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Found 17 results

  1. Totally love my new Cherub. One thing I have noticed though is that the spent pucks are soaking wet. My old Gaggia Classic left them bone dry, and they went straight into the knock box, leaving the basket as clean as a whistle. Now I am left with a soggy mess each time, and have to wash the basket after each pull. Is this a feature of the Cherub do you know, or do I perhaps have a fault here? Best wishes, Ray
  2. I recently noticed i was getting a dark ring around the outer edge of the puck after pulling a shot. It was something that i was going to ask about on here but think i have found the answer myself. As an old habbit, after tamping i usually tap the side of the pf with the tamper to release the grounds from the edge of the basket. Then another quick tamp to press in the loose grinds. This must have been creating a slight gap around the edge to allow the water to pass through quicker creating uneven extraction. Once i had researched properly on distribution the latest tamping tecniques i realised tapping the sides is no longer reccomended. Today was the first time i didnt tap on the sides, just a gentle vertical tap on the work surface and lo and behold...a much more evenly extracted puck and no more dark ring. Result! Always learning!
  3. I've recently purchased a refurbished Gaggia Classic (with thanks to @gaggiamanualservice.com) and we're getting on famously. I'm using what I assume is the standard double basket that came with it. It came with three baskets of differing size, and it's the middle one. I'm pulling decent shots (reasonable weight/time and they taste good) but find the puck doesn't knock out of the basket after it has cooled down. I have to gouge it out with a teaspoon. Am I: a) Tamping too hard? b) Using too much coffee? c) Asking a daft question? Thanks :-)
  4. Hi all. I am experiencing an odd situation where on removal of the portafilter (bottomless), the spent puck remains stuck to the E61 (IMS) screen and the basket comes away empty. This happens about 40% of the time. It's never been a problem before. I am using a VST 18g basket loaded with 17g, but if I go over the 17g to say, 18g, it happens all the more often. Tamp is 30lb as ever, measured by a click-tamp thingy and all other parameters remain the same. Beans are Foundry's Karengera washing station Nyamashake district, Western Rwanda, roasted about 4 months ago. Grind is such that 2:1 (34g) pull takes about 25secs. I am keen to fix this if only to preserve cleanliness of the group-head recess and seal. Any remedial suggestions please anyone? Tony.
  5. As I'm a newbie, about to hopefully buy a lever machine and doing tons of research... can I ask about puck suction? I.e., it seems to me that as the lever is bought down and the piston above the puck of coffee raised, a negative pressure is created directly above the puck and therefore air is drawn into this area just before the water inlet port is uncovered? Is this correct? Does this create issues with channeling through the puck in the subsequent pull? Or is there a valve to prevent air being sucked in through the puck? id appreciate your thoughts. cheers, steve
  6. I have always experienced a soggy puck after pulling a shot. Could this be a solenoid issue....? I.e. The solenoid isn't closing off quick enough following turning the water off? If this is the case, what would be the suggested remedial action...? (Gaggia Classic) thanks Paul
  7. I always examine my pucks after pulling a shot. the pattern in the attached photos (where the bottom of the puck has two differently coloured sets of areas) is almost always the case for me. Usually the darker patches are around the perimeter with lighter patches toward the centre. I do not get any spritzers while pulling the shot. I'm not sure if this is normal or not or why there are patches of different colour. Is this a distribution issue? K.
  8. So I had this problem for a while, and couldn't quite figure out what was happening. I ended up making a 'wiper' that would create a crater in the center of the puck before tamping, but this wasn't ideal and didn't always work to boot. Today I decided to try and fault find, and I swapped out the IMS screen I have in there for a bog standard e61 spot welded one, didn't really expect it to solve anything but was my first point of elimination. Anyway I locked in the PF and then remembered I hadn't flushed, pulled out the PF and when checking to see if the puck had got any water on it already I see... Shower screen indentation... bugger me that was the problem all along. The puck had been too close to the screen, so there hadn't been enough room for the water to form over the top of the puck, so it just went directly from screen to puck, missing out the 'blank' in the center and causing my dead spot. I was dosing 18g in a 18g VST, and going down to 17g gives a much better pour. I think this is also a symptom of when I began to tamp lightly, I found great benefit in that it was much easier to tamp evenly with a light tamp, and achieve the same light pressure each time, but being that the puck is larger it may well have been the root of my center dead spot. Anyway, lesson learnt.. onward.
