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Found 104 results

  1. Hi, having upgraded to a Sage DB, wondering what my V3 Silvia is worth, purchased new from HasBean in 2011, well maintained with additional naked portafilter and triple basket. Thanks
  2. Hi All I am new here and looking forward to future interactions. I had a quick question with my older version (V2 I think) of my Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine. My shot extraction is under 10 secs and thus I am not getting a good crema anymore. This is including having primed it before, ensuring the water is hot. I also have a Rancilio Rocky Grinder with 30 settings (http://knowyourgrinder.com/rancilio-rocky-hsd-roc-sd-doserless-coffee-grinder-review/) Despite having gone down to as fine as Setting No. 1 on the grinder, it still extracts too quickly under 10 secs. Is my pressure to high? What is the ideal pressure setting in bar? Does my Portafilter basket need changing? Does the Over Pressure Valve need adjusting? (I know I may need to get a device to measure my pressure, any advice there?) Thanks for any good input and advice here to get her back to a proper brew again. Bernard
  3. Hi, I have a 6 yr old Silva from new. Regularly cleaned and descaled and it gives great results. Has never been sent for an external service. Makes 3 brews a day minimum so fair but not excessive use I think. Recently though I noticed clear water dripping down from the group head, coming from the sides of the portafilter holder where the lugs engage with the head. It dilutes the shot to a tasteless liquid. If there is wear on the porta filter lugs it does not show to me, if there is wear on the tapered groove the porta filter twists into, that too is not apparent. If I put the single shot basket in which has never been used it makes no difference so it appears not to be the basket. Can anyone help me here. I could start putting in new parts one by one but would like to be more accurate than that. If I really tamp the grind firmly, no extract will come out, only clear water from the sides. thanks.
  4. Refurbished Rancilio Silvia mk2. £210. This is the third and probably last Silvia that I have refurbished. It is a Mk 2 and was acquired in a swap with board member PeterinWales. The boiler has been machined and fitted with a replaceable Silvia Mk1 heating element. Stripped and cleaned, no scale, all seals replaced, OPV adjusted to 9 bar. All working with no issues. Case is in good cosmetic condition. Single and double baskets, can throw in a plastic tamper if wanted. I can supply and fit a Rex c100 PID for an extra £40 if desired. I would prefer buyer to pickup from near Oswestry or I can deliver or meet locally in the Chester/Wrexham/Shrewsbury area for the petrol costs, I am not too keen to send by courier due to past problems but may do so if no local interest, cost will be about £15. I also have a very low mileage Iberital grinder in very good condition that I will sell with the Silvia for an extra £100 (plus post if needed). I bought it new but haven’t used it much, not because there is anything wrong with it, its just because I acquired a Brasilia RR45 and use that as it looks better in a kitchen environment. This grinder is really a rebadged Cunill Brasil but is often sold rebadged with other manufacturers names e.g. Iberital and Fracino and others. I also have two fully working Bezzera BZ02’s (£300 and £200) and a single group mains fed Iberital L’Anna (£130) sitting unused in the workshop. If interested, let me know and I’ll revive their adverts.
  5. It's interesting to read about how forum members consider what is a genuine upgrade of a machine. it seems that (starting at the lower end of the spectrum) a Gaggia Classic to a Rancilio Silvia is not an upgrade. Notwithstanding the high proportional increase cost.........but probably not an equivalent improvement in specifications and abilities. If budgets are tight, what is next up from the Rancilio Silvia for a low user. A couple of espresso's and a capuccino per day? Or why bother? What necessitates and upgrade if your needs don't change and your happy with what you have?
  6. [video=youtube_share;rBunN5V4xtk] Hey Coffee enthusiasts i have a problem with my recently bought used rancilio Silvia v2 from 2009 with Auber PID. It worked like a charm untill i Yesterday where i upgraded the steam Wand and knob from v2-->v3 on my Silvia. I didn't break anything and it was not a Big problem to install it. normally I sat The Auber PID temperature at 95 celcius, and it never got hotter than that. But now today the boiler gets way too warm, when i turn on the machine. And the temperature on the PID says 140 degrees, even though i sat the PID temperature at 95 celcius. And only steam comes out of the group head I have tried to reset the termostat, but it did not help. What do i do?
  7. I have received a used Silvia.. I was told in advance it was missing its portafilter basket, as the previous user was using pods only. In the package theres the manual, and also a manual for a 'coffee pod kit'. In that manual it describes the items that are to be swapped out to install the kit, and it says to detach the shower screen and jet breaker kit, keeping them for future use. I include images from the manual, and looking up at the grouphead. Does this look like a pod kit ?? I of course wish to revert the machine to standard. Am I correct that all I must purchase is http://www.amazon.com/Rancilio-Silvia-Espresso-Machine-Repair/dp/B00UO0JJTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463332699&sr=8-1&keywords=rancilio+silvia+jet+breaker Jet breaker and shower screen both seem included in that. Is that the same as this ?? http://www.amazon.com/Rancilio-Silvia-Espresso-Machine-Repair/dp/B008I5N9XE/ref=pd_sim_79_6?ie=UTF8&dpID=41H79i9yOdL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=07QW2H193MDG2Z2YH1MF Which has no parts listing but appears the same.
