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  1. Hi All, Took the plunge and went for a Rocket Fausto, which I received last week. To be honest, my results so far haven't been great, with a fair bit of clumping despite my having seen many comments about how the Fausto generates little clumping. I've been trying double shots with an 8.2 second grind time and have dialed the grind setting down to 2. Thus far, the shots I've been pulling through my Pavoni have been watery and fast with little to no crema. Any suggestions about how to minimize clumping and/or what settings to use? Any tips/advice appreciated!
  2. Announced at Host Milan 2017 - "The world’s first truly portable espresso machine" https://player.vimeo.com/video/239025786 http://rocket-espresso.com/assets/re_portavia_dle_web.pdf
  3. As stated in my introductory post, I have a Magimix L'Expresso automatic machine and an Isomac Granmacinino. I was hoping that the grinder would be good enough for me to invest in a good machine, but it seems that my money would be better spent on getting a grinder as well. my thoughts are now on a Eureka Atom and Rocket Apartamento as a decent combo. The only thing I don't like is the uninsulated boiler. Do the experienced people on here have any better suggestions? This has to last me a long time.
  4. Hi, I currently own a Rocket Giotto Premium Plus with pid. I need to change to a machine with a smaller footprint as my kitchen alterations will leave me less space. I have narrowed it down to the Lelit Mara pl62 g, I love the gold finish on this machine, the Rocket Appartamento or whether to spend the extra £300 or so on the ECM Mechanika slim. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Hi there, I am looking for an espresso grinder for my new coffe shop. Our capacity is around 80 double espresso/day. Honestly I don't have a big budget so I am looking for a decent one. I live in Turkey and I dont have wide options. Actually my options are below. If you can help me to choose one I would be glad. 1) Eureka Atom (First hand - Price: 675£) 2) Rocket Fausto (First hand - Price: Price: 810£) 3) Sanremo SR70 (Fiorenzato F64E) (Second hand - 8 months old - Price: 560£) 4) San Marco SM92 (Second hand - 2,5 years old - Price: 450£)
  6. Gentlemen, I've just about gone mad trying to decide which grinder to get. I think I've narrowed it down to the Fausto or the Atom but am open to others I should consider and would also appreciate your opinions on which of the two would be best. It'll be paired with a Rocket Appartamento. I make only two or three doubles a day. Current grinder is a Quamar M80E which struggles with grind fine tuning and retention. Thank you.
  7. So the Oracle experience didn't last long/go well as it seems it was faulty, so for a few reasons I have chosen to take a refund and begin searching for a manual machine. I have backed the Niche Zero so my plan is to research and source a good second hand machine to pair with that when it is released. I have plenty of time but want to make sure I do my research and don't buy the wrong thing. So far I've only looked at Rocket machines (online not in person) and really like the R58. A dual boiler would be my preference and they are within budget for a well looked after second hand one.
  8. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a
  9. For no reason what so ever what would be next branch up on the prosumer tree, I have had levers before, not quite on the L1 mood, what else is there that's worth the turn over presuming I am already married to all the grinder I will ever need?
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice before I go any further with my problem. I've never had my machine apart, except for the group for cleaning, so wouldn't really know where to begin to take apart. I noticed while making a coffee last night that the front panel of my machine, the bit that the group is attached to and the dials etc, seems to wobble a bit when locking in and removing the portafilter. It only appears the be one corner that is loose and so on to my question. Is the casing screwed together inside or riveted or some other attachment, i.e. is it something i can repair myself as i'm
  11. Aluminum portfilter handle, think it better suits the machine. Does get hot if machine is left on for a long time, usually not an issue. Have just made a new one which has a larger diameter which goes a bit better, will upload a pic when its on.
