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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone! Having owned my Sage DB for almost 3 months now, I think I am getting to grips with it fairly well. I was originally using a Mazzer Mini as my main grinder but have paired it with a Major and the results are definitely better- more flavour notes coming through and a generally smoother mouthfeel. My question is more to do with roast type of the beans I use- up till now I have used predominantly light roasted beans from various local speciality roasters in the Bristol/ Bath area. From reading previous reviews/ posts about the DB it seems that it might accentuate bright/ acidic flavours, so I was wondering how the provenance of the coffee or the roast profile will make a difference to this. I can certainly confirm that some of the African beans I have been using (Ethiopian/ Burundi/ Rwandan) have come through as very bright, almost too much so sometimes. I realise to answer this question accurately you will need to have an idea of my current recipe, so at the moment (with the sort of beans mentioned above) I am dosing 20g, 1:2 ratio in about 27s. Having experimented with various ratios and times this seems to be about the best in terms of flavour, obviously I will make slight tweaks dependent on the bean, for example I had a Kenyan a while back that seemed to taste better when on the basis of time alone it should have been somewhat over extracted. If anyone has any experience of using the Db with medium/ darker roasts it would be great to hear from you, as I still feel like I have a lot to learn! many thanks in advance.
  2. Good Day All, As the title suggests I'm looking to buy from a supplier that posts recipes for their coffees. As a noob, I'm probably going through about half a bag of 250g beans just to get it right and at that rate I'm going to be wasting a lot of beans. Rave do some recipes: https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/single-origin-coffee/products/burundi-masha (Located at the bottom of the page under 'Recipes') ESPRESSO (18G VST) 17.5g in 45g out in 24 to 26 seconds But not all of their coffee has them and some of them don't have espresso recipes. I know that half the fun is in dialling in your grinder and getting the perfect shot but I'm not at that stage in my experience yet. Also some beans require different ratios and extraction times to get the best out of them. So, any recommendations along those lines? Or should I just pucker up for a 1kg bag and take the hit? Thanks Everyone!
  3. Yesterday I had a bag of coffee, which I know not to have any bitterness at all, very chocolatey, velvety smoothness. All of this comes through when using my machine, or when using the SwissGold Filter. Used it in the Aeropress yesterday and I got very distinct smoky burnt bitter taste, really struggled to get any chocolate until it had really cooled down and even then it was just a hint of what the proper flavour was supposed to be. Method; Inverted 15g, Lido 3, Grind 5.5 500ml water, boiled, wait 2mins 30g bloom, swirl aeropress, 30seconds 200g water, 1.30 Plunge 30 seconds Today I tried a different coffee, which I know is fresh, roasted 10th Sept, again has absolutely no inherent bitterness in it at all, and the machine gives me the taste notes i would expect. Tried it in the aeropress today and it gave me a similar burnt taste to yesterday but the burnt note wasn't as strong. Today's method was exactly the same as yesterday except I changed the grind from 5.5 on the Lido 3 to a 6, so slightly larger grind size. I would like to keep the 200g water (that's how much I want to have in my mug) and I want to keep the 1m30s brew time as I'm trying to streamline the whole process. Streamline meaning "quick", I use the aeropress at work. - Do I change the grind size? - Do I use more coffee? - My water is about 94-95degC, do I use hotter water? Colder water?
  4. I know gluten-free bread isn't something a lot of people enjoy, but my other half is gluten intolerant so she's currently forced to either not eat bread at all, or eat the joke of a product which is 99% of gluten-free bread sold in most stores. So I thought I would try and bake her something which is fairly natural, doesn't taste horribly bad and certainly doesn't fall apart straight away when you cut it. So...can someone suggest a gluten free bread recipe which they've tried and which works reasonably well? Cheers, T.
  5. Bit different this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gS7g9BcK2k&feature=youtu.be&t=7m http://sprudge.com/aeropress-recipe-won-japan-brewers-cup-87979.html
  6. I was inspired by a mexican coffee, Cafe de Olla, to make this wonderful little recipe. Now I'll first admit, this is really sweet. So if you don't like very sweet coffee, this recipe is flexible. You can cut back a bit of the brown sugar and you'll be set! Either way, I hope you love it.
