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  1. Hello all, I've recently moved to Northampton area and was wondering who people recommend for purchasing beans from?
  2. I'm curious as to where people think is the most exciting city/area for coffee. Berlin seems really interesting and packed full of roasters/cafes and I'm really keen to go, but there's plenty of other fantastic roasters and cafes around the world. I thought Dublin was really cool, and I always enjoy a visit to London. Plenty of Scandi countries look promising too. Perhaps some folks who are better traveled than I could impart their thoughts, I'd be keen to hear them! TLDR: If you could visit one place to drink at some of the best cafes, where would you go?
  3. Hi all I am in the process of opening a coffee bar in Coventry I would welcome suggestions on a name... Can you recommend any good roasters to get me started.. Manjit
  4. Thinking of placing an order with Machina Espresso in Edinburgh for roasted beans, any recommendations on their beans that suit flat white’s or cappuccino’s please. Their 1kg prices seem quite reasonable ie Brazilian Agua Grande at £18.50kg ( £9.50 250g ) some roasters 1kg prices don’t seem to offer any incentive to bulk order at four or five times the smaller bag price some are £40 plus a kilo! Any other reasonably priced recommendations would be welcomed
  5. I saw a mention of Forge Coffee Roasters on an American forum and had a look at their site. It's very attractive. https://forgecoffeeroasters.co.uk Forge seems to specialise in espresso roasts. Has anyone tried their beans?
  6. Girlfriend is headed over to New York at the end of the week for a fortnight and has offered to bring back a few things from the US with her - anyone have any roasters they'd recommend? She'd be happy to pick up anything in NY but can get something delivered from anywhere in the US in that time so despite a very poor knowledge of roasters over there I'm still taken a back by choice! I'm generally a fan of fruity, light roasts but am open to anything to be honest - mainly drinking espresso at the moment but regularly brew as well. Also if there's any coffee gear over there that's not readily available over here I might be able to persuade her to further load up the suitcase - any suggestions?
  7. Hi all Whats the most recommended beans for cappa and latte? I prefer non fruity flavors leaning more towards chocolate tones. Also prefer forgiving beans that are easier to dial in. Thanks
  8. OK, Perhaps an angry icon in the post is a bit too much, perhaps I had a bad day today, but I feel the need to rant ... you know? As some of you know, I am building the beans/roasters comparison resource/website (it's live by the way ). Now, there are many problems with automating the data mining/gathering process, because there are so many things that are inconsistent, keep changing and hard to discern, for simple algorithms, or even current state of the art AIs. And that's a fair game and very interesting and challenging problem to solve. Cool. However, when you get conflicting information on a single page, so that even the human cannot figure it out, that's where things stop being interesting Some examples are below. Please note, that I am not specifically picking on those two roasters, they just happened to be the most recent I looked. My website compares close to 20 roasters now, and most of them have inconsistencies of one sort or another. The two examples below show conflicting information about the package weight. Smokey Barn offers a nice hamper of 8 different bags of beans, 100g each (see pic). My maths say the weight is 800g. However, the message below states that actually the weight is just over 1kg. That's another two bags! Then further down, under the heading WEIGHT: 1100g. ref: https://www.smokeybarn.co.uk/coffee/fresh-coffee-bean-sample-hamper.html I can reason about it to a point, say it's 800g guaranteed, but we put a bit more beans to ensure it's not less, therefore weight is a bit more, in fact, 200g extra bonus beans, enjoy, you're welcome, yey, but then what is 1100g? James Gourmet Coffee has biscuity and chocolaty Ethiopian offering (see pic). The title says 250g. But then, if you click on additional information tab, it states, Weight: 0.265kg. ref: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/caffe-naturelle/ On another multi-package offering, the site clearly states 4x250g of coffee, but in the additional information tab, it says, Weight: 1.500kg. That's extra 500g! again, 2 more bags of coffee! ref: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/fine-coffees-gift-box/ Am I missing something? Is there a convention among the roasters to use multiple weight figures for unknown to me reason? Could be packaging and postage and tax thing,... I don't know. Are there technical challenges in maintaining the website, that I am not aware of? It can't be happening to all of the roasters (well, almost all) as a mistake. It's a very consistent mistake. I wonder what is the underlying reason for that? In conclusion: what started as a little annoyance that makes my job harder turned into annoyance of the mystery wanting to be solved . Any punters willing to throw their theory on this?
  9. It's Friday morning, and I am close to running out of beans. I have a Hasbean subscription, and there's a good chance I will get my Hasbean bag on Saturday. Even so, as a backup, I'm thinking to order some more beans from somewhere else. Nice to have a selection anyway. Apart from Hasbean, where else might deliver me beans on Saturday?
  10. Hi I've been using Redber, Rave, Thomsons (Glasgow) and Artisan roast beans but looking for something different. Any recommendations?
  11. Hello, beautiful coffee lovers, I had a quick chat with Glenn who encouraged me to make a post. I am trying to create a resource that seeks coffee beans by our lovely roasters and presents them in the most useful way. Naturally, I want to make it as useful as I can, so I'd very very much appreciate your help by telling me what would you like to see on there, what would make it useful for you, if at all. I have a very early draft ready, and thought I'd open it up for you guys, before I go too far down the wrong path: http://coffeediff.co.uk/coffee It's just one page for now. I've put together some basic ideas of what I'd like to see, first of all, when checking out what's new roasting out there. I also took into account a few thoughts expressed on the pages of this forum. The roasters that are on the website already were chosen randomly, I have no affiliation or special relationship with them. My aim is to put as many roasters as I can and present them in a helpful way. There's lots to do, for example filtering and sorting by flavour, origin, roaster and so on. There's also things to do I've not thought of yet. In any case, would be grateful for your constructive criticism and feature requests. :o
  12. Flash


