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  1. Hello all I hope someone can help me. I've had my sage dtp for over a year now but I'm finding my coffee is coming out frothy (more like the foamed milk) rather than a nice smooth stream of brown liquid from both spouts of the filter head... I've descaled the machine I've cleaned the metal gauze where the water comes out I've cleaned the porta filter coffee holder bit I've tried it with or without the filter in the cold water bucket I'm using the same ground coffee I've always used I always cut it off using the razor Any ideas
  2. I thought I'll share some of the photos of the new oak/skateboard tamper and portafilter handles, custom made by @joey24dirt. Absolutely amazing!
  3. Lakeland have the Sage machine at £240, but I am a bit smitten by the Lelit 'Anna' with PID at £410 from The Coffee Mate. Is the Lelit worth the extra or is the Sage a steal at that price? (Upgrading from a Delonghi 155, but I have my Santos no. 4 grinder which I hope is more than up to the job for the Sage or the Lelit)
  4. I'm using a Sage DTP in combination with a Mazzer SJ. I'm pretty happy with the results. I drink almost exclusively (black) Americano. I'm sort of dialled in and getting a good crema with no bitterness or sourness. I use scales and aim for a 1:2 bean weight to espresso weight ratio (usually going over by 1 or 2 g). My question is, after having dialled in to this extent, do you attempt to 'fine tune' the dialling to seek to improve the flavour extraction - or do you relax and enjoy your brew without being too OCD about it ? (I'm experimenting with Rave beans and am currently on Italian Jo
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself and also ask for some advice on a bad case of upgradeitis!! A year ago, I ditched my Delonghi bean to cup machine for a Sage DTP with a Baratza Vario grinder. I’ve been relatively satisfied with it but must admit it hasn’t blown me away to the extent I was hoping. I think this is because we drink coffee from good coffee shops/restaurants. The wife still prefers the old Delonghi (!) but I think that’s more her not liking the new world of dosing, tamping, timing etc! Anyway, we drink almost exclusively long whites and espresso. At
  6. I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that occasionally a drip of hot water forms on the outside/front of the group head while pulling a shot (must be just about the shower head?) before rolling down the portafilter. Has anyone seen this? Is it "normal"?
  7. I've had my DTP for a good 2 1/2 years now and its been a great machine. Its now having a problem. Every time I make a coffee on removing the portafilter there is an explosion of coffee everywhere like there is a huge pressure build up that causes this as it feels like theres a pop when undoing it releasing the pressure and causing the coffee to explode everywhere. The switch also feels very stiff now either to brew or steam and my coffee is not extracting properly when I brew giving awful tasting coffee. Any ideas what could be causing this as I'm not really sure apart from maybe the sea
  8. I need a machine and I've gone from thinking gaggia classic or sage duo temp pro to thinking that perhaps I should look at something with more potential.............. I've seen this on ebay and the vendor says I can have it for £140, what do you guys think? Should I hold out for something better and if so, what should I be looking at? Thanks and any info or advice would be very much appreciated. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202608547915?ul_noapp=true
  9. So I have tentative upgrade permission from the boss.... she started it (honest) with a 'would a bigger machine be faster?' after the usual 20+ mins to make 4 single and 1 double latte with my Sage DTP. 'Yes' says I 'a dual boiler would be much faster..... but a better grinder would taste better' (we both like the workmanlike styling of our Santos 4) Hence our dilemma - the Sage Dual Boiler would be an obvious upgrade from the DTP, but longevity seems a bit suspect. The new ACS Minima looks brilliant. Or do we stick with the DTP and buy a Niche? Or will we need to upgrade both (will t
  10. Hi all, been playing around with new DTP and mignon set up for a few weeks now. One thing that’s really confusing me is the question of exactly how much is a double espresso? General answer to this online seems to be that a double is 60ml, but then when people talk about ratios on double shots they tend to say 2:1 or 1.5:1 ...if I’m using 18g espresso then that would mean a shot of around 36 or 27 grams, which is well under what I suppose 60ml would end up being in weight...(I’m guessing 60ml is more or less 60g, give or take?) i know the answer to this is likely to be ‘whatever tas
  11. Greetings from (north) Wales ... Finally bought a Sage DTP last week on Amazon after they dropped in price to £270 (which seems to be the going rate everywhere for now). Then realised to my horror that I need to pay around the same amount on a grinder! Anyway after looking at the Sage grinders for a few days, then reading up on here, I settled on a Eureka Mignon ... then read some more and decided I 'needed' something with a much bigger footprint (why???) and started looking at Mazzer Super Jollies (great name!) on eBay - and finally took collection of mine today. It appears to be in full
  12. I'm looking to get a 54mm portafilter converted into a naked PF as I know Sage don't currently produce one. Outside of buying directly from Sage, are there any third-party or other branded PFs that will fit the DTP?
  13. Just wondered if anyone had upgraded or changed the steam wand tip on a duo temp pro from one to more than one hole? I just wondered if there was a way to make the whirlpool easier rather than having to tweak jug position constantly to maintain it. Or perhaps without the power of bigger machines there's no point changing the tip, just wondered.
