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Found 46 results

  1. Hi all, forgive me if this has been asked before - I had a quick search but couldn't see anything similar I have a new Rocket R58, a pretty substantial machine both in dimensions and in weight (around 30kg), which sits on a worktop in the kitchen with wall units above it. After adjusting the feet, I have around 15cm of clearance above the machine. The machine is not plumbed in; I use the water reservoir and this is the root of the problem I have. To check the water level I have to move the machine quite a bit to be able to see into the reservoir (first world problems, eh!) - has anyone on the forum hit this issue and found a way to check the water level without moving the machine? Perhaps some sort of permanent fixture inside the tank or a simple water-level gauge I could pop in and take a reading from? I'm betting there are some ingenious ways to tackle this - if not, I'm going to build some serious biceps in the next few weeks ! Thanks, H
  2. This is my first "proper" setup after years with a Rancilio Silvia and Mazzer Mini. The Compak has red speed burrs and after 6 months is now getting pretty consistent on the dosing. Now I've assembled all of these lovely toys and have my workflow sorted it is feeling pretty dialled in.
  3. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a sensor issue. I suspected a relay problem at first, but this didn't fix the problem, I have taken apart the temperature sensor to check if it was scaled up but it all appears OK. If anyone has any ideas of have experienced similar problems please let me know.
  4. I guess originally it was my wife who requested the Dualit Expressivo she was given as a Christmas or birthday present, actually it sato in the box unused for eons until I bothered to unwrap and set it up. Now shortly after that she decided this was to much trouble to use unless I was making it and for her sins bought a Nesspresso and frother, we used these for a while until one day we ran out of pods.... the only thing we had was a packet of coffee!!!!! So the Expressivo was used and since then the Nesspresso has since sat idle. Now for me I have been wanting to upgrade for a while but the wife's finally come around to this.... I want a grinder obviously but I want to future proof things by getting one now that I shouldn't ever need to upgrade. Yes I know that could be expensive...... The grinder I want should be able to do all kinds of grinds including a Turkish grind, have a small footprint ideally, little mess preferable and be easy to change setting on and probably electric on demand, any other suggestions appreciated. I will also be upgrading form the Expressivo and am thinking of something like the Rocket R58 or LaMarzocca Linea Mini. I want an expresso machine with dual boilers that can be run plumbed or on a tank, easy to use and which I likely will never feel the need to upgrade from. I will consider the used market and the new, I was wondering I'd folk can suggest somewhere in the southeast/London area I can view and try these machines. I am currently moving abroad to Switzerland so whatever I buy here hopefully won't have any issue being used there. Advice greatly appreciated many thanks guys.
  5. I've mad the decision of wanting to upgrade my vario to an eureka 75e just waiting for stock to come in to bella barista now. So if any of you lovely people have an opinion on if i'm going down the right track they would be appreciated as i dont really want to upgrade again for the foreseeable future. I have an R58 and currently drinking solely decaf which my vario is only just managing to grind fine enough, have a feeling in a few more days of bean ageing that will no longer be the case.
  6. Just invested in a R58 from the exceptional bellabarista - looking forward to improving my technique with practice (because I certainly need to!)
  7. Hey Rocket owners! I've just bought an R58 and am looking for any advice you guys have on getting set up, performance tweaks or tools I could do with purchasing to make my experience better. I've got the basics - tamper (got a second hand Espro), jug, scales etc. Thanks team! EM
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a new R58. I can not get decent milk, it's either boiling and burnt with slight foam or just warm flat milk. i had a gaggia classic and rancilio silvia with PID (both going in the for sale section in the next couple of days) and I was able to produce decent consistent milk. im using the standard milk wand tip with two holes, where am I going wrong?? Any advise gladly received
  9. Chaps I bought off a forum member a s/h R58 late last year. He tested it and I know it worked a-ok.:-) I relocated to Tenerife and have only now just got it out of the box after 2 months or so. Followed the instructions and I have left the machine for 30 mins but get no movement on the l/h gauge. I get hot water out of the head but no steam or hot water I hope I'm doing something wrong :-( TIA Richard
  10. Reluctant sale of my coffee setup. Purchased new from A1 coffee 18 months ago and hardly used (hence sale). Modded for single dosing using Anfim hopper cone inside the doser (it's a perfect fit!) and plastic sweepers to ensure every 0.1g is dosed into portafilter. All mods are temporary and the grinder is sold with all original parts so new owner can revert back to stock configuration in 10 mins if desired. Selling for £310 ovno for quick sale or ideally for £1250 with my Rocket R58. Comes with original receipt. Can post if necessary but would recommend pickup. UK plug. Location near Stansted airport. Please feel free to ask any questions..
