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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/222672942798 Can someone loan me £500 please... I'll pay the postage haha
  2. Hi all I finally made a decision after having considered for too long between a sage DB, expobar brewtus, rocket r58 and izzo alex duetto, and a winner is a sage DB! Only quickly cleaned it and had a go a few times, while the old Rancilio silvia was set aside. Paired up with a vario at the moment, but it isn't pulling a good shot - vario doesn't grind it fine enough for a decent shot. It's set to the finest mode, but somehow, it isn't fine enough - might need to be re-calibrated again. When pulling a shot, pressure is less than 1 (hardly goes up) and a resulted espresso is too loo
  3. So I had my White Gloves visit and having read the reviews on here which were very different I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I needn't have worried as I was obviously one of the lucky ones as the guy who came to me had previously been a barista and was now an engineer as well. He showed me around the machine made a delicious cappuccino and was really happy to talk coffee. He suggested leaving the portafilter in all of the time so that it gets nice and hot. I asked if there could be a problem with the seal in doing this and he said that it would be ok. He also suggested a daily backflus
  4. So, I've just placed an order for the Sage DB . . .after much deliberation and a squaring of my conscience because my DTP is less than 3 months old I'm going to keep the DTP until the DB is up and running but then I'll be selling it so anyone who wants one keep an eye out in the for sale section. Teresa x
  5. Big jump from a £80 dehlonghi! But having spent 2 weeks obsessing over specs, the only issue I have with a sage DB is lack of rotary pump. I wondered can I swap the vibration one out for a rotary myself? Anyway I figure get this and a mignon mk2. Then upgrade the mignon to a 75E or Mythos. Then upgrade the SDB to a profitec 700 or higher. Does this sound like an intelligent upgrade path? I drink an espresso in the morning (double shot 'cos I'm a real man!) combined with l-theanine for a basic cognitive stack, and then about 3 lattes or flat whites per day. So quite a bit.
  6. My husband doesn't like strong coffee so I wanted to experiment with dosing the single basket to get a tasty capuccino which wasn't too strong. I know I could have just poured away some of a double shot but I've never used a single basket so wanted to experiment. I dosed with 12.3 gms which tamped well, much less than this and I wouldn't have been able to tamp properly because of the shape of the basket. I had to increase the grind size from 8 to 15 on the Sage Smart grinder pro and then I got 24 gms coffee in 25 seconds at just over 9 bar pressure which seems fine. I've been dosing the d
  7. Is the 58mm tamper supplied as standard with the Sage Dual Boiler considered any good? It's all I have at the moment and I like the neat magnetic storage but it's not a particularly close fit in the basket - how critical is that? Should I be considering an update to a newer, posher tamper? What is important in a tamper? Weight? Self-levelling? Nice wooden handle? Calibrated spring-loading for even tamp pressure every time? Shininess? What sizes fit a Sage basket? 58mm exactly or 58.2 or 58.4 or 58.203568? Any specific recommendations? TIA
  8. I have the standard dual-spout 58mm portafilter that comes with the Sage DB but am now wondering about buying extra ones. Sage don't offer a single-spout version on their website only the naked one (which I may buy anyway at some point). Does anyone know where to get one? Alternatively, does anyone know which, if any, of the many other 58mm portafilters available fit the Sage DB?
  9. looking for some advice on best machine for testing espresso and possible very small commercial (farmer markets etc), had some advice from respected roaster who said the Sage DB was good enough to produce a good coffee (due to PID and DB) and will last a long time with good maintenance. I have also seen the La Spaziale S1 Dream T for around the same price (also has PID and DB) anyone used both or could comment on benefits of either for what I need it for (I will be roasting and will need a good machine to test the coffee and will hopefully be looking to sell coffee at markets etc a
  10. Hello fellows It's been 3 days since I've bought a sage DB - been really happy with a machine, quick warm up, fast steaming and stable temp. By using this machine, a few questions have come up in mind: 1) I've just noticed that when the machine is turned on from cold, it initially makes a gurgling sound as if water is being filled into the boiler. 2) also, when pulling the shot, there is gurgling sound again for the first 2-3 seconds then it disappears. Is this normal at all? From what I can see from youtube videos of other users, I can't really see this. 3) boiler reaches 93C wi
  11. It’s a beautiful thing. I know it’s almost 4 x the price of a DTP but it’s so much better thought out and just feels better. Cannot wait to start playing :-)
  12. I've been seeing a lot of soggy pucks which sometimes stick to the shower screen with my DB. I've been dosing 18g and as I've been going finer on the grind I've seen this getting worse. So been doing some reading and I think I've found that leaving too much space in the basket can cause the soggy puck. Appreciate that this isn't a 'problem' so to speak more just trying to understand cause and effect. Started to dose 20g today and that has improved the puck and it knocks out slightly easier. What dose levels are others using in their DB baskets?
