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Found 55 results

  1. Hi all. I put up a video here with a problem with my Gaggia Classic a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that the solenoid valve had gotten blocked with scale debris. The machine is 2011 but new to me, bought second-hand recently. I have been trying to get myself set up over the last month or so, getting a second-hand Baratza Vario from a forum member, tamper, scales, airtight container etc. Also got a brass shower screen holder and gasket as the originals did not look too good. The issue occurred, I think, after I put the machine on its side, to fit the new parts. (Really frustrating as I thought I was finally good to go, have yet to pull a single shot of freshly ground coffee on the machine!) After some helpful advice here I read up what I could on descaling and the issue in general, ran some descaler through a couple of times and used the method of intermittently switching on and off the steam switch. I think I’m really beginning to doubt myself now as I have a fundamental question which might be obvious but I can’t figure out: Is there even supposed to be any water flow through the group head, when the steam switch is on? From memory, the guy who sold me the machine, when showing me the ropes, switched on both the steam and and ON switch, before pulling an espresso. However, most online tutorials seem to have the steam switch off for such purposes. (I don’t drink milk, so steam function only really neeeded for visitors). I have uploaded a short video showing how the water flows now, both with the steam switch on and off (in the former case, not at all), and I would appreciate any pointers or advice: I think I will have to open the machine up and try to disassemble the solenoid valve, but as I said, I am doubting myself now. I should add that there is no water coming out though the pressure release tube, so that must indicate a problem is still there, no? Really appreciate any help, I have posted a new thread as my main question is the one above, cheers!
  2. Hi all, I was hoping I could get a bit of help with something please! I bought a 2011 Gaggia Classic second hand, and it was working fine at the very beginning. I then ordered a new shower screen holder (brass) and gasket as the originals were looking a little tired / corroded. However, now that I’ve replaced them (correctly I think, but you never know) I’m not getting any water flow at all. The answer may be staring me in the face but I’d rather suffer the online embarrassment than more frustration! I’ve added the links to the two parts below, and (I think) a video of the issue. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a mil. https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Gaggia-Brass-Shower-Plate-Holder-57x14mm---WGA16G1002/m-m-1976.aspx[/url] https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/en/Gaggia-Classic-Filter-Holder-Gasket-72x57x85-mm---NG01001/m-m-1968.aspx
  3. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a sensor issue. I suspected a relay problem at first, but this didn't fix the problem, I have taken apart the temperature sensor to check if it was scaled up but it all appears OK. If anyone has any ideas of have experienced similar problems please let me know.
  4. I have before me an oscar that want's to fill up the boiler as soon as i turn it on, but the boiler is already full, which i know because i have the steam outlet open and it lets out the excess water. If i close the steam outlet, eventually the safety valve blows and lets out water. My waterlevel probe is in the right position. It is as if the probe can't sense the water in the boiler and therefore tells the pump to keep filling up the boiler. The waterlevel probe cable is attached properly as well. I don't really know what to do to fix this. Any ideas?
  5. I have recently Purchaced this machine and have had no problems. Made a few latte's when I got it, but today I go to it, brew button and ports filter working fine, pouring some nice coffe, but the steamer is not the same. It only pours water through for a few second and then stops completely. It does not build up enough pressure to create steam like it did before... I have tried every combination of buttons, did the water cyle thing, emptied thr machine of water, started fresh a few times but no luck.. If anyone else has experienced problems like this and has found a solution, I would be very greatful! I would rather not have to send the machine back! Oh and I'll just add the the steam button light does not light up at all anymore. Thanks
  6. Hi All, Switched on my Dream tonight and found that the temp gauge only went up slightly, I tested the temperature of the water when the "coffee ready" light went out and it was approx 75 C ,and on the steam setting it seemed to make adequate steam, the gauge only moving slightly higher. I wondered if anyone could advise me of what the temperature at the grouphead should be and if it it sounds like a faulty gauge or something more serious. Mike
  7. First post on here so a big hello to everybody! I have recently purchased a Fracino Classic commercial machine (2nd hand) for a cafe my mother in law runs. I rigged it all up over the weekend but I am having a problem , the machine will not produce hot water from the wand. The steam wand , and the group (I believe it is called the group, The coffee "brewer" in the middle) both work fine. If I turn the manual valve for hot water - nothing happens!. The steam gets upto pressure/temprature rather quickly but the hot water side does not move past 3 (The green zone is at 12) I presume this is just heat from the steam radiating to the water? I presume this machine is a double boiler, although I'm not sure. Does anybody have any ideas on what the problem may be? Here is some more background info. Machine was barely used - then went into "dry storage" for 5 years. I then collected machine - plumbed the water in , plugged her in and fired her up. I have a few suggestions but I know little to nothing about these machines so I would rather seek advice first. 1. Issue with Thermostat - needs replacing / resetting 2. Boiler broken (I hope not) 3. Blockage somewhere (solenoid?) This machine has been sat for years! 4. I have missed something , I.E manual pump , some first time run step that I missed out. I have searched the forum for simliar issues but I can't find anyone with the same issue with the same machine. I was going to contact Fracino first but they are now on a £1.50 a min 090 number! I really hope we can get this going as I've just forked out quite a chunk for it on a cash transaction (I know that was pretty dumb) We really need the hot water wand as a lot of customers order Tea (We are up North!) and the kettle just isn't quick enough. Machine in question is almost identical to this (Just looks a little newer) Many Thanks Dean
  8. I have a Sage Barista Express, (Iv'e had multiple,) and after approx 6 months the Brew/Steam/Water selector stops working / jams , and Steam / water will exit the brewed regardless of position. Iv'e had multiple Sage Engineers (Coffee classic ) out, and luckilly lakeland have also been good in exchanging the faulty machines. I clean the machine weekly with cleaning tablets / descaler. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced ? is it a problem with the design of the valve / switch. ? This is the 5th time now, and I've confidence in the machine. I'm guessing the Dual Boiler would be better with no selector switch but at twice the price its difficult to swallow. Is there an alternate I should be considering ?
