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  1. I just had the white glove service from Sage. It was easily arranged by an initial email to Coffee Classics who followed-up by phone. The chap drove to Aberdeen from the midlands but had some other visits on the way and has more tomorrow in Dundee and Edinburgh on the way back. He called me on-route to confirm ETA. Since I have had my Dual Boiler and Eureka Mignon grinder for a while now, I have the basics more-or-less in hand but it was good to confirm I was pretty much right in how I am using it for now. The most important thing to me was going through the cleaning and de-scaling procedures.
  2. Been having a few issues with the DB for a while, had to replace the shower screen and had a few leeks on the boilers which seem to have been overcome now, but can’t get the pressure above 3bar nowadays, tried adjusting the OPV but to no avail, maybe the OPV or pump needs replacing. Machine is almost 4 years old now, so my dilemna is should i continue to get the machine back to full functionality and maybe send it down to coffee classics and keep putting money into it or should I call it a day and sell for parts, ideally if I could find replacement parts for these machines online I would
  3. Yes may seem to be an odd thing to happen but now seems to be an ideal time. One reason is that it's a refurb and was the last one out of this batch.The other is less obvious and depends on what happens with my BE. I've no concerns about the Ebay refurb seller as have dealt with them before and have seen used machines for sale at not too dissimilar prices. Only a 12month return to base warrantee rather than the usual 2 years. All I've done so far is give it a look over. No signs of any marks. The only sign of use is a damp water filter so it's very probably a return. The same company also
  4. Hi all newbie coffee drinker/maker here with first attempt at a home espresso station lodged in a corner of the kitchen, nothing particularly new and exciting for all you experts who know what you're doing with posh Italian-named machines and stuff but we love it and it's way more sophisticated than anything we've ever had before and gives us loads of things to play with as we learn It's all about a week old and I have some ideas for organising it a bit better especially coffee storage, glassware and the barista cloths (not really cool hanging on the cupboards knobs really) as well as ma
  5. Ummm, OK, yes, well, it went something like this... Age 0-18 years - drinks water, milk and occasional soft drinks and fruit juices Age 18-58 years - drinks all sorts of stuff that's bad for you, but always tea and never ever coffee can't stand the stuff yuk (interrupted by, age 23, marry foreign oriental lady who drinks only coffee in vast quantities) Age 58 years 1 month and 1 week - oriental lady wife drops hint that after 34 years of marriage might finally be time for decent coffee machine in time for birthday in 3 weeks time hint hint Age 58 years 1 month and 2 weeks - franti
  6. I have had my Sage Dual Boiler for a few months and am getting on well with it. If I were to purchase a different tamper, what exact size would I need and what features should I look for? Any particular recommendations and what advantages would that give me in more conistenty good coffee vs the one Sage supplied? Huge thanks for any advice. Jon
  7. This is a Breville Dual Boiler the original version of the Sage Dual Boiler - Sage is the European trademark. It is having the same specs as Sage but because it was not sold under European regulations it will stay on for one hour before going to standby while the Sage I think will stay on only for 20 minutes. I bought it from a forum member (here is the sale thread) in November 2017 and I enjoyed his pours since last week, when I received my Vesuvius courtesy of DaveC and Paolo Cortese. After I bought it, I noticed bit of steam escaping on top of steam boiler so I replaces all the o-r
  8. I have the standard dual-spout 58mm portafilter that comes with the Sage DB but am now wondering about buying extra ones. Sage don't offer a single-spout version on their website only the naked one (which I may buy anyway at some point). Does anyone know where to get one? Alternatively, does anyone know which, if any, of the many other 58mm portafilters available fit the Sage DB?
