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  1. Hi all, Posted about this before and it turned out that some overly casual filling of the water tank was the culprit that time. However I've had the back and sides off and there is no sign of water on the base of the machine or anywhere else that it shouldn't be, as best as I can see anyway. Wondering if anybody has experienced this sort of issue with an R58 to see if it's a simple part fix or something I can do before I go to the hassle of trying to find somebody to take a proper look at it. It seems to trip a couple of minutes after I turn it on, possibly when the boilers ki
  2. Noticed yesterday a big pool of water under my Rocket R58, bought the machine 2 years ago from BB, out of warranty by 2 months! Thats not the major issue, its the 5 hour round trip from home to them as I dont want to send it via a courier! Anyway, I took the side panels off, the leak if from a one-way valve (see photo). I have checked the web and part number is C229900540 for the valve, some sellers in Europe, cant see any in UK. Anyone changed one before? Is the valve screwed into the brass block using some sort of sealent?? Will ring BB later but just wanted to see if anyone had ch
  3. hello I'm a new member and looking for some guidance iv got a 200pounds gift voucher for bb and just over 2000 quid in the bank to treat myself to a machine and grinder. my initial thoughts are a rocket r58 paired with a fausto. Sorry about my spelling and grammar I'm dyslexic. Iv been researching for along time and that's the reason my budget just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm going to bb on Monday I was just wondering what or if I can do better with my current budget or what other members would do with 2200 quid. I will be making around 6 to 8 shots a day so its just for h
  4. Hey guys, I've had my Rocket since may of this year, and back flushed with puly caff once, and noticed my lever started to squeak and become a bit stiff. I saw a video on youtube that you need to change gaskets inside the lever and just wondering where can i pick them up?? 1st place i checked was bella barista, but no luck there. Plus i want to change group head gasket as well. Question is, where can i get them both ?? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, my R58 is coming up for some descaling. Would any kind soul like to talk me through the process and recommend the product I should use? I have so far just used tap water, but think I'll revert to volvic which seems to be the mineral water of choice, so as to minimise having to do the descaling process! As always, thanks for any advice offered.
  6. I could do with some advice. I'm looking to upgrade this year from my Piccino. I was wondering what the main differences are between the Expobar Office Leva Dual Boiler Coffee Machine & PID and the Rocket R58, which costs around £600 more. Another option was the cherub, Its just a shame theres no PID on these yet
  7. I am fairly new to my rocket r58, but now I've got used to using it I'm starting to want to play around with a few settings on it, one being the manual pre infusion. A friend has an expobar leva and the pre infusion is activated by lifting the lever half way up. This doesn't appear to work on the rocket. Also is there such a thing as a manual pre infusion on the e61 group head?
  8. I am considering a one off /last time upgrade,funds and space permitting.I have already posted and received lots of useful information on a suitable grinder and possibly hope to pick one up after the grind off. The machines I am considering are listed above. I have not seen these in the flesh but done lots of reading. I will visit B /B to view them at first hand and speak to Claudette. Can I please have views/ pros /cons / suggestions /likes/ dislikes or any other information to assist my choice. Others can be suggested but I do prefer straight sides no artistic shapes sexy or not.
  9. Well after carefull deliberation i decided to........................Wait and save up a bit more increase the budget a bit and get a Londinum 1 that was until i showed the wife the pics and video i seem to recall the words ''I'm not having that in my bL***y house'' ringing around my ears the lever does not appear to fit with the ''Retro cool and expensive'' apperance of the house so i am told anyway so thats that idea well and truly out of the window, however she loves the look of the Rocket and the similar looking ECM and others. So since im saving up a bit more i fancy either the The Ro
  10. So the time has come to sell my Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine, I've owned now for a few years and am selling due to upgrade to a La Marzocco GS3 MP. Machine is in excellent fully working condition with very minor cup marks on the drip tray (I always weigh my shots so these are probably from the scales), it has only been used approximately for one shot a day for about 4 years using only BWT filtered water. I have regularly back flushed the machine and recently stripped down the group head and re-gressed interfacing moving parts of the e61 group head using Molykote 111. The
  11. Guy's thought I would throw my hand in on this forum and show off my setup (after all you lot are the only ones who'll appreciate it). Have a Rocket R58, with Eureka grinder (on a chrome drawer knock box, Rocket tamper and tamp station. I use a Hario VST scale with built in timer which is very useful and makes up for the delay with the scale, which is a pain. Use The Roasting Party 'The Party' espresso beans which are exceptional along with Nude Coffee 'East blend' beans and Monmouth 'organic' espresso beans, which I get fantastic results with. Overall I love the build quality and aesthetics o
  12. I've finally managed to get to a financial position to afford the Rocket R58 -which it seems the two stores I was looking at have frustratingly run out so another wait... I've decided to buy the K8 grinder. So you guy have the experience I don't have, is a good set up (when it arrives?) Thanks.