  8. Given that my Baby Twin is faulty and having just read the thread "Is it a good time to buy a Gaggia" i can see it taking some time getting it fixed. So i'm not prepared to be without a machine for any length of time and would appreciate an alternative suggestions to a Gaggia. I've only ever had Gaggia's and know nothing of what's out there. Many thanks.
  9. Since getting back from Italy I am fixated on buying a machine that will give me something of a little class. I have narrowed my search down to the gaggia classic and the rancilio silvia. I have read many advantages and disadvantages of each and it looks that the rancilio silvia will be the one for me but at a greater cost. I was hoping for a little advice, if I bought just the rancilio silvia for now, is it possible to still make a fairly good standard of coffee using supermarket pre-ground coffee? I have three bags that need to be used up. As long as its drinkable and better than instant thats a yes. Also, I have found a website selling such a product which is going for £360 (excl delivery). Is this a good price for the 2009 version? For both the silvia and rocky grinder, its talking about £560(excl del). I will have a lot of problems from the missus to justify spending so much money if it turns out to be bad. Is this money well spent? Also, does the rancilio come with pretty much everything I need to start making my milk based drinks? Does it come with the portafilter and is it a twin or single?
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and would really welcome some advice. It's my husband's 40th Birthday coming up and I am going to get him a coffee machine as a suprise. He really loves the kitchenaid one (we have some of their other equipment) but having read some bad reviews I'm not sure it would be the best use of the money? He loves espresso but also enjoys latte/cappucino, so a machine that can do all would be good. I have a budget of £500-600 to spend on it, so would really welcome some advice and recommendations. Many thanks, The Doc.
  11. just ordered a Rancilio Silvia and base. So excited. It will arrive tomorrow. No doubt, I will have teething problems but that's all part of the addiction.
  12. Hi all, My first post here, I discovered this site when searching in google for advice. Anyway I would like to get a new espresso machine. Over the years we have gone through different machines and ways of making coffee but we always end up disappointed and go back to our cafetière. Our current machine is a Nespresso but when the capsules ran out we didn't order more and it's not been used since christmas. Since it's been out of commission we have tried different coffees in the cafetière which have been nice but we both crave a nice latte. After some reading I am looking at this "deal": http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product.php/210/rancilio-silvia-2009-bundle-rocky---base---machine space in the premium in our kitchen so the base would be handy but is that a good deal? What else will I need?
  13. My 4-year-old Silvia switches on OK, but on first or sometimes second use of any of the switches, it trips a circuit in the house fuse box. The fuse in the plug of the device is still fine. I'm not competent electrically, and I live on the Isle of Man, without easy access to MyEspresso, from where it came, or any of the other possible service agents. Any suggestions that might allow me to get someone locally to look at it would be welcome. My first post, by the way.
  14. Hi Guys I have a Gaggia 'Coffee' espresso machine. I've had it about 5 years and it works fine. If I were to buy a 'better' machine (Rancilio Silvia seems a popular one) would it enable me to make a better cup of coffee? I make cappuccinos. In other words, what does a more expensive machine do compared with a cheaper one? Cheers Dave
  15. For anyone interested in this useful little mod. PARTS £4.99 digital thermostat with thermocouple off Ebay, temp range up to 120c but it actually only goes to 110c but thats proven to be OK for my purposes, 5 second display refresh interval, well it was cheap. £1.00 for 2 pieces of high temp adhesive tape off Ebay FITTING Isolate from the mains, remove the water reservoir, unscrew the 4 screws on the top plate and remove. I attached the thermocouple to the top of the boiler in the flat area to the upper left looking from the front of the machine using the tape. It could go down the side but this was easier and less likely to fall off. I tied the spare cable length of the thermocouple up with a tie leaving enough to route it to the front right of the top plate. I sealed the display sides and back with tape to resist any moisture but removeable for battery replacement, dangled it out of the front right of the machine top, replaced the top plate and fixed the display to the top with Blutak. Reason for fitting on top is its an LCD display which is well hard to see if placed on the side of the machine. USING THE THING Allow the Silvia to preheat for an hour ideally. Brewing - Monitor temp from when the indicator light goes on at 85c ish, it`ll climb up to the high 90s when the light goes out, temp keeps climbing to just under 110c. Hit the brew switch and do the thing, repeat as neccessary, there is a very small temp drop during the shot of around 1c. Steaming - flick the steam switch, temp will rise obviously, as it reaches around 105c start steaming, light will stay on so still heating and temp will climb just out of display range for a moment then drop very gradually as you steam still heating throughout so maximising steam power. CONCLUSION Using the thermometer allows me to time my brewing and steaming more easily for best performance. don`t reckon the thing is tremendously accurate in terms of the absolute temperature it displays at the very top of its range. But it is extremely consistent with the readings it does give as I have monitored the trigger temps stated for brewing and steaming over a dozen shots today and eight yesterday
