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Found 29 results

  1. Is my planned upgrade from a Mazzer Royal to a Mythos a worthy one?
  2. Due to being dropped my Royal has stopped working. Initially it was fine but I noticed the fall has misaligned the motor in the case which meant some grinds were getting from the shute to inside the case. It then after about 30 mins stopped so I started dismantling to clean out and fix. Unfortunately, the labels I attached to the wires become unattached so I set about rewiring based on a schematic from a Major online as best I could. It had already had the hopper safety switch removed when I bought it on the forum. I have replaced the capacitor with a new one but it still won’t work. I thought I’d post my attempt at the wiring before I buy a new Contactor as it might be my attempt that is the problem. Hope someone can help. I’ve tagged some who know far more about these things than me! @coffeechap, @jimbojohn55, @Badgerman
  3. Hi all, Just a quick question I hope but I cant seem to find the answer. I am looking to replace the burrs on my Royal but I cant find the difference between these two parts numbers... Will the Mazzer T151A burrs fit my Mazzer Royal? They fit the Mazzer Major. Or do I need then Mazzer T151B burrs? Anyone know the difference between the two parts... T151A and T151B? Thanks
  4. Morning, in a home environment how often should Royal burrs be took out and cleaned? Ive read a few posts where folk have took them out and then couldn't get them to grind fine enough after re fitting? I don't want this to happen as I can't be without my Royal in a morning
  5. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=282197523398#ht_523wt_1400
  6. For sale is my 2007 Mazzer Royal with titanium burrs. I was using it for decaff but have now accumulated too many grinders and have been strongly instructed to move some of them on! It has been modded to remove both doser auto switches and the hopper shut off switch also. The grinder is very heavy so would like collection from London please. Price is £225.00
  7. I have only tried it once before and the burrs seemed to gum up with bits of bean which led me to believe that these grinders really were not designed to do this. However I know there are people on here that do it (so it must be possible) and I'm sure people who can offer some insight into the pros and cons of it. Does it work well, and crucially are the results in the cup better than hand grinding? For example will grinding for v60 with a set of 83mm flats be better than hand grinding with a small conical burr set? The main downside of doing it seems to be the need to switch between grind settings constantly. Needing to re-dial-in espresso etc. etc. However, in my case I have recently come across a solution which would negate this downside. Tl;dr Is it worth investigating grinding for brewed on a Royal?
  8. Don't know much about grinders, from what I can see the major and the royal are similar but the royal has a more powerful motor and slower rpm, does this make it the model to go for out of the two?
  9. A bit of an odd one this, but being a Royal owner I've recently discovered that new rubber feet for the Royal (and same on the Robur) are STUPIDLY expensive. The very best price I can find is here: http://www.espressomix.com/product/robur-complete-foot/ - where they are still > £8 EACH plus shipping. LF sell them for a similar price, and I've found somewhere in Europe selling them for €32 each. However, I've now managed to find some a bit cheaper - and bought a few more to get the price down, and just in case anyone else is in the position that I'm in - with sticky rubber feet that are marking surfaces, and they want some nice clean new ones. The important differences between these and other Mazzer feet (for an SJ, Mini, Major, etc.) is that these have M6 screws (others are M5) and appear to be solid from beneath (the others have a hole through them and you can see a recessed screw-head inside). So - I can do these for £2 each plus shipping at cost. If your feet are currently like this: and want them like this: (a few more pics so you can compare) Then let me know!
  10. Standard sized (1.8kg) hopper from my Mazzer Royal, not sure if it fits any other Mazzer models. Good condition, some minor crazing / cracking within the plastic but not through to the surface, certainly not noticeable unless just at the right angle or detrimental to it's function. I would like £20 for this and would prefer not to post (Birmingham) but will accept offers. Thanks, Tom
  11. hi this is still a work in progress..... so i will add as i go along so far i've dismantled it and sanded it down with 320-600 grit paper to prep for primer for 2 pack paint that was left over from a tractor respray which will be David Brown Orchid its had two coats of primer and one coat of colour that ive substantial dripping on so will have to be resanded and respayed with more care see photos below the intention is to add a funnel doserless mod, funnel has not arrived yet but i couldn't help but get stuck in im also asking for thoughts on adding a portafilter switch to turn the grinder on when the portafilter is under the chute/funnel and pressing against the switch.. so any advice or recommended parts wiring advice etc is very welcome?
  12. Hi Guys, Just bought a Mazzer Royal from one of the forum members ( Kostona ) and I appear to have an issue with the motor not turning. When I turn the switch I can here the contactor pull in, it hums but the motor does not kick into life. I have done a bit of reading on the other thread and I know there is a hooper interlock micro switch. I have removed the plate at the top the check the switch but its not connected. So this must have been linked out so it can be used without the hopper. Kostona used it a lens hood mod. I believe @coffeechap was the previous owner. The motor turns freely and Kostona checked it before shipping, so the motor should be good. I have unscrewed the 4 feet and pulled the bottom plate away and there is no obvious loose connections. The contactor does pull in but it is making a strange noise so it could be the contactor thats just given up? How could I test this? Kostona has been great and has offered me a full refund and will cover any postage costs or alternatively cover any repairs, unfortunately I can't find anyone in Chesterfield or near that can repair these so unless you guys can help I will have to return it back the Kostona. To quote from Star Wars - Coffee UK Forums you are my only hope! I'm hoping this thread will be useful to other with a similiar problem.
