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Found 19 results

  1. Good price if you want one of these, tempted myself. https://www.johnlewis.com/sage-by-heston-blumenthal-the-oracle-espresso-coffee-machine-silver/p1627323?sku=233712798& Amazon also price matching
  2. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know anything about these (I realise I may be barking up the wrong forum): http://www.johnlewis.com/jura-giga-5-one-touch-bean-to-cup-coffee-machine-aluminium/p231749779 Long story short, a friend's looking to upgrade from his Nespresso, and I was explaining the many, many options available. As both he and his wife drink caff and decaf, one grinder may not be enough, and I'm not convinced he wants to be faffing around single dosing (busy man). So after looking at the difference between HX/DB etc, the Sage oracle popped up. I don't know a lot about it but Boots' review seemed pretty favourable, especially as it has lots of the convenience factor, and could be joined up with another grinder (say something small like a mignon) to deal with decaf. My friend (let's call him Paul) popped into a shop for a look, and was directed to this. It's got all the bells and whistles you could ever need, and many you probably wouldn't, but one thing I wouldn't know is shot quality. So I'm asking - has anyone had a shot from one and how does it stack up? (feel free to say what he should spend the 4k on, but remember that convenience is a pretty major factor. It's also double the budget he told me he had to spend...!) Thanks! Anton
  3. At the moment I have a Francino Cherub which is laid up due to needing a service and a few minor faults. I'm resorting to using a nespresso thingy at the moment. I've had the go ahead from the boss, Chancellor, wife to get an Oracle, so this sets my budget. The ease of use appeals but my good lady likes a decaff in the evening, so this complicates matters. So should I a.bite the bullet and get a new machine, not sure which b. get an engineer our to fix my machine, travelling to Brum isn't an option c. get the glazier out for when I throw the nespresso through the window Help
  4. Hello, i have bought sage oracle with 58mm Two Cup–Single Wall Filter and 58mm One Cup–Single Wall Filter. but i don’t know which one of them to use if i am doing coffee for myself ?? which one do people usually use with it?? and what's the best grind # to try ??
  5. Mr Kirk

