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Found 146 results

  1. Anyone who read my introduction post the other day will have seen that I just recently entered the world of home espresso making by purchasing a Delonghi Scultura ECZ 351. I quickly realised I'd made a bit of a mistake and should have gone with a Gaggia Classic, but by that stage it was too late to return to the shop. So, I persevered and got a bottomless portafilter and modded the steam wand a little. I'm now pulling what, to me, seem like pretty good shots. But then I am an absolute novice. However, I can't help feeling some buyer's remorse, and despite my better judgement I'm already thinking of offloading the Delonghi and getting a Classic or a Rancilio Silvia. My question is - is there really that big of a difference? I mean, at the end of the day, it's just hot water being forced through the coffee at pressure isn't it? I'm having to temperature surf with the Delonghi, but my understanding is I'd have to do the same with a Gaggia Classic. Would I be pulling noticeably better shots with the Gaggia/Rancilio? Perhaps I should just enjoy the Delonghi and stop overthinking it? I realise this is all highly subjective, but I don't know anyone locally with one of these machines, so internet-based advice is all I have to go on...... I do have a decent grinder (Feld2).
  2. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Thanks
  3. Hi All, My Silvia V2 for sale, had for about 4 years. Been well looked after descaled/backflushed regularly. It comes with a Bottomless Rancillo PF as well as the normal PF with a single & double basket Looking for £140. Any Question please ask. Collection only. Consider meeting part way, I live in Bedford. Thanks Satpal
  4. Rancilio Silvia Bottomless Naked Portafilter complete with 21g basket Both the portafilter handle and basket are in excellent condition. Any questions please just ask £35.00 including postage
  5. I've added a Cafelat group seal and a wooden handle for the naked portafilter..really like the looks and feel of it. It is an Italian walnut and was only 35 PLN which is around 8,50 EUR
  6. has anyone done this, BUT mounted in the lower panel (the one that covers the 3way valve)?
  7. Basra

    New Gaggia

    Hi Im thinking about buying my first machine and was looking at the gaggia classic as well as the sage duo temp. The gaggia isnt so easy to find unless second hand and Im not too sure about the quality of the newer versions. Is there a big different between the old and new gaggia or is it not worth buying? Is there something else under the 500 pound mark that I could consider? I looked at the Rancilio but there are no reputable retailers in the UK that I can find.
  8. Hi, ive finally decided to upgrade from my Baby Gaggia to a Silvia and was going to go for a E that id seen for £375 http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/rancilio-silvia-v4-semi-automatic-espresso-machine-2015/ but ive just seen these for £311 on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rancilio-Silvia-V3-Coffee-Machine/dp/B004S7BIRA/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1488652386&sr=1-1&keywords=rancilio Which one would everyone recommend? thanks! Al
  9. Since moving to a dual boiler, I'm selling my Silvia V3 limited edition white. I added an Auber PID about 2 yrs ago which made loads of difference to the temperature control and stability, timing shots and speeding up the stream function. Always regularly backflushed and descaled. Does not come with bottomless portafilter, just the standard 2 spout with single, double and blank basket. Also, Rancilio and Auber instruction manuals. Any questions, feel free to ask. Collection from Sittingbourne, Kent.
  10. I wish there was a service in UK that fits PIDs and other upgrades for a payment to Silvia's. Probably because there is no demand you may say. I have a new Silvia and wouldn't attempt a PID or gauges etc. I'm no engineer! And especially after reading the problems experienced here.