  13. Brand New set of Titanium burrs, genuine Mazzer 151B for Mazzer Royal. In original Mazzer packaging. 151B burrs are the exact ones for a Mazzer Royal and can be difficult to source. Not to be confused with 151A burrs which are the same size (83mm dia.) but with gentler teeth, and are designed for the Mazzer Major although they will fit a Royal. 151Bs are specifically for the more powerful, slower revving motor of the Royal and give better performance with a faster grind and minimal temperature rise of the coffee. Titanium burrs last the best part of a lifetime. £69.00 plus postage at cost (probably around £4.00). Tony.
  14. Hi, I have a 2007 mazzer royal purchased a bit over a month ago from dfk41. I was using the grinder as usual, pulled a shot, adjusted the grind one notch finer and went to grind another shot, but nothing happened. I can't find anything online about the issue, and I've tried taking out the mini hopper, putting it back on again, putting a piece of plastic in the notch behind the grinder throat, and using a different power socket. All of these times, the green light on the front turns on when the knob is in the 1 position, but when I turn the knob to operate the grinder, notching happens. Am I missing something simple here, or do I have a real problem?
  15. After having my super jolly for only a week I got throttled by upgraditis. Needless to say a few days later I was the proud owner of a Royal. After modding it and only a few major electrical short outs and circuit breaker trips I have finally managed to get it going again (with the much needed advice of some of the great people on the forum) and am loving it. So much better than the super jolly! Its only been about another week and I'm already thinking about where I go from here. I've been seeing the Robur mentioned as a Titan grinder. As far as I can see it's the same size as the royal and with the same motor but he conical instead of flat burrs. Has anyone used/owned both and compared them head to head and can tell me what the difference is in the cup (@coffeechap maybe)?
  16. Hi guys, So I have become the example of why you shouldn't mess with electrics with no knowledge! I attempted to remove the doser overfill stop switch from my Royal. I disconnected the switch and connected up the free wires as I saw on a post and it worked great. I poked the wires back in the housing ( WITHOUT COVERING THE EXPOSED WIRES IN ELECTRICAL TAPE!). Needless to say on turning it on there was a big spark and the circuit breaker in the house tripped. Is this a recoverable situation?!! Looks like the wires shorted against the main motor block housing. Any suggestions?
  17. I wonder if a cover plate from Major will fit in Mazzer Royal ? https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Mazzer-Major-Motor-Cover-OEM---SMJ0FRA02/m-4036.aspx Thanks
  18. I’ve loved my Royal for the last 3 years for espresso.. it really has been something else. But will it deliver flr brewed? ( we only drink black coffee ) or should I sell and get a Vario ?
  19. Hi all, I recently upgraded to an HG One so my Royal is up for sale. It has huge 83mm flat burrs that are titanium and I've used it for about 2 months only. I've removed all the doser and chute autoswitches to allow minimal retention and good single dosing. I've also removed the upper vanes, done the clean sweep mod and added the schnozza. I've added the cocktail shaker mod and modded the doser with a sieve for extra smooth clump free grinds. Included is the lens hopper to minimise burr retention and also grounds tray. I think the try's light actually be from a major but it does the job. Price is £400 and I'm not really keen on shipping as its huge and I'm based in London. This really is a fantastic grinder and unparalleled quality for your money (apart from the Pharos maybe). Would make an excellent Christmas present for someone lucky!
  20. At the fantastic forum day a few weeks ago at BB I picked up my new grinder from Coffeechap and I have to say that I'm totally stoked with it and it's a perfect match for my Verona! Not only does it work like a dream but with it's perfect new paint job it looks superb as well! Even the Mrs likes it as it "sparkly" I don't think you guys need me raving on like a lunatic about the Royal as there is enough info out there already so I'll keep it short and just post some pics Massive thanks to Dave for hooking me up and thanks to garydyke1 for popping in to give me some expert tuition on how to actually use it Spence
  21. Mod 1 - The Elvinator Chute Mod Background Info After some trial and error with the schnozzola and no real success I decided to look for other chute mods and came across the Elvinator. It installs into the base of the dosing chamber and pushes the grinds into a more defined mound in the basket. My version is not 100% perfect and it does tend slightly to the right of the basket however this is easy to counteract by moving the basket slightly to the right. More info http://www.home-barista.com/grinders/elvinator-mazzer-mod-t10908.html Installation pictures http://www.flickr.com/photos/elvin/sets/72157605144154794/ PDF for the template http://bigeyelaboratory.com/publicDOCS/mazzerModButterFly_elvin.pdf My Pics
  22. Hi all Was very happy yesterday to take delivery of a Royal from the forums, and spent a few hours yesterday taking it apart to get everything looking clean. All now put back together and good to go, but I can't find anywhere online that talks about how to set a Royal up. I had assumed it would be the same as the others in the Mazzer line up, with the grind adjustment being rotated until the burrs were close together, before backing off slightly to set the finest grind point. However, it looks like the grind adjustment dial on the Royal increases or decreases just the speed of the grind, as opposed to getting the burrs closer together (for example, the sign on the adjustment dial shows fast vs slow, as opposed to fine vs coarse). Any tips on what I should be doing on initial setup? Thanks!
  23. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/mazzer-royal-900w-burr-grinder-with-titanium-burrs/1249085452
  24. I've seen Mat North's burr alignment guide for the Mythos and would like to perform it on my Royal. What I don't get is whether you need to perform the radial alignment (i.e. shimming a piece of paper between the burr and the carrier) after each addition of tape to get the axial one correct. He does it only in the beginning but when you remove the burr to adjust the axial alignment you will surely get the radial one off, no? http://coffeenavigated.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/MythosBurralignment-howto_MatNorth.pdf
  25. In case nobody mentioned this already 29 hours to go no bids £125 up till now http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121963137125?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ...and yes these are BIG suckas
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