water with this machine. In terms of reciepts, this was all purchased from John Lewis and I can provide you with full receipts and full VAT receipts.
  6. I'm selling my Black Sage Smart Grinder Pro. This is the newer model that doesn't need a shim kit for the espresso settings. This isn't getting used, as I have other options. I don't think it has any marks or anything maybe a light scratch somewhere. I still have the original box, both portafilter holders and I think even have the sage branded brush. I bought it on 24 April 2015 from Amazon, at time of writing it's so popular that they're out of stock. I'm looking for £130 collected from Bramley in Hampshire, or I'll post at your expense and you can choose your shipping method. As long as it's still available, I'd bundle it with the Gaggia Classic I'm selling here and you could have the pair for £310. Shown here with custom UV Protection mod (it's just a little tape don't worry not a permanent mod). Any questions feel free to ask.
  7. Sage Barista Express and Sage Smart Grinder Pro SOLD - Sage Barista Express - 2 years old, bought from John Lewis ins Sept 2016 with a extended warranty till September 9th 2019. This would appear to be transferable form reading the policy. There are a few cosmetic scratches on the drip tray. The rest of the machine is in excellent order. All accessories are included inc; 2 pressurised and 2 unpressurised filters, original cleaning tools and backflush insert (Ill include a few Cafiza tablets). Also 2 Sage carbon filters and a medium milk just also included. Original user manual. £300 collected - Delivery will be additional at cost. Sold - Sage Smart Grinder Pro- 4 month old and used for only one month. In As New Condition. Bought from John Lewis with a 2 year guarantee, so covered until May 2020. All accessories included. £115 collected - Delivery will be additional at cost. £400 for both collected - Delivery will be additional at cost. Items are located in Warwickshire (nr Stratford Upon Avon). Original boxes / packaging with both. Invoices and guarantee paperwork will be included as well. This will need to be transferred.
  8. Hi all. I have recently purchased a Sage Dual Boiler to pair with my Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I also am using the Acaia Lunar scales. My issue; after hours of reading and many wasted beans I just cannot achieve consistent espresso. I am aiming for the desired 18g ground coffee into 36g extracted espresso in 25-30 seconds. Impossible! Can anyone help? Please??
  9. Hi, I have my Sage Smart Grinder Pro for sale. Its a great little entry level grinder. Easy to use and looks good too. I have had it for around 8 months putting a maximum of 36g of beans through it each day. It great condition and comes with the original box and all of its accessories. £115 delivered, payment via Paypal.
  10. Not for me (colour is wrong!) but might be of interest to some: http://www.hartsofstur.com/acatalog/Sage-By-Heston-Blumenthal-Smart-Grinder-Pro-Cranberry-BCG820CRNUK.html#SID=2507
  11. As per title. Will consider both used and 'as new' from all those bundles that people have bought.
  12. Hi, I'm looking at getting into espresso for the first time, upgrading from using a moka pot and whisk for milk. My budget is flexible up to about £700 (could go a little over) and I was wondering what the advantages of buying new are? I've found the Gaggia Classic Pro for 350 and paired with a Eureka Mignon Specialita this would fill my budget. However, it's tempting to get a second hand Gaggia and perhaps look at cheaper grinders also. I've been searching and pondering for weeks now and could really do with some more knowledgable opinions! Thanks Very Much
  13. This new set up is providing me with a near-constant supply of quality coffee and saving me a great deal of money on visits to the cafe. The Cherub (and milk jug) were kindly supplied by @coffeebean for very competitive prices.
