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  1. hi everybody i hope somebody can help me with this as this issue is very frustrating i have the said classic(new in 2014/15) and have carried out the following recently -descale using correct fluid -carried out the pressure redn adjustment (as illustrated on this forum using 2/3 anticlockwise turn, but still waiting for parts to check exact pressure) -cleaned inside shower head My problem is that i get a great brew(good extraction, volume, colouring) etc with my first cup, but when say 5 minutes later i return for second brew(using the same recipy/tamp/grind size) i get
  2. I now know that my La Pavoni has good seals and I also know what 7 bar feels like on the lever, after testing with a pressure gauge fitted to a portafilter. Is 7 bar a good target pressure to aim for? I doubt the machine is solid enough to cope with much more weight on the lever, you can see it flexing and the bolts on the group to boiler are all wrong for heavy downwards loads... I read that 9 bar is the optimal pressure, but i think that would be pretty tough on the machine! Regarding temperature, 92 C is optimal, correct? I put a thermocouple inside the basket to meas
  3. Just fitted a gauge to my La Pavoni and it's showing that the pressure stat is cycling at 11-12 psi. Is this the correct pressure? Am I correct in thinking that this means the water temp is 115 degrees C?
  4. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a
  5. I don´t want hold back my Silvia reconstruction mod. The Rancilio Silvia PID mod adds a lot of new componets and features to the Rancilio Silvia machine, like touch-display and several sensors. The reason was to improve the temperature accuracy and simplify the operation of the Silvia machine. Fact is, that under normal condition the Silvia regulates the temperature relative inaccurate and exactly this temperature inaccurance of the Silvia has an important influence on the flavor of the coffee. Additional to the temperature regulation I have added a pressure, a fluid sensor, a flow sen
  6. A couple of questions regarding pressure ladies and gentlemen. How accurate can I expect the gauge on the Heavenly to be? Also, am I getting enough pressure? Once the boiler gets up to temp/pressure... ....it switches off here at 1.1bar...... ......then it falls to here, about 0.83bar before heating up again. Does this all look right or is the pressure (assuming the gauge is correct) on the low side for this machine? I'm also assuming that this is a pressure adjustment screw like on an air compressor (there is usually a plastic cover over this with a hole
  7. hi, i need some help from Giotto or Cellini PID owners. i came along this info on a Rocket manual for HX which i find very interesting, BUT it lacks the pressure gauge information. can someone make the proper observations (giving the HX ~15 minutes to stabilize after changing temperature)? thank you
  8. Does brew pressure effect crema colour, or is the colour just down to the coffee bean? Since fitting a pull pressure gauge to my La Pavoni, I have been experimenting with different pressures. I noticed that my crema is coming out more brown than light sand colour and I wondered if this is a function of pressure during the pull or bean roast/type? I think that less pressure (
  9. So, i've been reading a lot about pressure profiles for espresso and had been having issues with my Oscar II shots, so decided to purchase an OPV. (I can post a guide if anyone else is interested, and yes, I do realise the Oscar can't pressure profile..) Before installing I took a reading of my machine, though - which indeed was running super high - at around 15 bar or so. I installed it late last night and took a reading at about 9 bar, or so. Happy with that. I should have taken multiple readings, as today I checked again multiple times, which was now showing my OPV at 8 bar. The questi
  10. Hi all So I've been having a real problem trying to fix up my heavenly with a new pressure gauge, and the pipe that goes from that to the boiler, without the pesky thing leaking. The leak comes from the point in that second pic where the pipe screws on to the gauge. I've wrapped some ptfe thread around it but to no avail. I'll probably head by the local diy store to see if they have any ideas, but hoping that somebody here may have a tip? Thanks for any help Ben
  11. So 18 months after buying my Duo Temp Pro isn't producing enough pressure to extract coffee or froth milk. Any advice?
  12. Hello guys, I bought few months ago this machine. In general I'm very happy, pressure to pour the shots works good and it heats up quickly, but when I leave the machine on to make it warm, the steamer releases few drops, and when I finish steaming the milk, I close the valve and the steam takes time to completely stop, like progressive over the time. Any suggestion on this? Thanks in advance and regards.
  13. Am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or might be able to diagnose it for me. I've had my ECM Mechanika IV Profi for about 18 months (it's a rotary pump, running from the reservoir). Recently I've noticed that when I pull a shot the brew pressure goes up to around 11-12 bar, and the OPV starts draining pretty much instantaneously. Therefore I end up with a drip tray that fills up very quickly, and when I stop the shot I'm noticing that there's no pressure release coming out of the exhaust valve as there would be normally. I've removed and cleaned the shower sc
  14. I just got a second Baby, 2002, to go with my first one which is 2005. So nice big solenoid but not the OPV in the Classic. The 2005 is 11 bar and the 2002 is 13 bar. I was originally considering modding them to 9 bar, but frankly I can't tell any difference in either the extraction or the taste in the cup. So - what's the procedure for lowering the pressure? - is it worth installing a Classic type OPV? This era Baby in silver looks just as nice as a Classic and is lighter and cheaper. I like it.
