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Found 38 results

  1. Hi All, Quite new and won't even have my classic until tomorrow, but i've bookmarked one or two sites that describe the taste with a chocolately, nutty and one even with an Orange taste but before taking the plunge I thought it would be worthwhile asking forum members for their recomendations who's actually had experience with different sellers and tried various different roasts as it seems that even some members have had ups and downs with established sellers on here, and of course if you want to add in your own favourite please share
  2. Teaboy


    What do members think of :
  3. I’m trying to get my head around what sort of flavours I like, and therefore what kind of beans/roasts, so was hoping for a little guidance. My absolute favourite coffee, so far, is from Tamper in Sheffield, which I would categorise (and any experts out there that know Tamper by all means correct me) as a caramel’y, toasty, chocolatey kind of flavour, and their beans are their own blend from Ozone. Whereas I also tried coffee at the weekend from North Star in Leeds (fabulous place BTW), which was from these beans… https://www.northstarroast.com/product/burundi-natural/ …which was REALLY interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed trying it, but I’d still personally go for the kind of taste that Tamper deliver. So would I be correct in saying that the Tamper flavour is a darker roast, whereas the flavour from the Burundi beans at North Star would likely be a lighter roast, or is the difference really down to the origin of the beans, as opposed to the roast itself?
  4. I was curious what are the most important points when people are looking for roasted coffee beans? (If this question was asked and answered already, please kindly point this newbie to that thread I am still crawling through vast number of topics on here) For example, the obvious one is the price. Also, I personally like to know how light/dark is the roast. Recently, I started to care more and more when the beans were roasted. But there are so many other aspects to a batch of beans, such as flavour (partly deduced from the roast), origin and so on. I'd like to know what people find important and what is unimportant to them when they buy their beans. Perhaps I am concentrating on wrong aspects when I buy my beans? So, the things I can think of are: - price - roast - roast date (freshness) - flavour (sweet, acidic, nutty, etc) - crema (?) - fairtrade (?) - wash method - origin, altitude - variety (liberica, arabica, robusta) and subvariety perhaps for some it's the brewing method that is more important that the actual bean? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm Jamie from Manchester - I fell in love with coffee in Melbourne a few years ago whilst travelling on a year out and found work as a Barista there - I haven't looked back since! If anything, I came back a complete coffee snob! I have always loved food and cooking and would think nothing of buying the best ingredients but was quite content with drinking instant coffee... Melbourne changed all that - the coffee/cafe scene is like nothing I had ever experienced. It's all about the independents and a real passion for crafting (& drinking!!) the best silky coffee you can imagine - to say it was infectious is an understatement! After working there for the best part of a year; coming back to the UK was torturous and virtually impossible to find a decent coffee. I toyed with the idea of setting up a coffee shop over the last few years but my passion has gone further and would like to roast my own product alongside and hope to have my business up and running in the next 6-12months - so watch this space! I'm pleased to read there a plenty of coffee nuts here, so I look forward to sharing/gaining some ideas, opinions and advice Cheers, Jamie
  6. Hi, I notice that some roasters offer specific roasts for espresso and filter, while others have just a single roast. The following article from the Cast Iron website explains why they have separate roasts: http://castironroasters.com/pages/roast-profiles I've typically gone for a generic roast as I don't get through coffee that quickly so it's convenient for me to be able to use the same bag for brewed as well as espresso. Given the massive difference between manual brewing and espresso brewing it sounds entirely plausible that a roast could be optimised for each method. I'm going to try going for specific filter / espresso roasts and see what I think, but it would be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this.
