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Found 44 results

  1. Hi there, my SAGE DB began to overheat a lot. I'll be pleased with any suggestions and help. Thanks
  2. Hello fellows It's been 3 days since I've bought a sage DB - been really happy with a machine, quick warm up, fast steaming and stable temp. By using this machine, a few questions have come up in mind: 1) I've just noticed that when the machine is turned on from cold, it initially makes a gurgling sound as if water is being filled into the boiler. 2) also, when pulling the shot, there is gurgling sound again for the first 2-3 seconds then it disappears. Is this normal at all? From what I can see from youtube videos of other users, I can't really see this. 3) boiler reaches 93C within a few mins from cold, but how long does it take for the grouphead to reach this temp too? Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. Hi everyone , I'm proud owner of this machine since 2 years. Recently it was replaced with a new one and this tends to switch after 10-15 min. completely off. Probably there is some hidden menu to adjust the time but accessible for service guys only?! Some help please!
  4. Dear all: a quick inquiry. After 12 years of faithful service-despite-neglect, my Silvia has given up the ghost (almost... more later). After spending more time than I ought I came up with the following choice for a replacement: Cherub or Oscar II. I produce mostly cappuccinos and lattes with Americanos and espressos in 3rd and 4th place (about 4 a day). I don't want a new hobby, just reliable drink-making. So, 1. Cherub or Oscar II in absolute terms? 2. If Cherub in 1, is the price differential worth it (the cheapest I see is around £529 for the Oscar; £781 for the Cherub)? 3. If Cherub in 1, would the OPV/Pressure switch modifications to the Oscar that Elektro offer tip the balance (takes the price to £612)? However, I see that the Sage DB unit is now available for around £850 (in a ghastly colour, admittedly...). Since that's pretty close to price of a Cherub, 4. Cherub versus Sage DB? Finally, the option of getting my Silvia fixed! Would the options above improve my quality of life (narrowly construed) or should I 5. Keep faith with the Silvia and get it repaired (if so, where: I live in London)? Finally: 6. Any obvious omissions? I can't in all conscience go up a price-bracket. Thanks in advance for reading this and for any advice folk are willing to offer.
  5. I am familiar with navigating to the advanced menu on my Sage DB, however there does not appear to be any way of adjusting the time or volume settings of the one and two button automatic modes. Am I missing something?
  6. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=261947902030&alt=web
  7. I'm still patiently waiting on grinder, so using pre-ground illy coffee in my lovely new sage DB, but about a quarter of the time the basket sticks to the group head and no amount of gentle wiggling the portafilter releases it - I have to get out a big wrench to break it free. I'm not compressing the coffee at all with the tamper, just barely filling the basket - below the silly "sage razor" gage level. This is really a hassle! Will this go away once I'm using fresh ground coffee? The videos all say to compress at 30lbs pressure? and what are the two little lights on the front just below the manometer gage for? Warning lights? pressure, water level? Thanks again for advice.
  8. bwatson87

    Hi -

    Hi all, thanks for all of the collective wisdom on this site! Long time lurker, thought I should post a quick introduction I bought my first espresso machine about 18 months ago - sage dual boiler, which came with the first generation smart ginder. I've basically never got consistant results and am currently on my fourth grinder - the first three were replaed by sage after two broke and one didn't grind fine enough even shimmed. I go through cycles of making lots of coffee and then getting frustrated with the whole process and ignoring the espresso machine for a few months of aeropress. With this lastest version of the grinder (pro) I'm at last getting semi sensible extraction times. I now feel that the grinder just isn't doing the machine justice, so I'm am wondering about what might be a better option. I'm using an 18g dose in single walled basket, with a reasonably consistant tamp, and even when I get a sensible sized shot dialled in the shot just doesn't really tase that balanced or interesting. I really like everything about the smart ginder (size, electric dose adjustment, minimal mess, minimal grind retention, doesn't look out of place on kitchen counter beside coffee machine, fits under cabinets, etc) except the quality of the coffee! Priorities for me are quality and consistancy of espresso grind, ideally not massive size, and option to grind direct into portafilter. I'm making at most three double shots a day, usually less, and am using good quality fresh roasted coffe, mostly rave or 3fe beans - an irish hasbean partnership. Any recommendations of what I should look at for a grinder upgrade, I like the look of the baratza forte - anyone with first hand experience of it for espresso?
  9. Hello I was wondering if anyone has tried a VST on Sage DB's portafilter? What is your dosage for one latte/flat white? (seriously, what's the difference between flat white and latte? I thought flat white is australian for latte?) I can use a commercial 18g and 21g but have to remove the spring inside portafilter. It fits but doesn't really hold it tight. I just have to remember to fish the baskets out of the knockbox! Ever since I upgraded to a DB from Gaggia Classic, I'm beginning to question my dosage. I'm used to 18g in, 27/30g (depending on beans) out and in 27-30 seconds for just one latte. With Sage's double basket, it's 20g/21g but it's very very strong and I think it's best for making two 6-8oz latte. Tried 12g on the single basket and i find it weak. I can't add more than 12g on the sage's single basket as the basket is too small. If I put 18g on sage's double basket, the flow is too fast.