  9. Hi there, I'd like to say hello to all of you guys, I'm happy to be here. This time I need your help, I bought a used Gaggia Selecta Deluxe (Classic but without 3-way solenoid as far as I know). If was a bargain but the problem is that the wires at the main switch are mixed up. I have no clue how to connect it, have no diagrams to this model, and the problem is that my Gaggia has a different pinouts than Classic, the wires are in different colours and all the connections are slightly different than at the wiring diagram. I don't know what should be the correct order of connecting the pins, so I could track the components and step by step connect them all. Please help me with anything I could fix my Gaggia. Many thanks, Cheers guys!
  10. Hope someone can give some advice. I've finally managed to get some consistent results from my Gaggia Classic using a Porlex grinder (many thanks to Big Tony). The problem being the settings on the Porlex grinder. Most people seem to get the best results from 3-4 clicks from tightest for espresso, however I've found that the setting works on my grinder at 6 and other people at +10 which should be French Press territory. As a nubbie to world of coffee, I wouldn't really know a decent grind if it hit me. I've taken the below photos of my grind at 6, I'd be grateful if a qualified eye could look at the grind and see if it looks about right for an espresso or if there's anything wrong with it. Has anyone else had similar experiences with Porlex grinders?[ATTACH=CONFIG]2155[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2154[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2153[/ATTACH]
  11. Hello there. I have problem and I hope you could help. My Baratza 270w sgueaks after cleaning (like a mouse) . I cleaned the grinder again and did not help. I put in new beans and changed setting. It also did not help. Do you have any ideas what can I do next before I will send to service? Thanks and I look forward to your response.
  12. Hi there all, Im looking for some advice on roasting at home. Do I need to conform to any law regs to roast in my house ( 1 kg electric coffee roaster)? do I need to have a health inspector visit? I would like to sell my coffee online. Any other advice? Thanks Dominik
  13. so i have a Silvia and a meCoffee PID. a couple of days ago it just stopped working. i have the power led on, but brew buttons and steam buttons don't do anything. hot water button is working. has someone else encountered such a problem? send 2 emails to Jan but no answer and that's frustrating... please advice.
  14. A few weeks ago I started getting the following problem: Get some new beans in. Find the grind is too fine. Adjust the grind. Get the same result. Keep adjusting the grind to find that there is no change in the output, even after stepping up several times. Remove hopper and grind out remaining beans in the chamber. Put hopper back on and pull a shot to find that it's now way too coarse. This happened about 3 times so decided to remove the top burr and clean out the chamber, only to find that the problem hasn't been fixed. I'm p**sing beans away like crazy and it's driving me completely bananas. Surely it's not even physically possible? If you rotate the collar clockwise, the top burr has to move up and away from the bottom burr, resulting in a coarser grind. Am I taking crazy pills?!!!
  15. I have just rebuild my la pavoni by replacing the seals but when I turn it on with water in I get this loud wirling noise coming from boiler I have a video but dunno how to upload
  16. Can someone help me out to this https://youtu.be/y_0Grm9H9Mg
  17. I have been using my Rancilio Silvia for the past 5 years or so with little or no problem. Recently it has started to make a lot of noise, which appears to be as result of one of the reservoir water pipes bubbling in the tank immediately after the thermostat switches off. Around the same time It became nearly impossible to pour a shot with a reasonable amount of crema. The shots are OKish flavourwise but a little on the watery side. My first thought was to descale the machine as it had been a while since I had last done it. This made no difference. I then read about similar problems where someone suggested dismantling and cleaning the 3-way solenoid as a possible solution. I did this and again it made no significant difference. I should add I have been using the same freshly ground coffee long before this problem occurred. I have tweaked the grind (both coarser and finer) and although this makes a little difference the crema remains on the thin side whatever I do. Some further observations: Measuring the temperature of a cup of water (not at the brew head) I recorded 84˚C. I am not sure if this is a typical drop-off or whether this means it is running colder than it should. The water in the reservoir seems hotter than I remember it being. I think in the past the water was tepid, as you'd expect with the proximity to the boiler. Now by contrast it seems quite hot. This could just be my memory though - I don't check this very regularly. Now whether this is related I have also noticed the lid to the reservoir sticking more. I think this is down to condensation forming in the lid and creating a vacuum when I attempt to lift it. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? If so is it something I could fix? something someone else should fix? and is it likely to be cost-effective or would I be better biting the bullet and getting a replacement? Your thoughts are very welcome.
