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Found 43 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a Rancillo Rocky on here about 2 years ago. It has served me well up until now. Now I can’t get an espresso grind below level 11 or so. I have cleaned out the machine twice since this issue first arose. I think the last 2 batches of grindz grinder cleaner messed it up. I managed to recalibrate as best I could, but couldn’t get the zero point at zero any more. I was helped by a forum member on here twice, who done a FaceTime with me to clean out the machine. The burrs look just fine, I can’t figure out what the issue is. Think the grinder may need a look at. Would anyone be around South London by any chance? I can compensate somehow, to come over and have a look. Would save me spending any more money on another grinder. I use this with a 2016 Rancillo Silvia, after 6 seconds on level 11 or so it starts to come out, the speed varies. I was using subscription beans from coffee tasting club, and got some from another source which was freshly roasted within the week, made no difference to the speed, looking to have this dealt with ASAP. Cheers Garry
  2. I started another thread about the Sette and there are two others but this is a very specific question about the grind. I have the Rocky and the Sette. Both grind settings (6 for the Rocky, 11C for the Sette) for 20g of grind in a 20g VST filter. Both set for the same time on a Rancilio Silva PID of a 1.5sec pre-soak followed by 25 sec of water. Both at 222F. Both grinders with these settings get me about a 40g shot. Both taste good. BUT.... The Rocky grind feels really powdery, cakes a bit, and settles on its own (with out tapping or tamping) more than the Sette. The sette grind feels grainy (but fine grains), does not cake, and does not settle much on its own. Both finish tamping at about the same level. How can these two grinds, that feel and look so different, end up with the same 1:2 40g yield. Is it the individual grain shape or the distribution that id different? I find it odd and the engineer in me is craving an answer.
  3. Hi First time forum so hope it goes to the right place and I will try not to bore everyone. Brought an Expobar office leva HX machine and because I didn’t have a grinder the seller ground some coffee beans (Vivi Verde 60% Arabica 40%robusta). I must have done something right cause they extracted a double shot in 25 seconds so was very pleased. I went on to buy a Rocky grinder because the reviews were pretty good, but when I put my Vivi Verde beans through the grinder it seemed to choke up and cause the motor to stop. When I mentioned the problems I was having to the guy I brought the grinder from he suggested that the beans were oily and to change them. This I did and brought a tin of illy beans 100% Arabica (all I could find at short notice) and it did solve the problem a little. Am I going to have this problem with all beans that are oily? And is it best to use pure Arabica or Robusta/Arabica for espresso? I notice that when filling the single portafilter basket I would need more than the 7gram dosage to achieve the required 30Ibs tamp because the coffee gets tamped well past the line on the portafilter, does anybody else have the same problem? When pulling a double shot is it best to let the coffee reach the 2oz line on the shot glass or let the crema reach the 2oz line? Thanks
  4. Hi all, My first post here, I discovered this site when searching in google for advice. Anyway I would like to get a new espresso machine. Over the years we have gone through different machines and ways of making coffee but we always end up disappointed and go back to our cafetière. Our current machine is a Nespresso but when the capsules ran out we didn't order more and it's not been used since christmas. Since it's been out of commission we have tried different coffees in the cafetière which have been nice but we both crave a nice latte. After some reading I am looking at this "deal": http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product.php/210/rancilio-silvia-2009-bundle-rocky---base---machine space in the premium in our kitchen so the base would be handy but is that a good deal? What else will I need?
