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  1. After having left the machine on for an entire day, the Senago doesn't pump correctly. It seems the pumping times have shortened as a consequence. If the wheel selecting coffee volume is set to 1, the pump turns off after half a second, at the maximum position 13 it turns off again after 2-3 seconds. Took a quick look inside the machine: None of the contacts or wiring are loose or burned. Any ideas about what could have happened and how to fix it? Thanks for your help. Enjoy your coffees, PolarBear
  2. Hello, For a sale Fluid-o-Tech Rotary Vane Pump 100L/h + RPM Motor 120W (also not-return valve is included). The pump and motor are about 3 years old and they are in excellent condition. - The motor is RPM with 120W and 230V/240V version. - Pump is Fluid-o-Tech CA104 L60mm 100L/h with connection 3/8" GAS. Price: £100 + postage with insurance (about £20)
  3. Hi All, I have a problem with my three-year-old Quick Mill Verona insofar as the rotary pump has stalled/seized. I can hear it electrically buzzing, but there is no rotation. I'm pretty sure it's not an electrical fault but excessive scale build-up within the pump head as it is well overdue for a descale. But this creates a Catch-22 situation. I can't flush descaler through the machine if the pump won't run, so how do I get round the problem? I know I should have descaled sooner, so it's my fault it has happened... any advice gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. In all other
  4. HI, just after some clarification on a filter/pump setup running from a water tank. I plan to use the pump and softner listed below. However, the filter has a restrictor down to 1 liter per min, will this cause an issue with the Sureflo pumping @ 10L per min? If this filter isn't suitable, can you point me to one which would be please. Sureflo Trial King 10 (30psi/10 liters per min) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Shurflo-30PSI-Water-Pump-Trial-King-10-2095-403-443-Caravan-Motorhome-Boat/201372840694?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 FT Lin
  5. Hello all. My trusty ten year old Classic has blown and I need some advice as to how to fix it. I have it on a timer switch and since it was last used, someone has switched the pump to the on position. So this morning, when the timer switched the machine on, the pump immediately pulled all of the wasted from the reservoir, dumped it over the floor and then burned out (I assume). My wife found it in this state and switched it off at the mains. When I investigated, the pump made a humming noise, but wouldn’t pump water. Is there anything else likely to be wrong other than needi
  6. Hoping someone can help before I go cap in hand to Sue in the parts department again... I've recently got hold of an old (2004?) Fracino FCX2 machine, and have finally got it plumbed in after replacing the old battered manifold so I don't end up with an underwater kitchen. The machine fills fine and heats up - plenty of hot water and steam available. However, I'm not seeing any increase in pressure at the group head when pulling a shot. I suspect the pump isn't working right. So: Could this be a clogged pipe issue, or is a faulty pump more likely? I was also under the impressi
  7. I have a 14 year old Andreja Premium that's never given me any problems over the years. However, it's just stopped working and I need my coffee fix! When I turn it on, normally I hear the pump filling the boiler with water. No sound of the pump and there is no water coming out if the ho water wand. So, my first thoughts are, its a faulty pump. Just to add a little complexity, I fitted a mains water supply around five years ago and wonder if the relay on this could be the problem, not 'allowing' water into the machine and so the pump has 'cut off' I hope this makes sense and I would
  8. Hi, My Gaggia Classic has failed. I think it's the pump as that stopped while I was drawing water through. BTW, the power light is still working. I'm wondering is it worth getting repaired as it's a good 7 years old and used frequently. If it is, does anyone know someone who can repair Gaggias in the Hastings area? Cheers, Del
  9. So I guess something is going out, but I can't figure out what. So, around half the time the preinfusion stage does not start the pump and instead basically only flushes what's in the grouphead. But everything works fine the moment the timer reaches the full pressure. This can be repeated by pushing the manual button also, the moment I stop pushing the button the pump starts and everything is fine. I can hear something when the pump should be running with smaller pressure, but I can't really tell what that sound is (it's very quiet). Could be anything from coil whine. So why isn't the pum
  10. Need some help, running out of ideas. I left my gaggia in the care of my parents and they well and truely trashed it. Very infrequent descaling for a year, it finally decided to pack up and water stopped flowing through the group. I stripped it, descaled everything changed all the seals. Reassembled it and seemed to be working fine. I pulled a few shots and steamed some milk then in the middle of pulling the 6th shot the flow dropped to almost nothing. I started over and pulled another shot just fine. Next day pulled 3 shots and steamed some milk, go for a 4th and flow
  11. Is this a thing, will they deliver those massive bottles to a domestic customer? Does anyone on here do this in a domestic setting? Just saw this flowjet system . and it made me think I could have half a dozen of those 25 litre delivered and then use a "plumbed in option" I was vaguely aware of it but never really thought it would be a viable option. But £100 - 150 for the system and then whatever for bottles seems ok and perhaps less outlay than a proper filtration system in a very hard water area? Im sure this must be old news but I never really looked at it properly before
  12. I’ve recently noticed that the pump that triggers on pulling the lever at the start of the shot isn’t always coming on. I’m sure this always used to do so. It still does sometimes and then others will trigger at another point. I’m sure I’d heard that the ceme switch for prefusion was a bit temperamental but I’m not sure if that’s got anything to do with the pump. Any other owners got any insight into this??