  7. I have been roasting for a bit on my (unmodded) Gene roaster, and I am having a hard time hitting some nice, light roasts. I am using a washed Colombian, 1500-1800m - using 250g, no pre-heating, and cooling down to 100C in the Gene, and then externally until they are cool. I tend to hit 1st crack after about 13-14 minutes, and my problem is that if I keep roasting after 1st crack my beans start to get burned. So, I fear that I either underdevelop the beans or burn them.. My best tasting try so far, hit 1st crack at 14 min and lowered the temp 5C right away, and started cooling only 25 seconds after 1st crack. The beans seemed to be a bit uneven, and some of them too dark/scorched. - Do the beans continue to develop while in the cooling phase? eg. could I start cooling right at 1st crack? (just seems super early to me). I could use some tips on how to achieve better light roasts on the Gene, thanks! Mr. Karlsen
  8. Hi everyone! I'm doing a bit of research for Uni into the way shoppers pick their coffee! I'd really love to know your thoughts! If you could fill out this super quick survey (no more than 5 minutes I promise) I'd be really really grateful. Thanks in advance! Maybe fill out whilst enjoying that glorious morning brew ;-) https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5JHPDDB
  9. Sorry if this topic has been covered/answered before. Do different beans/roasts require different grinds in order to get a standard shot time/volume? I ask this because I've recently bought a Mazzer SJ and thought I'd got my grind setting spot on using a particular bean. Next type of beans needs a different grind setting.
  10. Could any of you geniuses out there advise as to what the minimum amount of beans I can roast in a Gene Cafe is? I'm planning on just roasting one cup of coffee per roast as I'm just starting out so don't wanna waste any, as well as experiment as much as I can with a 1KG of greens. If there's any related links on this forum that you could direct me to, that would be fab!
  11. Afternoon oh knowledgeable ones. I've been following you all for a while and need your advice. I'm looking for a low volume grinder for my mobile catering business. It's not our main line of business but estimate around 30-40 coffees per day over 3 day weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. As its not my main line although i don't want to buy cheap obviously i don't want to go overboard as i have to re-coop any expenditure. Whilst here any suggestions for good coffee roasters in the Peterborough area would be helpful. I've found 2. Palmer & Palmer and Masteroast. We often go past Masteroast and whilst the smell is divine i just wondered if any of you had experience with them. Cheers in advance Chris and Jax
  12. The following article speaks of coffee roast and ground etc entirely with the parchment. While i've no personnal experience with this type of coffee i was wondering if anyone on here had and if so what their opinions on it were/what general members opinions are? http://www.ineedcoffee.com/08/rip-coffee/ Thanks
  13. Beans should be matured 2 weeks after roast i have learned. However, i could not wait and tried some just 2 days old - and they tasted very bad. I vacuumed then and tried 10 days later - tastes good. But how can that be such a big difference? What happens after the roast?
  14. Dr Forinor

    Oily beans?

    As I'm at the beginning stages of my learning, I've been reading about oily beans. My understanding is that oily beans means they have been over roasted, is this correct? How would you describe the appearance of these beans? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just trying to understand better. https://imgur.com/a/McuH1df
  15. Hey people, I'm about to make an order from Coffee Compass and after reading a couple of threads I've noticed people recommend them for darker roasts... Is this just because they have a good range of darker beans or that they tend to roast darker across the board? Specifically I'm looking to order some Rocko Mountain if anyone has tried it? I'm sort of blow away by how cheap they are as well!? Thanks in advance
  16. V60 newbie here, coming to the end of my first beans; Rwanda Nyaruzina from Tap coffee and Ethiopian Suke Quto from Horsham Roasters. Enjoyed them both (especially as I've started to get my technique a bit more down..) but preferred the Rwandan, a bit lighter and sweeter. Just wondering what other people are into and if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions? Cheers guys
  17. I'm sure this has been asked before but couldn't find up to date info. Fancy going towards the dark side for a bit with a blend. Any suggestions ?
  18. Just a quick question, I just got a nice looking bag of Yirgacheffe beans from James Roasters which were roasted on the 2/05/17. How long should I leave them before drinking? Thanks Rory
  19. I'm currently on a bag of Rave Guatemala La Florida. It's quite a light roast judging by the colour of the beans and how hard it is to grind in my hausgrind. My normal espresso brew of 15g -> 28g was resulting in a shot with a really light/blond crema that looked all wrong (didn't taste all that bad though). I've gradually increased the dose and have now reached 19g -> 35g. The crema colour has gradually got darker and more like I'm used to seeing. The taste has also improved. Why is this happening? I've often heard people say that light roast beans need a higher dose, but the brew ratio isn't that different. Can anyone explain why this is the case?