  5. Hi folks. I’m finding that the grind I need is always somewhere between the 4 or 5 available steps for espresso on my Rocky so I’m considering upgrading to a stepless. I’ve got my eye on a Vario but I’d be interested to see what folks might suggest in a similar price range or if the Vario is a solid bet. I only drink espresso so don’t need to grind for French press or anything. Thanks for your help. Max
  6. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this issue before. I've had my Silvia (w/ Auber) + Rocky since Spring, and I think was getting pretty decent coffee last few months. This Tuesday something odd has happened: the machine choked on the grind settings I've been using, despite the day before producing working well with exactly the same settings (30 seconds, 18.5 g in VST 18g, 32 g out). I have not changed beans, I always weigh in (i.e. portafilter) and out (espresso) plus use a levelling tool. So I am sure I have not changed anything in the process. To get it back to producing decent coffee I had to move 2 steps coarser (from 2 to 4) and even then dose 0.5 g less. Two steps on Rocky is actually quite a lot. The problem is that I am still not happy with the quality (it is drinkable but cannot get it balanced enough), even though I tried playing with dose / grind in the last few days. I am wondering if anyone has some idea what could have happened? Any suggestions really appreciated as, being inexperienced, I do not want to start messing up with everything. At least would be nice to know if it is my grinder or my espresso machine. Some extra info: -- I clean the machine weekly (backflushing). I am in Scotland so the water is pretty soft, so I have not descaled it year. I have not disassembled the grinder to clean yet (was done in April) but I regularly use Grindex (each 3 weeks). I make about 3 espressos a day, on average -- I know that I am not always dialing in grinder properly: I do sometimes dial it in when it is not running (in theory, I think, you are supposed to go to finer grind only when it is running; however, it is next to impossible with Rocky if you only have 2 hands). However, since I weigh and time, I think, it worked ok. -- The grind setting seemed too low in the past, until Tuesday: I rarely used setting coarser than 2-3 (and the real 0 seemed to be at marked 0, judging by the sound; not 100% sure about it) -- Since I mostly used a levelling tool recently I have not touched grind that much, so I cannot be sure if it became finer or not -- Rocky is oldish (2008?) and Silvia V3 is from 2012 but was almost as new when I bought (I changed gaskets though back in May) My theories: -- Something was stuck between the burrs and got out now, so before I was not using setting 2 -- Pressure dropped in the espresso machine
  7. Rancilio Silvia and Rocky grinder for 300e. It's 8 years old. https://www.donedeal.ie/kitchenappliances-for-sale/rancilio-sylvia-and-rocky-grinder/18405759 Nice setup for someone!
  8. Hi All, Looking for a rancilio rocky doserless in good condition. Many thanks, Scott.
  9. Which grinder would you recommend between the Rocky and the Mignon please to pair with my Silvia? Thankyou
  10. On Christmas morning, I will be opening my brand new, sparkly, second hand , Classic. It will be used with a Rancilio Rocky grinder. Obviously I would be happy to spend the rest of the holiday fiddling, twiddling and playing. However for domestic harmony to continue, it would be good if I can very quickly announce that the new machine makes fantastic coffee, much better than the delonghi. I recently started a Christmas gifts for a Classic owner thread on here, and the VST basket was suggested. Research has indicated that they can be better, if everything is perfect, but they can be very hard to get good results with, if everything isn't perfect. So maybe that isn't the best thing to try on day 1. So ideally I'd like to know what classic/Rocky owners found to be the most forgiving beans, grinder setting, etc
  11. As I make very little espresso at home these days, the time has come to sell my Silvia. I also have a Rocky grinder that's been lying around unused for a few years. The Silvia package includes: Rancilio Silvia v1 (new gasket fitted about two years) MLG Watlow SD3C PID Kit (http://pidkits.com - pretty much the same as the current model but with no steam control) Rancilio professional portafilter handle Synesso double basket Rancilio double basket (it's rubbish - don't use it!) Happy Donkey bottomless portafilter and triple basket Blind basket for backflushing The Rocky (doser model) had the burrs replaced a few years ago, but hasn't really been used much since as it was replaced by my Mazzer Major. ** both items now sold **
  12. Since christmas my Rocky has a new companion... I am happy! And still learning
  13. Hi All, looking to get my first grinder and machine, fairly modest budget but hopefully enough to get something I won't want to replace in 6 months. I have an aeropress, cafetiere and my flatmate has a cheap delonghi espresso machine, so my plan is to buy a grinder then use what I have and save for an espresso machine of my own. For a grinder I'm hoping to spend not much over £100 but could stretch if a really good ebay deal came around. My options seem to be (mostly second hand): Iberital MC2 Rancilio Rocky Gaggia MDF with the Rocky being a bit more premium than the other two (I think). I have heard of people getting second hand Mazzer super jolly's for around the £150-180 on ebay so if one of those came around I would probably go for it, but what do you think out of the three listed above? Any others I should be considering? In terms of a machine, in a few months I'd be looking at a second hand gaggia classic or rancilio silvia (although I'm leaning towards the classic as I've been hearing the silvia is tough on newbies like myself!). I look forwards to hearing your advice.