  13. Hi there, my SAGE DB began to overheat a lot. I'll be pleased with any suggestions and help. Thanks
  14. Hi all. I have recently purchased a Sage Dual Boiler to pair with my Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I also am using the Acaia Lunar scales. My issue; after hours of reading and many wasted beans I just cannot achieve consistent espresso. I am aiming for the desired 18g ground coffee into 36g extracted espresso in 25-30 seconds. Impossible! Can anyone help? Please??
  15. At this price I'd say it'd be tough to find a better dual boiler. By latest iteration I purely mean colours. There were cheap black sesame ones kicking about as they've discontinued that colour and replaced it with this. https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/product.asp?pid=SES920BTR
  16. Hi all My current set up is as follows: Sage DB, naked portafilter (sage own), Baratza Sette Wi, IMS B702TCh28.5E filter and Rhinowares 58.4 Tamper. I tend to use lighter roasted speciality coffee from Origin and Hasbean and particularly like natural stuff. I have a couple of questions particularly to Sage DB users, as I am getting used to my new machine (upgraded from a Gaggia Classic in January): - Does the pre-infusion improve the espresso? I have tried with and without and am struggling to see a huge difference? If so how long do you pre-infuse for? - Do you
  17. Recently, my espressos have been tasting... A bit sour and metallic. I tasted the water directly from the group head and it did not taste great. I descaled and backflushed with the appropriate programs which appeared to improve the water taste a little bit but espresso was still tasting bad. Long story short, I checked all of the bits and bobs I can remove for cleaning, shower screen, gasket etc and cleaned them up and then I shone a torch upwards only to see this. Rusting and apparent bubbling of the shower head (not sure if that's the correct term). Water tastes noticeably better d
  18. Hi just joined the forum after reading many interesting articles. I know this will improve my coffee skills! I have experimented with cheap machines over the years, with somewhat OK results but never had a great cup of coffee. I have upgraded to a Sage DB and so far have been pleased with it, although I do have a skills/knowledge issue which I will post in the relevant section. I look forward to many interactions.
  19. I have read back in the archives but cannot find a definite answer to this... Does a standard E61 Portafilter fit the Sage DB? I fancy a nice wooden-handled PF so unless I can unscrew the bakelite handle from the stock PF and replace it I will have to get an E61 replacement. Anyone tried fitting a non-Sage PF to the DB? Cheers
  20. I am familiar with navigating to the advanced menu on my Sage DB, however there does not appear to be any way of adjusting the time or volume settings of the one and two button automatic modes. Am I missing something?
  21. Finally got the kitchen sorted in the new place and we managed to find a small square for the DB. I want to get some LED lights installed to bathe it in glory but apart from that, and a new MBK Heft 585 en-route it is about there. Got my Rave LSOL to get dialling into and a big bag of Charlestown from Casa Espresso waiting to go!
  22. Dear all: a quick inquiry. After 12 years of faithful service-despite-neglect, my Silvia has given up the ghost (almost... more later). After spending more time than I ought I came up with the following choice for a replacement: Cherub or Oscar II. I produce mostly cappuccinos and lattes with Americanos and espressos in 3rd and 4th place (about 4 a day). I don't want a new hobby, just reliable drink-making. So, 1. Cherub or Oscar II in absolute terms? 2. If Cherub in 1, is the price differential worth it (the cheapest I see is around £529 for the Oscar; £781 for the Cherub)? 3. If Che
  23. Hi everyone , I'm proud owner of this machine since 2 years. Recently it was replaced with a new one and this tends to switch after 10-15 min. completely off. Probably there is some hidden menu to adjust the time but accessible for service guys only?! Some help please!
  24. A friend of mine is currently in Oz and has found that the Sage DB is significantly cheaper over there. He's keen to bring one back with him, but wasn't sure if there'd be any issues in terms of electrics and/or anything else. Is anyone able to advise?
  25. Well the db arrived this morning and I didn't get off to the best start...on the initial starting procedure - I couldn't get the hot water light to come off (despite having turned the knob all the way closed. It needed me to turn the machine off and on again - then open then close quite firmly before the light went off and the machine then started to fill the boilers. This took and age (way more than 5 mins) and sounded like the water wasn't getting through from the reservoir - I checked everything and all was as it should be. Well I persevered - and eventually the pump stopped and all se
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