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  1. Just read news of what sounds like a large fire at the UCC Coffee roastery warehouse in Dartford, thankfully there appear to be no injuries other than to property. I'd never heard of UCC, they appear to be responsible for supplying McDonalds & Greggs with beans. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-45820844
  2. Hi All, have been reading intently at all the excellent information and help provided on here, now looking to jump in a bit head first and have my eye on the Dalian amazon. I plan to start roasting, take my time with learning and work towards doing some small retail sales, farmers markets etc. Plan is to get a 1-2kg roaster setup in new shed i'm building, seems to be some good reviews on the dalian from both price and useability so think this may be the best option. Can go with new but what are the chances of any second hand units being available, or does anyone recommend an altern
  3. Hi I've been roasting on a home roaster and also on gas roasters in Thailand and China using LPG gas bottles... so now looking at installing a 10kg roaster in the UK. I'm trying to answer questions to the gas board about - the peak hourly and annual gas consumption loads in Kw. ?? My guestimate would be that the peak would be something like 20 kW/h but more commonly use 12 kW/h or so. Therefore with 3x6hrs of roasting weekly, 18x50 for a rough yearly use = 900hrs of use = 900x12 = 10,800 kW/h .... does this look wildly off ? would really value some advice thanks
  4. My first loves, when it came to coffee beans were Monsoon Malabar and Old Brown Java. Both from Whittards. That was a long time ago and my coffee equipment has come a long way since my stove top pot. And my taste buds, a long way from Whittards. Can anyone recommend a good roaster I could get those beans from now.
  5. Gene Cafe CBR-1200 roaster - 1KG capacity. Fantastic roaster for a beginner or a veteran. Clear drum allows you to see right into the drum to determine roast by looks. Comes with exhaust pipes and chaff collector. Quick - 4 Minute cooling process. In great condition, bought 2 years ago, deep cleaned recently and in perfect working order. Pictures here:https://postimg.org/gallery/3g7q82yva/ Can no longer buy new in the UK. Spares are available in the UK from Bella Barista. The power control mod has not been done but can be fitted for relatively cheap (£40). Look
  6. http://www.alfiecoffee.co.uk/ Anyone used this roaster? If so can you recommend a bean for flat whites. With regards to the spiel about the roasting process. Any comments?
  7. If you'd be traveling tonight and wanna bring some fresh local beans on a budget to a friend that really likes espressos and ristrettos which roaster would you recommend? I know there are tons of threads on the topic, but wanna read some updated and variated feedback ...
  8. My CBR1200 has just blown the RCD fuse. It's been running a bit hotter than usual. I'm thinking maybe the heating matrix could be the problem. Anyone had this before?
  9. Hi There! Thank you for reading the post for a start... After a year in the Coffee Industry working Bar being trained to roast, I've finally jumped in and set up my own Roastery (Jan 2020) We're up and running, we have our blend established and a Decaf to offer too...as well as some Filter options etc, but the question keeping me up at night is am i doing the most effective way of marketing myself to Cafes...Coffee shops etc. I have currently our Website www.crownandcanvas.co.uk - Facebook/Instagram, but I haven't done any direct marketing (magazines etc) I'm hop
  10. Iv;e been roasting Green at home in a popcorn maker and love it, but would like to do larger batches than thos allows (approx 80gms a go) something that would take 250gm's upwards would be great.. anything out there ? saw a behmor 1600 whilst in Canada and looked the ticket. Cheers.
  11. Morning everyone, I'm new to the home roasting game but have worked in a roastery for the last year so have some idea of the roasting process etc. I'm ready to make the leap into the 1kg market and have been looking at the following roasters: Toper Cafemino Dalian Amazon Golden GR1 North TJ-067 (From Mill City Roasters in the States) Now I did also have a good look into the Aillio Bullet but there's still not much information out there even though it has been on the market for a little while. There is currently no distributer here in UK and I'm worried about cost of parts/
  12. I have been looking at the bullet r1 and the Dalian for a possible purchase in the new year. An upgrade from the small gene cafe. I know the bullet is new so not many will have experience of both but i am interested in how they compare and see your opinions on the pros and cons of each.