  11. The review below is a summary of my thoughts and not intended to be a full in-depth analysis of each machine Today I had the pleasure of spending a delightful 4 hours at Bella Barista, hosted by Claudette and her team. The aim was to evaluate the R58 vs Alex Duetto Mk IV (aka new Alex Duetto III in the US) side-by-side and walk away with the winner. I had previously narrowed my search to replace my home machine to either of these dual boiler espresso machines. click to enlarge Also on the bench was the ECM Heidelberg espresso machine (HX), which I used to dial in the grinder (the Eureka Mignon) and pull reference shots on, for a coffee that I was familiar with. This machine was so forgiving and produced not only lovely espresso but some of the best milk I have steamed in a long time - a glossy paint finish which was perfect for latte art. I would have happily parted with £1099 if I was in the market for this type of machine. Of the 3 machines this had the best drip tray too, shallow and wide, with plenty of cup clearance and ample room to move cups around. I initially pulled shots using the stock basket before switching to a 20g VST basket for the evaluation of the R58 and Alex Duetto Mk IV. The same coffee, grinder, basket, portafilter, tamper and milk was used for all tests. The Rocket R58 was up next. The first shot ran a little too fast, so a tweak to the grind was required, and the next shot was sublime. Easily one of the cleanest espresso's I had tasted this year. You could pick out the individual flavours and the aroma was more intense than on the ECM. With a rotary pump the Rocket R58 was also quieter than the ECM. There was no 'whine' as reported on earlier models and the pressure was pretty steady - no flickering of the manometer needles at all. Both the Rocket R58 and the Alex Duetto Mk IV were set to the same service boiler temperature and held steady at 93c throughout the evaluation period. Changing the settings using the external controls on the R58 was easy and the interface is fairly intuitive, but I wasn't a fan of the coiled cable connecting the control box to the chassis, cluttering up the workspace. If you intend to 'set and forget' then this is not an issue. The Rocket R58 is a real looker and wins the beauty contest - but I wasn't judging beauty so tested the steam capability to see what I could achieve. Better than expected is how I would describe the steaming on the R58. Noticeably more powerful than the ECM the steam through the standard 2 hole steam tip was consistent and handled different volumes of milk with ease. My second jug was the best from this session. I would have liked to spend more time adjusting steam boiler pressure to see how the different increments affect the milk. This however would be best achieved when I could focus on the one machine. The shots and milk I enjoyed would have justified the £600 price difference between these machines. After spending 20 minutes on the machine, tweaks and changes to the grind produced some lovely looking (and tasting) espressos and my wife was starting to feel the effects of the coffee. We took a quick break and Claudette roasted some Tanzanian coffee on the Gene Café roaster. I was genuinely surprised at how little smoke there was. My wife was showing a lot of interest in the Gene Café roaster as well, which is encouraging! Although for the time being I'm quite happy to let the experts roast and discover the fruits of their labour. After a pint of water later and a quick tour of the Towability factory next door it was time to evaluate the Alex Duetto Mk IV. I pulled a shot on the R58 then tried to replicate on the Duetto. A minor tweak to the grind was required (again a fraction finer) and the resulting shot was excellent - with more crema and viscosity than on the R58. I had to check this was no fluke and pulled several more in quick succession - each tasting the same - rich and silky smooth. I could have had another but needed to evaluate the steaming capability so