  20. I've a Behmor roaster. Have been roasting some other green beans of ok quality for a couple of months. These beans need to be ground very fine on the Rocky & results have been good. I've moved over to a naked filter (with a VST 18g rigdeless 6 months apart). No issues with channeling due to the fine grounds. Now I get myself some Specialtiy Yirgichaffe, from a specialtiy supplier, as a free sample as the guy hopes to sell a decent amount to me in the future. What I'm trying to say is that I'm very confident that these beans are good beans. I roasted em just into dark, less than 10 sounds from the second crack. Colour something like viennese. 1st shot choked - up a notch on the Rocky 2nd shot chocked - up a notch on the Rocky 3rd shot shocked - up a notch on the Rocky Now I'm course, its pooring slow and its spitting all over the place! Running a need through the grounds or just straight into the tamp, with or without a good knock, no good - same issue. Do I go finer & underdose or do I go courser and overdose? I'm down to my last batch, I don't have the luxury of quantity before making a decision on these beans. From my abortions, I can taste something really promising. Please HELP!
  21. There are over 700 fantastic independent coffee roasters in Italy alone. 75% of national Italian coffee sales come from the big 3 companies. The Coffee Locator are changing this! TheCoffeeLocator is a new website for Autumn 2012 that will get small family run coffee roasters online. If you have a torrefazione, roasting house, or are just passionate about coffee, please sign up for more info at: Or follow us on Facebook | Twitter
  22. I just did a post on my coffee blog http://baristabanterblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/obscure-coffee-terminology.html that explains/defines different espresso beverages, such as latte, mocha cappuccino, macchiato, americano, gibraltar, cafe au lait, caffe con lecce, etc, as well as other espresso terminology, such as ristretto, crema, wet, dry, breve, short/long pull. I also get into types of beans including robusta, arabica, peaberry, hard, soft and green coffee beans. I was wondering if I missed any big ones, or if anyone has anything to add or correct? Or maybe you just want to find out what some of these crazy words mean, if you don't know? Check it out: http://baristabanterblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/obscure-coffee-terminology.html
  23. I have recently bought a Gene Cafe from Bella barista and have spent the last couple of weekends roasting the 1kg bag of Nicaragua Nargogype beans that came with the Gene. I havent managed to produce anything worthwhile of a decent espresso and found that the result was a very bitter coffee. The procedure i used was one that Mike Hag recommended as per... 1) Preheat the Gene Cafe and let it do it's cool down. 2) Load ~230 grams of coffee 3) Set the Gene Cafe for 30 minutes 4) Set the Gene Cafe for 300 F, hit start and let it run at this temperature for 5 minutes. 5) At 5 minutes, raise the temperature to 435 F 6) At 10 minutes and 30 seconds raise the temperature to 456 F for the remainder of the roast 7) Stop the roast at the desired level 8) Set Cooling (internal cooling only) Then i used the other method of just allowing the Gene to do its thing and set the temperature and try to begin cooling before second crack. I have a number of problems.... Problem 1) I cant seem to hear the cracks and i am sat there with my ear stuck to the rotating drum!!! Problem 2) bitter coffee that is undrinkable I have now taken stock of a 2kg bag of Colombian Finca El Tapado Washed.... I do not want to waste all of this as i have wasted the Nicaraguan so i am asking for some advice? Any recommendations on methods to roast, perhaps to try another way? If it is too bitter have i roasted for too long? Should i stand after roasting for a period of time before tasting? Is there anything that you can use to trend the profile onto a computer for the Gene Cafe, or is it Manual Manual only!!? Any other useful info...? Any help appreciated. Cheers Beatski
  24. I was fortunate to win a 6 month supply of coffee from CoffeeBeanShop.co.uk, run by RoasterDean, a member of the forum. You can enter this weekly competition here My package arrived on 07 October, having been roasted the day before. The beans were allowed to settle for a few days whilst I finished the beans I had in the house. The beans were delivered in a foil lined brown paper bag with a one way valve to allow degassing, expanding a little over the past few days and providing my wife with an excuse to squeeze the bag and inhale as she walked past it. From what I could see the blend is made up from at least 3 types of beans. I am guessing at 1 African and 2 South American coffees, but cannot distinguish which these are. The taste is pleasant, mellow flavours, not too citric and a nice full mouthfeel with a sweet aftertaste (not too long) This blend easily cuts through milk to be a good base for a cappuccino or latte (as my wife will attest) The roast was even (not overly dark) with a small amount of oils present on 1 type of bean only. Breakfast blend tasting notes
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