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Found 57 results

  1. Clifford

    Boun Beans?

    Any thoughts on London-based roaster Boun Beans? I saw their appearance on BBC Dragon's Den a while ago - IIRC their owner claimed to be exclusively focused on grade 1 beans, especially from Ethiopia, and he took some heat from one or two of the dragons because of his "high" prices (however, as far as I can see they don't seem too far out of line with most other speciality roasters). I've seen no discussion of them in the forum to date and would be interested to hear if anyone's tried them, and if so, how you rate them.
  2. OK, Perhaps an angry icon in the post is a bit too much, perhaps I had a bad day today, but I feel the need to rant ... you know? As some of you know, I am building the beans/roasters comparison resource/website (it's live by the way ). Now, there are many problems with automating the data mining/gathering process, because there are so many things that are inconsistent, keep changing and hard to discern, for simple algorithms, or even current state of the art AIs. And that's a fair game and very interesting and challenging problem to solve. Cool. However, when you get conflicting information on a single page, so that even the human cannot figure it out, that's where things stop being interesting Some examples are below. Please note, that I am not specifically picking on those two roasters, they just happened to be the most recent I looked. My website compares close to 20 roasters now, and most of them have inconsistencies of one sort or another. The two examples below show conflicting information about the package weight. Smokey Barn offers a nice hamper of 8 different bags of beans, 100g each (see pic). My maths say the weight is 800g. However, the message below states that actually the weight is just over 1kg. That's another two bags! Then further down, under the heading WEIGHT: 1100g. ref: https://www.smokeybarn.co.uk/coffee/fresh-coffee-bean-sample-hamper.html I can reason about it to a point, say it's 800g guaranteed, but we put a bit more beans to ensure it's not less, therefore weight is a bit more, in fact, 200g extra bonus beans, enjoy, you're welcome, yey, but then what is 1100g? James Gourmet Coffee has biscuity and chocolaty Ethiopian offering (see pic). The title says 250g. But then, if you click on additional information tab, it states, Weight: 0.265kg. ref: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/caffe-naturelle/ On another multi-package offering, the site clearly states 4x250g of coffee, but in the additional information tab, it says, Weight: 1.500kg. That's extra 500g! again, 2 more bags of coffee! ref: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/fine-coffees-gift-box/ Am I missing something? Is there a convention among the roasters to use multiple weight figures for unknown to me reason? Could be packaging and postage and tax thing,... I don't know. Are there technical challenges in maintaining the website, that I am not aware of? It can't be happening to all of the roasters (well, almost all) as a mistake. It's a very consistent mistake. I wonder what is the underlying reason for that? In conclusion: what started as a little annoyance that makes my job harder turned into annoyance of the mystery wanting to be solved . Any punters willing to throw their theory on this?
  3. As my beloved Tap are merging with DOCASA their beans won't be available anymore (sniff) so I need to find a place that specialises (or has a good variety) of light roasts. What are your favourite light roasts / roasters?
  4. Hi all, I have just launched a new clothing brand called Coffee Clothing Collective. Every month we will have a featured coffee from an independent roaster which will be sent out with clothing orders. This months roast is from Quarter Horse Coffee in Birmingham. For anyone in the area there will be a pop-up shop in their shop on the 20th May from 10.00am. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if there are any roasters in particular you would like to see feature. www.coffeeclothingcollective.co.uk Thanks Chris
  5. Hi all, I'm setting up a new cafe on the edge of the New Forest (Ringwood) and I'm looking to source beans as locally as possible. I've spoken to a couple of local businesses but wondered if anyone had any specific recommendations based on personal experience? Thanks, Andy
  6. Might be a stupid question but does anyone regularly order from non-UK roasters and know of some way to get a discount on shipping costs? I'd love to try more roasters but just looking around a few places (Drop, Gardelli, Barn, to name a few - for those who don't know that's: Sweden, Italy, Germany - so European roasters) and shipping is in the £8-15 range which is obviously as much as a bag of coffee itself. Maybe that's just the way it is, although even for tracked shipping does it really cost that much to ship something that weighs 250g?
  7. bongo

