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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, totally new to this. Just starting using the Sage BE. Happy so far. Just need to find the right beans for me. My issue seems to be the milk!!. I am steaming as per the guides and stopping when the jug becomes to hot to touch, but when I remove the jug fro the wand and attempt to wipe the wand clean, the milk deposit on the wand is hard, and can only be removed later with a scourer pad. It seems I am burning the milk!! But am removing it when 'hot to touch'. Any ideas please? Thanks.
  2. Sage are understandably silent on how often to descale as water varies across the country. I live in B'ham and have never ever had to descale anything. I just checked the kettle we have had for years and no sign of any scale. Any one have any idea what is a reasonable interval? I suppose it needs to be shots based. Kits for testing hardness are available but it's probably not as simple as that as there will be other dissolved solids. The odd happening on the BE may be due to the cleaning cycle. It came on again for the 2nd time today. All went ok and I flushed clean water though it a few times by keeping my finger on the double shot button. Ran some hot water and then tried steam. The wand more or less squirted hot water out. I allowed it to do that for a while and then thought maybe it's due to the cleaning cycle so switched the machine off and then back on. Yet more water out of the wand. I let it do that for a while and then tried turning the steam on and off a couple of times and it started working as it usually does. No signs of this sort of thing happening on the first cleaning cycle we had or at least we didn't notice. So ??????????? Is this sort of thing normal. I suppose if too much water gets into the steam circuit some how it has to squirt it out and the cleaning cycle may have that effect? John -
  3. For sale is my Sage Barista express. less than a year old, complete with all accessories including portafilter, single and double baskets, cleaning tools, Sage Razor, tamper, milk jug and original box. Excellent condition as shown in pics. Collection from Middlesbrough area. £350
  4. Ok I have a Sage barista express, I really want some kind of platform to set it on that is wheeled. Due to the design/layout of my kitchen and limited space I need to put my coffee machine on the worktop below a top kitchen cupboard, which is fine and I still have a little bit of height left to play with to place the coffee machine on a platform. I actually managed to get these 4 plastic wheels from b&q, they are 4 small squares of plastic with wheels on, you set one of each of the 4 plastic square in all 4 corners of the object that you want to move around. However this is not a long term solution as there is no stability in this solution as there is no frame to hold the 4 wheels together and stop them from moving out of position, also no brake for the wheels. I am looking for a kind of open platform if possible so as not to have loads of condensation/water build up under the machine because, I struggle lifting the machine for cleaning. By open platform I mean a 4 strips of wood or metal joined together to make a square shape with a wheel on all 4 corner and the middle of the platform open, if that makes sense. The reason I need/want the platform is that machine is pretty heavy and a nightmare to keep pulling back and forth several times a day to fill water tank and remove water tank for daily cleaning. would be great if somebody knows where I could get such an item or maybe know of somebody who make me one? I am also aware that the sage dual boiler has wheels for being moved around but before anybody suggests it, that machine is out of my price range for a few years, I only purchased my barista express new 2 months ago and plan on keeping it for 3 years, I am happy with it love and wont be upgrading until the 3 year mark, then I will be getting the dual boiler. Thanks
  5. Hi, new to the forums so be please be gentle.... I have been thinking about a Barista Express, but want to be able to make 2 cappuccino/lattes at same time. Is this possible, can I get 2 espresso cups at same time under Porta Filter, or would I need to do 2 single shots? Also, what size milk jug can you get away with, as the supplied jug seems ok for only 1 cup? Have had various machines, some could do 2, others struggled with it and had to do 1at a time. First shot was then cold(ish). Thanks
  6. Hi guys, this week I purchased a sage barista express, thankfully I knew the potential struggles of this machine from a technical point of view! I've moved from a fully automated bean to cup, and now have to face all of the challenges of getting everything right for a great coffee! I've read the instructions, followed them, played about a bit and got some great coffee! The issue I'm having is getting the thing to stay in the sweet spot. Here's what happens: Pre infusion to flow - 6 seconds Extraction sits in the sweet spot for 2 - 3 seconds, then the dial hits the max point. Extraction is 16 seconds (I took a video to see where things were) I'm having to grind course (11) A single grind is 8 gram I'm using a good quality bean - Pact coffee house blend If I attempt a fine grind, I get pretty much nothing out. Course, I'm getting a shot but it's on the bitter side. The instruction guide says for the perfect coffee: Flow should start after 4 to 7 seconds Dial should be in the espresso range Extraction 25 - 35 seconds Can anybody suggest there I may be going wrong.
