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Found 23 results

  1. As the title says, I think I've decided on a Profitec Pro 700. Nowhere seems to have them in stock at the moment as they've just released an updated model, but I'll be buying from Bella Barista when they have them (should be this week or next). Just wondered if anyone here had seen the new model at a store or at an expo or anything; is there anything I should know before I order? Or anything I need to know about the old model, even. It's a big chunk of money to drop and I'd like to hear people's thoughts before I hand it over. Also it's inevitable that people will tell me to spend my money on a grinder, but I'm on it. Currently rocking a Mignon MkII but holding back on the upgrade as my work might be getting rid of a K30 soon and I can probably talk them round to selling me that.. if not I'll upgrade my grinder within the year. Thanks folks
  2. Hi All, Looking for a Dual Boiler machine, missed out on the Sage the other day and want something similar. Willing to pay more for something higher end if available, but for price perspective, lets say £400+ (I appreciate this is lower end, but as I said am willing to pay more if someone says they have something nice.) I'm willing to travel for a good machine, but geography is dependant. I live in Hereford for location. Or would **POSSIBLY** consider courier, if the package was wrapped like a mummy. I'm open to suggestions, but want something in good condition, well serviced/looked after. Added extras would always be a benefit. What have you got..................... Cheers Nick
  3. Dear experts.. After weeks of reviewing online and one discussion on the phone with the Bella Barista team (subject to a visit soon to finalise).. I am getting closer to a Pro 600 as my choice.. The suggestion from BB was a ECM Mechanika Slim for my budget and bias towards milk based drinks.. I seem to be struggling to find the logic in a Hx machine - especially one that is not plumbed-in (which is likely what I will do). All the cooling flushes (guess work), then filling and emptying tanks and trays because of the 'design' of the machine does seem odd.. Perhaps this is perfectly acceptable - but is making me think the best choice is to stretch to a DB and zero compromises (especially also for my wife to be able to use the machine).. The Profitec's seem to be nicely made and look good.. I doubt I will ever have interest in profiling, and could always add the flow control to the group head later if I wanted.. Any comments, suggestions or things to really consider (non Grinder related)? Best, Simon
  4. PART 1 As my search for a new espresso machine draws to a conclusion, the purpose of this thread is to report some of my findings, dispel a few myths and provide a some advice for other members to choose a new machine. I apologies in advance that it is a bit long-winded. I started making 'real' coffee a good few years ago with a pod coffee machine from Bosch. I enjoyed real coffee, and can't stand instant 'coffee'! I progressed from that to an Aeropress, and used this sucessfully for 18 months or more until I purchased my first real espresso machine in October last year, a Sage Duo Temp Pro single thermoblock, basic espresso machine. I have used this sucessfully and produced some really good espressos, however its limitations started to frustrate me so it was sold and the search for another machine began, This post won't be concerned with the limitations of the Sage, but I can write a small piece on request. Rancilio Silvia My first thought was to replace the Sage with a Rancilio Silvia. This is still a single boiler design, but has a proper boiler with a replaceable/serviceable element, and a 58mm commercial style portafilter which can be used with naked portafilters and VST Precision baskets. It also retains the small footprint of the Sage. The Rancilio was the favored option for many months, but I wanted to wait until the Sage sold before purchasing another machine. However... The Seed was Sown I then looked around at what else was available, and thought that maybe it would be a better idea to get a more capable machine than the Silvia, as the Silvia essentially did the same as the Sage, and one of the big issues with that was workflow when I needed to make multiple cappuccinos (or a-n other milky coffee). HX & Dual Boiler The next logical step was either a Heat Exchanger (HX) machine or go the full distance and get a good quality dual-boiler (DB) machine, both of which would allow me to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously. At this point I was unaware of the hand-lever machines and the options were: Profitec 700 (DB) Quick Mill Verona (DB) ECM Mechanika (HX) ECM Synchronika (DB) I did a bit of digging, and the unanimous verdict was that a dual boiler machine was 'better', as it allowed for better temperature stability and therefore greater