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Found 14 results

  1. Unfortunately the time has come to sell my coffee machine. It’s a two group Grimac Zola. The machine was fully restored in Dec 2013, please see link below for restoration thread. The machine has been used almost everyday since then and has never had an issue. I’m only selling as we are moving house and is a bit too big (despite being a relatively compact two group). The last maintenance I did was to change the group seals a few months ago. One MOD I did a while ago was to add a switch to allow for pre-infusion using mains water pressure before using pump pressure. I added a pressure regulator so you can change the pre-infusion pressure. Some specs -Rotary Pump -I think it's a 5L boiler -HX machine -1 steam and 1 hot water outlet -Pressure gauge for pump and boiler -Comes with a number of groups and spares including a bottomless portafilter I’m not entirely sure what these machines are worth but I would be happy to let it go for £400 or please make me an offer. Collection only from County Durham. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?13435-Commercial-2-Group-Repair-Restoration-(pic-Heavy Cheers Stuart
  2. Greetings, hopefully my investigations will help others. You know the feeling, you have your routine off pat, you are consistent. Nearly every shot pours nicely. Then a mate comes round, you make him a coffee, all good. You make yourself one, and end up with a pebble dashed cup, coffee machine, kitchen worktop. I actually said to him "this only happens when you're here" Which got me thinking. It really did only happen when he was there. I make an espresso before I go to work. I make an espresso when I get back. I make an espresso after dinner. Hardly ever spray. Each time, I make AN espresso. But when I make two in a row, the second one spurts.:coffee: What's the difference? Well in the case of my machine, the difference was the sound the first shot made, when I switch on the pump. It's quite loud at first, then quietens down. The second shot is quieter. OK, I'm drawing it out. For the first shot the system isn't fully pressurised. The shot pressure ramps up, the pump quietens and I get a nice shot. Second time, it's pressurised from the start, I guess the puck fractures as it's hit by full pressure,and I get spray. The solution is to crack open the steam valve before a shot, release the pressure and start from scratch. Bingo! I know others pressure profile using the steam wand, and I guess that's sort of what I am doing, but really, it's a cracked puck anti spray procedure. I'd be interested if anyone else finds the same.:coffee:
  3. I'm in the market for a new machine, and I'm trying to answer a "simple" question. Is it worth spending extra to get a machine that can do pressure profiling? Article explaining pressure profiling here. I fully intend to go and try the differences for myself if I can get access to a machine (might just have to bite the bullet and drive down to Bella), i realise that this is a subjective discussion, and ultimately I'll need to make my own mind up! Keen to hear people's opinions/experiences on the value of pressure profiling, rather than does pressure profiling work Ultimately I want to buy a machine that will be with me for a long time and allow my skills to grow. Thanks Phobic
  4. Anyone own a Rocket R60 machine? Wondering how the pressure profile machine measures up to any previous machine you've owned.
  5. My coffee requirements are changing. I am no longer needing to produce coffee in quantity I have purchased a much simpler system to cope with our Family use. Therefore I am offering my Vesuvius for sale at £2250 which includes £400/£500 of new added extras. listed below. It’s a very fair price for a fantastic machine Purchased new from Bellabarista just under 2 years ago. This was the first Machine off the production line at Ambiente. Has been trouble free since purchase. The only gripe I ever had with the Machine was the ridiculous steam wand. No good at all for large jugs too short & with bad angles. Helped develop a reasonable wand but still not perfect so after a year I changed out for a LM GS5 & purchased the superb Sproline foam knife. I will include everything you see in the photos with the exception of the cups on the warming tray. The Machine has been maintained in excellent condition. A few ‘scuffs’ around the Drip Tray area but nothing unusual after 18+ months use. Only ever been plumbed into our very soft Cheshire water & then through a Bestmax M Cartridge changed every 12 months( Item not shown & not included in sale With the Vesuvius I will include: 1 x Flexible water pipe 1 x Marlgut Tamper (1.2 kilo) 1 x IMS grouphead screen + Gasket 1 x Double Spout PF 1 x Single Spout PF 1 x Bottomless PF Part tin Wood preserve for handles Customised Printed Manual in Folder (mostly DavecUK’s work but contains my own variations) Coffee scraper Small quantity Puly cleaner GS5 Wand fitted to Machine plus 3 spares(Vesuvius prototypes) used during development of a suitable wand Sproline Foam Knife Steam Tip Even got a tiny bit of Tableau stainless steel cleaner left which I will also include Would find this impossible to post or Courier, can’t even lift it on my own, so Pickup or Meetup in the North West or can be arranged similar in the Midlands, Birmingham area or London area. All pieces will be ‘bubble wrapped’ individually & the Machine will be well protected. I do take care with coffee items I sell. Machine is offered complete as listed. No plans for splitting. Other pics of my Machine during production & results produced. http://imgur.com/a/FuQPm And for a review of the Vesuvius, go here: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/vesuvius-prototype-first-look-10.pdf
  6. I'm selling my 1 week old Vesuvius. Not a statement you hear very often I know, so let me explain. I'm not at all dissatisfied with the machine, or the coffee I'm making on it (even with my limited skills). However, I'm spending hours a day waiting for the machine to warm up and cleaning it after I've used it, which is more effort then it's worth for me. Lesson learned. I won't be buying another espresso machine to replace it, I'll be going back to drinking brewed coffee from my EK43 and V60, which I enjoy tremendously. If you think I'm an idiot, that's fine, but if you must remind me of this, please keep discussions about my idiocy to a PM rather than this thread. If you're interested, you'll likely have done your homework about the Vesuvius, so I won't bore you with the specs. It pressure profiles, and it makes a great cup of coffee. If you're used to the usual upkeep of a manual espresso machine, I'm sure this will make you very happy indeed. The machine comes with all original packaging and accessories in a nice wooden box - 3 portafilters (double, single, and naked) each with an unpressurised double basket, hoses for plumbing in and out, backflushing disk, a selection of spare parts and gaskets for maintenance, and a metal tamper. I collected this machine myself from Bella Barista just over a week ago, and as such it's had probably the minimum amount of knocks during shipment that it's possible to have (besides driving one back from the factory myself). It's naturally in great condition, the only blemish is a mark on the metal handle of the double portafilter (shown below). You can swap handles with the single portafilter if this bothers you, I only use that one for backflushing anyway. It has had very light use (about 50 shots), only with Volvic, and has been kept meticulously clean, inside and out. I backflush, clean the shower screen and reassemble each day after use. It has a 2 year fully transferable warranty from BB, of which there is 1 year, 11 months and 20 days remaining I'm looking for £2500, and I will give the buyer first refusal (and a very low price) on any of my espresso accessories I no longer need (VST basket, tampers, Motta jug, etc). I'm happy to provide more photos or answer any questions as required.