  14. Ummm, OK, yes, well, it went something like this... Age 0-18 years - drinks water, milk and occasional soft drinks and fruit juices Age 18-58 years - drinks all sorts of stuff that's bad for you, but always tea and never ever coffee can't stand the stuff yuk (interrupted by, age 23, marry foreign oriental lady who drinks only coffee in vast quantities) Age 58 years 1 month and 1 week - oriental lady wife drops hint that after 34 years of marriage might finally be time for decent coffee machine in time for birthday in 3 weeks time hint hint Age 58 years 1 month and 2 weeks - frantic week of immersion in coffee, coffee brewing, coffee theory, espresso machines, grinders, barista skills, coffee roasting, latte art (wtf is latte art?), on and on, even went into coffee shops to drink it to try and educate oneself Age 58 years 1 month 2 weeks and 4 days - found some lovely coffees yum!, find entry level espresso machine within £500 budget (Sage Barista Express), head off out looking for best deal, no word to Wifey Age 58 years 1 month 2 weeks and 5 days - wander into John Lewis, see Sage Barista Express, cute, but what's this... on a shelf, forgotten, an ex-display Sage Dual Boiler down from £1150 to £550, nearly wets oneself rummaging for credit card... Age 58 years 1 months 2 weeks and 6 days - coffee-obsessed wife has Sage DB espresso machine + Sage Smart Grinder Pro but can't get anywhere near it because Hubby has now become a total coffee-nerd inside a fortnight, wife wonders what's going on Age 58 years 1 month 3 weeks and 6 days - whole bunch of new barista-toys has arrived including first samples of roasted beans, green beans, glass coffee cup sets, tamping mats, barista cloths, various milks, a growing pile of a couple of dozen coffee pucks in various shades of brown and.. wait! what's this?... youtube videos about roasting your own coffee Age 58 years 1 month and 4 weeks - had to be done: first home roasting of Columbian green beans from Bella Barista, in a wok using a stainless steel whisk, with Wifey patiently extracting samples at key stages for photographing, now stored awaiting first grind... next weekend, so so long to wait... So hello, I'm a tea drinker, new to the forum (1 day), new to espresso machines (1 week) and new to coffee drinking (3 weeks) but apart from that I'm sure I have a lot to offer the world of coffee making. BTW thank you to Reiss of Londinium for directing me to this fine coffee forum and encouraging me to sign-up up, after he found me lurking on his website late last night gazing longingly at all the shiny things I found on there. Cheers Greydad (Neil)
  15. Evening all, The was not going to be for sale so soon as i planned on keeping it for home use, however i have had my Mythos for a few weeks and was not going to use it in the house as it was a bit big to go on the worktop its, however i thought i would just stick it on the worktop and get cracking (or rather grinding) with the Mythos. So the Sage is up for sale. I purchased this from John Lewis on the 21st November 2017 from Ashford, Kent branch. This was a display model (Note this store does not demo items so it was display only and not used in store for demos as they do in some stores) The purchase price was £120, now i could have not said anything and listed it for more than i paid and probably got that...... but that is dishonest and not what i am about. Reading the terms and conditions on the John Lewis website it appears that the guarantee is transferable https://www.johnlewis.com/customer-services/information-about-our-terms-and-conditions Info found under Guarantees and accidental damage insurance, under the heading What does the guarantee cover? Our guarantees provide full cover against mechanical breakdown through normal use. This means that if your item develops a fault during the guarantee period, we'll arrange for it to be repaired free of charge, including all parts and labour. Your guarantee is transferable with ownership, so if you give or sell the item to someone during the guarantee period, it's still covered. Grinder comes boxed with all original items and packaging, also the receipt. Has seen approx 8kg of work at espresso grind (between 7 and 18 on the display), i cannot comment on its grind for anything else as i simply have not used it for any courser grinds. Condition is good as per the pictures, its been cleaned every week and has been faultless in its time so far, as you would expect it to be having done so little. I would like this collected ideally so i will not offer postage just yet but if it fails to get interest then i will look at postage as an option (at buyers expense) I am on the Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 postcode area. I personally think this is a bargain at £90 as they currently retail at £150+ and would go perfect with the Barista Express i am about to list.