  13. Hi chaps I'm based in spain for a few months and am trying to get hold of some good fresh beans. I've looked on Spanish ebay but there doesn't seem to be any...but I could be looking for the wrong thing. Anyone any ideas? Thanks Ali
  14. Hello, We receive occasional requests to supply customers with green beans, which we've done informally up to now. I've always felt a bit uneasy about selling unroasted beans - I'm not sure why, but think it is because in my mind it doesn't quite sit with what we do (i.e. roast!). On the other hand, if 'home roasters' are keen for small supplies of quality beans then perhaps it makes sense. Are there any opinions out there on the issue in general? Cheers, Paul
  15. Check out the fantastic video shot with GoPro Camera inside a roaster
  16. Hi there, I'm Jamie from Manchester - I fell in love with coffee in Melbourne a few years ago whilst travelling on a year out and found work as a Barista there - I haven't looked back since! If anything, I came back a complete coffee snob! I have always loved food and cooking and would think nothing of buying the best ingredients but was quite content with drinking instant coffee... Melbourne changed all that - the coffee/cafe scene is like nothing I had ever experienced. It's all about the independents and a real passion for crafting (& drinking!!) the best silky coffee you can
  17. Im looking to buy a Hottop roaster, B model - Does anyone know of any new or used for sale at a reasonable price? Needs to be 240V UK model hence US suppliers are out...:-( Any help appreciated - or better still, let me know if you have one for sale - i'd collect from almost anywhere! Thanks, MrShades
  18. Hi there, As the headline says, I'm seeking a small shop-style roaster. Please get in touch if you can advise. Thanks!
  19. Hello! First time poster, short time lurker - although quite a focused bit of lurking due to having a bit of extra time on my hands at the moment. I’m down in Brighton so lots of nice coffee shops around. I like drinking espresso based coffee, usually with a bit of milk, like cortado or cappuccino. I have been brewing at home using a cafetière and moka pot but kept dropping hints about an espresso machine so my wife coordinated my family and for my birthday they got me a De'Longhi Scultura ECZ 351, which I was undeniably cuffed with. My mother in law even got me some ground esp
  20. I am currently staying in Berlin for a few days and so I'm looking to try out a few coffee joints whilst in here. I might pick up some beans if available too. I've just been to the Barn which seems quite nice. I'm wondering if there are any other recommended spots around, ideally places which might sell beans also. Regards
  21. Just joined. Roaster, coffee shop owner and enthusiast. after a long time lurking I feel I should give back.
  22. Just read about a (maybe not so home-oriented) small batch roasting machine that got me thinking... https://www.thecoffeecompass.com/introducing-bellwether-coffee-a-zero-emissions-roaster/ Obviously, it cannot be zero-zero emissions as energy consumption for producing, shipping, running, servicing and recycling the machine needs to be factored in. That aside, the idea sounds about right: being as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible helps conserving coffee growing regions and their climate. I'm just about to start my own roasting business - given my age and ass
  23. Good Day All, As the title suggests I'm looking to buy from a supplier that posts recipes for their coffees. As a noob, I'm probably going through about half a bag of 250g beans just to get it right and at that rate I'm going to be wasting a lot of beans. Rave do some recipes: https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/burundi-masha (Located at the bottom of the page under 'Recipes') ESPRESSO (18G VST) 17.5g in 45g out in 24 to 26 seconds But not all of their coffee has them and some of them don't have espresso recipes. I know that half
  24. About 16 months ago I purchased new Hottop KN-8828-2K. I've made over 70 roasts so far. I keep the roaster at home. For roasting time I take it to the shed outside. I follow the maintenance guide to keep it good condition. Nevertheless last winter I had a problem. RCD tripped sometimes in the last stage of roasting (after 1st crack). I found that solenoid was causing the tripping. I didn't know how to fix it, so I unplugged it internally. I can still empty the roaster when needed using the knob on the rear wall of the roaster. Tripping occurs sometimes but I can't find the root cause jus
  25. I've recently subscribed to thecoffeeroaster and for my first order got a batch of 4 different single origin Artisan Roast coffees. Arrived to Slovenija after 5day after roast date. Got El Libano light Guat, Chisi Malawi, Aricha Etiopia and Ruri Musasa Rwanda, already tried all four of them but somehow i am only getting quite sour shoots. Do any of you guys have any experience with mentioned beans, i really hope they travelled well since i am having difficulties finding a sweet spot. They all tend to be beans with fruit orientation, but all i am really getting is strong acidity
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