  7. Hi all, Just one quick question... about to open up a bag of Yirg from James Roasters and was just a bit confused about brewing with V60. Does the brew ratio (normally from 1:15 - 1:17 i believe) mean, say if you have 300ml of water - is that the water you add, or the total weight you get out? Because for espresso it's the weight you get out, so is it different for v60? Are there any sort of foolproof recipe's anyone an recommend? Thanks, Rory
  8. Hey there guys! I write a coffee blog and I like to try loads of new recipes for coffee drinks (similar to Seattle Coffee Gear) you can read the ones I've tried already at http://www.northernbrewblog.wordpress.com I'm looking for some new ones to try and I will try anything!! Please let me know if you have any suggestions, they can be espresso based, pour-over, made with a moka pot or AeroPress - the sky is the limit! Obviously any suggestions will be full credited if I post it on my blog Thank you! - Max
  9. In trying out a few methods I have been logging brews & for each method/brewer I have been doing 10 brews changing nothing but the coffee (generally sticking to my typical preferences of light & medium roasts, from a selection of roasters) - brew recipe, grind setting & brew ratio are kept constant for each of these 10 brews. Each brew is the first & only brew for that method, with that coffee, so there's no subconscious steering of the brew to make it fit expectations. What I'm finding is that overall the standard deviation is ~1%EY, averaged over 7 sets of 10 brews so far. For the more consistent recipes (averaged Sdevs over 6 groups of 10) it's 0.85%EY. For 55 brews so far, spanning 4 drip brewers, only 2 brews have fallen outside 18-22%EY. It suggests 95/100 brews will fall in the desired range, without adjusting grind setting. So what's the value of this? Well, it tells me how consistent I am with certain methods & highlights methods where I obviously need to take more care & thought. It also gives me a pretty good datum/start point for that method. Interestingly for me, it has shown that there is no reason why French press brews should be any more consistent than percolation brews, which struck me as little counter-intuitive. I reckon you could do much the same with taste assessment only, if you were careful & consistent with the other parameters. E.g. if you had a significant number of brews falling around/below 'like a little/don't know if I like it or not', maybe it's time to think about changing your start point for grind, pour method, or brew time. For example, I think I need to be grinding my French presses finer than I already have been, also steeping longer & I can see no benefit in rinsing & preheating white Filtropa 1x2 papers in Melitta style brewers (if of the appropriate size).
  10. After doing some research on coffee in Vietnam, I learned they make this interesting coffee where sweetened condensed milk and an egg yolk mixed with coffee and it turned out quite delicious. I made a little video on how to make it as well. Anyone else try it before?
  11. I just created a pretty interesting drink that I'm naming the "The Cascara Double Zorro". Despite sounding more like a skateboard trick its essentially an Americano but made with cascara brew and a 2:1 cascara to espresso ratio. According to Wikipedia: "A Cafe Zorro is a double espresso, or doppio, added to hot water with a 1:1 ratio." Anyway, here's the recipe: - Brew cascara using 4g of cascarra and 70g of 90°C water for 4 minutes - Once the cascara is brewed, pull an 18g:36g espresso onto the cascara brew - stir and enjoy. The one I just made used Crankhouse CH6 espresso and Hasbean Finca Canton Uyenese cascara. Lovely let me know if you give it a try or any other ideas for experimentation. Health Warning: Very caffeinated!
  12. What's your favorite quick food recipe for when you have little time? Mine is home made pizza. I make the dough in a batch at the weekend and divide into portions for freezing. Then I simply add passata, cheese, sliced mushrooms and chilli flakes. On the day, 10 minutes to add toppings and 20 minutes in the oven.
  13. Made some wonderful Iced coffee today. Mixed in some cardamum, cinnamon, a few drops of vanilla and coconut extract, and some sweetened condensed milk. My only kicking of myself would be that I didn't mix them all in when the coffee was hot. The cinnamon and cardamum both started clumping a little when added to the iced coffee and took a bit more mixing than expected. Otherwise, turned out to be a real nice cup of coffee for a fairly warm day!