  16. Hi I'm looking at buying a Rancilio Silvia hopefully with a vario grinder. Ideally I would like to try before I buy but as much as I would like a trip to London I would prefer somewhere in the North East of england. Does anyone have any ideas of who sells either this or something similar who would be willing to demonstrate what the setup is capable of before I spend my money. Regards, John
  17. Hi After much thought I'm narrowing down my potentials for an upgrade. I like the Rancilio Silvia particularly but would like to be able to see it "in the flesh" before committing. Does anyone know if there are any retail outlets in the London/South East area where I could look at them? Many thanks
  18. Hi there, Newly registered here although it's fair to say I have been lurking and absorbing all the information from this very interesting forum! My main reason for starting to read the forum contents was when my bean to cup machine died on me (although it's ok....don't worry, it has been fixed and I should have it back soon!). But after reading the entries here....unfortunately it is going to cost me lots of money! I have decided to take the plunge and buy a semi-automatic setup as well as keeping my bean to cup machine. I think my lovely wife would possibly kill me if I made her have to learn the full process, so the bean to cup option at least gives her decent coffee when I am away. So....right now my purchases are going to be as follows: *** Rancilio Silvia - from Hasbean *** Ascaso i-Mini Non Doser Grinder - may be from MyEspresso (even though I have read the bad reports I can't find anyone nearly matching their price) *** An In My Mug subscription from Hasbean *** plus all the ancillaries that seem to be required in the hunt for the perfect coffee! Lets hope the information from this site has gone into my brain or I may be asking lots of questions!
  19. I am about to install the Auber shot timer to my Silvia V3. Removing the back cover i'm thinking the pump looks twisted but maybe it should be like this? My first reaction was to grab it and straighten it up. On the left side it almost looks like its hanging on one of the screws. Does this look normal, is the pump seated correctly?
  20. Bigal

    Rancilio silvia

    after a silvia v4 preferably seen some around 2nd hand but most are wanting £300 for them. £200-250 is my price range £300-350 with pid already fitted also if anyone has one with a auber pid fitted I would be very interested
  21. Just putting the feelers out there about this. I bought this setup as I got some money back from the tax man, and Since getting it, really have'nt given it the time of day. I dont really drink espresso/espresso with milk drinks outside of work, Only really brewed coffee. After 50hrs of coffee machine madness a week, I dont really seem to have the same enthusiasm about dialing in coffee at home. So, what I would be selling: Rancilio V3 machine (in immaculate condition) Spare bottomless portafilter. 2 sizes milk pitchers. set of 5/6 espresso cups n saucers. Will throw in some white cups I bought that are similar to the neuneutral inteligenstia style cups. Knockbox, tamping mat and tamper, all by made by knock. Vario grinder (bought at the same time as grinder, only used for espresso as I have seperate grinder for brewed coffees). Cleaner for backflushing. I imagine ive put about 400g of coffee through this thing (a bag and half of square mile red brick). I imagine with all the bits, maybe 850+ worth of kit? Hard to put a price on as all the stuff is still well under warranty, 625 seems fair to me. As I said, this is not a definative sale, Im just guaging as to whether this side of xmas this is an option. Can provide reciepts and boxes for both machines. Thanks in advance! I
  22. Hi Can anyone suggest where I can buy a replacement group head gasket for my rancilio Silvia? Thanks Rupert
  23. For Sale: Only 2 years old single portafilter for Rancilio Silvia. Excellent condition. Please be aware, it is not a double spout portafilter. It is a single spout portafilter which I bought in a specialist shop when I went to Konstanz in Germany. It is for the Rancilio Silvia machines. I used it on my Rancilio Silvia which broke down after only 4 years. Portafilter is very clean. I upgraded to another machine. Price: £18.99 plus shipping costs ( I will only charge what the Post Office charges)
  24. Looking to buy a Silvia or something of that ilk - anyone have one they want to sell?
  25. Hi, Recently got a Silvia and really happy with it, though I'm not sure what the brewing pressure is. I'm assuming it's 15bar as it fits the pods, just wondering if there's a link to adjusting the pressure or someone has done it before? I tried to test the pressure with a pressure gauge, but it didn't work and didn't like it as it started to make a hissing house from the boiler! Seems ok now thank god! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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