  7. I'm not sure which thread but i seem to remember someone mentioning the prospect of pressure profiling on a Brewtus by adjusting the OPV during extraction. So for you more experienced Brewtus users I ask: - Has anyone tried playing with adjusting the OPV during extraction? - How low can the OPV go without risking damage? - What else should be considered if you're planning on doing it? - Should I even bother with trying?
  8. One thread to bore them all.... Place so all the boffin posts can go in one place . and then its easy for those that aren't interested to ignore them. If its of no interest please feel free to walk on by to a thread that you are interested in... More later ...
  9. Was looking at some of the info on this machine regarding pressure profiling but when I was reading the brochure I noticed that the machine and grinder talk to each other via bluetooth. It sounds like if the grind is off then it will automatically adjust itself without intervention, pretty out there! Whether it works in reality is obviously another question. Oh yeah and it's only for 4th wave coffee :S http://cimbaliuk.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/M100Brochure.pdf There is some interesting info on pressure profiles in their videos on the machine also.
  10. Can someone please explain to me, the benefit of an E61 machine having the ability to do the above?
  11. Hi all, long time no see I am moving on some items I am not really using and selling them could help me to fund some other stuff. For sale is a set for making espresso at your home or office or anywhere else with beans and hot water available. This will also enable you to do pressure profiling and won't take much space on your countertop. It is ideal if you don' t need to steam milk and make few espressos a day (such as one in the morning and one in the evening). It is quiet in use (no pump) and you can get from zero to espresso in around 7 minutes. The workflow (with a different grinder) can be observed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fz9QcqYiiY The brew unit Portaspresso HC-P has a pressure gauge and is made from brass, so quite substantial with good thermal properties. I've added some extra silicone bands to the "brew head" to prevent burning your hands, there is also an extra silicone group head gasket. It comes with original tamper, stand, large spouted portafilter (for triple baskets), original single, double and triple baskets, extra naked portafilter and extra IMS precision double basket, also an extra dosing cylinder made by Norvin. I also include extra original group head gaskets. The grinder is madebyknock Feld 47 travel, high quality precision grinder, perfect to go with the brew unit. I've put under 5 kilos of coffee through, so it is in excellent condition and ready to grind for your espresso. I am looking for 500 euro via PayPal for the whole set, postage included. Pics follow:
  12. hi and thank you for your time in advance if you have a rocket machine like R58 or R60v ( or something in this range ) i want to know how much work flow can the machine take during a day , i'm fascinated by the look and brewing capability of rocket machines and am inclined to buy one , i have a choice to use it in one of these 3 places , so i want to know which is more in line with the machine's capacity and work flow , first place is my office which due to nature of the work there ( it is a writing/theater production office ) coffee is a necessity , we haven't had a espresso machine there yet , but i believe that at around 20 to 30 cups of espresso in a day will go on a busy day , but about 10 on a average day . second place that i can use is for my low volume coffee shop , not so much as an commercial machine but rather than for a machine that is going to be used exclusively for espresso ( only bland espresso and not any espresso based drinks ) my reasoning is that other pressure profiling machines are way more expensive , and we won't have more then 5 or 6 costumer for espresso only ( and that's on a good day ) but i like to give them the best espresso experience that they can have , and as i think you'll agree too , pressure profiling is the way to go on that front . and finally that i use them as are intended in my home , which is an option , but i got a Breville dual boiler , that my wife is used to using it, and i don't think the reasoning of " i liked the looks better" will go over as well as i like to any way if there is anything about these machines work flow and capacity that suggest that i can use them for any or all these places , please let me know . also any other thoughts and suggestions that you might have will be appreciated too . thank you
  13. I'm interested in what Forum members think of this machine. I know very little about Lelit's other products. It appears that the Bianca may be available in some markets now and in the U.S. perhaps in July. The price quoted by 1st Line is pretty competitive with other double boiler machines.
  14. Just completed the review/testing on this new Crem machine, it's taken 4 months. I've had it on the bench since early October 2019. It's been interesting and tough sometimes especially the battles with a large corporate from where it was and where it is now but it's getting easier. Enjoy, even if you are not considering one, I think you will find it interesting, even educational. Warning, it's a very long review and lots of videos. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2019/12/16/crem-one-2b/
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