  13. In the past I was using a Bosco lever machine. I enjoyed the silence whiles pulling an espresso. I was lucky to get a second pump for a cheap price for the LM. The original one I left inside the machine, incase a maintenance is necessary. I installed the second one in the storage room beside the kitchen. Silence now like pulling a shot with a lever .
  14. Hi, I'm looking for advice from people with the same setup really. I recently bought a Smart Grinder Pro to accompany my SDTP espresso machine. I've probably tried about a half dozen different beans, couple of dark roasts and the rest medium. I'm finding that unless I only use about 2kg of tamping pressure I have to set the grinder to 20+ to get around a 30 second extraction. That's with the double espresso basket, the single seems to provide only a trickle of water regardless (I'm using single wall). Is this normal for this machine or could there be a problem with the pump? I clean
  15. Hi all. Any thoughts on which pump I should get as a replacement for my Gaggia Classic. My shots are bitter and I've heard that the standard Ulka pump is not that precise with it's ability to maintain consistent 9 bar. Any thoughts please?
  16. I'm new here, thanks for any help. My 10 year old Miss Silvia, boiler replaced twice, buttons replaced 3 times, wand replaced once. Not even sure why it is still alive? But I just did a complete maintenance overhaul again (group head seal, screen etc.), and the very next time I used it the pump made a sound. Well, several sounds actually, kind of like the electricity was cutting out to the machine where the pump would start on/off/on/off, but the power light was not on and off, just the pump. Then, the water stopped coming and now the button depressed only creates a hemorrhaging sound.
  17. I just started descaling my cherub as I thought my problem was likely to be caused by loose scale. But I noticed that when I filled the water tank with descaler and switched on to fill the boiler, it aborted with the low water alarm. Now, this is not unusual - in the past it has always timed out once, with me needing to flick the switch off/on to initiate a second fill cycle. But this time, it took a third cycle. I think this indicates that I need a new pump rather than descaling? Where's the best source for pumps, Fracino themselves?
  18. Hi, we’re looking to do an outdoor event and need to find a way to rinse jugs. Thinking of sourcing a portable pitcher rinser, a sure flow water pump with accumulator. As anybody done this and does it general enough power? Anytips or videos of how to do this? Welcome Peace
  19. So, one thing I don't enjoy is the noise my machine makes. Its a reservoir only vibe pump model dual boiler. Questions.... Can I upgrade the pump to a motor? If so, what're the recommendations motor wise? Other than the motor are any other parts needed? (I plan on continuing to use the reservoir) What noise difference will there be? Any other noticeable differences? Thanks for you input.
  20. Hi all, So it would seem my woes with electrics have been caused by the pump leaking, of this I am now fairly sure. There is a great deal of scale around the joint (where the plastic tube from the pump meets the corner piece) and back onto the plastic tube from the pump. Whats the standard MO here? (I'm presuming more than one of you has suffered from this) I'm guessing this may mean a new pump (and/or replacement with the Ex5, so no more plastic). Is this joint push fit? I'm looking at the pump and it looks like its push fit, however I'm looking at a replacement part for t
  21. Hi all I have a Cherub bought secondhand, used everyday and reasonably regularly cleaned and descaled. Water used is filtered. Recently it has started to cut out with a beeping, usually in the mornings when warming up. The pump runs for a while filling the boiler I guess and then after some time cuts out leaving a quiet beeping from the machine. Switching off and then on after a few seconds seems to clear this and then usually on the second or third reboot it seems ok. It can however also do this after pulling water from the hot water valve for tea, and often cuts out
  22. Hi all I've had my Gaggia Classic for about 10 years. It is used at least once per day, often much more than that at weekends. It's been descaled (although not regularly) and has pretty much been faultless all of this time. I've cleaned the 3-way valve before, and I've done that again and still no joy. I've also made a blind pressure gauge thingy and reduce the opv to around 9 - 10 bar Recently however it has started fail to produce any water through the group head or the steam wand - only steam. Also, the sound from the pump would change from the normal
  23. Here's what happened. On Thursday my wife decided to treat the Heavenly to a good polish. We have the Heavenly on a timer so that it's nice an hot when we get up. On Friday morning, I go to the fridge and see the light is out. I then realise there's no power to other sockets in the kitchen, so go and flick the fuse switch and everything comes back on. Including the low water alarm on the heavenly. I then see that there's a pool of water on the counter top where the heavenly stands. I then notice that the switch you press to make a cup is in the "on" position. My wife says she thinks
  24. Did a descale yesterday and after running it all through then a run with a tank of clean water the pump is now a lot noisier than it was before and is not working so well. I'm loathe to do it again as I only stripped the pump down not so long ago but would stripping it down and having a poke around be of any help, I'm a bit worried the pump is on its way out so quite keen to learn if any one knows what might be causing the pump to be so much noisier now and for it not to be working properly in that it is taking quite a while to get the water to come through the head and when it comes its
  25. hi guys, my baby dose had stopped working and im out of ideas, when i try to make a coffee the pump doesnt make its usual rumble, and it doesnt pull water through. the pump does still make a quiet noise like its trying but not actually pumping. ive descaled fully before this problem, also i stripped the machine last night, took the pump apart all seemed ok no signs of blockage. when i put it back together it worked fine however woke up this mornin and back to square one any ideas? also what i cant get my head around is i have 2 baby doses , and they both now have the exact same problem,
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