  16. Hi all so I have bought an old Gaggia Classic (2002 model) and a new Sage Smart Grinder Pro to try and learn how to make good coffee. I've had some time today to pull some shots using info learned here and on youtube and wanted to post some results to see where things are going wrong; because they are somewhere lol First 7 shots were using cheap Lavazza beans to give myself a starting point before using nice beans Shot 1 -15g coffee in on grind number 10 38.75g espresso out in 25 seconds -tasted bad in a bitter way Shot 2 - 15g coffee in on grind 12 (touch coarser just to see what happened) - 47.5g espresso out in 25 seconds -also bad but sour Shot 3 - changed to 18g coffee in and went to grind setting 5 - choked machine - fair enough, gives me an idea of where to be Shot 4 - 18g coffee in grind setting 8 -choked Shot 5 - 18g coffee in on grind 10 again - 25.7g out in 30 seconds - thinking im getting close here - tasted it - not good Shot 6 - 18 g coffee in grind setting 11 (so one coarser than shot 5) - 35.8g out in 30 seconds - have I cracked it? No it was nasty (probably the beans I'm thinking as they smell disgusting so time to try with good coffee) Shot 7 - try to replicate shot 6 with Foundry Finca San Fran beans - 18g coffee in, grind setting 11, 44.7g out in 30 seconds. Very fruity but sour/bitter? Hard to tell difference sometimes but wasn't nice Shot 8 -tighten grind to 10, 18g in 45.2g out in 30 seconds?! Shot 9 - 18g in on grind setting 8 to make it finer again - 22.5g out - took it too far Shot 10 - 18g in on grind setting 9 - 39g out in 30 seconds and a sour shot Bit lost as to where to go from here to be honest. I do wonder if my tamp is very inconsistent as this is the first time I've done this and I'd be surprised if one step on the grinder would make a 15g difference on it's own so I need to work on this but either way none of these shots were close to being drinkable IMO. Any thoughts on what to try next? Reason I'm timing my shots rather than weighing out is my scales don't fit under the PF so by keeping the shot time consistent I thought that would at least allow me to see if I was too coarse or too fine and go from there until I got something drinkable.
  17. Here we go. And a flat white I just made. I hope to learn how to do latte art one day.
  18. Recently switched to a Sage Smart Grinder Pro. When I first got it I was using 200 degree Brazilian love affair and I would grind 18g in around 17 secs. However I have since changed blend to one from the HasBean starter pack and I currently seem to be getting 18g in 13 secs. I have had to grind this blend slightly coarser so not to choke my machine but does 13 seconds seem normal for 18g of ground coffee from this grinder?
  19. So i picked up a brand new Smart Grinder on here a while back, its fine, works well, looks good and produces espresso grinds. However I did jump into this purchase and whilst it works well I find myself looking at the for sale section at Mignon's and I keep considering swapping out my Smart Grinder. I know most people who have tried both seem to prefer the Mignon but is there much difference? Will I see/taste much of a difference, if any? If its not much of an upgrade I might just keep the Smart Grinder throughout its warranty and then look to upgrade to something much better.
  20. Hi just bought this today from John Lewis, got it for £180 using the price match option. I used Harts of Stur, they are actually selling the non pro model for this price but John Lewis still matched it. Might be of some use to someone.
  21. Hello fellow coffee lovers, I keep having trouble finding the best grind size for both filter and espressos. At first I thought maybe I'm just getting what I paid for (cheap grinder) but I thought I'd ask your opinions about whether it may be faulty. First of all- checking with people who have the same grinder- do my settings sound reasonable: to get a 25s espresso extraction from the first drop I set it to 3/60; to get a 3min V60 300ml my setting is 52/60. Other questions: Is the grinder meant to make different noise when being spun with no coffee beans in at different settings? Mine seems to make a higher pitched noise when in my espresso setting compared to my V60 setting. Link to photos of the grounds for V60, does it look about right? https://photos.app.goo.gl/iTpkm8Aawtadd6xh6 Dovy
  22. What does it worth? It has very little use. I has been kept like spear one as I've got another exactly the same. Now having Mazzer Royal I decided it's time to sell this . Thanks
  23. Selling Sage Smart Grinder Pro as I have upgraded to another machine. It was bought 19 February 2018 but has a 2 year parts warranty from John Lewis / Sage, so it has roughly another year under warranty. I've used it to pull one double shot a day until I got my new grinder in December, so some use but not strenuous. It comes in the original box & includes all accessories (storage canister, cleaning brush, and portafilter holders). Located outside Leicester but can post (cost will be around £15). Looking for around £110.
  24. Brand new in box Smart Grinder Pro for sale. As I've already got a Mazzer, I don't need this grinder which came with my spiffy new Sage DB. There are quite a few videos online which show this grinder in operation, and it is an excellent first grinder for a domestic setup. The Sage Guarantee has not been registered so you'll get the full term. The cheapest I've seen it online is £139.99 from Lakeland, but I'm offering mine for a very reasonable £100 collected from TN20, or £110 sent via Hermes. If you want to pay by Paypal I'd like an extra £3.50 on top for their fees. No Offers please, as I think this is a very fair price. Mike
  25. Hi All, I received this item as a gift in December 2015, I have used it only a handful of times no more than 500g of coffee has gone through it. I have the original box and packaging & instructions. Selling for £130 - Collection well come from Bromley, London or happy to arrange delivery at your cost. Thanks for your time.
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