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Found 16 results

  1. Hi found these on Gumtree guy selling 13 sage B/E machines job lot anyone mad enough !! https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/x13-sage-barista-express-coffee-machines-/1344869869
  2. Well this arrived today and it’s brilliant! Thanks so much to @joey24dirt another excellent creation and great finish. Many thanks 🙏
  3. THR_Crema

    BE Results

    Getting some very nice consistent results with my Barista Express - just wanted to share. This is an oat milk latte using a 17g dose of 200 degrees Brazilian Love Affair beans with a 34g extract over 32seconds today. I use the manual extract method and use my acaia scales to measure the output. The one thing I do find a negative with the BE is the steam output however running it for a good few seconds first seems to help clear it out and give a better steam.
  4. Looking for a used but well maintained Sage Barista Express. Many thanks, Scott.
  5. Hi I’m new so apologies if this has been covered already but couldn’t see it. Just bought a sage barista express 875 and am struggling for a decent strength shot. my beans were roasted 16/12 I’ve tried two different types with the same result. With tamping my level is nearly spot on and little need for the razor tool. I’ve tried various grind sizes which seems to have little effect from 10 to 1 currently on 4. My coffee comes out too weak like a light brown with a little to non existent crema. Now the pressure gauge shows it in range I get a solid puck when emptying but if you look at the manual I seem to be having a mixture of issues on the tips section for which there is no help. The flow starts slowly after 8 seconds on most attempts but then flows too quickly and produces a light brown coffee. I’m trying to be patient but frustrated at the moment as my old basic delonghi made a much better coffee than this ☹️ . I long for a strong coffee with a thick crema. please help. Thanks Joel
  6. I finally got round to cleaning the internal grinder fully with a full strip. It’s 2years old and felt bad I’ve not done it sooner. I’d recommend doing this for anyone with the Barista Express as I was shocked by how much ground coffee was retained within. I weighed what was retained and came out at 5.5grams. I’ve attached some photographs that may be of interest - I just need to order a new fibre washer for the bottom of the setup (it’s fragile and contained a lot of fine coffee grounds/oils).
  7. More for my ideas really as some items took time to find. No connection at all with the sources. Most people wont be familiar with the machine. Sage BE. My son added the white espresso mugs but I can't see any one using them. He also added the glass double walled ones. Maybe a 1/2 shot in each diluted might be ok with the beans I am currently using. Black container. A TightVac of ebay listed for pets but it's identical to the others listed. Used to keep a few days beans by the machine. Scales Cousin's UK Glass mug. I did look around at double walled ones but too many reports of them failing. These are by Unihom. Borosilicate and passed the water still boiling out of the kettle test. Ebay but also sold on Amazon at a greater cost by the same people I think. We also use them for tea. Net result is hotter drinks and none of too thin staining glaze on many mugs these days. One thing to watch - hold the mug if cleaning vigorously. I managed to part pull a handle off holding it with that. One glass had a flaw. The seller replaced it with 2. Tray Nisbets off ebay but also have a web site. It's intended to be used by butchers and really is stainless steel. Edge is a little wrinkled on the corners but I see the material as being more important. Hand grinder Hunts. Appears to be the same as the Japanese one who's price has rocketed of late. Too much trouble so have ordered a separate grinder. It will grind very fine but even 10gm just to try some beans takes a while. The grinds holder is useful as it's easy to tip coffee out of another grinder into it and then place a filter basket on top and invert it. The tamping mat really did take some time to find. It's compact and big enough. Made by Gaggia and found on ebay from S. Ireland. It's a nice substantial one. Mainly bought because I was fed up with scraping spilt grounds out of the tray. Edit whoops - Amazon and made by Fracino. I'm wondering if there was a listing change but it is what I ordered. Brown bag - 250gm of beans to try. Now a canister is available they will soon be in that. We bought 2 of the types with a date dial on top. A bit small really but have just ordered a 20oz one which I hope will hold 500gm of roasted beans. There is a very good offer on one brand on Amazon UK at the moment. Bailey's An idea my son returned from university with. Not tried it yet but will be. Yellowish labelled green can just seen on the edge. Last of the pre ground I think. There were 2 500gm tins of that and 3 packets of Lavazza. Rubbish behind and location. There is some extensive work going on in the kitchen so it's all in the lounge. The Sage knock box and portafilters are in the kitchen. Also the Sage milk jug and another larger one. John -
  8. I've started using the BE today and I'm struggling. Although I seem to get the pressure up into the right zone the water just seems to stop about 15 seconds after pressing the button no matter what. Getting the 25 seconds seems impossible. It's like it suddenly cuts out. I've been playing with grind size, tamping and grind amount but although I'm assuming it's user error I can't seem to increase the time the extraction runs.