consistency. However, this point is widely debated among HX and DB users. As it was seen to be 'better', at this point I was leaning towards the DB option. I called David at Bella Barista who recommended both the Profitec and the ECM Synchronika, and said they are identical inside, and both are good machines. I was leaning towards the Synchronika but needed to see both before I could make a final decision. I had decided to pay a visit to Bella Barista (BB) a week or so later when I had a day off, and see the machines in person with every intention of buying one. Hand-Lever Machine I don't remember how or when, but possibly from reading posts on here, my attention was drawn to the sprung hand-lever machines. I did a bit of research and reading up on these machines, and established that the claim is that they produce a much better espresso than a pump machine. Again I was skeptical of this as it is widely accepted that pump machines are capable of producing world class espresso. As a left field choice I looked at the Profitec 800 briefly, and decided that I would take a look when I went to buy a machine from BB on my next day off. Anyway, the more I read the more I liked the idea of the hand machine, and at this point made my first post on here. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37373-ECM-Synchronika-Profitec-700-or-Profitec-800-Lever-Machine-Your-thoughts-please! It was in this thread that dfk41 suggested that the Profitec 800 is not very popular 'over ere' and the Londinium 1 (L-R) is 'better' for a similar price. I looked into this, and discovered that indeed the Londinium looked like a formidable piece of kit, but at this point didn't understand why it was any better or any worse than the Profitec. It looks a little flasher without a doubt, and as I had no clue what the difference between a 'dipper' and a 'thermosiphon' was, I needed to know more. So, a hand-lever machine it is then? Roundabout this time I'd 'narrowed it down' once again, this time to the ECM Synchronika (as a DB option) or the Londinium. I'd spoken to Lee at Foundry who could supply (eventually) a Londinium R and was suitably impressed with it, and had spoken to several DB Machine owners who could testify that the DB was the way towards better coffee. Confused...you bet! As it was coming up to my days off I put a feeler out on here to see what you guys thought. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37393-Londinium-R-vs-ECM-Synchronika-the-big-decision! workingdog Kindly offered a chance to see and experience his Londinium, an offer which I gratefully took him up on the day before my trip to BB. Stay tuned for the next episode which, arguably, is the most important bit.
  5. I have around £500 to spend on a machine and before I take the plunge on a new machine I would be interested in a decent quality used one must have original box and be willing to post Thanks in advance
  6. My setup is at various places around my kitchen, slowly running out of counter space!!! Just received a new Niche grinder this week, not used it yet as I want to finish the beans in my Baratza grinder first. Been in the hobby for some 5 years, however it's only been 18 months dabbling with dual boiler machines and only found this Forum about 12 months ago, so far it is given me some great tips and fabulous reads, we are lucky to have this forum no matter what stage you are at with your coffee making journey, just got to get the milk right using my Profitec!!!
  7. I'm looking to upgrade sometime soon & thought this looked like an interesting machine but on another thread someone implied it's very overpriced as it's a vibe pump machine. I know you can't plumb vibe pumps but are there other issues with them? And what are peoples thoughts generally on the machine & it's pricing? Link below, thanks in advance https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-600-espresso-machine.html
  8. Having been tempted by the Lelit profile control device at £252 I was kindly pointed in the direction of Bella Barista who have started stocking the Profitec one at £179 plus £6 postage . It arrived within a couple of days . It arrives in two pieces the flow control unit and a pressure gauge for the group . There are no instructions and no washers for the gauge are included . However fitting is a doddle ?. The unit comes in one piece , so unscrew the existing Mushroom and replace with the unit . I put some grease on the mushroom o ring on the bottom and a little on the threaded part . I did speak to Bella Barista about the washers for the gauge which are mention on the website . It does not come with any and they say not to use the existing one under the E61 bolt . Their advise to use ptfe tape and use only hand pressure to nip it up in position was followed. Waiting for it to warm up to check for any leaks and have a play .? . It took more time to give the machine a quick polish for the photo ? than to fit it ?