  14. So I got bored the other night and thought I would open up my DTP to see what it looked like on the inside. I had messed about loads with my old delonghi and knew it inside out so thought I'd get to know this machine. I'm quite interested to see if I can figure out a way of controlling the purge a bit better, as in not ending up with a flooded storage tray after using the machine. It gets pretty annoying. It could just be down to the amount of steam under there when it "blows off" but who knows. Extending the rubber spout going into the drip tray could be an option. Anyway heres the the
  15. Finally got a full set up going now, Sage duo-temp pro and a second hand superjolly, but i'm having serious trouble dialling in and trying to get a decent cup. I've found a decent setting on the sj getting 18g in basket to 36g in cup in about 27 seconds but the drink tastes very 'woody', however when I try and go coarser, even adjusting the sj by a few mm the DTP takes about a minute to get 10g in the cup with extremely sour taste and get a vastly different result with a massively swollen soupy puck. I've kept tamping technique, distribution technique and workflow pretty much constant thr
  16. Hi all. I've recently acquired a DTP and am loving it. I used to have a Silvia and have had a few years out of the espresso game. Just wondering about people's recipes and in out weights with the DTP? I've managed to find a nice balance with 17g in -> 41 out with Rave signature, but it's still not producing a shot that I would call anywhere near perfect. I'd love to hear how other owners are getting on, and the recipes that you guys have found that are producing the best results!
  17. Hi folks anyone got any good 58mm>54mm dosing/funnel solutions to address 58mm Niche dosing cup in a 54mm Sage portafilter? i recently took the plunge on a Niche zero grinder and love it!! Game changer for me. Still only 2 weeks old and early days but I’m running it alongside a Sage Duo Temp pro which has a 54mm portafilter - transferring the grinds from 58mm Niche dosing cup to 54mm is quite slow and messy. Looking for a neat solution to address this and speed up my workflow - shame Niche don’t offer a spare grind cup in 54mm diameter. some solutions seem to be available i
  18. Well I've finally got the hang of the Pav and I think I want to trade it in... I just fancy a change if I'm honest and the DTP seems to fit the bill. It's got to be easy on the eye so (in my wife’s opinion) a classic/silvia are out. The DTP isn't too big, quick to heat up, seems capable of a decent shot and I can hopefully train the Mrs to use it too. It'd be nice for someone to make me a coffee for a change: P The stability and consistency are also appealing. What are people’s thoughts? How are owners finding them a year on? Still going strong? JL have them for £300 with a 2 year
  19. Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my Gaggia Classic and all my accessories for £200. It is a 2006 model (3 way solenoid) and i have upgraded the steam wand. It is descaled and back flushed regularly and i have just replaced the shower screen. You can see in the images below that I have also included a bottomless portafilter for it and the triple basket. With the bottomless portafilter, spare baskets and a 58mm tamper I would like £200 for the lot. I have loved learning with the machine but it is a time consuming hobby and with my second child on the way I need som
  20. £115 I don't need to say much about this forum favourite for those starting out their home espresso journey, but it's been a joy using this machine for 1(.25) years. Paired with a decent grinder and good technique, it'll produce some pretty good shots! Ultimately I'm selling this because I've moved to a much more expensive machine. There are some scratches on the machine, I've tried to show the worst of them in the pics below - especially around the drip tray area. Here are some pics: Included accessories: Motta 53mm tamper S
  21. I have recently sold my Sage DTP, and so I have the following accessories for sale, all suitable for either a Sage Duo-Temp Pro or a Sage Barista Express. All prices include postage (Royal Mail untracked) and all items are in good condition. 1 x 53mm Motta tamper £18 *NOW SOLD* 1 x coffee funnel (fits portafilter as photos show) £10 *NOW SOLD* 1 x coffee distributor tool - fits Sage 54mm portafilter baskets £20 *NOW SOLD* 1 x bottomless 54mm portafilter with single-wall double basket £38 Any questions, give me a shout. [ATTACH=CONF
  22. Sage Duo Temp Pro for sale. Bought it in January from John Lewis. With every single stock accessories (apart of the water filter and cleaning tablets), with John Lewis warranty (1.5 year yet) Fully working order, excellent condition. Used with Brita filtered water for couple of weeks and only Volvic water since that. Had a proper back flush in April and in May (that's the reason cleaning tablets are missing), haven't been used since that. Steam wand used twice only. Asking price is £170 Cash at collection only please. London (Finchley Central)
  23. Sage Duo Temp Pro for sale. Bought it in April 2019 from AO. Still 11 months left on warranty With every single stock accessories (apart of the water filter and cleaning tablets) Fully working order, excellent condition. Few scratches on the drip tray (see photo) I am also adding my 53mm Motta Tamper and a 53mm distribution tool. Due to the additional bits and the warranty remaining, I would like £200 for the lot. ideally collection from SE London. Thanks
  24. Sage Duo Temp Pro for sale. Bought it in January from John Lewis. With every single stock accessories (apart of the water filter and cleaning tablets) Fully working order, excellent condition. Used with Brita filtered water for couple of weeks and only Volvic water since that. Had a proper back flush in April and in May couple of days ago (that's the reason cleaning tablets are missing). Steam wand used twice only. Asking price is £170 Cash at collection preferred. London.
  25. For sale a few months old Motta 53mm flat base tamper and a Motta 53mm distribution tool. Both in excellent condition, small surface scratch on the distribution tool (see pictures) Used them with Sage Duo Temp Pro machine and IMS precision filter basket. Asking price is £35 all together. Cash at collection preferred. London (Finchley - Golders Green - Cricklewood - Willesden - Acton)
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