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  1. Hi the video gives you a tutorial for repairung your Nivona CafeRomatica, loosing hot water in the drip tray due to a broken pressure outlet valve. The video shows the fault and it's repair in a step by step way. The video has a German soundtrack but English subtitles are available on YouTube. Greetings, Jürgen
  2. Hi So I have been the very happy owner of a 2nd hand Pontevecchio Lusso (from eBay) for the past 4 months. Unfortunately about a week ago after it had been on for a couple of hours it tripped the trip switch. Everytime I tried to turn it on again it did the same. I've isolated the cause to be the heating element (no trip switch activation when its removed from the circuit). After doing some research I've realised that my machine does not have a low water cut off, and I can't remember the water level at the time but I assume I must have boiled it dry and thats what has affected the
  3. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I had a mishap with my Mecoffee Pid, which sadly resulted in the melting of what I believe to be the switching transistor (though I might be totally wrong, see pics attached). I've tried contacting Mecoffee, to no avail. My only remaining options are either to go for another PID with a better heatsink on the chips, or try a cheaper solution, which would simply mean replacing the melted chip and crossing my fingers that it would pop back to life.... However, since the chip is kinda FUBAR, I can't read the serial number, and there are hardly any
  4. My EK43 has stopped working and I'm pretty gutted. Here's what happened: - The EK has been working fine since I've got it (second hand). Exceptions have been that occasionally the on/off switch has stuck. - Last night I ground 15g for a kalitta with no problems. - The next dose I try to grind, I flick on the switch but nothing happens. - I took the pre-breaker off in-case there was a jam, but nothing. - I turn on and get nothing, when I click the off button; I get a small amount of spin, as if there's energy getting in there somewhere. - I've tried pushing in the current overload s
  5. Hello all, My machine broke down this week. I believe its a faulty element, no continuity across it and the ECU is still providing power to it. I've seen a few places online supplying them, I assume its good practice to replace the element gasket at the same time? Is it as straight forward as it seems? I'd like to thoroughly descale the boiler while I've got direct access to it, any tips for descaling through the element hole? Ha! Thanks!
  6. i spotted this when it was listed at 99p so i had a silly little bid on it to keep it in my lists, well my phone went with 10mins remaining and it was on 58quid so i bid 65 and won it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Compak-Coffe-Grinder-/282332577010?_trkparms=gh1g%3DI282332577010.N34.S2&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&autorefresh=true&nma=true&si=bqCc6LnkMqSEmN9l675ViViuE8w%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc if the link doesnt work for you then eBay item number: 282332577010 the listing doesn't say much about it so i am unsure what model it is but it seems like a b
  7. Hi one and all, I am looking to buy a Classic and have heard rightly or wrongly the Classic II isn't built quite as well and also can't be pressure adjusted. Hence I am looking at second hand Classics. I have the option to buy one from 2007, but would imagine some servicing and cleaning will be required. What sorts of things would you expect to need some attention to ensure the machine performs near its best? Thanks, Jon
  8. Howdy gang, I think that I ground too fine and tamped too hard! When I locked the portafilter into place and pulled down the lever to preinfuse, all seemed ok, until the lever was stalled and locked pointing at about 60 degrees from horizontal. After a moment the portafilter blew off and the lever sprang back. Unfortunately one of the shower screens and an o-ring blew out, into the drip tray! From an infogram I found I think it's the bottom o-ring that's come out. What should I do? Has anybody experienced one of these "blowouts" of sorts? Can the old o-rings be popp
  9. So, I'm flying to Karachi, Pakistan tomorrow to sort out 8 Marzocco linea 2 groups - Some quite new (PID), some working "ok", some not. One ransacked for spares (so a rebuild), and one or two to convert to PID. Should be fun...and an interesting challenge! I'm going to try to post updates on twitter: @spressotech Wish me luck! All that to do in 5 days.....
