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Found 13 results

  1. Hello together I'm from Switzerland. Coffee and cycling are my hobbies. As a sideline, I enjoy running a coffee shop. On my gas-powered machine (similar to Fracino Retro FCL1) the boiler pressure is controlled by this GICAR gas pressostat (first picture). The pressure is regulated with the upper hexagon screw, the height of the lower flame (only to maintain the pressure) with a slotted screw (second picture). I assume the screws work according to the needle valve principle. My questions: - When I turn these control screws it smells like gas. Could it be that the O-ring or the screw are damaged? - Ist it simple to change the o-ring or the screw? - How tricky is the replacement of the gas regulator? Thanks for your help
  2. Sorry accidentally duplicated existing thread Mods please delete
  3. Can anyone give tips on getting a good crema from a Presso coffee maker? I've found the Presso good in every other respect. On a different note, my old Dualit 889 is leaking - both out of the tray (coffee spraying out) and out of the bottom (cold water - from pump?). Any suggestions?
  4. can sell these for £65 but need to get a bit of interest first....... Anyone interested, let me know and I'll get some in!!
  5. Hi, I have just got a Rok for Christmas along with a Vario grinder that will also do the honours for my aeropress. Sadly the Vario has had to go back to HasBean as its broken but in the mean time I am testing the Rok with my old Krupps burr grinder. Its quickly become apparent that the plastic tamper with the Rok is not fit for purpose so I am after a proper one. I have read differing advice on size. Some people say 49mm to get inside the ridge for the spring clip, others say 51mm to match the walls of the basket. As I have issues at the moment over tamping (I think) as I sometimes struggle to get any liquid out of the Rok, is the 51mm fine as for 14g of coffee, ie full standard basket only, as tamping that properly only seems to come down to that ridge anyway. I dont think it makes a difference, but I am mainly using a bottomless pf that seems to be from the Presto days (bought from lecafeshop) but seems to be the same size. Thanks for any help Simon
  6. hi everyone, just wondering what your thoughts were on the presso's? im looking at getting one as a starting point to making espresso's! anyone ever used one?
  7. [This has now been taken - not sure how to edit the prefix to sold] I have a Presso free to any forum member who fancies using it or having a play with it. Collection from Birmingham only. I bought it 4 or 5 years ago when i first started getting into coffee. I didn't have a grinder at the time and was just using pre-ground. I reckon it might produce decent results with a proper grinder or hand grinder. Haven't tested this with my own. Less shiny than it was as I took it apart to descale it in some citric acid. As it's free, if the person who gets it wants to make a donation to a charity of their choice, then that would be nice, but not required.
  8. I'm a kiwi who's been in London for years. I'm pretty obsessed with coffee! I've got no machine at the moment as I shipped mine to nz when we visited. It was too expensive to send it back so I'm on the look out for a new one. I do have Presso (I guess it's a machine) so would be thankful for any tips about how to get a decent shot out of it. At the moment I'm finding heating the portafilter in the jug is good tip. Also I'm starting the infusion slowly and then really punching it through. Sometimes I find I need a second or third pull to get it through. I'm trying to do this at lightning speed so the flow is relatively constant. I get good crema but the shots are pretty sharp. Any tips on making them a bit mellower would be appreciated. I'm thinking about getting a naked portafilter for it.
  9. ABSOLUTELY NO OFFERS THANKS Please read details ! Used item, producing great espresso. Sold with everything shown in photo. Please note 2 of 4 retaining holes for shoulder screws are worn and screws no longer secure after taking apart to descale. The cast aluminium body didn't like that. Long term, my intended easy solution was to re-insert screws in product such as QuikSteel Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy Putty. Presso still works fine without repair, which concurrs with screws having a retaining purpose, more than load bearing. No rubber feet (can't remember if it ever did). Other than this, just usual wear and tear, marks etc Now used rarely as have too many brew methods.
  10. Hi, I was wondering which La Pavoni Europiccola single filter basket fits the ROK/Presso portafilter. Is it the pre-Millennium model (49 mm inner diameter) or the post-Millennium (51 mm inner diameter). Searched the web and this forum, but couldn't find an answer.
  11. I'm a coffee addict and have been for a number of years. I have just bought a presso device after having tried an espresso made with one last year and was very impressed considering we were out in a field with no power. Of course the day the said coffee machine arrived my coffee grinders chute bunged up. Usual cleaning routine couldn't clear the blockage so I dismantled it. It's now almost as clean as the day I bought it but no longer works Now awaiting the delivery of grinder. Meanwhile, back to drinking tesco french roast cos I can't grind my beans
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/house-clearance/presso-hand-pressed-espresso-maker-with-coffee-grinder/1180056996
  13. I was wondering if anybody has one of these ROK espresso machinges? I've recently paired it with a grinder that'll help me get to an espresso grind. This morning I've used 16grams of beans ground to setting 18 on the Sage pro grinder and that was my best result (I didn't measure water in but filled it to the top and didn't weigh or measure my resulting espresso). This was my best result so far but it wasn't great. I previously ground finer and with more beans (started at about 18 from memory) and water just came out over the top of the portafilter and hardly any through the coffee, so I was trying to get into the right ball park with fairly big changes before starting to focus in more. I assumed it was too fine because I didn't tamp terribly hard (using the plastic tamp/scoop that comes with it) but the water just sat on top of the coffee and found it's own way out. If anybody is successfully using it, I'd really appreciate your experiences and recipe
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