  10. Recently, my espressos have been tasting... A bit sour and metallic. I tasted the water directly from the group head and it did not taste great. I descaled and backflushed with the appropriate programs which appeared to improve the water taste a little bit but espresso was still tasting bad. Long story short, I checked all of the bits and bobs I can remove for cleaning, shower screen, gasket etc and cleaned them up and then I shone a torch upwards only to see this. Rusting and apparent bubbling of the shower head (not sure if that's the correct term). Water tastes noticeably better directly from the hole in this part, where presumably it has not had a chance to become contaminated with rust. Has anyone else seen this? Is there an easy fix or is it a case of paying through the nose for repair on a machine that is, typically, out of guarantee?
  11. Is the 58mm tamper supplied as standard with the Sage Dual Boiler considered any good? It's all I have at the moment and I like the neat magnetic storage but it's not a particularly close fit in the basket - how critical is that? Should I be considering an update to a newer, posher tamper? What is important in a tamper? Weight? Self-levelling? Nice wooden handle? Calibrated spring-loading for even tamp pressure every time? Shininess? What sizes fit a Sage basket? 58mm exactly or 58.2 or 58.4 or 58.203568? Any specific recommendations? TIA
  12. Hi all. I have recently purchased a Sage Dual Boiler to pair with my Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I also am using the Acaia Lunar scales. My issue; after hours of reading and many wasted beans I just cannot achieve consistent espresso. I am aiming for the desired 18g ground coffee into 36g extracted espresso in 25-30 seconds. Impossible! Can anyone help? Please??
  13. My husband doesn't like strong coffee so I wanted to experiment with dosing the single basket to get a tasty capuccino which wasn't too strong. I know I could have just poured away some of a double shot but I've never used a single basket so wanted to experiment. I dosed with 12.3 gms which tamped well, much less than this and I wouldn't have been able to tamp properly because of the shape of the basket. I had to increase the grind size from 8 to 15 on the Sage Smart grinder pro and then I got 24 gms coffee in 25 seconds at just over 9 bar pressure which seems fine. I've been dosing the double basket with 16.5 gms and am getting 28 gms in 25 secs and it tastes lovely so I'm happy with that. I thought I would have a problem with dosing so low in the stock basket but it seems to take it well. I'm using Coffee Compass Brighton Lanes beans. The white gloves service is coming on Thursday, he sounded a nice guy so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Teresa x
  14. Hi, home kit put up for sale for £1100, i prefer to sell it as whole set rather than individually. due the weight pick up only, or can deliver to Birmingham- Evesham - Worcester area (will be attending LCF on Thursday, so can drop it on the way). Sage got original box. kit contain: sage dual boiler - run on tesco ashback, or volvic, descaled, back flushed on regular basis K30 grinder - burrs realignment recently, mostly on has bean or square mile beans 4 spare sage water filters - one changed week ago toroid pitcher rocket tamper 17 gm LM basket sage portafilter with sage 18 gm basket sage dual boiler tool kit spare K30 burrs - used, but worth keep as back up in case Grinder had burrs realignment recently - huge improvement in cup, burrs still got plenty of life in them. Sage had annual service recently - seals replaced, descaled, water filter replaced. please see pic for more info
  15. Well the db arrived this morning and I didn't get off to the best start...on the initial starting procedure - I couldn't get the hot water light to come off (despite having turned the knob all the way closed. It needed me to turn the machine off and on again - then open then close quite firmly before the light went off and the machine then started to fill the boilers. This took and age (way more than 5 mins) and sounded like the water wasn't getting through from the reservoir - I checked everything and all was as it should be. Well I persevered - and eventually the pump stopped and all seems well - though I'm sure this wasn't as it should have been - was worried the elements were going to burn out as the pump was going but the temp showing 93..Hmm have pulled a few shots - though not dialled in properly - can safely say that already it's much better than the Silvia - which of course it should be. Here's a video I shot of my 3rd shot pulled today Might give Sage a call in the week to check my procedure and what could have gone wrong.... Cheers Phil
  16. Finally got the kitchen sorted in the new place and we managed to find a small square for the DB. I want to get some LED lights installed to bathe it in glory but apart from that, and a new MBK Heft 585 en-route it is about there. Got my Rave LSOL to get dialling into and a big bag of Charlestown from Casa Espresso waiting to go!