  7. A buddy of mine (living in the States) got something similar to this for Christmas. http://divineespresso.com/breville-bes860-espresso-machine-revie/ Anyone have any hints or tips for him to get the best results ?? I haven't got a danny about such gear but can't help feeling that someone here has played around with these.
  8. Hi long time lurker, just joined. I currently use a Delonghi combi machine, which makes passable drip, but appalling espresso based drinks, pressurised portafilter, and a plastic tamper built in. What can I say, it was the best I could do at the time. Now it's upgrade time. I have a budget of around £500 The vast majority of my drinks will be espresso or Americano, especially after a Maltese friend of mine pointed out that filling yourself with frothy milk was a bit childish I'm a firm believer in buying the best you can at the time, rather than taking multiple steps to get to the same point. I know the cheapest proper espresso machine would be a huge leap forward, but quickly the lack of adjustability would limit what I could do with it. From what I can see pretty much everything on the BE can be tweaked, even the PID controlled temp has a slight adjustment. I know a separate grinder / espresso machine would be better - but what could I get for the same price? I can't find a machine that offers all the same flexibility for £500, let alone have enough over for a decent grinder. Bean hopper getting warm, not good for beans, but that just means you don't put many beans in. The only negatives I can see is that it isn't a 30 year old Italian design, longevity of components is an unknown - but the Lakeland warranty takes care of that. Have I missed anything?
  9. Hi everyone. I’m looking to upgrade. I had a Francis Francis x1, then Nespresso when we had twins for the ease. It’s now time to get something decent. I was going to buy the sage barista express but I’m now tempted by the lelit anita. Any advice? My budget is around £500. I’d love a La Pavoni but I’m not sure I can commit the time and am a bit worried about small children being burnt. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Morning all. Just starting out with a sage barista express machine. Loving it so far. Just one issue. I am seeming to be doing everything as per the guidelines. Right dose, right tamp, fresh coffee beans (Roasted 24.12.18), and the pressures are within the limits but I am only getting about 15-16 seconds extraction times. Just seems to reach the right pressure then stops. Any ideas please? This is for a single shot. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, I purchased a Delonghi ESAM4200 Bean to cup machine about 4 years ago and been generally pleased,however, I'm now looking to upgrade to a proper Espresso machine.The Sage has had very good reviews and I looked at it today in Lakeland. I was impressed by the build quality, My question to anyone out there is the additional spend of £540 will I get a much improved coffee? I use fresh beans from Hasbean not supermarket so I know these are of decent quality. I drink Americano,cappuccino, espresso.What am I going to gain from this upgrade? Thank you all, Paul
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking out for Coffee Scale and Milk Thermometer for my Barista Express. Are there any particular ones that I should watch out for or any basic one would do. I'm currently using digital kitchen scale which doesn't have decimal points and its' a pretty basic one. Also what other equipment should I get to maintain my machine please. Or a list of thing I need to do with my machine. Will following the instruction booklet that comes with it be enough? As I'm still a newbie I need some guidance please. many thanks. mark.
  13. Hi all, I know this question has been asked in similar form before but here’s my situation, any advice appreciated.... I have been using a Nespresso machine for about 6 years. Coffee is fine and the aerocino was a novelty for a while. However, I want to be able to drink better coffeee (espressos and flat whites for me, americanos/long black for my wife) at home and also stop using hard-to-recycle pods. At the same time I have £250 of John Lewis vouchers and so was about to buy a Delonghi Dedica coffee machine and grinder.... until I started researching!! Unless I’m mistaken the Dedica espresso machine and grinder have a few limitations and I’ll grow out of them quickly and so I need to up my budget. Mrs D is already reluctant for me to begin my coffee making hobby (losing worktop space, me geeking out). Therefore, I need to keep a lid on the investment, initially at least, so if I can use the JL vouchers and only have to chuck in c£200 it would be a much easier sell. So, as far as I can tell my best options are: 1) Barista Express 2) Duo Temp Pro + Smart Grinder Pro 3) DTP from JL + another grinder from anywhere 4) SGP from JL + Secondhand pre2015 Gaggia Classic I need to get to a place where I can consistently pull a decent espresso shot quickly as I have some really early starts. Mrs D would probably be happier about my new hobby if I could grind for french press as well but from what I’ve read, even if the grinder has that sort of range, it’s bad for the machine to keep switching. I also don’t have heaps of time for modifying/repairing an espresso machine. So, based on all of that waffle above, are those the best options and if so which is the absolute best? Thanks in advance!!
  14. Iris

    single baskets

    Has anybody else noticed that you need a different grind size when using the single baskets compared to the double? I find with the single basket I need to grind finer with the same coffee but only diiference was previously using the double basket. I am using barista express and smart pro grinder.
