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  1. Hello, You all should see this: https://mecoffee.nl/blog/the-straw-which-broke-me-and-mecoffees-back/#comment-1426 Take care, Portafiltre
  2. Hi guys, im still really struggling to get close to a 1:2 ratio. Can’t really understand where I’m going wrong. i measure 18g. Grind at a 4 setting on Sage pro grinder (have already moved the top burr to setting 4. break clumps up and put into portafilter. Tamp then put portafilter into machine and go. Closest I’ve got is 20secs at 36g out. Starts off at a slow speed as you would expect but then quickens up so fast. Will try and get a vid up shortly
  3. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has run into this issue before. I've had my Silvia (w/ Auber) + Rocky since Spring, and I think was getting pretty decent coffee last few months. This Tuesday something odd has happened: the machine choked on the grind settings I've been using, despite the day before producing working well with exactly the same settings (30 seconds, 18.5 g in VST 18g, 32 g out). I have not changed beans, I always weigh in (i.e. portafilter) and out (espresso) plus use a levelling tool. So I am sure I have not changed anything in the process. To get it back to producing d
  4. Ok, so here’s the thing... I’ve got a Delonghi ES330 that I’ve had for 10 years that i’m now looking to upgrade to a ‘proper’ machine. I’d been planning on getting a Silvia until I popped into Bella Barista last week and got chatting. I’m now wondering whether it’s worth pushing to boat out to get a Lelit Mara, clearly it’s twice the price plus a bit more, so I need to weigh up whether it’s worth it. Having spent so long with the Delonghi, i’m used to not being able to steam and brew at the same time. The Silvia will clearly be a huge upgrade to what I’ve got, but I can’t stop wonde
  5. Hi all, I would like to pick your brain as I ran into a dead end here. I have a V3 Silvia (2009) that I pretty much refurbished bit by bit. The problem is that I'm getting water dripping back on the return hose as the machine heats up, steam also escapes there. The first heat cycle is silent, but the second usually comes with the kettling sound. It kind of sounds like a concerto on a Tibetan singing bowl and a kettle full of scale. As all forum threads I've found say it could be simple case of the OPV stuck open or limescale stuck somewhere, but: there is no limescale in the system (
  6. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Than
  7. Hi, Have been looking at buying an espresso machine and looking for some advice on the best entry level option. Our budget is around £500-£800. Currently we don’t own a machine at all, just use a bialetti moka pot, a milk frothing jug and a we have this Cuisinart grinder: https://www.johnlewis.com/cuisinart-dbm8u-auto-burr-coffee-grinder/p230858168?sku=230858168&s_kwcid=2dx92700044582398773&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq72R75Dm4gIVmK3tCh28QgyxEAQYASABEgL2hvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Initially we were looking at something like the sage barista express:
  8. Hi All, My Silvia V2 for sale, had for about 4 years. Been well looked after descaled/backflushed regularly. It comes with a Bottomless Rancillo PF as well as the normal PF with a single & double basket Looking for £140. Any Question please ask. Collection only. Consider meeting part way, I live in Bedford. Thanks Satpal
  9. Anyone who read my introduction post the other day will have seen that I just recently entered the world of home espresso making by purchasing a Delonghi Scultura ECZ 351. I quickly realised I'd made a bit of a mistake and should have gone with a Gaggia Classic, but by that stage it was too late to return to the shop. So, I persevered and got a bottomless portafilter and modded the steam wand a little. I'm now pulling what, to me, seem like pretty good shots. But then I am an absolute novice. However, I can't help feeling some buyer's remorse, and despite my better judgement I'm alre
  10. I'm new here, thanks for any help. My 10 year old Miss Silvia, boiler replaced twice, buttons replaced 3 times, wand replaced once. Not even sure why it is still alive? But I just did a complete maintenance overhaul again (group head seal, screen etc.), and the very next time I used it the pump made a sound. Well, several sounds actually, kind of like the electricity was cutting out to the machine where the pump would start on/off/on/off, but the power light was not on and off, just the pump. Then, the water stopped coming and now the button depressed only creates a hemorrhaging sound.