set about preparing my milk jug. The Alex Duetto Mk IV steam is very dry. Plenty of power behind it and that's with the no-burn steam arm insert still in. I have been told by a couple of owners that I spoke to earlier this month that one of the first mods to make after getting to grips with the machine is to remove the tube - giving you even more steam power. However, putting aside those thoughts I gave the steaming a shot. I hadn't expected such power and too many bubbles were created. Starting afresh I adjusted the angle and depth and turned the steam knob. Not as easy as the R58 but I'm glad that no 'radiator tap' retrofits have been made as some distributors in the US have done. This jug was pretty good and I could see what to do to make the next one even better. Several small adjustments later (this biggest change to me was steaming on the left instead of on the right like I'm used to) and I could produce lovely milk time after time. I still have a way to go but already notice an improvement on my previous technique. So, the Alex Duetto Mk IV was producing nicer espresso than the R58 and milk every bit as nice as the ECM. Although I think the R58 has the edge in milk steaming (that is until I remove the no burn steam arm and evaluate again) The R58 won on looks and had better cup clearance than the Duetto. However removal of the drip tray was not as smooth on the R58 compared to the Duetto (which also holds more water / liquid). The rotary pump on the Alex Duetto Mk IV was even quieter than the R58. I hadn't anticipated the difference would be so tangible. By this stage I had written out the cheque in my mind, and nearing the edge of my caffeine tolerance levels (I think I pushed them a little today) decided upon the Alex Duetto Mk IV as my new home espresso machine. After informing Claudette of my decision all that remained was to choose the box from the stock room and get the machine bench tested. The bench testing process was very thorough and Bella Barista's techie Jordan ran me through the PID settings and set the defaults based on testing undertaken by their reviewer. The factory defaults are also provided for future reference. After the great service provided of loading the machine into the car, carrying an awkwardly shaped 44kg+ box containing the machine and accessories up 3 flights of stairs by yourself isn't fun. But after mounting the feet and warming up the machine, pulling a shot was the best reward.
  12. The o-ring on my R58’s steam tip has let go, I assume they are available for buttons on eBay etc. Anybody know the spec please? Best Steve
  13. So I was a lucky winner at last weekend's forum lever day and now have a Londinium R so I am putting up my Rocket R58 for sale. This lovely machine was bought from Bella Barista in August 2018 so plenty of the 2 year warranty available. I have only fed it Volvic or water from a BWT Bestmax filter. I have cleaned a lubricated it only a monthly basis so everything is in excellent clean working order. The bodywork is all in excellent condition. As you can see in the pictures below there is the usual wear and tear on the drip tray and cup warmer from cups. There are also some slight marks in the underside of the group from removing the shower screen. Nothing you can see normally and no impact on performance. Selling with double spouted, single spouted and naked portafilter. Comes with all original accessories and manual, so cleaning brush, tamper and blind basket. It comes fitted with a Cafelat silicone group gasket. Given that I was a forum event winner it feels rude to ask too much for it, so offering at a cracking price of £1250. I am based in Oxford and would really like to arrange pick up as I don't really want to risk shipping it. It will come in the original packaging though.
  14. Got all bits and pieces to now. R58 with zenith 65e. Sage knock box, rhino tamp mat, and some cheapi scales! Well happy and learning new stuff everyday!;) doh darn phone need to correct pic on pc later!!