  13. The review below is a summary of my thoughts and not intended to be a full in-depth analysis of each machine Today I had the pleasure of spending a delightful 4 hours at Bella Barista, hosted by Claudette and her team. The aim was to evaluate the R58 vs Alex Duetto Mk IV (aka new Alex Duetto III in the US) side-by-side and walk away with the winner. I had previously narrowed my search to replace my home machine to either of these dual boiler espresso machines. click to enlarge Also on the bench was the ECM Heidelberg espresso machine (HX), which I used to dial in
  14. Thinking of swapping sage dual boiler to an R58. Anyone done it and what was your experience of it?
  15. RichardHD


    Hi there. I have been lurking on and off for a couple of years, but thought I should introduce myself. Until recently, I was using a Gaggia Classic, with Silvia wand, PID, OPV at 9 bar, bottomless portafilter etc, and learned to pull a decent shot on it. A couple of weeks ago, I finally took the plunge, and upgraded to a Rocket R58 from Bella Barista, which I'm really enjoying. I'm planning to get it plumbed in, not least because of the hassle of moving it to refill the reservoir and the risk of running out of water mid-shot. I'm still using the Malkonig Vario I bought a few years ago, but
  16. Another one of those apples and pares compares threads, excuse me my foibles but keen to hear thoughts from others on it. Using a Mini Mazzer A with my R58, producing amazing espresso but I am finding that the machine over pressures the pour at the end of run such that I am vaguely tempted by the pressure profiling of the R60 but am I better placed to move to a higher end grinder instead? Drinking 4-6 double ristreto's a day, like it nice and tight with very fine mouse tails and am shopping around on beans at the moment, so it's happening across most varieties I have tried.
  17. Guy's thought I would throw my hand in on this forum and show off my setup (after all you lot are the only ones who'll appreciate it). Have a Rocket R58, with Eureka grinder (on a chrome drawer knock box, Rocket tamper and tamp station. I use a Hario VST scale with built in timer which is very useful and makes up for the delay with the scale, which is a pain. Use The Roasting Party 'The Party' espresso beans which are exceptional along with Nude Coffee 'East blend' beans and Monmouth 'organic' espresso beans, which I get fantastic results with - oh yeah and I only ever put volvic water in it!
  18. after revising my budget and little help from the good mrs I have now a lot better budget to play with. I didn't want to go the silva route and keep upgrading so am looking for a machine that I can have for many years and not need to upgrade again and again. my choices I have narrowed to: profitec 700 Vesuvius ambient ecm synchronika rocket r58 very interested in peoples view and opinions on each one and which is the better model, I think the ecm has the same internals as the profitec 700 just different case but I could be wrong. also am I under the
  19. As a first time poster but long term lurker on this forum I would like to say hello to everyone and a big thanks to all for the excellent information posted here. I am currently on the verge of an upgrade and am hoping for some help and direction with this. I currently have a Gaggia classic which I have owned for almost two years and have this coupled with a Pharos hand grinder and have gone from making shots that were only good for cleaning drains to ones that although not perfect are very drinkable. Over the last two years I have come to understand the shortfalls of the classic and the
  20. Hi All Been lurking for over 6 months and found all the conversations and advise to others excellent. Having got sick of Starbucks and then inconsistent shots from the coffee houses I decided to do it myself! We have no local decent coffee shops! So on Wednesday I took myself off to Bella Barista, 105 miles from home and 2h 30 minutes later, I'm greeted my Claudette and the information starts to flow. Following great reviews and recommendations here I was looking at the Expobar Dual Boiler and the Eureka Zenith 65e. I was going to opt for a cheaper setup but saw/read the messing
  21. Has anyone tried Alchemy Coffee in London to supply the R58? If so, how was your experience and after sales?
  22. More expensive than the R58 and same price as Duetto when not on offer http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/quick-mill/quick-mill-verona-dual-boiler-espresso-machine.html
  23. Would anyone with a Rocket R58 tell me if the 41cm height is up to the cup warmer platform or is it 41cm to the top of the warmer rail?
  24. Hi, I'm Howard and I've joined the forum in the last couple of days I've owned a few machines through the last ten or so years, starting with a Gaggia Baby Twin and pre-ground coffee, then a couple of years ago I moved onto a Rancilio Silvia E with a Eureka Mignon. Today I've taken delivery of a Rocket R58 and I'm blown away Thank you, Bella Barista, for another smooth and simple purchase! I buy my coffee at Guntons, a deli in Colchester. They do a great dark roast bean called Tiger Stripes which reminds me of my favourite coffee bars in the Varese/Milan area of Italy. I like espre
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