  11. Title says it all. Looking for you humble members to weigh-in your opinions for these entry level espresso machines installed with a PID. Which works better for you and why. AK
  12. Miss Silvia has stopped producing steam! When I turn her on, the Big Orange Light (BOL) comes on, and the boiler heats up. When up to temp, the boiler goes through it's cycle as you'd expect. Hot water is produced at the group head, as normal. When the steam switch is turned on, the switch light comes on, but the BOL does not - and no steam is produced. My understanding, from reading on here and other forums, is that if the BOL stays off then that usually points to the steam thermostat being bad. So I replaced the steam thermostat. The next most likely problem, again - based on what I've read, is that the steam switch is bad. So I replaced the steam switch. Still no joy. I've picked up a multi-meter to test the thermostat, and it is good. So what next? I've read that I should test the resistance across the boiler terminals (its 48) - and that it should be about 64. Is this indicative of a problem? If so, what's going on? The boiler is still heating up to water temperature - so I'm confused and frustrated and in need of help. Any tips or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. edit: should I have put this in the Technical / Faults / How To forum?
  13. Since I got my Heston over a year ago I havent use my Silvia so its probably time to see if it has any value. It needs a good clean but no dents etc, complete with naked portafilter. Purchased from Hasbean in October 2010, used just for espresso generally one a day, steam used probably half a dozen or so times during its life. As you can see from the picture the steam knob is broken, it still works fine just it has cracked and comes out in your hand. Also the washer in the steam wand is missing. I was going to repair these but as its a year on and I still havent got round to it I suspect that I never will. Any ideas on what to put it on at? Regards Peter
  14. Rancilio Classe 10, was working prior to being left on with low water level. Overheated and cut out. Have been going through a trouble-shooting process. Purchased a brand new element but it is still not kicking in. Purchased a new boiler temperature probe and a new Overheat Safety Cut-off. Still not working, please help!
  15. My next mod / upgrade is to PID my beloved Silvia, but which PID? Research on the Internet shows there are several models with differing features, different suppliers including sellers on eBay and possibly importing them directly from the USA. Being retired (AKA fiscally challenged!) means I have to get it right and buy once only. Would you be prepared to help me through this minefield by teling me your experiences? Your model, features, approximate cost, and perhaps most importantly, would you buy the same model from the same supplier again? (I am technically competent and will have no issues installing it.) Thanks, Dick
  16. My 4-year-old Silvia switches on OK, but on first or sometimes second use of any of the switches, it trips a circuit in the house fuse box. The fuse in the plug of the device is still fine. I'm not competent electrically, and I live on the Isle of Man, without easy access to MyEspresso, from where it came, or any of the other possible service agents. Any suggestions that might allow me to get someone locally to look at it would be welcome. My first post, by the way.
  17. Here's the info about it I've just read: http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=RANCILIO_SILVIA_VE_2016 Thoughts?
  18. Hi everyone, I just picked up a 2007 Rancilio Silvia, which looks very much like the v2 model (left-right steam arm, old version steam knob, and chromed plastic group head cover) - it's all working but missing a few parts. When I bought it I was under the impression it was complete (excluding the portafilter), but it appears I'm missing a couple of bits. Essentially, I have the grouphead all attached and a shower screen separately, but nothing in between (and no shower head screw). I know a few things changed between models, so I was hoping someone with a model form around the same time could tell me if I need a group spacer (20200182) and water spreader (25139001) like the v3, or something different? The part numbers are form here - http://cdn.espressoplanet.com/images/D/group-head-parts-01.jpg My reason for asking is the difference between these diagrams - I just don't know when the change over date was, or how to tell! Pre-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaComplete.pdf Post-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaParts2007.pdf Thanks for any help!