  14. [video=youtube;m3wKJ0-WkDA]
  15. Aeropress with this patio dried caturra that I've decided I really like from Has Bean (The washed stuff is dull dull dull in comparison). It cupped amazingly, and I wondered why I couldn't just do something similar for the Aeropress so... 15g of coffee 220g of water Inverted 95C!! 6 on my old school EK dial Leave for 2:30, flip and leave for 30 to let things settle a bit, plunge over 20-25 and stop when you can see the sludge, don't go any further(!!). I'd be interested to see what my EY is with this but the fruits they are popping and it tastes like it cupped - I'm a happy chappy. I feel I could have gone a bit further with this - either by tightening the grind, flipping earlier (flipping is a form of agitation after all) or giving it a turbulent wiggle at some point.
  16. Right, I saw a lot of chat about Aeropress recently all over the place so thought we could stick it all together in here! Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Aeropress Ritual Super Enthusiasts Firstly I'd like to say, 30 minute steep? You marvellous bastards, it tastes fantastic! Come one, come all, share your recipes and methods, the wilder the better! El Salvador Finca Noruega Pulped Natural Bourbon 15g to 250g total brew weight. 30 minutes. Water was 94 when it first went in. All the tasting notes are there, especially the apple as it cools down. Super yummy.
  17. I'm sure there was already a discussion about this on here, but I'll be damned if I can find it. Anyway, hopefully most people have already seen this by know so I'm interested to hear people's views on it Barista Hustle - Espresso Recipes [video=youtube;-BT7-yOUMDM] Quite eye opening for me, as it showed me that I've been too busy trying to chase a number than actually paying attention to what the taste of the coffee was telling me. The main bit I had never appreciated is adjusting the yield. I've always considered this as a constant, as tried to keep it at 36. With regards to the last bit of the video, I'd love to be in a position to be able to tell whether two coffees, otherwise identically prepared, were tamped with a convex based tamper or a Pergtamp. Or whether the basket was tapped against a palm before tamping? I feel like it might be time to re-evaluate everything I've been doing.
  18. Ownership of a new Olympus 75e has encouraged me to start sampling some different beans, starting with a trio from Coffee Compass. I’m never going to be overly anal about my coffee making but inevitably, I am now scribbling little notes, here and there and anywhere, as I go about swapping beans. Truth is that these notes are often undecipherable after the event, likely on scraps of paper or coffee bags that get thrown away and so are of little real value. So I have decided that a spreadsheet is the way forward, especially as my PC is on 24/7 and generally has Excel open. The data that I would wish to log is minimal and a doddle for me to set up. However, I know from my forum browsing that there are members who make reference to their spreadsheets and I would be curious to know…….. How common this is? Do you use an Excel spreadsheet? Did you set it up yourself or is there a ’standard’ template out there? Is it easy to use? Does it do all that you would wish? What sort of info do the more serious members wish to record? How do you refer back to or analyse your data? I am reasonably proficient with Excel, including automation with VBA, and if there is sufficient interest in me trying to develop a flexible and useful spreadsheet that could be made available to members then I would consider taking the project on. I wouldn’t wish to reinvent the wheel nor to create something of little or no value and so I would welcome any comments.
  19. I've been wondering if people alter their espresso recipes depending on whether they pull a shot for a straight up espresso or for a milk-based drink? I'm thinking for example do you push the bitterness a bit more knowing it will get balanced by the sweetness of the milk? The strength aspect has a different meaning as well since the shot gets diluted anyway. Curious to hear your thoughts! PS: Forgot to say I'm new to the forum so hi! 👋
  20. I've spent weeks trying to coax something like espresso out of a Moka pot, and I'm so excited I just had to share right away, because I finally got it to work reliably. My brewing ratio is 1 gram of dry coffee in, to 3 ml of brewed coffee out. Extraction rate stays at 21 - 21.5% -- so, really approaching espresso on both fronts. The trick is to prep the funnel just right, and manage heat input carefully so that there's zero channeling or tunneling. I made a video howto which I think explains it well enough for others to try without trouble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XqEcJITh5c
  21. Starting out trying to learn dialing in beans with my new setup....a Synchronika/Niche pairing. Having limited success so far, but enjoying the process. Rattling through the beans though, so it would be really helpful if anyone who uses CC could give me their bean recipes for reference/comparison. The beans I am using are: Espresso Gusto Gold Mahogany Roast Jampit Hit Sweet Bourbon Espresso Mahogany Roast Sucker Punch (Decaf). If anyone has their recipe at hand for the above, I'd be most grateful! Many thx.
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