  9. Gaggia Classic just changed to ims shower screen this morning first shot 16g 30 sec 34 out no marks on puck nice shot second shot also 16g hopefully similar tamp /same grind virtually no coffee out and puck Pock marked I've never had marks on puck any ideas what might have gone wrong? forgot to add I've been experimenting with opening steam wand to try an alternative to pre infusion could this cause a pressure drop and suck puck up to screen? thanks
  10. I have a Gaggia new baby. And using Lavazza Rossa coffee, pre ground as I work full time. What would be the required amount for one black americano? My filter basket I believe is double it has a number 12 at the bottom. I never fill it to the top I use about 1 and a quarter aeropress scoops which is just under, as if I go to extract the coffee filled to the top it doesnt come out well. After the extraction which I take 23 seconds using two shot glasses, I take the portafilter out and there is a little water inside. Should the finished coffee be completely dry? Cheers Garry
  11. Using Coffee Compass Mystery Beans 2 for espresso I am dosing 18g for a 30g shot. Shot takes 28-32 secs. Nice crema and good taste. However, the puck is quite wet and a bit messy. Doesn't pop out into the knock box in one hit like I have had with other beans. This was happening using my Ascaso i-1 and Gaggia Classic. I did two backflushes last night with Puly Caf and everything is nice and clean and the issues with the puck continue as before. So is this just because these beans hold a bit more moisture than beans I have had in the past and nowt to be concerned about? Or is this a sign that something needs tweaking, adjusting or replacing?
  12. What I'm about to say should be obvious to everyone, but although I have owned a Verona for over four years now and used it daily, it has only just occurred to me. I’ve been experiencing quite a lot lately the spent puck sticking to the screen and the basket coming away empty. It varies, with some beans more inclined than others, but my current batch (Columbia La Crystalina from Rave) is particularly bad in this respect. Releasing the portafilter gently and finding it empty, I have carefully hooked it back on again with the best positional accuracy I can manage then partially released and jiggled it around vigorously in the hope that on the next withdrawal, the puck would be in the basket. Invariably there would be coffee grounds spread over the edge of the basket and in the portafilter securing groove of the group head... a bit of a pain to clean... not to mention a very caked up screen. But now, I release the portafilter by twisting the handle a little and then run the pump for one second or less. Result - puck nicely in the basket, clean screen and on emptying the basket the whole puck falls out cleanly with barely a trace left. I can't imagine why I didn't think of this before; it's so simple and obvious. Am I the only one who hasn't twigged until now? By the way, the Verona is superb. I can't think of any machine I would prefer over it. Its only minor failing is that the water tank can run out without warning and the machine stop dead in the middle of a pull. Some kind of low water warning device would make the machine absolutely perfect. Tony.
  13. Morning all. Relatively new to this, just changed beans and this happens. 25.6g in (for even more of shots from bag). Coffee started to pull through in about 5sec but delivered 45g in 30sec, no Crema and blow holes. any suggested remedies. gaggia Classic (pid’d), Knock Feldgrind set at 1.1 and tamped fairly firmly
  14. Well, the title should say it all. Inspired by the Rate My Brew Slurry [RMBS?] thread, this is for those of us who don't have a slurry and wouldn't know how to rate one if they did Here's a pretty typical example of my regular puck:
  15. Hi im new to coffee and am still getting to grips with my BY, I seem to have the grind and dose about right however my coffee puck keeps getting stuck to the shower head ? any tips ops what might be wrong ? thanx
  16. Goy a new Lelit Mara with Niche Grinder which is making ridiculously good espresso. I had a question about the puck consistency - it's noticeable wetter than when I was using my old Gaggia Classic. That used to pop out in one nice puck. With the Mara it looks much wetter and usually leaves some grounds in the portafilter after I tap it into the bin. Does this indicate doing something wrong or over / under extracting? This happens when i'm using 18g of coffee and getting 28 grams in 25-28 seconds - which is what I should be aiming for ration wise. As I say, it's tasting great, just wondered if there was something I should be doing to making it even better? Or does the puck consistency vary between machines? Cheers
  17. Gaggia baby seems to be picky and very sensitive to evenness of the puck. I have been pouring grounds on the same spot until the basket is full and there are no problems on other machines. However, it causes channelling and deadspots on my gaggia baby. So, if you're using Gaggia baby ,perhaps other models too, and get persistent channelling and uneven extraction, it's time to examine your distribution method. The effect of poor tamping is not fatal if the error is not so bad.
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