  10. I've just replaced the water inlet tubing on mine and bought much more than I need, so if it can help someone else you're welcome to it. It's dirt cheap to buy but at least you'll know it's the right type. 9mm OD, 6mm ID, platinum-cured food-grade clear tubing, the exact replacement for original as far as I can tell. Very easy to fit: remove top panel (4 screws), back panel (2 screws at top, one in center under the splash guard), then a pair of pliers to un-clip the old and re-clip the new. Don't forget to cut a vee into the tank/bottle end so it can't suck itself to the base (see last pi
  11. Hi all , I've just bought Francis Francis X1 on eBay but it cannot make an espresso well so I am considering repair service for it. Could anyone recommend a repair centre near Manchester or tips for my machine? It looks like a classic first generation, so it looks already out of warranty. The problem is on its 'group head part' (or more inside?). When I turn it on and try to make an espresso, water is just dripping down from group head. Other part is well operated so i think i can repair to use it, not refund on eBay again. This is the first time to buy home espresso machine,
  12. I have has this coffee machine for a while, bought off ebay working all fine but the flow started coming through VERY slow. I have taken off the casing and had a look put it back together again and now the lights dont even come on I have the connected the ribbon to the control pannel). It still heats up when you plug it in but the control panel isn't working. Could anyone give me any advise how to fix it or know where I can send it for repair off warranty? thanks dave
  13. Hello, I decided last night that I needed to tear down and service my Gaggia Classic to clean and descale the boiler. I followed a YouTube video I found by WholeLatteLove and followed the instructions, I thought everything was going well, no parts left over at the end everything seemed to go back in perfectly. However, when I turned the machine on and pressed the brew button to ensure it was running, no water came out of the group head. I then saw that no water was being drawn from the water reservoir. The pump also seemed to be very loud with a high pitched hum and a bit rattley, bu
  14. Thanks to help from this forum I've thoroughly enjoyed using a second hand Rancilio Silvia V2 (also bought through this forum) for the past couple of years. I've upgraded the steam wand, showerhead gasket and a few other bits and pieces over that time and gotten better and better results as I've learned. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago the boiler stopped heating, and having tried the reset switch, I believe the heating element has gone. From what I've been able to gather from searching here and elsewhere, this appears to mean that the entire boiler needs replaced (pre-V3 design) and,
  15. Last weekend my SDB started to hiss when it was filling the boilers. Monday it started to leak----badly. So a quick email to Claire at Sage. "No problem, will send a technician to look into it. When is good for you?" I work from home on Mondays and Fridays so I told her any Monday or Friday and expected a long wait. Nope, technician scheduled for today. Four days after fault reported. Technician rocked up at the time agreed, identified the fault as a perished o ring. He replaced every single o ring on the machine, just in case. Machine is out of warranty so expecting a fee for
  16. I've just happened to stumble upon a bit of a good deal for myself of 2 Mazzer Super Jollys, one working and one not... Unfortunately the seller wasn't able to tell me what the fault was on the non running machine but I'm in high hopes it's serviceable. Is there a guide somewhere with a general overhaul directions, I'm quite mechanically minded but I'd rather know exactly what to look out for on this particular grinder. Thanks
  17. Hi there First post, perhaps of many now that I'm the owner of a Gaggia Classic. Well, sadly a non-functioning one at the moment. My dad gave me his 2003 Classic, it's in decent nick considering the age but a couple years ago water stopped coming through the group head and its been sat in storage since. I took off the shower screen and poked at the holding plate holes with a paperclip, a bit of coffee debris came loose and I now have water coming through one of the outside holes on the holding plate but none of the other four. I'm really struggling to get the holding plate off to cle
  18. Hey there, So it seems I need a new boiler for my Gaggia baby (at the moment, there's no heat at all, but everything else works). I was going to order a new boiler from Mark @ gaggiamanualservice.com. But am a little scared as I can't find any instructions online. Anyone on here done anything similar in the past?
  19. This has happened thrice in our ownership of this otherwise wonderful machine. The frothing wand drips (quickly) water while you are brewing espresso. Since I'm in Kentucky, the repair is a major hassle (must be packed and shipped, resulting in ~$150 total expense each time - added to the high cost of the machine.) So, is this something I could repair myself (I'm reasonably good with tools.) Input appreciated.
  20. Hi Guys, I'm new here, but I thought you might like to see the repair job I've just completed on my Silvia. A few weeks ago, my Silvia started tripping the RCD (Apparently the Americans call it a GFI). It would trip as soon as I turned it on and knock out the whole house! I suspected the heating element, but never did I imagine how difficult it would be to change that in a Silvia. It turns out the element is welded to the boiler, so normally in order to replace the element you have to buy a new boiler, which costs about £100. I noticed someone on eBay (Peter) who used to offe
  21. Hello. I've inherited an old Delonghi MAGNIFICA ESAM 3000.B, which at first was working fine, but then after a day or 2, has just started failing. I got it for free, but don't want to simply add to landfill, as I'm not one who likes wasting good tech. At first the power button did nothing, and after opening up, I saw it was old and needed replacing on the circuit board. Managed to replace that just fine. It's now in a state where it turns on, but doesn't complete it's start up cycle. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5TrXW0Zh4g If anyone has any ideas, it would b
  22. I've been running a Cherub domestically for a couple of years (and it's a great machine), but lately the alarm that signals low water has been coming on even when there's water in the reservoir. I've solved this in the past by draining it and cleaning the probes/sensors before refilling, but this no longer works and the machine won't heat up at all. I suspect it's a scale issue (I use bottled but mainly filtered water) but does anyone know how easy it is to take the Cherub apart and check/service yourself? I've had a quote from the manufacturer for a service but at nearly half t
  23. Hi I recently resurrected my oldest Nespresso machine - a Gaggia automat. It makes good coffee and despite an occasional ventilate issue it has been fine. However, today whilst opening in a hurry to deal with a ventilate, I jammed the brew unit and by the time I got it out I had ended up with a spare spring. it is think spring about 1.5cm long (looks like the sort of one you get in a biro mechanism). It clearly does something as now more coffee/water ends up in the drip tray that the cup. I guess it is was in or near the brew unit. Long shot - anyone know or have an assembly di
  24. I bought a Vario grinder when it first came out in the UK. It recently stopped working and trying to contact Mahlkonig in the UK is like pulling teeth! There seems to be no distributorship or repair presence, and the only contact I found was some guy who's phone goes straight to voicemail. I've left a message with him and emailed Mahlkonig and received no response. Does anyone know how to repair the grinder or who to contact in the UK?
  25. Hi, just bought a brand new Gaggia Gran Prestige. Within 1 week, the ON/OFF button started to act up. Sometimes it clicks ON but most times it just behaves like a spring, making it impossible to turn the coffee machine on. When it has worked I've retraced by steps (pushing the steamer button, re-fixing the water tank etc.) however the solution is never reproduceable. Am I doing something wrong? It's less than a week old. HELP! R
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