  14. I was given a Nespresso machine a few years ago and it did what it said on the tin, but I wasn’t upset when it went bang a couple of weeks back and I happily binned it. Wanting to enter the world of proper espresso I naively replaced it with a Delonghi bean to cup machine, which didn’t really deliver. This in hindsight is hardly suprising. Fortunately it developed a fault and it was returned. What it was useful for was to help me figure out what I wanted, which was a more hands on, learning new skills, kind of approach. Starting from scratch and doing what I should have done before, I’ve spent the last few days reading this and that, and trying to narrow my choices. My original budget was about 350quid which I’ve realised is on the low side but I don’t want to get too out of hand, which I imagine is pretty easy to do. I now appreciate the need for focusing on the grinder first and my early thoughts of a 80/20 split in favour of the espresso machine have been forgotten and had almost decided on a Gaggia Classic with a Rancilio Rocky. Since then I’ve read good reviews of the Iberital MC2 which is less than half the cost of the Rocky. My budget is now looking to be around the £500 area for the grinder & machine and now wonder if I’d be better off with a MC2/Rancilio Silvia set up over the Rocky/Classic. Any thoughts? Bear in mind that size is an issue so a relatively compact set up is what I am after. My needs are mainly espresso or americano, latte’s are a very rare need so a superb steamer isn’t my main focus. I realise this isn’t a particularly original question but it does let me say hi and thank people who have replied to other threads that have got me this position. Also, tampers? Is there more to them than purely aesthetics, apart from being the correct size? Steve
  15. Good morning everyone. A little background to why I am picking the items in the title before I start. I have only just very recently started my journey into the world of real coffee, having realised that instant coffee isn't actually coffee. Whenever I have tasted coffee using real coffee beans I always seem to enjoy the flavours but have never enjoyed instant. Now my wife is also a big fan of coffee but she doesn't mind the instant. I'll explain why this matters. About a couple of weeks ago I got a cafetiere, and pre-ground coffee (shame I know, but I didn't know anything at this point). Read up a little on the best way to make good coffee using the cafetiere (which is when I realised never buy pre-ground coffee). As a beginner it took me around 15 minutes to make the coffee using the cafetiere, including pre-heating the mug, timing all the different steps and weighing everything out. So for the most of the 15 minutes I was actively doing something, whether it was timing or weighing. My wife tried this coffee and she was hugely impressed - this coming form a woman who can't drink any other coffee "cos it doesn't taste as good as her instant coffee". Why does my wife matter in this? Because if I am getting a coffee machine, she will also want to use it. The reason she doesn't mind instant is for the convenience and she has learnt to like it as priority for her is the fact it's "instant". She just doesn't have the time to be sitting there grinding coffee (2 young critters, so school run etc etc), and honestly I don't think she will ever be bothered to grind the coffee and do it right. So she needs a quick method, but using the coffee machine that I buy. She drinks coffee at least 2-3 times daily. I will be having my coffee once daily during the weekdays and twice daily on the weekends. Therefore I need to get something that can use ESE pods for convenience for her, but can use ground coffee for when I want to make it right. The SMEG ECF01 seems to be a decent machine that can do both? Decent by the reviews I read online, perhaps not decent by your lot standards? The MC2 Auto (non dosing) as that seems to be popular amongst enthusiasts? I don't know much about this grinder, can it do a range from Espresso to Cafetiere? Will I lose much of the beans in the grind path with this machine? I had picked out the Sage Smart Grinder Pro (which costs approx the same as the MC2 but it was quickly shot down by someone else on another forum, and he then guided me to this forum). Is there any other machine that can do ground coffee and also ESE pods? My price range is roughly about what those machines cost, hence picking those out. I will stretch further IF I am getting significant improvement for my money, improvement in terms of reliability, performance etc. Can anyone guide me differently, or have I picked out right given my circumstances? I do want both machines to be reliable. I doubt I will ever get to the "geeky" (with all respect) levels that can exist on a forum like this, but I know I don't like instant, and I do want a good cuppa when I make it.