  18. Hi all My six month old Classic ready light seems to be on the blink (sorry, bad pun). When I switch on, the ready light comes on fairly soon, I run a little hot water to warm my cup, it goes off, then won't come on again to indicate the water (or steam) is at the right temperature. If I flip the switch to run some water, the light will come on, but it rarely stays on for as long as it takes to pull a shot. Has anyone got any tips before I go back to the seller (Argos) to see about getting it sorted under guarantee? Many thanks Brad
  19. Received a Gaggia Classic that I won on eBay last saturday... Got the machine yesterday, power it on and there is no flow of water from the group head. Instead it looks like it's going back into the water tank from the back of the machine + it's leaking out the side of the machine to the right of the steam wand. The seller claims it was working fine and there's even a receipt for a new pump fitted at the beginning of this month. A few other niggles such as the power light dimming when the power button is turned on and electrical spark begind the power button when pressed (bit like a lightswitch at night) There is no water coming from the steam wand or the group head. Can anyone shed light on this. The seller doesn't want to take it back, he claims it was the cheapest on eBay (£53) however that doesn't come into it as he said it was in full working order and that I roused suspicion before I received it when I merely asked if it's had the seals replaced as I was willing to get some new ones & give it a service before I comissioned it myself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. I came here to ask if any one knew where I can find an instruction manual for my Gaggia XD?..............but while I am on the forum as this is the first time it has ever missed a beat some help with the fault diagnosis might not go amiss. Machine had been stood a few days while I was away, turned on to warm up and wandered off, on return water pressure dial was way over to max.........turned it off prompt! Had a look for anything realy silly like check inlet isolating valve was not off and left it to cool down. Turned it back on, ran off a few shots worth of water and water pressure settle fine. BUT boiler now not comming on as though maybe there is an over pressure trip switch? Never even looked at one of these before so manual was to get a plan of attack together to try and diagnose the fault. Any suggestions out there? Thanks Peter
  21. Hey guys, I recently got a Barista Express during the Christmas Period and I've ran into an issue, water doesn't come out of the group head at a normal rate anymore. When I remove the portafilter and run water through it the water barely even grips through. This started happening yesterday. Today I decided to clean everything, I removed the shower screen thingy and cleaned everything with the hopes that this will make a difference, it didn't. Water runs through the hot water spout and steam arm completely normally but not through the group head. I haven't de-scaled and I haven't used one of those tablets that came with the machine. I was waiting on that "clean me" light to turn on even though I've been using it for a 1 Latte most days. What do you suggest I do? I've read the manual and says I should de-scale with 50/50 White vinegar and Cold Water, I think this is what I'll do first. Have any of you had this issue and do you have any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance, Ryan
  22. Hi All, don’t know if anyone else has had this but my portafilter has started to gradually rotate itself, as if to undo it, mid pour. It’s not causing a problem yet but I feel if it does ever come out with, what should be, 9 bar of pressure behind it, it would cause a lot of damage to anything under it and make for a long clean up. Any ideas to what might cause this? the machine isn’t very old after sage replaced it from a separate issue in January. I am fairly certain that they sent a brand new machine out so I would be supported if it is just ‘wear and tear’ that has caused it. Tim
  23. Not been able to for a few weeks, anyone else got this? Any ideas to fix it? Thanks
  24. I have used the grinder for a year and it was great until my shots slowly started getting faster and I can't dial it fine enough anymore before the chirping starts. I have been buying coffee beans from the same shop and the beans are freshly roasted so that's not part of the problem. I don't drink a lot of coffee either so I don't think it's the burrs wearing out. Been cleaning it every month or so by opening up the top and removing the bottom burr carrier to suck up the old grounds. Any idea what the issue might be and how to fix it? Warranty is expired.
  25. I have had the De'longhi ECAM22.110.B for 5 years now and in the main it worked perfectly without a hitch until recently. The issue boils (ha!) down to this: I press the coffe making button. Machine grinds beans, deposits them in infuser. Machine heats water properly. Some grinding noises occur (I can't see inside while in operation) BUT water does not reach coffee. Dry grounds are properly expelled, heated water also expelled. The two do not meet. Now, if I knew what processes were going on inside, I could pinpoint the culprit and fix it. Until now, whenever this problem has occurred I have fixed it by removing and soaking/cleaning the infuser. It would then work again for about a week. Repeat procedure. But it could be that this is just a coincidence. Any advice on what exactly is going on inside? This would really help to know whether I need to spend the money on a new infuser or a different part. I'm happy to do the repair work myself. Really desperate as it isn't working and I need my coffee! Thank you!
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