  12. hi, i need some help from Giotto or Cellini PID owners. i came along this info on a Rocket manual for HX which i find very interesting, BUT it lacks the pressure gauge information. can someone make the proper observations (giving the HX ~15 minutes to stabilize after changing temperature)? thank you
  13. Well had my Rocket machine for just over a year now making 5 -6 cups a day more at weekends It's never let me down Cannot fault it really brilliant machine:good:
  14. Hi All, I currently have a rancilio Silvia with PID but the time has come to upgrade!! After many many hours of reading I've narrowed it down to either the Rocket R58 or the Rocket mozzafiato type R. Has anyone been in a position to compare the new mozzafiato type R against the R58? I prefer the black dials and the easier de-scaling of the type R, but then like the idea of having full temperature control over both group head and steam on the R58. I drink predominantly espresso with maybe one milky drink a day. Would I as a non professional coffee taster be able to taste/
  15. After some online research and having played, but not extensively, with a couple of mates' machines, then signing up to this forum yesterday and receiving some informative feedback and suggestions I found the opportunity to go to Bella Barista today. It was certainly an enlightening hour or so and I couldn't have been looked after better. I guess they're very used to dealing with idiots like me. It led me to think that the right answer for me is a Rocket Appartamento and a Eureka Mignon. I could start with a Rancilio Silvia but the compromise seems great. Taking the step up to
  16. First post here having done some research and learned a lot from the wealth of posts on here. One thing I haven't learned: how quickly does a 'typical' machine take to be hot enough to pull a shot? I'm looking to make a significant upgrade from my DeLonghi EC220 and have my eye on a number of machines, from the Expobar Leva to the Rocket R58. The machine will be principally to satisfy my addiction to double espresso although it would be remiss not to have something capable of making the full range of drinks. Currently, I get up in the morning, switch the machine on and then 75 secs later
  17. Hi everyone, I've found this forum very useful in the past so thought I'd actually post here and become active I recently upgraded my five year old Classic Gaggia (which will always hold a special place in my heart!) to this beast of a machine, the Rocket Evoluzione R. Been a bit of a learning curve getting to grips with a Hx and the cooling flush instead of Gaggia temperature surfing, but I'm getting there (and making some lovely espresso along the way!). I drink almost exclusively espresso, occasionally soya flat whites. I keep the PID on 119 which gives me a boiler pressure of ~
  18. Hello, Long time lurker first time poster. I'm looking to upgrade my automatic bean to cup, been thinking of a Rocket Appartanento with a Mignon grinder. Does anyone know if these are likely to go on sale for Black Friday, or are these types of machines / equipment normally only reduced when newer models come in to play?
  19. I guess originally it was my wife who requested the Dualit Expressivo she was given as a Christmas or birthday present, actually it sato in the box unused for eons until I bothered to unwrap and set it up. Now shortly after that she decided this was to much trouble to use unless I was making it and for her sins bought a Nesspresso and frother, we used these for a while until one day we ran out of pods.... the only thing we had was a packet of coffee!!!!! So the Expressivo was used and since then the Nesspresso has since sat idle. Now for me I have been wanting to upgrade for a w
  20. Any experiences on this machine? For small coffee shop, alternatives are sanremo zoe and la spaz s5... Cheers!
  21. I just fitted new burrs on my rocky, tried to set it properly after so that 0 was not far off the burrs touching but now even when I’m grinding what should be fine my 2oz shots are taking about 15 seconds, start of looking ok then all of a sudden the flow increases and splutters a bit. i tried dialling it all the way in which with the old burrs would have stalled the shot but it appears to be making no difference using a rocket apartamento any ideas anyone ? (roll in the niche becoming available !)
  22. Hi, I am looking for a smaller footprint machine. I currently have a Rocket premium plus Giotto with PID. Looking at Appartamento and the new ECM Mechanika slim. Around £300+ difference. Anybody any thoughts?​
  23. Hi all, forgive me if this has been asked before - I had a quick search but couldn't see anything similar I have a new Rocket R58, a pretty substantial machine both in dimensions and in weight (around 30kg), which sits on a worktop in the kitchen with wall units above it. After adjusting the feet, I have around 15cm of clearance above the machine. The machine is not plumbed in; I use the water reservoir and this is the root of the problem I have. To check the water level I have to move the machine quite a bit to be able to see into the reservoir (first world problems, eh!) - has an
  24. Been lurking for a few years now reading and learning - there is so much knowledge to consume! But having been opened to the world of coffee by a roasters in Brighton, I'm starting to get a better taste for a good and bad coffee. I first bought a Rocky grinder whilst playing around with an aero press, but I've had a Gaggia classic for a year or so now, and I've really enjoyed playing around with making espressos. Some days an amazing espresso comes out of nowhere. But overall they seem, to me at least, to be better that an espresso from a non-specialist cafe. I'm at a point now though where
  25. Hello! I was unable to find any major details about Rocket R9 One build, in particular regarding the material used for the saturated group: chromed brass? stainless steel? Someone can enlighten me? Many thanks in advance
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