  15. Hi All, I currently have a rancilio Silvia with PID but the time has come to upgrade!! After many many hours of reading I've narrowed it down to either the Rocket R58 or the Rocket mozzafiato type R. Has anyone been in a position to compare the new mozzafiato type R against the R58? I prefer the black dials and the easier de-scaling of the type R, but then like the idea of having full temperature control over both group head and steam on the R58. I drink predominantly espresso with maybe one milky drink a day. Would I as a non professional coffee taster be able to taste/see the difference in the glass between the two machines? all advise and tips will be greatly received thanks
  16. The time has come, albeit reluctantly, to offer for sale our R58. We bought (and collected) it from Bella Barista mid February 2017. It was the latest 2017 model at the time of purchase. It has been used daily to make an average of 5 shots per day plus steaming milk. We have been thoroughly impressed with the excellent coffee produced. It has been cared for, as you would expect, and has only had (the right) bottled water through it. It is unmarked. If I were being pernickety I would say the drip tray isn't like brand new - we like to use and enjoy our machines, not keep them wrapped in cotton wool! It is only for sale as I was lured by the beauty and style of the L-R. I can't keep both machines, that would be just silly! I really will be sorry to see it go - Rocket machines will always have a place in my coffee-heart. We have the original accessories, packaging, paperwork etc to go with the machine. Collection is preferred. If you wish to arrange collection by a third party I will make sure it is packed securely in the original box and sealed well. We could deliver in the Darlington area (Ian is currently working in the region Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks) or anywhere between Darlington/A1 south and the Humber Bridge area on those days he is going up or down for work (only during the week on Tuesday morning early/Wednesday afternoon from 3pm and by prior and firm arrangement). We live a few miles south of the Humber Bridge if you'd like to collect it from here (30 miles north of Lincoln). I am asking what I consider is a fair price - £1550.00 I am in no rush to sell and therefore not keen to start haggling at this early stage.If you have any questions please ask - here on the thread, of course.Here are some photos taken in March/April.
  17. so thanks to the help of a few people, especially coffeechap and dan150. iv finally got my setup iv had it running for just under a week and already really happy with the results iv been getting. the grinder was a doddle to dial in and my shots have been constantly good using the rave signature blend. I'm sure at the moment I'm just scratching the surface of good quality espresso based drinks and I'm looking forward to how far I can develop my skills.
  18. it's been a while since I've been on the forum. Recently got back into changing the beans up but still running the amazing R58! What a machine. Not sure i can be persuaded to buy an R60 though (well not yet).
  19. Hey guys, I've had my Rocket R58 for under a year and noticed my lever started to squeak and become stiff. I contacted Bella Barista where i bought the machine and i watched video on youtube about lubrication etc. I have successfully removed the valve and lubricated the lever which is great but have inadvertently scratched up the bolt that connects the lever to the Brew unit! (which is causing me sleepless nights!) I have subsequently read (after the horse has bolted) about rubber protection on the spanner etc but its too late - help. Question is, where can i get the replacement chrome bolt / valve part??
  20. Hi all, New member here, even though i've been lurking on and off these forums for years. So here goes my story so far... I bought my first Gaggia Classic about 4 years ago with a krups GVX2, i believe it was called, with no research whatsoever and after my first few shots started looking for help on making a better coffee which was when i came across this board. As you can probably guess i almost instantly dropped the krups (how embarrassed was i) and bought myself the Mahlkonig Vario which at the time seemed to be the most talked about/recommended grinder, in my price range anyway. I added the silvia wand mod but didn't go any further with any mods as i was never convinced spending more money on the machine was a good idea as upgraditus had already hit after less than a year. Shortly after this 'disease' hit i found i was pregnant so had to give up on my coffee habit for a while so the classic was dutifully boxed up and put away to make room for all the extra baby equipment that would over run my kitchen. About a year later it all came back out again but to my annoyance i discovered i could no longer make a good coffee so had to go back into learning mode, which with a new baby was difficult so i lost my temper with it all and almost felt like giving it all away but the coffee drinker in me wouldn't allow so it sat on my counter unused staring at me everyday. Now about 6 months ago i decided i needed good coffee back in my life so back to the forums to find out exactly what i was doing wrong which was when i found out about this temp surfing business that i had never done before but seemed to do the trick. Now with my steaming skills back on track and decent espresso back in my cup i was happy again, until i remembered the shiny machine i'd longed for years before. Now this machine was the R58 but after looking it up to buy and seeing the price tag i almost collapsed, how could a coffee machine for the house cost so much when i only paid ~£250 for my classic and at the time that seemed excessive, but it was no good upgraditius had well and truely set in and wasn't letting go this time. So after looking round trying to find alternatives a bit more in my price bracket i'd settled on an expobar leva dual but not completely convinced i called bella barista for some advice. After a long chat on the phone, as sadly the store is just too far away for a visit, i'd been advised that the leva was a good machine but if i was able to stretch to the R58 i'd be better off with that, i think he might've picked up that in the back of my mind i wouldn't be happy with anything but the R58. Now on to my grinder, he didn't seem convinced that the vario would pair well with either machine and so suggested that i may want to upgrade that too and suggested a mignon but the machine was already gonna bust my budget so sadly at this time is not an option. So later that evening after convincing my other half that a new machine was desperately needed, no easy task as he doesn't drink coffee, i placed my order for the R58 and am now patiently waiting for delivery. Wow that was a much longer introduction than i thought it was going to be but that is my life history in terms of my coffee journey. Even though i've had the interest on and off for years i've never had the time/money to invest in a decent setup so i'm hoping now that my vario will be up to the task of the R58, if any of you out there have this pairing or have in the past and found it no good i'd be interested to hear your thoughts, but hopefully it will be acceptable for a while until i can save again if needed to replace. Well if you've made it this far thank you very much for reading i look forward to participating more in these forums now i've finally joined and will probably need a lot more help to hone my technique with my new machine when it arrives.