  19. I've just replaced the water inlet tubing on mine and bought much more than I need, so if it can help someone else you're welcome to it. It's dirt cheap to buy but at least you'll know it's the right type. 9mm OD, 6mm ID, platinum-cured food-grade clear tubing, the exact replacement for original as far as I can tell. Very easy to fit: remove top panel (4 screws), back panel (2 screws at top, one in center under the splash guard), then a pair of pliers to un-clip the old and re-clip the new. Don't forget to cut a vee into the tank/bottle end so it can't suck itself to the base (see last pic). Reason for doing this on mine was to use an external 5L bottle of Ashbeck water - much bigger than the internal tank, much better tasting than the liquid rock around here, and much easier to use - wish I'd done it years ago! I also drilled two holes for the pipes into a lid, plus a small breather hole. Also works for replacement of the OPV output, though that's a slightly more involved fit. First post on here gets it I guess. Cheers, Colin [ATTACH=CONFIG]5799[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5800[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5801[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5802[/ATTACH]
  20. Hi guys I'm looking to buy a Rancilo from this website http://www.myespresso.co.uk/ Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them Thanks
  21. After the success of my 'screw in' Pt100 sensor, for the Gaggia Classic and pre 2006 Silvia's - I'm now trying to produce a Pt100 sensor that is embedded within a surface mounted thermostat housing, as used on the post 2006 Silvias. Essentially it's going to be a direct replacement for the cylindrical thermostat, that's held in place with the metal strap - like this (this is a standard Silvia thermostat, NOT my sensor!). I don't own a Silvia, so am initially looking for someone that has one - that either already has fitted a PID (perhaps with a K or J thermocouple) and they want to upgrade to a Pt100 - or they're seriously thinking of fitting a PID in the very near future and needs a sensor - and they would be interested in helping me test the fit and function of this sensor in the Silvia... and in return they'd get it at a good price (£10 shipped). As soon as I have the first sensor ready, then I'll post a pic of it (not that it's very exciting) in the next day or two - but right now I'm looking for an initial beta-test user, and also would like to see if there are others that would be interested in these sensors? I'd envisage a proper production cost being slightly higher than my Gaggia sensor, at £18 shipped. Anyone interested in these - or interested in being a beta tester? Shades
  22. ...over a Gaggia Classic (4 year old model), if an upgrade at all? Thank you very much.
  23. Right selling all my set-up due to emigrating to Australia! Sad times, but will take my Porlex and Aeropress with me to keep me going until I get new gear. First up is my 64mm burr grinder, a Fiorenzato F5. Pretty much a Mazzer Super Jolly but with a different body. Spec here, its the manual model; http://www.fiorenzato.it/en/prodotto/f5-2/ Great step-less grinder, burrs in good condition, unsure of age or amount through it, but its ex-commercial and had light use in that environment apparently. I make a flat white a day and 1-2 at the weekends. Will come with collapsible lens hood and hopper. One mark to one of the feet, but generally VGC and polishes up nicely. Have modified it for single dosing, but all bits there pictured in the hopper to put it back together. EDIT: Now £140 SOLD Next is my Rancilio Silvia V3, full working order, in great condition, recently de-scaled and regularly back-flushed. Only ever used Tesco Ashbeck. Polishes up nicely, few marks on the top surface. Will come with everything pictured below, small jug, Volcano cup, Group head brush, tamp, tamping mat, blanking baskets and cleaning solutions. £SOLD
  24. Hi, due to a recent purchase of a Rocket R58, my Rancilio Silvia E is available for sale. This is the 2016 model and it was purchased from Bella Barista in May 2016. It's a standard model, I've made no modifications to it. The machine is in excellent working order and in very good cosmetic condition with some marks on the metal top where cups, etc, were stored and on the drip tray, again where cups and portafilters have made contact. I live in a very hard water area but the machine has had a mix of bottled (Tesco Ashbeck) and Brita-filtered water for all its life. It was back-flushed weekly with Cafiza and descaled monthly (at the same point in the month the Brita filter got changed) with Liquid Dezcal. In addition to the machine itself, there are various accessories - mostly the standard ones: a Rancilio two-spout portafilter, a Rancilio naked portafilter, 7g and 14g baskets, and a rubber 'blind' for back-flushing. The machine will come in its original Rancilio packaging. If I arrange the courier, the price to send is £30 (I will refund any difference if the actual courier cost is less). Local pickup is also possible - I'm between Colchester and Ipswich. I'm looking for £325 for the machine and accessories. Thanks for looking.
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