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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I understand that most people agree that the difference among ristretto / normale / lungo relates to the brewing ratio, being the range: Ristretto: 1:1 ~ 1:2 Normale: 1:2 ~ 1:3 Lungo: 1:3 ~ 1:4 However, I couldn't find any info on extraction time. Let's say we agree on a 1:2 normale recipe using 25s extraction time. Then, using this recipe as the base how do I get a ristretto / lungo? Ristretto: - shorter extraction time (same grind size) or - finer grind size (keeping the 25s time constant)? Lungo: - longer extraction time (same grind size) or - coarser grind size (keeping the 25s time constant)? Thanks!
  2. The wife and I went to The Fat Duck for the full 14 course crazy experience yesterday, and I had to try the coffee. A choice of two blends, will find the description of the one that I went for - which was recommended as a double ristretto (when I asked for a double espresso). Looked ok and tasted pretty good. Good crema and mouthfeel and I'd be very surprised if it came from a Nespresso (as has been suggested), and I'd guess that they're running a DB if not an Oracle (or two - as they have a choice of two blends) these days. What do you think...??? Oh, and priced at £4.95
  3. Hello, I recently entered the magic world of home-espresso: now, I come from Napoli and I live in Geneva, so this basically is an attempt to survive the lack of proper coffee shops here and get something similar to my place's "caffè". So, I bought a 2015 Gaggia Classic, a set of non-pressurised baskets + a Naked PF from Edesia Espress and a Breville/Riviera & Bar Smart Grinder which I see got very good reviews around the forums and websites. Everything works fine, except I always end up with shots that come through too quickly. It's true that I'm looking for a ristretto, but I expect to be able to get a 15ml pour in about 20" at least, if I grind fine enough. Not the case: somehow regardless of how fine I grind my shots brew in more or less the same time. AND, another thing I noticed, while if I grind with fine-but-not-too-much setting my puck comes out pretty compact, while if I grind with finer settings it tends to break showing a kind horizontal fracture when I knock it off on my chopping board. I am tamping with a 58 tamper and I think I do it correctly, so I wouldn't know where to look. I'm dosing around 8g for a single and 15-16g for a double, but my scale is not 0.01g precise... I even tried fine-setting the burr to achieve the finest-possible grind (and I could tell from the noise of the grinder / speed ground coffee comes out of the grinder that it's actually grinding in a finer way) to attempt choking the machine with no luck. The coffee always comes out yielding 15 ml in less than 10 seconds, either with a single or double basket. Aside from this taste is fine, and also the crema looks ok. I just would like to get a "thicker" coffee feel. PLEASE HELP A RISTRETTO CRAVER!!
  4. Hi all, The topic on Shot size : Clicky me made me think about the ristretto. Are you guys ristretto fans? I k ow they were quite fashionable a few years ago but they don't seem to get a mention much these days. I tend tend to forget about hem until I try a new bean. Sometimes the light bulb comes on and I think " wow, this would be an amazing ristretto!" I'm rather partial to a ristretto macciatto actually, this is usually my drink of choice if I've been making coffee all day. Lee
  5. I've been fortunate to play with this coffee on both a commercial machine and through 2 different types of home espresso machines and have managed to achieve similar results each time. A whiff of almonds on the nose and touch of caramel as the shot makes its way across the tongue - think nutty sweetness, with very low acidity and lingering aftertaste (when extracted as a ristretto) This coffee cuts through full fat milk surprisingly well but is a little lost in soy. On each occasion I have had 7-14 day old coffee so it was in its prime. Nicely roasted, a fraction darker than some Costa Ricans I have had, but this does not detract from the finish. If you're looking for a single origin that does what it says on the bag then this coffee is one to consider. Order from Londinium Espresso online I found there was a decent level of crema in each shot, great of you're looking to practise your latte art...
  6. I am looking for recommendations for a good place in an around the Newcastle upon Tyne area to take a friend who is into good coffee as much as I am Much appreciated Rich
  7. I watch a lot of YouTube videos to try and gain some knowledge, a lot of it is espresso related. I see a lot of different extraction weights, and timings. I've seen people say longer extraction, more time - though that's a minority. What's much more confusing for me is the ratio/terminology. 1:2 ratio extraction I've seen classed as a double espresso, but then others say a double espresso is 60ml/60g. Now both need to be done in the 'magical time' of between 20-30 seconds. Surely a 1:2 extraction will taste a fair bit different from a 60g extraction if both are done in 30 seconds, and say using an 18g basket? Using my 17g basket (which is pretty much a double basket?), if I want a double espresso, do I aim for 60g in 30 seconds? If I go for 35g (1:2 ratio) in 30 seconds, what do I have? A double ristretto? A double espresso?
  8. 'Juice' was a special edition coffee, roasted on 01 September and produced for SquareMile web customers and wholesale clients. Billed as an 'espresso blend for people who like fruit flavours in coffee', this coffee delivered on it's promise. Containing 60% Beloya (Ethiopia), 20% Tegu AA (Kenya) and 20% Ngunguru (Kenya) this coffee delivered (for me) blueberries, cherries, tangerine and a hint of apricot The suggested brew recipe suggested updosing and a longer than usual extraction but the results were spot on. 'Juice' was a blend that took me a few go's to dial in and get a decent extraction but once I nailed it the results were superb. As an espresso this blend shone. It lacked the oomph to make a great impact through milk but this wasn't really its intended purpose. Best enjoyed as a Macchiato or as an Espresso or Ristretto I've been fortunate enough to try this through both a commercial machine and stock standard Gaggia Classic and both produced similar results I'm a fan of one-off coffees as they always throw up a few taste surprises and keep you wanting to explore tastes, textures and aromas. The coffee has improved right through until 10 days past roast (and now sadly finished). I wish that I had bought 2 bags! Keep you eye on the website for the next 'special' coffee to be offered.
  9. which chocolate you like the most with your coffee drink? I think dark chocolate along with espresso will be a good choice and you?
  10. As an uneducated barista a few ago, i was keen on my Americanos, but after being employed at Coffee Aroma, i was steadily persuaded to enjoy espressos, realising that bastardising the coffee with boiling water was a wrong turn. However, I have frequented with Lattes and Cappuccinos, but I have never enjoyed the experience. At any level of dilution, wether Seattle Whites or Macchiattos I can't stand the combonation of the two ingredients. Is anyone else of the same opinion? Am I alone?
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