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Found 62 results

  1. Am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or might be able to diagnose it for me. I've had my ECM Mechanika IV Profi for about 18 months (it's a rotary pump, running from the reservoir). Recently I've noticed that when I pull a shot the brew pressure goes up to around 11-12 bar, and the OPV starts draining pretty much instantaneously. Therefore I end up with a drip tray that fills up very quickly, and when I stop the shot I'm noticing that there's no pressure release coming out of the exhaust valve as there would be normally. I've removed and cleaned the shower screen etc and removed the mushroom to give that a good clean (although it wasn't too bad, despite living in a very hard water area). But before I start dismantling the machine, I thought I'd see if collective forum wisdom might be able to point me in the right direction and save me some hassle? My suspicion is it's calcium build-up somewhere, despite cleaning and backflushing fairly religiously, as the water where I live is a nightmare. Question is where/what exactly. Could it maybe be the pump?
  2. Hi all So I've been having a real problem trying to fix up my heavenly with a new pressure gauge, and the pipe that goes from that to the boiler, without the pesky thing leaking. The leak comes from the point in that second pic where the pipe screws on to the gauge. I've wrapped some ptfe thread around it but to no avail. I'll probably head by the local diy store to see if they have any ideas, but hoping that somebody here may have a tip? Thanks for any help Ben
  3. Does brew pressure effect crema colour, or is the colour just down to the coffee bean? Since fitting a pull pressure gauge to my La Pavoni, I have been experimenting with different pressures. I noticed that my crema is coming out more brown than light sand colour and I wondered if this is a function of pressure during the pull or bean roast/type? I think that less pressure (
  4. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a sensor issue. I suspected a relay problem at first, but this didn't fix the problem, I have taken apart the temperature sensor to check if it was scaled up but it all appears OK. If anyone has any ideas of have experienced similar problems please let me know.
  5. Hi guys, I've been away from the forum for some now but I've been using my cherub every day. Today it's let me down badly. I purchased in January 2013 (a group purchase with other members) and have to admit I may have let the maintenance slide a bit. This morning it will make coffee but there is no pressure to froth milk. The bar is at zero. There is nothing on the pressure bar. Any suggestions? I live in Shaftesbury if anyone knows someone close who could take a look. Thanks
  6. I have a Rocket appartamento which blows its safety valve if left turned on for some time due to too much pressure in the boiler. When the safety valve blows the pressure in the boiler will have reached between 2 and 3 bar even though the pressurestat is adjusted to switch of a between 1 and 1,5 bar. 1: I have disassembled the machine and concluded that the problem is not due to scale. 2: i readjusted the pressurestat and tested it. When it seemed to work fine i left it turned on for a little while and it blew the safety valve again. 3: I figured the pressurestat was old and worn out so i switched it out with a new one. I then adjusted the pressure again and left it turned on for a while. Eventually it blew the safety valve again. So does anybody here have an idea as to what my next step would be? Are we talking a new control box or what? Help much appreciated
  7. I have before me an oscar that want's to fill up the boiler as soon as i turn it on, but the boiler is already full, which i know because i have the steam outlet open and it lets out the excess water. If i close the steam outlet, eventually the safety valve blows and lets out water. My waterlevel probe is in the right position. It is as if the probe can't sense the water in the boiler and therefore tells the pump to keep filling up the boiler. The waterlevel probe cable is attached properly as well. I don't really know what to do to fix this. Any ideas?
  8. I've been pulling shots from a used Gaggia Classic (unknown year) for a couple of months now. It's always taken a consistent 25 seconds to pull the requisite 2 oz or so. In the last week, it's suddenly starting to flow a lot faster. If I let it run for 25 seconds, I get way more espresso than I want. Another way to put it: now to get the same amount of espresso as I previously got in 25 seconds, it only takes 17 or 18 seconds. The coffee tastes and looks more or less the same. Maybe a bit less crema. When I got the machine, I adjusted the pressure on the OPV to have 9 bar at the group head. I just measured it again and it's still at 9 bar. I'm tamping just the way I always have and the setting on the grinder (Mazzer Mini) hasn't been touched. Any idea why this would happen or what to do about it? I'm stymied. All help appreciated.