  9. Hi guys I'm interested on a new coffee machine, what would you recommend between profitec pro 700, Izzo Alex duetto IV QuickMill QM67 or Rocket Appartamento ? I'm just checking around but I'm still not able to decide which model is the right buy ! The Alex Duetto looks very nice but I'm not sure if is going to be durable or not Please let me know what you think ! thank you !
  10. Hi, I have an issue with my Profitec 700 where turning the steam valve to the off position is still producing steam through the wand. I've had the machine under 2 years but haven't replaced any of the O-rings in the steam valve assembly and wondered whether a perished seal could be the cause. Nothing feels different in terms of turning the tap to the completely off position. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  11. Does anyone have info on the upcoming T54 54mm burr grinder from Profitec, smaller brother of the T64? All I have been told is that it will be launched this year....
  12. Price £325. I bought this excellent coffee bean grinder in July 2017 (forum member), it has not really had too much use but it has given me great results. The original owner took great care of it and he paid £750 from Bella Barista when he bought it new. The grinder still performs flawlessly and is in excellent cosmetic condition. These machines can produce a little static so a modified grid has been installed. I have an original spare one if you prefer to use it. My grinds were very good and i did not really get any clumping. I also have the original box. If you do some searching you will find a lot of info on this great piece of kit. I live near Hinckley LE10, its about half way between Leicester and Coventry just off the M69 also not far from the M1 Junction at Rugby. I prefer cash on collection. If i dont sell it soon i will consider posting but you need to arrange this yourself as couriers are so shoddy these days. A small deposit secures.
  13. have a friend whos thinking of going for a a profitec 300/700 which would yous suggest?
  14. Pro t64 64mm burrs Boxy looking.... Their first grinder but nothing new here to be honest
  15. I have a couple of questions regarding the use of plumbed in filtered softened water. First, the story:- I recently plumbed in my Profitec 700 using a BWT Bestmax Premium filter. Previously, for a period of 10 weeks I used Brita jug filtered water; splashes, on the drip tray and the front facia, dried leaving a white/grey lime stain which was easily removed by wiping with a soft ctoth. My water supply is hard or very hard (depends on which web-site one is looking at); local water supplier informs me that my water has a hardness of 301 ppm equivalent CACO3; a Calmag drop test produces a result of 400 ppm hardness. The BWT Filter Head has a bypass control which is set according to the hardness of the water supply; 0 is the setting, with no bypass, for very hard water and then 1,2 and 3 depending on the softness of the supply water. Both the above values of hardness required a setting of 1 in my situation. When I ran this filtered water through the Profitec for the first time the water issuing both from the brew boiler and the water/steam boiler was cloudy (weak white colour). A check on the water issuing from the BWT Filter Flushing Valve produced crystal clear water. Obviously the residue of ten weeks Brita jug water was being flushed out of the Profitec I set the Filter Head bypass to 0 (softest output) and flowed water through both boilers (fill, heat, empty as much as possible the water/steam boiler by heat pressure; pump water through brew boiler) till the water ran clear. It needed 7 L. of water for the brew boiler and 3 L. for the water/steam boiler. I noticed that the dried splashes when using the Filter Head bypass set to 0 (Calmag drop test hardness = 80 ppm), were almost invisible. Unfortunately the coffee was lacking..... With the bypass set to 1 (Calmag hardness = 100ppm) the coffee is fine. But the dried splashes are now clearly visible. And now my questions: “Do I ever need to descale the machine?” “What do commercial users do?”
