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  1. I am selling my 1.5 year old Sage Duo Temp Pro with what I believe complete accessories kit + extra double basket, gasket seal, portafilter funnel and blind disc. It’s been fed with soft water and later on with filtered water (and no water filter in the tank). It works fine and hasn’t caused me an issue. Backflushed and soaked basket/shower screen regularly (every 1-2 weeks). I bought it refurbished, but I can only imagine it was a returned item since the shower screen had very little gunk. I have noticed that there’s some discolouration, hence the adjusted price. I can only imagine it’s induced by hot water/steam during the purge cycle. It’s on both sides, so I can only assume it’s normal. Price is £100 collected in Glasgow. I binned the original box, so I don’t have a way to adequately pack it. I do travel a fair bit in Scotland (Fort William, Inverness, Perth, Stirling and North West), so can drop it off as well. I would happily trade it to a Torr Goldfinger Sharp Edge 58.55mm tamper, but that’s as long shot as you can get.
  2. Hi all, loving my duo temp pro. having a niche grinder when it comes to upgrade from my mignon v2. just wondering if anyone has upgraded from the duo temp pro and found the coffee to be better? Im having a new kitchen put in so was thinking of upgrading my machine, however I’m not doing it if it’s only for the looks of the machine, rather than the taste of the coffee. I’m thinkin the niche grinder will make my coffee taste much better anyway but does the posher machines help too? Im only making for me usually but when family etc come round I occasionally make for them so the sage dB might be in with a shout . Any help would be greatly appriciated
  3. I've been told about the IMS basket on the sage dtp From what I've read, La Spaziale fits alright, and I've been thinking about the triple basket as my average dose is around 17g of coffee grind. However, I've read that there are some issue with fitting into the group head and some modifications are needed. Also read somewhere that it was recommended to get the shower head that is designed for La Spaziale as well on the imsfiltri website. Would anyone enlighten me as to what is it that needs modification regarding the basket and whether I need to buy the shower head as well? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello there, After a number of years messing around with various machines - DeLonghi Expresso (you know the one), Gaggia bean-to-cup (ancient and mostly reliable), Delonghi Magnifica bean-to-cup, I have opted to buy something a bit better. Only making less than 10 cups a week, but looking to get some consistency. Collected a nearly new Sage Duo Temp earlier today and together with some fresh ground from a coffee shop. I've made the first brew and was pretty pleased with the results. The Milk turned in the Jug just as soon as the wand went in - wow! I spent almost my whole budget (OK, I had no budget, so I spent a fair bit) on the Coffee Maker, so just ordering a relatively cheap Grinder to get started with. No doubt I'll be back for more recommendations later and I'll let you know how I get on with the Grinder. Cheers, Nigel.
  5. Evening all - nearly a SAGE newbie here! After reading as much as I could find and watching videos, pushed the button on my first proper machine away from stove top/ nespresso today. DTP from Lakeland at just under £250.00 but waiting on stock. Had a few chats with various outlets and Lakeland could not confirm that the price would stay at £250.00 unless ordered for home delivery and added to their system as a back order; so did just that! Had some great advice from a local Roaster - HasBean; and decided the SAGE would enable me to learn with a decent level of features. Want to understand and play around with whilst I gain knowledge. Also - will enable me to move away from the Nespresso and sell it as soon as I can deliver an OK espresso. Ready to use time was a big factor over other manual single boiler units. DTP made sense but will possibly buy an old Classic in future? Grinder/ Scales next thing to find and research begins as soon as machine arrives! Will use pre-ground for a time. If theres anything I need to watch for with the DTP, please leave a comment. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. Recently purchased a Krups Calvi Espresso machine during the Black Friday promotion (120 pounds), it has some interesting features for a budget machine like auto-purge and 3s low-pressure preinfusion. Although it can make some really decent shots, I found the steam wand to be a bit too underpowered my liking (it's even weaker than my previous 3-year-old Delonghi Eco310 without the Panarello attachment). It struggles to even froth (not to mention heat up) a small volume of milk (120-150ml) before the 75s auto shut off feature kicks in. Unfortunately, the steam wand issue is a deal breaker for me but I have been thinking about returning the machine and upgrading to the Sage Duo Temp Pro. Will that machine be a worthwhile upgrade (for a 200 pound premium) especially in terms of milk frothing (steam wand pressure) and espresso extraction? Or should I just save the money and buy a better grinder instead (currently using the Hario Mini Mill)? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, Been doing a lot of reading, but I am sure this question has been asked before, but I can't really find a definitive answer. Looking to buy myself some kit, and had my eye on the Sage Duo Temp Pro, especially as there are some good Black Friday deal on it right now. However, I have seen some mentions that one disadvantage of it is the fact it uses a non-standard tamper size, when the recommendation is 58mm? Have I got this right and, if so, why is the size an issue, and what difference does this make? Many thanks for your help
  8. Hi After some research I have decided to buy a Sage DTP (£299 eCookshop.co.uk) and a Mignon V2 (179.99 MyEspresso.co.uk) as my first set up. It was a mixture of budget and covenience that provoked this after alternatives were considered (Sage Smart Grinder, Silvia, Classic, etc.) Anyway, I wondered what people's opinion of this combo was for a first timer? However, the crux of this thread is to ask for beginners tips on where to start using them: Do I need to do anything to the Mignon out of the box? Season the burrs etc? Should I use the pressurised baskets on the DTP to start with? Many thanks