  9. Had my dual boiler since December and still struggling to get the pressure any lower than 10.5 bar. I have had loads of different beans since Christmas, and with all of them the pressure rises to 10.5 bar. I have tried grinding coarser, but then I end up with shots which gush out in 18-20 seconds. Am I missing something really obvious? Could pre-infusion settings have anything to do with this? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi there, i was wondering if someone could advise me? I have a gaggia classic and have noticed the flow of coffee coming out has been getting thinner lately and today nothing came out! Help. |I have water in it of course and have checked the water pipes in the water holder. Do you think it may be blocked, due to hard water in my area? Many thanks here's hoping!
  11. Hi guys, It seems on my fracino cherub the pressure goes in "cycles" where it reaches 1 bar then slowly drops down to .5 or so over 30 seconds, then the element kicks in and it raises to 1 bar again. Is this normal? See video here for a closer look (please ignore the sound its the missus playing fable 2 in the background, I dont have a collection of odd sounding slaves, I promise) If it has any effect at all the kitchen window nearby is open a crack and theres only 3 cups on the cupholder if that affects heat leeching.
  12. I've been searching for the root cause of a tamping problem that has occurred in the past week. Problem: I have not been able to tamp as firmly as I used to Investigation: I found that my workbench supports needed to be reinforced. When I was tamping I was applying pressure, but as I was applying this some of it was being 'wasted' due to the workbench flexing. Solution: Work bench reinforcement The result of this work is a decent extraction, back to expected standards.
  13. Hi all, Can anyone speak from experience of having used one of these? Normally with something like this I'd quite enjoy making my own, but I'm feeling outrageously lazy. Cheers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161207195351?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. Good evening all, I have a 1995 Gaggia TE which I recently cleaned up and put into use after it was dormant for about 2 years with it's previous owner. In the past 2 weeks it has developed a bit of a fault. Basically, the P-Stat is releasing once the pressure inside the boiler reaches 1.1 to 1.2 bar, which is what is expected. However, the water in the boiler is not up to temperature, or at least it doesn't seem to be as no steam is produced at first. I have to force the P-Stat to re-engage the heating element several times (by opening the steam valve) before it starts producing any steam at all. To me it seems like the boiler is over pressurizing before reaching temp, which seems impossible as pressure is directly related to the temperature of the water inside the boiler?! If I adjust the P-Stat up to around 1.4 bar then it is much better at reaching temperature from the off, but still not quite right, however that (1.4) is approaching the redline on the gauge. From my (limited) understanding, it should be fine at around 1.1 bar, correct? Thanks for reading, I'm not sure if that makes any sense but I feel better getting it down on paper (so to speak). ATB, ACRO
  15. Anyone tried one of these? http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/concept-art-technic-dynamometric-tamper.html The idea of having some calibrated control over tamping pressure is attractive...
  16. Hi, just posted another thread in this subform about my doubts of the machine I was sold at an official Rocket dealer (it was brought to my country by a friend that traveled to Europe) There is a constant hissing sound that comes from the pressure relief valve and does so along with steam and moisture leaking inside the machine. Was able to partially solve it by gently taping the valve and achieving a seal, but it then loses it once the machine is fully heated after a new power on. Was told by the dealer that this might be air in the water circuit and that I could try letting the hot water wand running, that didn't help. Think I've read elsewhere that scale might be the culprit of the valve not sealing and disassembling and submerging it in vinegar might fix it, I'm not sure of risking this as there are no available parts locally for me to replace in case of messing it up, would rather use the machine as is and wait for a valve to be shipped. Anyone here dealt and fixed this, or maybe a more experienced forum user has read about this and can provide a link? (searched the forum and google but maybe I´m not good enough at English ) Thanks in advance for any help on this. José.