    Hi all! Has anyone got any recommendations on high quality roasters in east anglia?
  13. Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations for decent roasters with free or cheap postage? I’m looking for places to buy the odd single bag to tide me over when my Dog & Hat subscription leaves me a touch short without paying £3-4 postage ontop of a £6-8 order. Thanks!
  14. As my beloved Tap are merging with DOCASA their beans won't be available anymore (sniff) so I need to find a place that specialises (or has a good variety) of light roasts. What are your favourite light roasts / roasters?
  15. Anyone tried this roaster? They are relatively local to me and their website has some interesting albeit blends and slightly expensive SO coffees. Might pop down tomorrow for a 250g bag of their Kenyan for my AP and to see if they have any stale beans to season my new Mazzer burrs.
  16. Hi all, was just wondering if anyone knows of any resellers in the UK that may stock any of the Nordic/Scandinavian or perhaps German roasters like drop coffee, coffee collective, tim wendelboe, koppi etc. ?
  17. Bbatch

    Rounton Coffee

    Is it OK to big up a coffee roasters who I just recently discovered? Rounton coffee, nestled away in a little barn just north of Thirsk. Went to pick up some Colombian beans this past weekend and have thoroughly enjoyed them thus far. They have only been roasting for a couple of years so thought I would do my best to get their name out there. Happy brewing folks!
  18. Hi all, I'm setting up a new cafe on the edge of the New Forest (Ringwood) and I'm looking to source beans as locally as possible. I've spoken to a couple of local businesses but wondered if anyone had any specific recommendations based on personal experience? Thanks, Andy
  19. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  20. Hi, I bought this well kept second hand Quest M3 (230v model) off DaveCUK, it is a great little roaster and was very happy to buy it off him however due to personal circumstances I am not really making use of it and I am also in need to sell some equipment/things I have in the house. It has a spare heater element just in case, I can also give you 3kg of green beans to get you started. Also with it come accessories (LED light to look at bean colour, mains adaptor to control heat/power via volts rather than with the dial on machine, wooden spatula, tray for receiving roasted beans, cleaning brush, some coffee bags and a 'hair straightener' to seal the bags with, works wonders). For collection only (surrey/kent borders near jct 6 of M25) asking £600 for it, good deal considering it would probably cost £1000 at least to get it imported and this is the 230v model, also the original version with thicker drum.... much better! Photos coming later by tomorrow latest, thanks
  21. I would like to get peoples feedback and opinions on the roasters in Wales. Welsh coffee co seem to be the best I have fouind so far. Are there others I should consider. Thank you
  22. MildredM

    A Bit Confused!

    I've been looking at new, artisan roasters to try recently. Looking at Grumpy Mule in a bit more depth I find they are part of Bewley's. Then looking a bit further I find there is a roasting company near-ish to me, Peros (a sister company of their main office in Bucks) who also seem to have something to do with Grumpy Mule. Then I found another 'artisan' roaster, Hope and Glory, also based on the exact same estate as the Peros one. I ordered a couple of bags and when I paid the confirmation said I had paid 'Lincoln and York Coffee', a wholesale company (as are Peros). How do you know, when you buy from roasters like these, that you are going to get (hopefully) a better quality coffee that they churn out for mass market sales? Does anyone from Grumpy Mule belong the forum? I know I can contact them direct but I wanted to see what other forum members thought first.
  23. mremanxx

    clumsy goat

    Anyone used this roaster before? Thoughts. Has to be the best name for a roaster.
  24. Has anyone tried Columbia Coffee Roasters, that has recently moved from Wheatley to the Covered Market in Oxford? https://www.colombiacoffeeroasters.com/
  25. Hi all, Newbie to the UK version of Coffee Forums Australian, coming from Hong Kong who has lived in Belgium for 18months now but still searching for a consistent roaster. Roast dates are not always listed on packaging and when they are, often they are over 3 weeks old. I prefer single origin espresso and the odd pour over at work. Any recommendations? Happy to go online as I feel like I've almost exhausted all of the face to face options (markets, cafes, roasters, gourmet stores). Thanks in advance!!
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