  9. Listed as parts or spares when it seems fully functioning with accessories. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142868392926
  10. Ok I currently have a sage smart grinder pro purchased new 2 weeks ago, also have a crappy cheap delonghi icona, had it 6 months from second hand only paid £40 for it but want an upgrade. The delonghi makes reasonable tasting shots with unpressurized baskets, but its frustrating having such a tiny boiler and such temperature instability and having to temp surf, and its really frustrating to make a latte for more than one person. I cant decide between Sage duo temp, barista express or double boiler. Budget doesn't matter can stretch as far as the double boiler new. But cant decide what machine would be best for me. I currently favour the barista express as it has the water tap outlet, and pressure gauge and preset volume shots, love the idea of the convenience of preset, also there is the valve that prevents really wet coffee pucks so easier and less messier to dispose the coffee grounds. Plus the machine has a higher power wattage than the duo temp pro. I just wont use the grinder, kind of a waste. I love everything about the duo boiler but have concerns, that its going to be too difficult to descale, and don't want to be having to send it back to sage everytime it needs descaled. Or maybe I should just get the duo temp pro and maybe upgrade further down the line. What I need and want from a machine, to be able to make at least 2 or 3 latte back to back when I have guests over, to be able to make decent tasting espresso once or twice daily and maybe a flat white once per day. Also need a machine that's easy maintained. I know the duo temp pro or barista express probably best for my needs, but I have have the budget to go up to dual boiler. I think I favour the Barista express but at the minute its £170 extra for the duo temp pro compared to duo temp pro, if I am not going to use the grinder are the other features of the machine worth the extra compared to the duo temp pro. I would happily buy the dual boiler, no upgraded needed then for several years hopefully but I just worried, I couldn't maintain the machine with descaling. Or anybody know of a heat exchanger or double boiler that easy to descale in the price range of sage dual boiler.
  11. Doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet, so: https://www.johnlewis.com/sage-by-heston-blumenthal-the-duo-temp-pro-espresso-coffee-machine/p1749201 Might be useful if the Lakeland deal (which has a 3 yr vs 2 yr guarantee) sells out.
  12. Gutted as just bought mine a month ago but a good deal for people. http://www.lakeland.co.uk/70535/Sage™-The-Duo-Temp™-Pro-Espresso-Coffee-Machine-BES810&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alerts_redirect?src=awdef&afid=137991&afname=PriceSpy
  13. I’ve just bought a DTP on Amazon for £249! Thought I’d share it here in case anyone else is interested in snapping one of these up. I paid an extra £28.75 for Amazon’s 2 years breakdown and accidental damage cover. Sage by Heston Blumenthal BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine - Silver https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NPYDJ6U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_epUSAbZYCCCAX
  14. Hi all, I'm close to pressing the button on either a DTP with a Sage Smart Grinder or a Barista Express. Americano/long black is my regular choice of coffee but I do also enjoy espresso and cappuccino.... I'm just asking here anyone that has a DTP how do you use this for an Americano? Do you use a kettle for the water or the wand? I'm concerned using a kettle the water temperature might not be right but via the wand it could be messy due to the way it's 'poured' or more like sprayed out. With the Barista it comes with a water spout.... I'm really puzzled which way to jump. The BE was my first option but I'm reading more and more that the grinder Isn't great? I'm coming from a Delonghi Bean to cup so am a novice here. Money not the issue I just want to make sure I choose the best option. Thank you Regards Paul
  15. So, i have been worried about this purchase for a few days, and i took delivery a little while ago. Packaged beautifully as you would expect from Sage. I am actually very impressed at not only the look, but the quality of the machine feels very nice, about as heavy as my Classic at a guess. The portafilter is ok, i am not too disapointed which was one of my main concerns, but i can certainly live with it, although i hope sage offer different options soon. The tamper is awful, i will be upgrading that asap, but its usable for now, i will update exactly what size fits. The included milk jug is a good quality jug, better than my one so chuffed with that. Very quick to get up and running, wash everything, install water filter, purge water through group head and wand for 30 seconds and ready to go. The group head has plastic surround, not ideal but seems ok and porta filter is a nice tight quality fit. The steam chuggs out and does not decrease, although i have not had ago at milk yet as we have none (typical) I will be running this side by side my classic for a few weeks, while i learn to trust the machine.. But overall i honestly have no issues with quality or how it feels. My first shot, was a perfect extraction for me 18grams in > i got 30.1 out in 27 seconds. By far better than anything i have pulled on my classic for a long time, i have always suffered slight spluttering on my classic no matter what i did (although i am sure its down to my technique). This could be down to the low pressure pre-infusion. Smell and taste of my shot was fantastic it really enhanced the quality of my coffee, a lovely thick gloopy extraction, and a dry puck so could not notice the lack of 3 way valve. I am extremely pleased with this. I can only imagine what it must be like to have a dual boiler. I really think the speed, pre infusion and temp stability of this machine has made this machine a serious contender for the other two entry prosumer machines. Sage need to offer higher quality baskets, tamper and portafilter and this will be a popular machine for amatuer baristas like myself. I can thoroughly reccomend this machine, it comes with 2 year warranty, and i got extra 4 years for £30, and sage after sales in my experience is brilliant. I will be pairing this with a mignon mk 2 or a 2nd hand maza mini doserless if i get lucky in for sale thread. (I dont want to be mr sage as froggy called me) anyway happy me at the moment, thought i would share as there is limited info on this machine from classic users.