  17. I’ve had an R58 for a couple of months and have to admit I’ve not been blown away by it so far. The espresso quality is excellent, but the steam quality has been quite disappointing. So, to give the steam a bit of a boost I increased the temp with the PID by 1 degree which has helped a little in maintaining pressure long enough to get some decent micro foam. However, as soon as I plug the PID into the R58 and change the temp on the service boiler, it shuts off the brew boiler pump completely! As in when you lift the handle to brew, nothing happens. The pump does not engage so nothing happens. The only way to get the pump working again is to switch the machine off and on again. This however, resets the temp back to the original factory setting and doesnÂ’t retain or remember the change in settings. i suspect I know the answer to my question already but, just in case I’m doing something wrong or am missing something, has anyone else experienced this problem? And if so, is there a simple fix without having to return the whole thing back to the retailer?
  18. Hi At the weekend I descaled my Gaggia Classic as it was coming up for 3 months since last time. I've had the machine from new for about four years and regularly descale. However, after this last time I am now no longer getting anywhere near the pressure I need for it to push a cup of coffee through. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Just to note, a few days previously I removed the piece you remove with an Allen key to clean it and it worked fine after that so I don't THINK it has to do with that. Would really appreciate any help or advice to get my little machine back to good Health!
  19. Hi Took cam out and regreased following chemical backflush. Got cam back in but having problems - pressure not going up to 9 bar.....sitting at 2 bar. Is it possible that the cam is in the wrong position as at the mid point, the pressure goes up... Videos: Any help appreciated. Thanks Paul
  20. Morning everyone! i made a coffee as usual this morning but I was getting too much out so hit the two cup button to stop the extraction, and the pressure gauge is now stuck at 2 bar. I've tried running another shot without the portafilter in to try and release the pressure but no change. I haven't yet tried running a shot WITH coffee in the basket, just because I'm worried about messing things up. Has anyone seen this before and know how to release the stuck pressure, or is my dial just stuck? The latter won't be great. But not will a knackered boiler! Thanks Matthew
  21. So the portafilter gauge reads 12bar on output from my Cherub. Should I get out a screwdriver and lower it to 9 (or even 6) bar - or wait until I take it for a service and ask them to do it... Or just live with it? Frankly I wasn't having an issue before I tested it and curiosity may well have just killed my cat... But y'know - in the interest of getting the best from what I have... Is it an easy process or one for laying down and avoiding?
  22. Hello coffee friends, just a a quick question, when I backflush the pressure only goes to 9 bar after about 15-20 seconds, is this too low for a vibe machine?
  23. Currently very slowly restoring a VBM Domobar Super full auto and finally at the stage where it can pull a shot, but its a little different to my other machine and just wondering if it is 'normal'. It takes a few second more than I am used to to produce the first few drops of espresso, and the pressure build up seems to last longer. This may be due to the VBM e61 group, which is a hefty beast, but just wanted to check with others more in the know. This is a vid of it with a blind filter basket in it, it also seems to maintain the last point of pressure after you turn it off, and you need to give it a flash to relive it, again not sure if this is normal. [video=youtube_share;5Zaiz_HGrSM] Another issue which I haven't spent much time looking into yet, but incase anyone can shed light on it: The dosing controls are timed, according to a manual for the machine I found online. But they last for a much longer amount of time when under pressure, is there a simple way to see if they are in fact volumetric or should I just experiment until I can establish this?
  24. Hi I have a much loved and well used Bezzera BZ99. It is regularly descaled and backflushed. The past week the water flow has been erratic and weak, I've also noticed that the grouphead is steaming way more than it normally would with the portafilter off. I'm loathe to get rid of it and was wondering if the problem was indicative of a blockage in the pump. Any words of wisdom or advice? Many thanks in advance Wayne
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