  21. Sadly my faithful Rancilio Nancy (pre-cursor of the Silva circa 1985) has died. After many years of running repairs it now blows the RCD on the mains fusebox when plugged in. Conceivably scaling could be a cause, however I live in Scotland so soft water makes this seem less likely, and the visual state of the internal wiring is pretty poor. Whilst I'll happily tinker with mechanics, 240V AC gives me the heebie-jeebies. Although sad, I have known this day would come and I've been thinking about potential options for some time and now I'm seriously looking at what Rocket has to offer. I've narrowed things down to these two contenders and in all honest there is as much heart as head involved in this decision but there were some aspects I would like to elicit opinion on. I understand the primary differences (relevant to me) between the R58 and the Evo are - (£300!) Dual boiler vs Hx I know there are other differences, (in particular the 'remote' PID on the R58), however I think these are only of minor relevance to me. I like good coffee, but I'm not obsessive, and actually a large part of the appeal for me in both these machines is the ability to produce consistent good quality shots with minimum faffing. Temperature surfing has lost it's appeal after 20 + years! I'm erring toward the R58 as - I can afford the price difference I would like to be able to occasionally (one or twice a year) use the machine at charity events at work where I anticipate I will need to make 30 - 60 coffees over a day. My thought is the Hx model may struggle to maintain consistency with repeated use like this over a few hours. (Maybe the R58 also, but I'm hoping it would cope better) I think the ability to run the R58 using only the smaller brew boiler will be of benefit to me - I drink expresso (two to four shots a day), my wife has flat white (two to three a day). However due to work, these drinks are often made at different times. My thought is I can run the R58 on the single boiler in the morning when I get up, and only turn on the service boiler for steam when needed. Less strain /wear on the steam boiler / mechanics and after 300 years or so of use, I may even have saved enough in electricity to justify the initial price difference! Anyway that's my thoughts at the moment and although I have not posted on this forum a great deal, this is in no way a measure of my respect for the opinion of some who do. I'd appreciate any comment on my thoughts above. RodMB
  22. Could someone explain how to descale the R58 please without the faff of disconnecting the water level thingy. I understand part of the process ie mix citric acid fill water reservoir with descaling solution run hot water tap on machine and group head to get solution into the machine. My problem is the steam wand if you switch the machine on with the steam valve open it doesn't produce any water just steam as the boiler heats up. Hoping someone can help, thanks.
  23. Looks like almost brand new rocket R58 for sale in Glasgow on Gumtree at a decent price. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/rocket-r58/1136979572
  24. I've just been checking brew pressure both with the gauge and a blind portafilter and also with a decent gauge attached to a portafilter holder. The reading with the machine gauge is slightly over 9 bar. Using the gauge pressure immediately rises to pretty much spot on 9 bar then stays there for a few seconds then steadily rises to 11 bar and stays there. Is this correct? I'm guessing the second rise is the safety OPV setting? And is 9 bar the ideal pump pressure? Thanks Dan
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