  15. Morning all. I’m currently getting to grips with the Sage BE after it replaced my old Saeco Intuita. Im still struggling to get a good tasting shot. I generally drink milky drinks so it’s a little bit more forgiving but a bit of advice would be great. I have bought scales and trying to get things right based on what I have read on this very forum. hopefully the info below will assist in someone being able to point me in the right direction. Beans: Pact Fruit and Nut Espresso roasted on 4/1/19 Single wall double shot basket grinder setting to 7 weighing 18g of beans in weighing 52g of espresso out struggling with time as I’m not sure if I should be starting the timer at the click of the button or the first flow of espresso. Im struggling to know the difference between bitter and sour when tasting but it definitely doesn’t taste right. pre heating the machine and warming everything with a single shot of water through the system.
  16. Hi, A new owner of the above machine and loving experimenting. Anyone any advice please on milk texturing. I seem to be doing it right as per the online videos but my milk is quite thick 'foamed' at the end. Looking at more silky texture rather than thickish foam. Thanks.
  17. Hi, has anyone come across this issue. When trying to use the steam or hot water function, hot water and steam come out off the group head instead. No steam from the wand, or no hot water from the hot water nozzle. I have cleaned the steam nozzle and descaled. Thanks.
  18. Due to upgrading my machine this week I will be looking to know roughly how much my Sagw Barista Express would be worth. - Good condition - 18 months old - Cleaned and Descaled every month if required or helpful can add images when home. Any rough idea would be much appreciated. Thank you Mark
  19. Ronnie27


    Hi after asking quite a few different people I still dont seem to have a definitive answer. I am looking to get a decent coffee machine on a £500 budget and I'm lost to be honest. I have seen the Sage barista express myself but asked someone "in the know" and the automatically said done buy bean to cup. He recommends a Gaggia Classic and stand alone grinder. I guess I'm just trying to decide which is the better option. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks Adam
  20. Hi all, I've been reading through the forum for a few weeks now but I could still really use some help! Ive owned the BE since December and after getting through dozens of bags of beans I've probably only got 4 or 5 decent coffees from it. I should say that I've never owned a coffee machine of any kind before and so grinding, dosing and tamping is all still very new. Im using the Hasbean Jailbreak blend at the moment and any advice on settings or even a process starting point would be extremely well received. In general my extraction starts off flying up to the over extracted zone and either then drops to the middle zone or stays at over extracted. Changing the settings doesn't seem to make much difference. It really is driving me mad that I can't make progress so any advice would be great! Thanks very much in advance. Andy
  21. I have a black barista express for sale, around 5 months old however the warranty is not transferable.Its in like new condition except for a few scratches on drip tray. I have only ever used Ashbeck water in the machine. It have descaled twice in the 5 months I have owned it, I backflush daily with water and backflush every 2 weeks with sage tablets. The machine is cleaned daily and the water tank washed everyday. The machine is exceptionally clean and well looked after. The grinder is brushed and cleaned every week and the hopper washed daily. I have not used the machine for around 5 or 6 weeks, But have been putting water through it daily to keep the internals of the machine clean. I have all original packaging and accessories. I looking around £250 for it. I also have a sage smart grinder pro, brand new in box never used, along with the grinder I will include a brand new in box, electric pour over kettle. I am looking £110 for the grinder and kettle. I am sorry I wont post, its cash on collection only. collection from Belfast area. UPDATE- WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLWING ITEMS WITH THE BARISTA EXPRESS, INLUDED IN THE PRICE FOR £250. SAGE KNOCK OUT BOX DISTRIBUTION TOOL 6 GOOD QUALITY CAPPUCINO CUPS AND SAUCERS 6 GOOD QAULITY ESPRESSO CUPS AND SAUCERS. ALSO PRICE REDUCTION ON THE SAGE SMART GRINDER PRO AND BREWISTA ELECTRIC POUR OVER KETTLE, £100 FOR BOTH, BOTH ITEMS BRAND NEW IN BOX NEVER USED. EVERYTHING NOW SOLD
  22. hi, At the weekend i purchased a Sage Barista Express Had some good results from the machine and other half likes the latte I drink the coffee black Seems easy to use Spoke to Sage support today and they had the steamring gasket for just under £5 so pleased the spares are easy to get Just need to buy some more cleaning tabs and filters - so looking online for best buy for those i have done a backfill - just used the plastic ring and put a few cups through - assume that should be done every few days - We probably make 5-6 cups a day then I will wait for the cleanme to come on Not yet got the milk right , although no complaints yet and Latte Art, forget it - no where near - but have been trying Any tips on using the machine, cleaning and keeping in tiptop condition very welcome
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