  9. Looking for a Sage Barista Express or if I can get one I can afford I may consider a Pro. Happy to collect within the south east. Happy with either the stainless steel or black. Probably prefer the stainless steel but if there is one I come across that is black and the right price I'll be open to that. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, This is my first post, but I'm hoping you'll be able to help me, as I fear I may be soon going through coffee withdrawal symptoms! My Fabulous Sage Barista Express (which I've owned since 2013 making anything between 4 and 10 espressos per day, every day) has developed a leak. Initially I thought it was just a case of the seal in the release valve broken, but after I've managed to open the machine, it looks much worse. I've attached a few photos here and a short video pointing to the leak (hopefully the link is working!). It seems the leak is from the white tube (apologies for my inaccurate technical language) and water drops on the black square rubber seal and is then dropped further down. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VqdQAqgSb38puF8P7 Is there any hope in fixing it and if so, what would be your suggestions? I await your responses with anticipation!
  11. Nice set up, no mess, the sage BE does it all for me!
  12. Afternoon everyone - so I’ve spent the past two hours giving my whole setup a much needed deep clean, descale & restock. Perfect timing for a new bag of beans to arrive from my local roaster. I’ve had my Sage Barista Express around two years now and after much trial and error I feel things are where I want them to be with my espresso extraction. The dream, one day, is to get myself a La Marzocco however that’s some time away and I’ll enjoy using my Sage in the meantime. To assist with my home setup I use a Motta 53mm leveller/distributor, Motta 53mm tamper, Acaia Lunar scales (only had these since Apr 19 and wow these are amazing) and my primary bean of choice is the 200 Degrees Brazilian Love Affair. Hopefully the photograph is showing okay.
  13. So with a bit of time on my hands I’ve finally found a dosing cup solution I’m happy with. I personally don’t like grinding into the portafilter so use a cup, shake it, pour and measure into my portafilter with a funnel, stir it, level & tamp. This seems to be getting me consistent results as tested with my bottomless portafilter.
  14. OK, up for grabs is the popular Sage Barista Express. I bought this for my other half, but after the 'Rave Lever Day' she's now pinched my La Pavoni.. I'm not going to use it myself, but found it that good for what it is I bought 2 (the other was a present for my sister's 50th). I did actually use it for a while when I bought it, and found it quicker to use than my setup on a morning (before buying a timer plug to turn my machine on). Last owner was @HowardSmith who customised it for stepless grinding (although you need to wedge a penny in, in case it moves) This one actually grinds better, and produces fluffier grinds in the basket than the other one I bought. I've only used it off filtered water from my Bestmax (I fill bottles and take them to gf's house). I've just gone through a 'Clean Me' cycle. I'll provide some cleaning powder (you don't need a lot) that'll last you for a while. It comes with all the items shown in the second pic (there is a double basket in the portafilter and the only pressurised one is a double) Have a good look at the pics for marks, scratches etc. which are common on used machines, especially on the drip tray. Asking price: £250.00 (usual price 2nd hand with good history) Now dropping to £200.00 if sold and collected before the end of Wednesday 28th August.. After that the price goes back up This is collection only. For the price, I can't believe you can get a better machine that has pre-infusion and a full manual mode (hold button in for pre-infusion, release for full pressure extraction then tap again to end) Also it's volumetric and can be programmed for single and double extractions. It's really just 'Plug & Play' when set up. I'm not going to post, so don't ask. Been burnt a few times and it isn't happening again (plus I don't have a box/packing.) Also I'm in no rush to sell it, but it's cluttering my kitchen up and I'd rather it go than lose it in my garage.
  15. It's a one day offer, but for anyone looking, £355 is as cheap as I have seen them: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sage-SES875BTR2GUK1-Barista-Express-Truffle/dp/B07K29F7J8/
  16. Hi, New joiner here. I have recently bought a BE and I just cannot seem to get a decent espresso out of it. I'm now seriously considering returning it and going to pods or something. I have modified the quantity, the grind, the tamp (separately). The espresso always (unless I use gorilla tamp) comes out within 10 seconds of start and is generally sour, which makes me think "under extraction". I'm going through bags of beans like they are going out of fashion but can't do testing for hours as eventually I'm buzzing and can't sleep at night! Is it really this difficult? Do I have to weigh the grind by +/- 0.05g then weigh the output? I was hoping to get to a point and say "This is OK, keep these parameters and the coffee will be good for these beans." Yours, despairingly, Adam
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