  16. Hi all. Not posted here for quite some time (not since my review of my profitec pro 500 - which was some some considerable time ago!). I've had no issues with the machine at all. It has worked perfectly until recently where I've discovered there are two leaks - one from the plastic receptacle of the water tank valve, and the other (I think) from the solenoid. I've attached a couple of pictures. I've been chatting to Claudette at BB about it, but that was before the country went into lockdown and the majority of businesses have closed. I don't know if it's possible to replace either part (Claudette indicated that it was still possible to get parts from Profitec). I'm sure I can manage to temporarily fix the plastic part with some tape and a bit of glue (I think it has worn due to lifting the tank in and out, then pushing it down into and into place, and then pulling it out to refill). But the solenoid...not sure. Is it normal that these can leak? Over the last couple of months, there has been no real pattern to the leak that I can establish. I have attributed the the leak to the solenoid area, have dried off the bottom of a pipe, left it, and all when the machine has been powered off for more than 12 hours it still leaked a little. Other times, I could turn the machine on, leave it an hour then there would be no leak at all. It seems quite random. Does anyone have experience of this machine and similar sounding leaks?! I'm not sure how to replace the solenoid (if indeed it was at fault) but I'd have a go :-) It'd be great if I could buy a new plastic valve receptor but happy to bodge it in the meantime :-) Thanks for any thoughts / tips / advice etc. Cheers, CC
  17. I have a Niche Grinder, a Profitec 600 DB, and an Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System. I have had the Profitec 600 since first week in September and have struggled with the texturing of milk, I have tried 4 hole and 2 hole steam wand, steam comes out too powerfully for me, I have used at the last count 10 milk jugs, finally settled on a Blue Motta 350ml milk jug. A couple of days ago after having watched countless Youtube Vids and been through many litres of milk and jugs, something clicked with me and now I am getting reasonable results now, as in my pics. All I can say to Newbies like me having the same problems as me is to have a lot of patience, watch many Youtube vids and just keep going it will come, mine are not the finished article by any stretc, but a start, hopefully leading on to better Latte Art, good luck to all you budding Baristas out there.
  18. Hello all, hope this is ok to start another thread as I'm totally stuck. Apologies in advance if this is sound similar to the other thread i started. I did ask on the other thread about first machine for the house and i thought i decided on the machine and the grinder but after more and more reading i probably think that dual boiler might a waste for my need at home but we might need dual boiler when take the machine out for a private events or showcase. At home during the week either me or my wife probably only have 2 or 3 cups and at the weekend between 4-6 cups in total. We drink an espresso, a flat white and cortado. A few questions i have going around in my head; 1. Is dual boiler machine would be overkill for the amount of drinks we have at home? 2. Are there HX machine with PID shot timer? 3. Can HX machine do back to back drinks i.e 10 drinks Originally i was ready to purchase either Minima when it releases or Profitec Pro 600 but read that the steam boiler in Pro 600 only 1l that might be a problem for back to back drinks? My choice at the moment, either ECM Synchronica or Profitec 700 or ECM Elektronika because of the volumetric programmable buttons that might make it easier when we take it out. If HX machine capable of back to back drinks, i probably would get the Elektronika. And the machine would be paired with either ECM S Automatic 64 or Eureka Zenith 65 or Eureka Atom, still not sure which one as they all roughly the same price range. If there are any other suggestions, that would be great. Budget max £2200 exc VAT but obviously if can get it cheaper that would be better. Many thanks
  19. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself and also ask for some advice on a bad case of upgradeitis!! A year ago, I ditched my Delonghi bean to cup machine for a Sage DTP with a Baratza Vario grinder. I’ve been relatively satisfied with it but must admit it hasn’t blown me away to the extent I was hoping. I think this is because we drink coffee from good coffee shops/restaurants. The wife still prefers the old Delonghi (!) but I think that’s more her not liking the new world of dosing, tamping, timing etc! Anyway, we drink almost exclusively long whites and espresso. At the weekends, I make the odd flat white too. I buy coffee beans from Rave and also get a daily drink from a very good independent coffee shop (Taylor St Barista in London) and chat to the staff/do a fair amount of research so know a decent amount already. I wanted to see what people would recommend if I had £1.5k to spend (potentially more like £2k if I sell my existing kit) and wanted to achieve results much closer to what I get in great coffee shops? Would you upgrade both machine and grinder? I would really like to avoid having to upgrade in a year like this time around. I thought the ability to play with brewing temperature / pressure would be nice. So I have started looking at dual boiler machines (not HX) such as the Expobar Leva Dual Boiler. But I have no idea if I’d notice much of a difference from the Sage DTP and if I should aim higher, like a Profitec 700 dual boiler or similar. My guess is to sort out the espresso machine first and fix the grinder set up thereafter (if needed) but I don’t mind anyone telling me they disagree. Another curve ball was that seeing that we don’t steam milk very often, would the ECM Classika II PID single boiler give me comparable results to the Expobar? I would be interesting in posting my existing kit for sale but think I need 5 posts to be able to do that too. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  20. Hi Folks. I'm looking for help, guidance, expert judgement, opinion, heresay or whatever, to assist me to decide on a prosumer machine. I've narrowed it down to two; the Profitec 700 Dual Boiler http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-700-dual-boiler.html and the Quick Mill Verona Dual Boiler - Bella Barista Edition http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/quick-mill-verona-dual-boiler-espresso-machine.html, both available for an identical price. So far, my observations are as follows: very similar but with these significant differences... the Profitec has S/S boilers and a slightly bigger brew boiler as opposed to the Verona's copper steam boiler and anti-taste brass brew boiler. The Verona has separate, different, PID algorithms for optimum independent control of brew and steam boilers. The Profitec has a shot-timer incorpated into its PID (no automatic control as it's an E61 lever). The Verona has a slightly smaller footprint, which is useful, for the space where I would locate it is a bit tight. I'm particularly taken with all the design features of the Verona as detailed here. http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/QuickmillVeronaCloserLook2013v1.pdf Lengthy, but an interesting and most impressive read. Essential requirements are: proper dual boiler (not HX), rotary pump (not vib.), E61 grouphead capable of pre-infusion (or will all E61s do that?), PID control. Highly desirable are: integral reservoir AND plumb-in option, independently switchable brew and steam boilers for energy economy, no-burn steam and water wands, externally accessible variable pump pressure, dual pressure gauges, ease of descaling (the Verona wins here). I also like the idea of the Verona's independent full PID control of the two boilers. I mainly make one, or possibly two shots at a time, with the occasional need for up to say, four or five. Although a relative noob to the world of espresso, I'm already frustrated by the limitations of my Gaggia New Baby. Small single aluminium boiler with inadequate steam performance despite its Silvia wand, and the need to temperature-surf all the time. If I brew first, the crema's deteriorated by the time the milk's ready; if I steam first, the microfoam's all but disappeared when the shot is done. And the brew temperature and pressure are simply not stable enough. And as for doing multiple servings - well, come back next week! So, as I'm the wrong side of 70, I've decided to go for the 'machine of my dreams' now, which will see me out, as it were. Realistically, 20 years at the most I'd say, although I'm genetically similar to my mother, and she went on to 101! So, can anyone please help me with my quandary? Thanks in anticipation, Tony. P.S. Forgot to mention that I already have a 'good enough' grinder... a Mazzer SJ with brand new burrs.
  21. Having owned my Gaggia Classic since 2008 I felt it was time for an upgrade
  22. This could potentially be another OCD project methinks. Like the time I got a scratch on the car and I wondered how the heck I could get that away. Now many years later I am more than happy to discuss clear coat hardness of any given car/make model, how many microns you could polish off using this or that product.....you get the idea and maybe you have a similar experience :-) Nonetheless, this is the type of projects I really like. Learning new stuff, perfecting techniques and talking to and meeting new people interested in the same :-) Our setup is a Profitec Pro 300 bought at a local tea and coffee shop here in Stavanger, Norway, called Helmer Te & Kaffe. They are an official dealer and have good service quality. I have also ordered a chrome Eureka Mignon through them which will arrive next week. The Profitec came with the standard single and double filter w/spouts but I am already thinking of bottomless and which accessories to buy (yes the two-foot fever has already hit). The online owners manual for the Mignon and how-to videos have already been read and seen, but I am keen to learn more from other owners on it as well. So right now I am borrowing a Kitchen Aid burr grinder which is able to do fine grinds (to the extent that on an 17g dose that was hopefully correctly tamped there wasn't any water coming through the portafilter even after 20 secs...). Anyways - I am here to learn and humbly hoping for your leniency to what will surely be ignorant questions at some times. I will keep posting updates as I use my kit. Here's the machine as it sits on the counter today. I like its simplistic looks and manual handling + it takes up surprisingly little space on the counter. Have a great day everyone, wherever you are!
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