  17. Just a quick heads up for anyone. Been into trafford centre today and visited john lewis to have a look at the dual boiler machine. There is a guy who works there fri-sat who works for sage and hes told me if you buy the machine, that you will get the smart grinder pro for free! He said the deal is through him and sage directly, so you can buy from john lewis themselves, or even lakeland(warranty) and he does the paperwork for you to get the grinder. the price atm is £1199 + free grinder worth £199. Potentially sell the grinder for £100-150? Im going to enquire with lakeland if they will match last weeks 15% off price. if so, then it really is a good price.. ive got his email if anyones interested. Btw, im not sure if its just on the DB machine, as the others have built in grinders anyway!
  18. Not sure if i should be posting this here or in the grinder forum. Having not much experience with other brands of espresso machines, can someone out there confirm if the depth of the Portafilter provided by Sage for the Dual Boiler machine is shallower than those provided by other brands (Expobar, Rocket, etc)? The reason for my question is that I also purchased the Baratza Forte AP grinder and you can adjust the height of the PF holder to ensure that it holds the PF securely and level. The issue I'm having is that for the portafilter supplied with the sage I need to raise the supporting arms of the Grinder's PF holder so much that I can no longer fit the PF holder into the grinder (difficult to explain so i have posted a picture below - the bottom right image shows how the protruding metal bit from the PH holder legs protrudes too high preventing the PF holder from being inserted into the grinder - essentially the tup of the adjustable legs should be flush with the top of the PF holder so by my reckoning i need a portafilter that is about 75mm deeper than the one i have). It leaves me with a few options as as see if but am open to any other suggestions if they are out there: Use the grinder collection bind that comes with the grinder (kind of defeating the purpose of having a PF holder) Saw off the protruding metal bit at the top of the PF Holders leg so I can fit the PH holder into the grinder Locate a deeper Portafilter that is compatible with the sage dual boiler (not sure if a compatible alternative exists?) Any info/suggestions anyone can provide would be most appreciated Thanks
  19. Hi all My current set up is as follows: Sage DB, naked portafilter (sage own), Baratza Sette Wi, IMS B702TCh28.5E filter and Rhinowares 58.4 Tamper. I tend to use lighter roasted speciality coffee from Origin and Hasbean and particularly like natural stuff. I have a couple of questions particularly to Sage DB users, as I am getting used to my new machine (upgraded from a Gaggia Classic in January): - Does the pre-infusion improve the espresso? I have tried with and without and am struggling to see a huge difference? If so how long do you pre-infuse for? - Do you have a standard set up for shots; run time, temperature, pre-infuse time etc? - What baskets do you use? I upgraded to the IMS B702TCh28.5E to avoid 18.5g shots sticking to the screen but is this basket too big? - Do you have any tips about how to get shots more consistent? With my GC I was getting more consistency (possibly becuase I was more used to it)? - have you upgraded your shower screens and has this made a difference? Thanks so much in advance and I am looking forward to being a part of the forum
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/222672942798 Can someone loan me £500 please... I'll pay the postage haha
  21. So I had my White Gloves visit and having read the reviews on here which were very different I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I needn't have worried as I was obviously one of the lucky ones as the guy who came to me had previously been a barista and was now an engineer as well. He showed me around the machine made a delicious cappuccino and was really happy to talk coffee. He suggested leaving the portafilter in all of the time so that it gets nice and hot. I asked if there could be a problem with the seal in doing this and he said that it would be ok. He also suggested a daily backflush with water to keep things clean and went through how to descale the machine when necessary. In all he stayed about an hour and 20 mins. I would recommend this service to anyone who has bought the DB . . .it's free and any info you glean wil be a bonus. He also brought a pack of beans . . Result. Teresa x
  22. I bought this as part of a package on here, I haven't even taken it out of the box, nor will I as my machine of choice is a lever. Previously owned by @Garydyke who lovingly cared for it before selling it to Michal-mi. It was serviced before being boxed, including descale and seal change. £475 collected or can post at buyers risk but will be extra ( I will double box and insist on insurance)
  23. I no longer have my SDB and only had this a short while before changing machine so its in perfect fettle. It fitted my SDB portafilter very snugly and is very well made (ok printed, but you know what I mean £10 inc PP
  24. A couple of days ago I had the 'Clean Me! message pop up on my Sage DB. I did the usual 320 sec routine, all fine. But it's popped up again this morning. Have I got a Sage with OCD? I've de scaled the Sage about 2 months ago, although I'm not sure if that generates a Clean Me message to de scale. Any thought's Sage owners?
  25. I'm re-listing my little used Sage DB. It is the v2 model BES920UK Purchased new by me in Feb 2014, so still has a couple of months warranty. It has had very little use and is in first class condition. I comes with all of the originally supplied bits and pieces but does not have the original packaging. The DB will need to be collected or I am happy to meet up somewhere convenient to both, I am located in Gloucester. I am looking for £675.00
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