    Sage Oracle

    Hi In the unlikely event anyone is selling a Sage Oracle in the midlands area, please let me know! Thanks.
  6. In case anyone is interested I had an email from Sage confirming that the new Oracle Touch will be launched at John Lewis on Sunday 1st October. Seems a bit odd being a Sunday but that's what they said. For my part having owned a Delonghi Prima Donna for five years I have finally, after much prevarication, ordered the Oracle (not Touch. I can't justify £2000) following the recent price reduction. I ordered it from Lakeland at £1195 but they won't have stock before first week of October so cancelled and ordered from John Lewis who offered to price match. Incidentally the Lakeland Price has since gone up to almost £1700. Am looking forward to my journey beginning.
  7. Hello! I'm new to the forum so bare with me I have joined for advice on my upcoming purchase of either the Sage Oracle or the Rocket Appartamento, Both very different I'm aware!! Will be good to speak to people in the know!! Thanks Jacob
  8. Clearing my coffee bench drawers in anticipation of new arrival. 2 x 4 pkts of the official Sage descaler . They cost nearly £13 each from Sage or JL Will sell for £8 each or £15 for both packets delivered.
  9. We bought this a few months back in anticipation of the house build being done and getting to enjoy proper coffee again rather than the overpriced pods we have been using in the temporary kitchen. Things are a bit behind schedule and over budget so am going to let this go for now and when we are done I'll revisit things. As all our stuff has been stored in a room in the house, space has been at a premium and so the original box and packaging are long gone, so this one is collection only from near Rayleigh in Essex. That way you can also check the machine and all accessories are there and we can shake hands on the deal. This is brand new, totally unused. Still has all tape on it and comes in the original bags. Comes with all the stuff out the box including knock box and jug, portafilter etc. It would still be eligible for the white glove service. Warranty isnt transferable but would still be covered under the manufacturers warranty I would guess. Asking price is £850 based on not having been used at all. I think it was purchased from Amazon but will have to check with the other half on that one. Pics now added.
  10. So, I am in the market for a new machine.. Nothing wrong with the old one (Gaggia Classic, bought from here about 3 years ago) but just never really got on with it. Its been ok, just never got the milk the way I wanted and espresso was alway so-so. We've just finished our kitchen extension and are looking for a new machine - Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) was always to look for something that had the simplicity of Nespresso but that I could enjoy as a hobby and learn what I was doing wrong. Kids love the steamed milk and especially hot chocolate.. I started looking initially at the Oracle, then got sidetracked to the Touch and then comparing to the Barista Touch. Oracle I feel is a good machine (and comes with the White Glove Service to make it better), bit worried that its too "complicated" for MrsToby. Slightly concerned that I'll feel like I'm buying an older model but price difference is appealing. Oracle Touch - I'm wowed by every review that I've read, it really does seem like the most straightforward way to get really good milk based coffee without having to think about it (which suits both of us!). But the cost.. oh the cost! Flipside is I work from home quite a bit so do tend to drink a lot of coffee but I'm still struggling to get over the cost.. Barista Touch - The baby brother - seems to have enough of the idiot-proof bits that its viable and is half the price.. just will I get upgrade-itus after a couple of years? Tamping consistently is ok for me, not sure that MrsToby has ever done it so a learning curve there but it does idiot milk which is one thing.. Yes, there are a multitude of other machines out there but most still treat the learning curve as a mountain.. after 3 years of struggling to get the Gaggia working I'm worried that it might just be me! Hence why a super-auto machine (but a decent one!) is on the cards.. My beans have always been HasBean or Notes and normally 250g will see me through a working week (3 days at home) so my problems are probably not bean related. I bought a Mignon Mk2 with the Gaggia so will be probably off-loading that as well to off-set the cost. I can do great Pour Over and started about 7 years ago with an Aeropress so I'm comfortable around coffee. I've the space in the kitchen, I can tolerate the (gulp!) cost if I have to but looking to perform a quick sanity check here before I start breaking out the credit card. I'm guessing that they are both too new to have much feedback, the couple of threads I've seen just seem to highlight the shipping date and Wired review.. Having just read back what I've written I can tell that my heart is with the Gucci Touch.. has anyone actually tried it who can pass comment?
  11. I am after a naked portafilter for my Sage Oracle! If anyone has on or a normal one that I can get machined then let me know
  12. Gail has posted a new Crew Review for the Sage Oracle - here:
  13. So recently i have noticed my extraction time finishes around 27sec.. it doesnt matter if its finer or coarser... it still produce the same amount of coffee too and finishes on 27sec . The correct solution would be how you set your grinder to , which comes into account how long your extraction time should be. (Correct me if im wrong.) Does anyone know how to solve this?
  14. Ok everybody knows sage are terrible for not selling spare parts to the public. Which makes their machines sometimes uneconomical to fix and very much throw away machines when developing a fault. However I think they have got worse, just noticed on their website they have stopped selling the most basic of replacement parts, no longer selling portafilters O rings filter baskets drip tray etc I have just recently sold all my sage appliances, I will never buy another even though they are good machines, I urge anybody considering a sage machine to think twice, as outside of warranty they are destined for the bin, unless you want to spend a fortune to fix what might be something you could repair yourself if only you could purchase the part. Ok I get a duo temp pro bought when on offer for maybe £250 is fine to get 2 years from and throw away, but when your moving into the price bracket of dual boiler, oracle etc I believe the phrase in my opinion is avoid like the plague.
  15. Good Morning All, I am very close to buying a Sage Oracle after owning a Sage Barista Express for 2 years. One thing that is bugging me and people don't seem to know in John Lewis etc is if the dose is weighed in the Portafilter and can be adjusted on the menu? I am a massive nerd when it comes to weighing out coffee and getting the right dose! Obviously, It would be impossible to change the dose amount once its been auto tamped... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi, I have just made a couple of coffees exactly as I would do normally on my 2 year old Oracle. after knocking the puck from the porta filter I went to put it into the coffee dispenser but it wouldnt lock in place. I couldn’t turn it at all. It just won’t go in. Any ideas please. if it needs Proffessional attention has anyone got any knowledge of a repair company near Bristol? cheers.
  17. Hi. Suddenly, one morning - zero water flowed out of the group head from my 3 year old Sage Oracle. The machine still makes all the right noises - but nothing flows... This is the case with or without the Portafilter without or without coffee from the Hot Water button or the Espresso buttons...nada! The steamer wand works fine. It's been descaled and cleaned. Help!
  18. Hi to all, I’m new to the forum. ive got the go ahead to buy the Sage Oracle which I’ve been wanting to buy for over a year. i also have one shot to get it right due to the amount of money involved. Now there is the Oracle Sage Touch and I’m well and truly stuck. Do I go with the machine I’ve looking at for over a year (Oracle), or go with the new kid on the block (Oracle Touch)? Thing is I’m trying to establish whether the extra £500 buys you any better components or is it purely the touch screen? My head say £500 is not worth paying to get the touch screen but I can be an impulse buyer at times. Has anyone got experience of both machines? btw, I’m a relative novice in the home espresso world.
  19. Not usually one for forums but have made an exception for this forum as there seems to be a myriad of coffee knowledge on here. Basically I work in a vape shop, and we are opening a small cafe style vape lounge next week, as I am the company coffeeholic I have self appointed myself with the task of being in charge with making the drinks. The machine we have is the Sage Oracle, which I have used a few times before in a demo but next week I'll be thrown in at the deep end and have to make drinks I've no experience in making before. Have watched lots of YouTube barista training videos and hoping to find a few tips and tricks on here too. I'm not aiming to be any sort of professional barrista, but I'm hoping to be able to provide customers with at least a half decent cup of coffee. Up til now I literally just drink my coffee black with no sugars, so it'll be a nice challenge to make other drinks for people. Anyway, besides that I am 28 years old, like I said I work in a vape shop which for the unaware are electronic cigarettes. I also work with precious metals on the side and have a small jewellery workshop where I restore and make enamel jewellery. I'll most likely be poking around tips and advice sections on the forum, and any pointers are welcome
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