  11. Hi everyone! I've been (just) surviving for the last 5 years without an espresso machine on filter coffee. Finally, after dropping hints for about the last year, my wife bought me a Rancilio Silvia for Xmas just gone. The new machine is great although it has been quite a learning curve getting the most out of it. Thanks to these forums I've managed to find the answers to all of the problems I've had. I've also finally taken the plunge and got myself a fairly decent grinder, a Mazzer Super Jolly. I've only just picked it up but the few shots I've just pulled have been excellen
  12. I'm currently feeling very much like Natalie Imbruglia, in as much as I'm torn. A fully modded Gaggia classic seems to offer unbeatable bang for the buck. A La Pavoni appeals to the side of me that likes to get involved and fiddle. I'm fully aware I'm missing lots of other interesting stuff..... I'm after a new machine, I want to spend peanuts in big boys terms, nothing more than 600 quid really, so what should I be buying? I'm not a massive upgrader or geek, the thing I buy now will be the thing I use and keep. I like espresso, and dislike milky drinks. What am I going to b
  13. Good evening all. I wonder if any one can help me please. I recently opened a cafe and managed to get hold of an old 1999 Rancilio MD50 grinder. I don't think it had been cleaned or adjusted for years!!! Got it all working and set up, but have two issues. 1) It only dispenses 6g per dose. Does anyone know if it can be adjusted / how to adjust this to give about 9g 2) It is EXTREMELY noisy. Don't get me wrong I know they are all quite noisy, but this is excessively so - so much so you can hear it out on the pavement! Any ideas please? Many thanks for your help to this newbi
  14. Hey, hope you guys can help. My trusty Silvia, 9 years old, has begun to leak. In the linked video you can see the place; I'm not sure what the part is called, but seems to be from a seam in a brass part stemming from the boiler...? The question is if this can be fixed – and if, then how? Might I need some spare parts (which, and from where?) or do I simply have to tighten something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAWbE1dC6_A Thanks in advance! John
  15. Bargain if you know anyone in chorley https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123804638602
  16. Hello all, Longtime watcher, first-time poster here. Have hadn a Silvia for 7 years, paired with a Super Jolly. Had it serviced at AE Stanton in West London about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday while steaming, the jet of steam from the wand noticeably reduced in force. It sounds different, and feels less forceful, but still produces steam. So the symptoms: -Steam wand sounds different (less loud) when producing steam -Actual jet of steam less forceful, but still works and is hot -When closing steam knob, the steam slowly decreases in force until it stops, whereas previously it woul
  17. Hi, I have been looking into machines and I really like the look of the Rancilio Silvia. It seems robust while capable of producing good espresso and a decent microfoam - I enjoy practicing latte art although I am still terrible at it! My only concern is around the single boiler and having to surf temperatures when making coffee's. If i have a few friends round and need to make 4 - 6 coffee's, is this going to be overly taxing on the machine? And will temperature surfing turn this into a 30 minute nightmare of trying to produce good coffee? Would I be better suited to something like
  18. Hi, due to a recent purchase of a Rocket R58, my Rancilio Silvia E is available for sale. This is the 2016 model and it was purchased from Bella Barista in May 2016. It's a standard model, I've made no modifications to it. The machine is in excellent working order and in very good cosmetic condition with some marks on the metal top where cups, etc, were stored and on the drip tray, again where cups and portafilters have made contact. I live in a very hard water area but the machine has had a mix of bottled (Tesco Ashbeck) and Brita-filtered water for all its life. It was back-flushed
  19. Hey Coffee People I just unpacked my new Silvia and went through the advised steps when first starting up. The machine produces warm water but the orange light doesn't turn on. As far as I understand, it should turn on when the boiler is heating up, which is certainly the case when the machine is cold. Do you have any advice for this case? Love, driblem
  20. Hi all, I just bought a brand new Silvia from coffe Italia, I’ve had it a couple of days and to my surprise there is some sort of smell coming out of the water. It is quite noticeable even though I put a lot of water trough it. I can also taste it in the espresso. I have backflushed the machine once which didn’t change anything. Is there anyone here that had the same problem? The smell is somewhat plasticy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks !
  21. Hey folks, mid of the year I bought a Rancilio Silvia (2017 model E). After getting more and more annoyed by temperature surfing I invested into a PID. On Monday I wired everything up, as it was stated in the Auber manual. Unfortunately, there was some stuff missing, or I just overlooked it (several times?), so I checked the video by the guys from Seattle Coffee Gear. The video also didn't clarify all of my questions, e.g., where the orange cable is supposed to be plugged in. Is anybody here kind enough to take a look at the photos and tell me, if it looks right or wrong? I just
  22. Rancilio Silvia Bottomless Naked Portafilter complete with 21g basket Both the portafilter handle and basket are in excellent condition. Any questions please just ask £35.00 including postage
  23. I have received two R-Silvias and started with usual mods with them. One is V2(fixed OPV), another V3(adjustable OPV) This procedure is not something new but would be helpful to have a few more pictures in the forum. Had to go down to 9 bar static to produce a decent shot, obviously these machine work better with lower brew pressure. Silvia V1,V2: You need to buy some cooper washers for a car oil drip pan 16 or 18 mm, play with tightening the nut and combine different washers. After some play I managed to lower pressure to 9 bar static, so old valves are adjustable too, but you n
  24. Hey, I am wondering if anyone has a VST 18g basket (mine is ridgeless) and Silvia combination? I just got mine and struggling a bit. Flow in VST is faster than in the stock pf which means I should either grind finer or updose. What I see if I go for the nominal dosage (18g) then I have to grind really fine (3 on my Rocky) + it is a bit awkward to level it off (cannot really sweep with a finger). Also, the coffee ends up certainly not bad but a bit blander than I was getting with the stock pf. Another option is to updose. That's what I am doing and like the results tastewise (I dose
  25. Hi folks. I recently treated myself to an upgrade from my Dedica and Delonghi Burr Grinder to a Duo Temp Pro and Rancilio Rocky looking to have slightly more control over my coffee making. I've really been struggling to make anything even half as good as I did with my old set up and wondered if anyone had any tips. I'm getting a fairly bitter tasting coffee even though I've tried increasing the grind size, reducing the dose and tamping lighter. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I'm currently setting the Rocky to about a 12 - 15 on the dial. Is this about right?
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