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  1. I have had my Sage Dual Boiler for a few months and am getting on well with it. If I were to purchase a different tamper, what exact size would I need and what features should I look for? Any particular recommendations and what advantages would that give me in more conistenty good coffee vs the one Sage supplied? Huge thanks for any advice. Jon
  2. Hi all newbie coffee drinker/maker here with first attempt at a home espresso station lodged in a corner of the kitchen, nothing particularly new and exciting for all you experts who know what you're doing with posh Italian-named machines and stuff but we love it and it's way more sophisticated than anything we've ever had before and gives us loads of things to play with as we learn It's all about a week old and I have some ideas for organising it a bit better especially coffee storage, glassware and the barista cloths (not really cool hanging on the cupboards knobs really) as well as ma
  3. Anyone else seen this on their SDB? Can't see anything in the manual or online about this alert. Obviously not alarming and one could presume it's on about the water filter that sits in the tank.
  4. Long shot, but if anyone has one of these for sale let me know!
  5. Hello I was wondering if anyone has tried a VST on Sage DB's portafilter? What is your dosage for one latte/flat white? (seriously, what's the difference between flat white and latte? I thought flat white is australian for latte?) I can use a commercial 18g and 21g but have to remove the spring inside portafilter. It fits but doesn't really hold it tight. I just have to remember to fish the baskets out of the knockbox! Ever since I upgraded to a DB from Gaggia Classic, I'm beginning to question my dosage. I'm used to 18g in, 27/30g (depending on beans) out and in 27-30 seconds for just
  6. Made the leap to a bigger machine, so in the last 12 months have gone from: To... I didn't think I'd be upgrading quite so much this year, but this will keep me content for the foreseeable future. Hopefully a good example too of why everyone on here advises buying second hand (if sensible and patient) - all of the above including accessories, either new or as new, with the remaining warranty, for under £1,000. I would have had absolutely no chance of having this kit if I'd bought new! I'll be putting the Classic, Rocky, and old accessories up for sale soon as a de
  7. Watching this on ebay . In new condition , I think they are a bag of sand new. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sage-the-Dual-Boiler-/331155463151?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&hash=item4d1a675bef
  8. For some reason, I can't quite get the milk on my coffee quite right. I'm using the Sage Dual Boiler, if that makes any difference. When I go to a decent barista, if they are really good, the milk has a gorgeous rich foam on the top, often with plenty of it. However, on mine, I get foam but its never quite as good, rich or volumetric. Why oh why?! Jon
  9. Hello all, I am finally ready to buy my very own DB. My plan is to get the machine from Lakeland store in Belfast, hopefully for £1080 (with price matching from Ao.com). Ive considered Bella Barista and Amazon but have sided with Lakeland due to their 'lifetime guarantee ' and the fact I can return to store rather than via post. So whats the problem? I knew there is one machine in store but I'm concerned its the same one I had a look at nearly a year ago when I came close to buying it previously. Are there any easy to spot differences to the latest model? I dont wan
  10. bwatson87

    Hi -

    Hi all, thanks for all of the collective wisdom on this site! Long time lurker, thought I should post a quick introduction I bought my first espresso machine about 18 months ago - sage dual boiler, which came with the first generation smart ginder. I've basically never got consistant results and am currently on my fourth grinder - the first three were replaed by sage after two broke and one didn't grind fine enough even shimmed. I go through cycles of making lots of coffee and then getting frustrated with the whole process and ignoring the espresso machine for a few months of aeropr
  11. Seems as though this is reduced from Lakeland where I originally purchased mine for full whack at £1199.99 Their lifetime guarantee is a bit of a no brainer if you're looking at one of these machines: http://www.lakeland.co.uk/19340/Sage-Dual-Boiler
  12. dfk41