  9. Due to a change in personal circumstances, I don't have the space to be in the home espresso plus brewed coffee game. So my much loved espresso kit is up for sale. This is a great startup kit for someone who wants to up their game to on-demand grinding and a very good dual boiler espresso machine. I am including the following in the kit: Sage Dual Boiler Brasilia RR45OD grinder (with custom single dosing hopper, copper weight + Reg Barber tamper handle as shown). Excellent underrated pro grinder. bottomless portafilter (high quality all stainless steel unit from Sage)
  10. Hi all I am still deciding between Sage DB and expobar brewtus, and heard that steaming power of sage isn't as good as the expobars. Can anyone please kindly tell me how steaming/frothing power of DB like? Is it really weaker than the brewtus and does it take a while to froth the milk? Thanks
  11. So I guess something is going out, but I can't figure out what. So, around half the time the preinfusion stage does not start the pump and instead basically only flushes what's in the grouphead. But everything works fine the moment the timer reaches the full pressure. This can be repeated by pushing the manual button also, the moment I stop pushing the button the pump starts and everything is fine. I can hear something when the pump should be running with smaller pressure, but I can't really tell what that sound is (it's very quiet). Could be anything from coil whine. So why isn't the pum
  12. Sage Dual Boiler Drip Tray, which was replaced but never used, small ripple on top right (very difficult to picture) £30 inc delivery
  13. Ok everybody knows sage are terrible for not selling spare parts to the public. Which makes their machines sometimes uneconomical to fix and very much throw away machines when developing a fault. However I think they have got worse, just noticed on their website they have stopped selling the most basic of replacement parts, no longer selling portafilters O rings filter baskets drip tray etc I have just recently sold all my sage appliances, I will never buy another even though they are good machines, I urge anybody considering a sage machine to think twice, as outside of wa
  14. I have had my dual boiler for about 4 years now. About 6 months ago, it started to trip the electrics on the house and it was out of Warranty. Nightmare scenario. So I called Sage and they said only Coffee Classic were licensed to fix these machines in the UK. So I dropped it off with them and asked to fix all they could to avoid a resend of the machine in the future. They fixed the machine and sent it back for the a cost of about about £80. So about 6 months pass and I started to hear a hissing in the machine, top got very hot and then it trips the mains again. I thought this surely would
  15. Hi all So I’m going to order my Sage Dual Boiler today (not waiting to Black Friday as I seriously doubt I will get better than £699 and then this kid can open his presents early). I’ve got some newbie questions bouncing around in my head and was hoping someone could help with some guidance. Some general and some specific around the Dual Boiler. Is the rule of thumb to extract 2 x the weight of your dose? So if my standard, for example, is 15g grind (30g fluid in the cup) and I want a weaker drink, I may aim for 12g but should then aim to get 24g fluid in cup? Thinking
  16. Hi everybody, So looking for some advice please, I currently have a Gaggia Classic with loads of mods (pressure gauge, Silvia steam wand and PID courtesy of Mr shades to name but a few) running alongside a Sage Smart Grinder Pro; heat up time is 15 mins, I’m thinking of upgrading to a Sage Dual Boiler but wondered what the effective heat up time woulid be? Obviously running 2 boilers will cost more to run but if the heat up time is quicker it could cancel out the extra cost. No way I could justify a brand new one so will be looking at a pre-owned one. So any advice?
  17. At this price I'd say it'd be tough to find a better dual boiler. By latest iteration I purely mean colours. There were cheap black sesame ones kicking about as they've discontinued that colour and replaced it with this. https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/product.asp?pid=SES920BTR
  18. Does anyone know the length of the screw that goes through the centre of the shower screen in to the group head on a Sage Dual boiler? Mine has sheared off in the GH and I’m just out of warranty, so looking to drill it out of the group head and replace with my own rather than go through what could be a stressful process with Sage. Thanks.
  19. Do they do the job? And are they as good as sage branded ones?
  20. It took me a while to talk myself into it, but I finally cracked and went for it. All I can say so far is its not as easy as its made to look, but when you get your first shot right its magical
  21. Afternoon all, What would be an average/normal, whatever you'd like to call it price for a Sage Dual Boiler (BES920UK one). 10 months old, one careful owner? Thanks in advance!
  22. Morning all, Thinking of taking the plunge on a Sage DB. Subsequently looking at a budget of £500 or so for a decent grinder (new / used). Any recommendations? Many thanks
  23. I no longer have my SDB and only had this a short while before changing machine so its in perfect fettle. It fitted my SDB portafilter very snugly and is very well made (ok printed, but you know what I mean £10 inc PP
  24. Is the r58 worth s much more than the sage db or do they both do the same coffee and milk
  25. Hi, Trying to set up the volumetric output on the SDB so that the wife can sort herself out a coffee without having to get the scales out etc. etc. However, something doesn't quite seem to be right. I've gone in to Advanced Menu (when machine off pressing 1 cup and then power button) then cycled to volumetric control and changed from SEc to FLo. I've then programmed the 1 cup button by accessing normal menu and selecting SHOT VOL on 1 cup and 'recording' a 30g extraction. However when I try and repeat this with same grind, bean, tamp it has a wild variability, been as low at
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