  16. I want to keep this short and simple. I have an issue with my grinder. The Rancillo Rocky. I cleaned it out using Grindz and afterwards when I went to grind some beans they just went through the hole and nothing came out. Before I think my zero point was zero. But after I took it apart to clean the inside (cutting myself in the process) I no longer know what it is. I was using a 5 with fairly fresh beans and that was perfect. Now it is like tobacco. Would anybody be able to calibrate the grinder if I sent it to them? I dont have the time or the patience to try and fix the settings. I did try but I dont want to chop my finger/hand off. Let me know obviously you would have a price but I wasnt looking to spend too much otherwise ill just have to bite the bullet and try myself. Regards Garry
  17. Ive been looking for a click clack lid for my rocky and cant seem to find a uk supplier anywhere. am i looking in the wrong places? or is there a uk based equivalent? And if anyone has used this on their rocky before, does it push the majority of grind retention out?
  18. For sale is my cherished Rocky grinder with doser, which I have owned from new. pictures and short vids http://www.dropbox.com/sh/66r1iv8amai2irt/AAD1jQJ-Y6J6TFfT-3qF_TCxa?dl=0 It is in excellent condition all packed up (original box and manual) and ready to go. As can been seen in the pictures, there's a scratch on the grinder indicator sticker where the edge of the metal housing has caught it when turning, but I since sorted that so it doesn't happen any more. I have applied the "Teflon tape mod", but everything else is stock. I do not have this advertised publicly for sale anywhere else at present, hopefully someone here can give it a good home. I am asking £120 plus delivery, payment by bank transfer please (sorry I don't do paypal) I can confirm delivery cost once destination is known. The package is 205mm wide, 295mm, 400mm high and approx 9kg. As a guide, delivery on parcelforce 48 to London insured for £200 would be £18.20, and £27.20 for a Saturday delivery. Any questions please ask. thanks for looking Chris
  19. Well as per title, recently picked up a 2nd hand 10 year old rocky that had never had the internals cleaned! It was a bit of a mess. I fully stripped it down and have cleaned it all out, re-set zero and im currently at one notch off the burrs touching and im getting quick shots, around 40g in 25secs and thin crema. I cant grind finer as the burrs touch. I'm thinking new burrs (they are 10 years old) but they do appear sharp. Should I remove both burrs off the carriers first, maybe a build up underneath so not sitting quite flat? The lower burr does seem to oscillate laterally a fair bit when turned on.
  20. duster


    Hi all, Just joined and looking to upgrade to Expobar Leva Dual Boiler. Presently using: Rancilio Silvia with PID and DIY low water warning. Rancilio Rocky, Café Gene and Elektra Micro Casa A Leva.
  21. Hi The title says it all really. I've a Rancilio Rocky grinder (doserless version) and am looking for a replacement spout (transparent blue) as even though I was careful when I've taken it on and off it's still cracked. I'm in London Many thanks Jacam
  22. Just ordered myself a Rocky from Has Bean. I know that I have gone for this for all the wrong reasons - for heavens sake it's not even stepless. I have been tempted by both the Eureka Mignon and the Mahlkönig Vario along the way and I am sure that they are better machines. But... I do love the look of the Rocky and it was a little cheaper (which makes me feel slightly less guilty). Wrong, wrong, wrong! on so many levels. I was hoping to pick up a bargain on eBay but when it comes to reasonable quality domestic grinders eBay is next to useless - nothing! I could possibly have got a deal on a commercial grinder but I don't really want one of those sitting in my kitchen and I am sure as hell that my wife wouldn't. Lots of cheap crap too but nothing in the middle.
  23. i went for the Gaggia & Rocky combination in the end and more than happy with it. My barista skills are the weak link at present so I'm in no position to pass judgement on the respective performance of the kit. I will say that coming from a Nespresso machine, via a brief encounter with a beans to cup contraption, I'm enjoying the hands on approach, very satisfying. I dismissed a couple of grinders due to height issues where the kit was to be situated then ended up putting it somewhere else where height is clearly not an issue, doh! I also remember saying that the stem wand wasn't a prime interest. Hmmm that didn't last long did it:)
  24. It's similar to a Starbucks, here in North Carolina. There are a few in Wilmington,NC. the one on Market St. has their roaster. Their coffee is pretty good, don't go to any of the Starbucks to many snobbish customers. Waiting to get my own grinder either a Macap MC4 or Rocky. More...
  25. Hi everyone pretty sure this is a pretty discussed topic but doing some research on which grinder to pair with a Oscar II. I was thinking about a rocky but (thankfully) found this forum and people here don’t seem to be too fond of it. I’ve read somewhere here a mignon would be a better option. Anyone would like to share their thoughts on the rocky or perhaps suggest other options that won’t break the bank ? Many thanks
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