    Roasters in Cardiff

    I've moved from Bath to Cardiff, meaning I can no longer (easily) visit Roundhill Roasters at the farmers market on a weekend. While searches on here seem to identify coffee shops, I'd like recommendations for roasters as there must be some. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  9. Hello to all. We would like to present our company Roastino UK supplier of Roasters and green coffee beans to the trade. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us to receive what is probably the best UK deal at the moment : -Robust and efficient Roasters with a capacity of 2 to 40 kg / hour at a price that our competition will find EXTREMELY difficult to match... -Green coffee beans in 60 and 69 kg jute bags of course but also in convenient 5 kg pouches. Read it all on-line please and call us today. Best regards Francois
  10. Hello all, first post on this site, only recently getting into (good) coffee and hope to learn a lot! I'm using a chemex at the moment and have really been enjoying what HasBean have to offer over the past few months - I love the fact that they use resealable bags (currently don't have a grinder, on a student budget!) and so it's really useful for freshness! Also, I find that on most roaster sites, their "grinded for filter" setting just isn't coarse enough... I can't get enough of an extraction and so I use the "jug" option on HasBean and it works great for my chemex brew! So my question is, can anyone recommend a good coffee that preferably offers a coarse jug-like grind and also preferably sends coffee in a resealable bag? In terms of what sort of roast and what flavours, I am very open-minded, I enjoy most things if fresh and at this stage of my coffee journey am willing to try most things
  11. Used Bunn grinder for sale, reliable and efficient. Does 250gr in about 12 seconds on filter setting. Suit micro roaster for pre ground orders. £150
  12. Good evening, It's great to be a part of the online coffee community. We are roasters / wholesale suppliers aiming to add to the continued growth and development of the Speciality coffee scene in the UK. Any advice you may need, please get in touch. Equally, as it goes...I'm sure we still have a lot to learn so we'll be keeping an eye on any interesting posts Regards, New Wave Coffee
  13. Dylan

    Wogan Coffee

    Heard these mentioned on HUKD of all places, haven't heard much about them. They have a good website and claim to be the biggest roaster in the south west. Good discount on KG purchases an a good range of roasts. Has anyone here tried them? Any recommendations on blends?
  14. Hello, beautiful coffee lovers, I had a quick chat with Glenn who encouraged me to make a post. I am trying to create a resource that seeks coffee beans by our lovely roasters and presents them in the most useful way. Naturally, I want to make it as useful as I can, so I'd very very much appreciate your help by telling me what would you like to see on there, what would make it useful for you, if at all. I have a very early draft ready, and thought I'd open it up for you guys, before I go too far down the wrong path: http://coffeediff.co.uk/coffee It's just one page for now. I've put together some basic ideas of what I'd like to see, first of all, when checking out what's new roasting out there. I also took into account a few thoughts expressed on the pages of this forum. The roasters that are on the website already were chosen randomly, I have no affiliation or special relationship with them. My aim is to put as many roasters as I can and present them in a helpful way. There's lots to do, for example filtering and sorting by flavour, origin, roaster and so on. There's also things to do I've not thought of yet. In any case, would be grateful for your constructive criticism and feature requests. :o
  15. mremanxx

    clumsy goat

    Anyone used this roaster before? Thoughts. Has to be the best name for a roaster.
  16. Hi, I bought this well kept second hand Quest M3 (230v model) off DaveCUK, it is a great little roaster and was very happy to buy it off him however due to personal circumstances I am not really making use of it and I am also in need to sell some equipment/things I have in the house. It has a spare heater element just in case, I can also give you 3kg of green beans to get you started. Also with it come accessories (LED light to look at bean colour, mains adaptor to control heat/power via volts rather than with the dial on machine, wooden spatula, tray for receiving roasted beans, cleaning brush, some coffee bags and a 'hair straightener' to seal the bags with, works wonders). For collection only (surrey/kent borders near jct 6 of M25) asking £600 for it, good deal considering it would probably cost £1000 at least to get it imported and this is the 230v model, also the original version with thicker drum.... much better! Photos coming later by tomorrow latest, thanks
  17. I would like to get peoples feedback and opinions on the roasters in Wales. Welsh coffee co seem to be the best I have fouind so far. Are there others I should consider. Thank you
  18. I am delivering and collecting this weekend along a route that takes in A303 M3 or M5 M4 from south west to London I'm looking for a roaster with easy access to these routes to grab some beans from. I have not paid attention at all to where any are on the map. Thoughts or recommends please folks
  19. bronc

