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Found 18 results

  1. Summary - I'm not getting as large a shot volume as I expect and wonder if I need new seals for my Quickmill Veloce, maybe the modified Londinium seals as the machines share the same group? I'm actually getting nice tasty shots at the moment, if a little sharp (not sour) using barely rested med/dark roast 75% Costa Rican/ 25% Sumatran which is admittedly a bit on the bright side. I'm running 18g nicely distributed grounds in an 18g VST basket ground fairly close to choking the machine and well distributed. As a test trying to get the highest shot volume I can I give it a 20 second p
  2. Hi there, just for the fun of it - here‘s my office unit. Lately did a little service, it‘s such a neat and fun piece to work on. Very accessible despite its compact footprint. If anyone has questions about the 0835 (or other Quickmill-specific groups) just let me know...!
  3. Just purchased a couple of 18g VST baskets and they don't sit flush in my PF. Got the 2 supplied with my machine purchased a few years ago. Anyone else had this problem? Will be putting a PF wanted advert up now
  4. I had been interested in an alexia evo but on checking the manual the company do not encourage or give instructions for descaling and I suspect it would invalidate the warranty They suggest using softened water and you shouldn’t need to descale. what do others do? do you use volvic or alternative or use water filters or just descale regardless? Am thinking of moving from a bean to cup to a fairly future proof machine and thought the alexia looked a good option Thanks for any advice on this
  5. I'm eyeing a Quickmill Andreja, which seems to be the non-Premium model, and I'm wondering if it even makes sense to invest in a machine that seems to be completely usurped by the Andreja Premium/Verona models from a new technology perspective. Are the non-Premium Andreja models even worth it these days?
  6. I've decided to sell my Vetrano 2B (double boiler). This is essentially the same machine as the Verona, and produces fantastic coffee. It's just over a year old, and I have all the original packaging and accessories. I'll include a naked PF in addition to the single and double spouted ones it came with. For those who don't know the machine, it's a rotary pump, tank or plumbed, and the pump is the quietest I've ever come across. I've only filled it with filtered, or remineralised RO, water. I'll put up some more photos tomorrow, but basically it's in excellent condition and does wha
  7. Check out the new profiling toy from QuickMill - http://www.quickmill.it/eng/domestic-coffee-machines-group-e61-quick-mill-model-andreja-profiles-1.aspx On sale at Bella Barista for £2895 inc VAT - https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/quickmill-andreja-profile.html Looks great apart from the use of Comic Sans for the model name on the front of the drip tray!
  8. Very good condition Andreja Premium that I bought off another member of this forum a couple years ago. The limit stat was replaced last year and vacuum valve 2 years ago. There is a couple of spare parts which go with it such as a shower screen, spare pump and some gaskets for the group. Also comes with the Quickmill manual as well as the Bella Barista version. I've used the machine daily for the last couple years of owning. I would make 1-2 flat whites most days. I had it hooked up to a wemo switch which would turn it on for me to preheat for minimum 30 minutes and would then be switched off
  9. Was just looking at cheap ideas for silencing a vibe pump, and came across this article.. http://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/quieting-vibe-pump-t33607-20.html http://koffiepraat.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6355 It's some kind of vibe silencer fitted to a few quickmill models. Wondering if anyone has come across these before? Update - Chris Coffee stock them for $23.95 (so about £15 + delivery/import to the UK)
  10. Hello all! This must be a reasonably common question, but after searching the forums I couldn't see a thread that directly tackles this question. I am in the market for my first "proper" espresso machine, and I have boiled it down to effectively two options as the thread title suggests: QuickMill 820 and Rancilio Silvia V4. These are both in the £300 - £400 range which is as high as I am prepared to go at this stage, now presently I am leaning toward the QuickMill 820 on the advice of a few retailers, however the QuickMill a (as no doubt you know) is a thermoblock which puts me off s
  11. I have heard rumblings from within the bowels of Bella Barista that they will shortly have a new lever machine for sale. It will be unique to them and just waiting for the final specifications to be made available. Might have some photos and info tomorrow.
  12. QM67 or Andreja? Both lovely machines. I presently use a Gaggia TS for 1 to 2 cups a day for both my lady & I. Approximately once a month, the crew will descend & I’ll be pumping out lattes, frappes & Americanos. The TS is really superb for this. I like the Idea of a PID, though I know that the Adnreja is a track-proven darling. I’m also used to brewing with an HX beast. The QM67 is still lacking the track record. I do enjoy the occasional espresso & have a Behmor roaster. Its hardly like you can’t pull a good shot from an HX is it? But
  13. More expensive than the R58 and same price as Duetto when not on offer http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/quick-mill/quick-mill-verona-dual-boiler-espresso-machine.html
  14. Hello everyone, I thought it best to introduce myself before asking any lunk-headed questions that have been worn into the ground already. I've been quite fortunate to ride the third-wave coffee phenomenon that has swept through London, and have developed a great admiration for the coffee shops and roasters that have cropped up as a result. Up until fairly recently, I was quite content to keep my home brewing to pourovers, aeropress and an occasional shot of espresso from my super-automatic machine. It wasn't until I discovered Home Barista, this forum and a couple of other blogs,
  15. Quickmill Andreja Premium 2008, supplied via Bella Barrista. My own machine, light personal use (average 3 shots a day) and regularly maintained. Recent de-scale of vacuum valve, boiler de-scaled last year. We live in a moderate hard water area, all water used has been filtered. Complete with both single and double portafilters, naked portafilter, blind basket, original and extra instructions and metal tamper. The group head has been regularly cleaned but group is due for a full service. When taken out of the kitchen last week was fully working and pulling great shots. Reason for sale ne
  16. Been Espresso addict for over ten years Home roasting for the last 8 years Currently using: La Pavoni Pro (new acquisition) Just leaving a Quickmill Andreja Premium (now selling) Anfin Best grinder Hottop , Behnor and Cafe Genie roasters yes I know too many Other things you can do with steam check my website: http://www.locomobile.plus.com/ Hope you enjoy looking David
  17. Hi We have a quickmill machine and the missus really wants a naked portafilter for xmas. Do I need a special washer to put it on this machine? Also where can I order one online in the Uk/Ireland?in time for christmas. Thanks so much!
  18. Thinking to move on (not sure if up, down or sideways), from my Sage Barista Pro to a more involved espresso machine. After looking around, I think I've narrowed it down to the above, but was wondering what people's experience with either is like in terms of heat up time, usability, steaming etc. It'll be used for espresso and flat whites mostly with occasional Americanos. They both sound great, the Elizabeth comes with the Mara X pump, but the QM seems to be better built and more pedigree but harder to come by. Any help is much appreciated.
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