  15. Hi, just posted another thread in this subform about my doubts of the machine I was sold at an official Rocket dealer (it was brought to my country by a friend that traveled to Europe) There is a constant hissing sound that comes from the pressure relief valve and does so along with steam and moisture leaking inside the machine. Was able to partially solve it by gently taping the valve and achieving a seal, but it then loses it once the machine is fully heated after a new power on. Was told by the dealer that this might be air in the water circuit and that I could try letting the ho
  16. I’ve had an R58 for a couple of months and have to admit I’ve not been blown away by it so far. The espresso quality is excellent, but the steam quality has been quite disappointing. So, to give the steam a bit of a boost I increased the temp with the PID by 1 degree which has helped a little in maintaining pressure long enough to get some decent micro foam. However, as soon as I plug the PID into the R58 and change the temp on the service boiler, it shuts off the brew boiler pump completely! As in when you lift the handle to brew, nothing happens. The pump does not engage so nothi
  17. Was interested to hear the Conti 60th at the Rave event was using 8 Bar springs (others spring are available, but sadly didn’t bring them) and 8 Bars made for a nice, smooth espresso. Just had a play with my pump and lowered it slightly (was set to settle on 9 Bar, or just above). I’m now getting an initial pressure of 9 Bar, and settling on 8 1/2 Bar. Also lowered my inlet feed to 2 1/2 Bar line pressure instead of 3. Just made an initial dialling in shot of some Rave Colombia La Cristalina (Brown sugar, honey, star fruit & pineapple) on the EK43 and it was lovely. 17g into 36
  18. Hi At the weekend I descaled my Gaggia Classic as it was coming up for 3 months since last time. I've had the machine from new for about four years and regularly descale. However, after this last time I am now no longer getting anywhere near the pressure I need for it to push a cup of coffee through. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Just to note, a few days previously I removed the piece you remove with an Allen key to clean it and it worked fine after that so I don't THINK it has to do with that. Would really appreciate any help or advice to get my little machi
  19. Hello I am seeing that I can extract coffes with 5bar, or ranging slowly (ramp) from 2 to 8 bar, and in both case the coffee are good. I wonder, (sorry for the stupid question) why 9 bar 23 28 sec, is considered a standard. If a coffe is done with 4 bar on a Rossi group (may be that makes a difference) it flows slowly and it is tasty. WIth the sort of "pre infusion" (or low pressure start) I use, seem to me that the puck is easily disturbed with 9bar pressure, it il always moist almost muddy ,at the end. (may be it is only due to the regulation that send
  20. Today, I measured the brew water temperature and spring pressure of my lever machine with homemade devices I put together. But now, I want to check that I have the right readings. It occurs to me that if I could repeat the measurements with a Space 2 Thermofilter, I could work out if I need to apply offsets to my own readings. Any help in finding a Scace 2 I can borrow or rent for a few days would be much appreciated. I'm in central London. Matt
  21. I'm not clear why Sage designed these machines to run at a higher pressure than most - it must have been a deliberate thing but I'm not sure what the benefit was supposed to be. Anyway, a few days ago the tank on my BE happened to run dry in the middle of a shot and I lost pressure. I had some bottled water handy so refilled the tank right away - the pressure ramped back up and the shot continued to extract. The result was a much slower extraction for about the same yield. The shot was surprisingly good, so now I'm thinking about reducing the pump pressure by fiddling with the OPV. This w
  22. There is a drip coming out of the exit above the drip try which I understand must be coming from the safety OPV. Is this normal and if not, what should I do to resolve it? Also, I'm a bit rusty on this but what pressure should the pump be set to if measuring with a gauge attached to a portafilter? Then on to temperature. I realise part of the point of the PID is to be able to adjust the temperature but what is a good default? Mine is currently at 107 degrees. I also feel I need to learn more about when to/the effect on taste of adjusting temperature but prefer to leave it as is f
  23. Good evening all, I have a 1995 Gaggia TE which I recently cleaned up and put into use after it was dormant for about 2 years with it's previous owner. In the past 2 weeks it has developed a bit of a fault. Basically, the P-Stat is releasing once the pressure inside the boiler reaches 1.1 to 1.2 bar, which is what is expected. However, the water in the boiler is not up to temperature, or at least it doesn't seem to be as no steam is produced at first. I have to force the P-Stat to re-engage the heating element several times (by opening the steam valve) before it starts producing any
  24. I've just been checking brew pressure both with the gauge and a blind portafilter and also with a decent gauge attached to a portafilter holder. The reading with the machine gauge is slightly over 9 bar. Using the gauge pressure immediately rises to pretty much spot on 9 bar then stays there for a few seconds then steadily rises to 11 bar and stays there. Is this correct? I'm guessing the second rise is the safety OPV setting? And is 9 bar the ideal pump pressure? Thanks Dan
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