    Roasters in Bulgaria

    For the past two-three years that I've been into coffee, I've seen the specialty coffee scene in Bulgaria improve, especially in the capital Sofia, but there is still a lot of room for growth as the market is very underdeveloped. Unfortunately I just got my first job out of college and have nowhere near enough savings to start my own business but that's another topic. Just recently a new small batch roaster opened in Sofia. They started roasting in November with just a Gene Cafe but are planning to buy a 5kg roaster next month so they can start supplying cafes. They love experimenting with their beans and even though they are still learning, you can see that they are very passionate about coffee. Another roaster that I discovered last year is ran by two Bulgarians who used to live in New Zeland and owned a roastery there. Ever since I got into coffee, I've been ordering my beans from the UK but I think that I will start buying locally both to try something new and to support the locals' efforts to improve the coffee scene over here. This got me thinking that some of you might like to try something new. For now I am just judging interest, but how many of you would like to buy beans from Bulgarian roasters? As they don't ship internationally, I can buy them for you and ship them at no extra cost other than the P&P which should work out at around GBP 2-5 for 250g depending on the post service. I can prepare a list with the different beans and prices if you are interested. Aside from you tasting something new, it will be useful for the roasters who are still learning and are working in a developing market to receove some outside influence and to see what you, as people who have tried beans from many of the top UK roasters, think about their coffee. Judging from myself when preparing espresso, when you don't have a benchmark to compare to it's hard to judge whether the product you are producing is good enough. tl;dr I can supply you with specialty beans roasted in Bulgaria at no extra cost.
  20. Bbatch

    Rounton Coffee

    Is it OK to big up a coffee roasters who I just recently discovered? Rounton coffee, nestled away in a little barn just north of Thirsk. Went to pick up some Colombian beans this past weekend and have thoroughly enjoyed them thus far. They have only been roasting for a couple of years so thought I would do my best to get their name out there. Happy brewing folks!
  21. Davnt

    Yallah Roasters?

    http://www.yallahcoffee.co.uk Came across this roaster from.. can't remember where but looks interesting, being strictly single-origin. Has anyone tried these guys yet? Planning to buy some soon so any recommendations (Espresso, Apress & chemex) will be greatly appreciated!
  22. bronc

    Mainland EU Roasters

    I'm starting this thread so we can discuss various roasters based in mainland Europe. The idea came from the thread about coffee prices and my rant about the depreciating EUR So, have you tried any mainland roasters? I have some experience with Belleville Brûlerie which is based in Paris. They supply My Little Cup in Brussels where I tried their beans. Unfortunately, their coffee is on the expensive side and their site is not available in English.
  23. Hi fellow roasters, Some of you may know me, some have had a DM tweet from me and some just know me as the twitter account called MyMocca. My name is Henrik - living in Dennmark - and I have been roasting coffee professionally for nearly 4 years. Before that.....well, that is a long long story.....but as many roasters I was addicted to coffee in a young age. Think I drank my first black coffee when I was around 13-14 years old. Since then I have trying to find better and better coffee and years ago when I was able to buy green beans I started roasting in the oven. Rest is history I have friends in the UK as well as a daughter living there. Whenever I get a chance I go to London to visit. I hope we can have a forum here where we can share ideas and help each other and I want to thank Glenn for giving us a home here on Coffee Forums. All the best, Henrik
  24. If you haven't already placed your orders for the festive season this week would be an ideal time, to guarantee delivery before Christmas. As the postman is likely to be overworked between now and 24 December some items may get put aside for delivery when they can cope and hopefully your coffee delivery isn;t one of them! There were 2 bags waiting for me on the doorstep this morning and I am just about to open the El Salvador Pacamara "Elephant Beans" from CoffeeBeanShop that I received last week. Some useful links you may wish to store (in Alphabetical Order) CoffeeBeanShop HasBean SquareMileCoffeeRoasters UnionHandRoasted
  25. Hello all, I've recently moved to Northampton area and was wondering who people recommend for purchasing beans from?
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