  16. Just saw this deal as I've been looking around for Sage Due Temp Pro. http://www.go-electrical.co.uk/sage-heston-blumenthal-bes810bks-duo-temp-coffee-machine-black.html It's including 2 years warranty also and it's a black one. The chrome one only has 1 year warranty and it's £1 more. Not sure why it only has 1 year warranty. I'm very tempted to get it. What do you guys think??? If I go through Quidco it's another 1.5% off which will lowered it to £271.47 after cash back. Good deal or too good to be true.
  17. So I got bored the other night and thought I would open up my DTP to see what it looked like on the inside. I had messed about loads with my old delonghi and knew it inside out so thought I'd get to know this machine. I'm quite interested to see if I can figure out a way of controlling the purge a bit better, as in not ending up with a flooded storage tray after using the machine. It gets pretty annoying. It could just be down to the amount of steam under there when it "blows off" but who knows. Extending the rubber spout going into the drip tray could be an option. Anyway heres the the inside of my duo temp pro.... There's a fair bit of room inside so I'd say potentially could be easy to fit a small pressure gauge but not really sure if there would be much point. So far this machine is pretty consistent and maybe checking the pressure when extracting wouldn't be worth doing. Any thoughts on this? Just want to see what other people may think about potential mods to this machine. Cheers
  18. The 480ml milk jug that comes with the sage dtp is only suitable for making one drink, any suggestions for a larger jug that will work with the dtp, it only needs to do the milk for two flat whites. Concern is that if the jug is much bigger the tip will not touch the milk.
  19. I'm a complete coffee newbie so please be nice After lurking for the past week or so I've managed to convinced the wife that we need a new coffee machine, her only stipulation was that it has to be either silver or chrome to match the new kitchen, result. Currently we have a dolce gusto pod machine which is better than instant coffee but not great. We mainly drink cappuccino and latte but we also like to grab an espresso every now and again. I've had a good look at the Gaggia Classic, Rancilio Silvia, and Sage Duo Temp Pro but am still no closer to deciding what machine to get. That said, I'm enjoying my journey into the world of coffee. Our budget for an espresso machine and grinder is around the £500 quid mark but for the right equipment I can go higher, and I don't mind getting second hand equipment. Any advice is most welcome
  20. I'm just after opinions on both machines if possible from people who have used them. I'm likely to be in the market for an upgrade soon and like the look of both. Obviously there's a decent price difference between the two so I'm just wondering if it's worth paying the extra for the dual boiler. I currently have a 6 year old delonghi which is on its last legs I think. All opinions/views welcome cheers
  21. my partner is going to purchase me my first coffee machine for xmas now am unsure which to go for as I was looking at the sage duo temp pro but having seen a few second hand machines for sale am unsure. Fracino Piccino is for sale currently and looks great but would that be an ok for machine to have? I was swayed to the sage due to the pid and ease of use. any input would be great. budget is max £300-400 also I do have a grind before that is a stated requirement and its a mazzer major purchased with the help of this forum
  22. Here we go. And a flat white I just made. I hope to learn how to do latte art one day.
  23. Took the plunge yesterday, upgraded from my Classic to a Duo Temp Pro to go with my Smart Grinder Pro. Love the look and feel and the packaging and accessories see great. Taking a little getting use to but I'm hoping for good coffee ahead. Just wondered if any DTP owners had any advice/tips on getting the most from the DTP. Also when you time your extraction do you start the timer from the moment you turn the dial or from the moment you see coffee as it confuses me what with the pre infusion.
  24. So, has anyone figured out a more 'elegant' way of removing the basket from the portafilter besides wedging a tea spoon in and lifting?
  25. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/quality-espresso-coffee-machine-as-new-good-deal/1132046798
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