    Sage Dual Boiler

    Is this a bargain? The Sage Dual Boiler for £1049, less 10% if it is yours first Littlewoods order, spread over 52 interest free weekly payments? http://www.littlewoods.com/sage-by-heston-blumenthal-bes920uk-dual-boiler-coffee-machine/1382575901.prd
  13. I saw Glenn's write-up on the machine from last year, which seemed to be very detailed, and looked quite a positive review, but seems like it never quite got updated and there's not much about taste, long term ease of use, reliability etc. Other than that I saw the thread that led up to Glenn being offered a review machine, and a couple of threads about cleaning. Just wondered if there's any sort of consensus on what people think of it. And how many people are there on here that have one (or have used one?) So far it seems as if people are naturally suspicious of a Breville pr
  14. I am using a Sage dual boiler and no water is coming through group head when using fresh ground beans.The beans are El Salvador Finca Manuela(SSSSS) from Has Bean.The pressure builds up to the right bar and then the water disperses into the waste tray.So am I grinding to fine.I`ve tried using a vst basket and the original sage basket,but nothing works. When using pre ground Rave signature coffee of which I bought by mistake the espresso is fine and everything is ok. Do I try grinding a bit coarser?
  15. I have been playing around with my Sage DB and MXD grinder for a while now, so I thought that I would pop up a video for some critique. I think I still need to improve distribution at the edges. Could this be as a result of using OE dosing funnel? Beans: 18g Rave Signature Blend, about 4 weeks old now. Time: 27 seconds Output: 29g the pour: How did it look? [ATTACH=CONFIG]12361[/ATTACH] How did it taste? [video=youtube_share;Y9X5Ar8jotk]
  16. I've been a coffee fan for about 10 years now, having had a Rancillio Silvia and Rocky grinder. Considering upgrading now since it packed in about a year ago. It has already been repaired 3 times! Considering the Sage Dual Boiler, unless anything better comes along. I live just south of Tunbridge Wells, Kent in a place called Crowborough. We have a good local coffee shop now called Harris + Hoole. I'm a daily regular but really fancy brewing my own again. Jon
  17. Hello everyone, great forum this. I'm from south Ireland, love great coffee and abhor crappy instant coffee from the shops (although sometimes I'm still naive enough to think that this one should might be different and so I buy a coffee and endure it). I feel like I'm still only beginning my journey to great coffee. I started off years ago on a cheap Debenhams machine, upgraded to a Gaggia Baby Twin 4 years ago and just this week, after weeks of obsessively researching, I bought the Breville/Sage Dual Boiler (BES920) and their smart grinder. It's a brilliant machine. Next on my to do
  18. Have seen one in operation, all good, impressive performance. I want one!
  19. I bought myself a Sage Dual Boiler recently and I am looking to get a few things to help me make some better cappuccinos. What came to mind was: - Sage knock box - TempTag stickers - Milk Thermometer (can't find my old one) - Lined shot glass Anything else you think would be useful? Thanks, Jon
  20. Seems to have been a price drop at these retailers recently. Longer warrenty at Lakeland at 3yrs, vs JL 2yrs. Hope this is useful info for anyone else looking for deal with decent warranty! Cheers
  21. Been having a few issues with the DB for a while, had to replace the shower screen and had a few leeks on the boilers which seem to have been overcome now, but can’t get the pressure above 3bar nowadays, tried adjusting the OPV but to no avail, maybe the OPV or pump needs replacing. Machine is almost 4 years old now, so my dilemna is should i continue to get the machine back to full functionality and maybe send it down to coffee classics and keep putting money into it or should I call it a day and sell for parts, ideally if I could find replacement parts for these machines online I would
  22. wmonk

    Sage dual boiler

    As the title says, I'm after a sage dual boiler for around the 500 mark. Recent sales on the forum have gone for about that amount, some including a grinder. I'm London based, happy to pay shipping!
  23. I just had the white glove service from Sage. It was easily arranged by an initial email to Coffee Classics who followed-up by phone. The chap drove to Aberdeen from the midlands but had some other visits on the way and has more tomorrow in Dundee and Edinburgh on the way back. He called me on-route to confirm ETA. Since I have had my Dual Boiler and Eureka Mignon grinder for a while now, I have the basics more-or-less in hand but it was good to confirm I was pretty much right in how I am using it for now. The most important thing to me was going through the cleaning and de-scaling procedures.
  24. My Sage Dual Boiler has developed a fault (2nd time) I'm not getting any acknoledgement on their email , and the telephone number is now not manned or dead. Does anybody have any alternate contacts ?
  25. I have had my dual boiler for about 4 years now. About 6 months ago, it started to trip the electrics on the house and it was out of Warranty. Nightmare scenario. So I called Sage and they said only Coffee Classic were licensed to fix these machines in the UK. So I dropped it off with them and asked to fix all they could to avoid a resend of the machine in the future. They fixed the machine and sent it back for the a cost of about about £80. So about 6 months pass and I started to hear a hissing in the machine, top got very hot and then it trips the mains again. I thought this surely would
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