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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, since I started manually pre-infusing the basket I have noticed a more consistent pour, especially with the IMS. Anyone have any experience with doing this. It appears to be useful for those without this option built in to their machines + gives better control than pressing the brew button - and then stopping it, because you see that you've wet the whole puck evenly. The method to do this is to pour about 0.5 secs worth of water and swirl it around on the coffee bed ensuring all parts are covered. any thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know when timing for a shot, do you take into account pre-infusion? Some machines can give as much as 3 seconds pumping.
  3. I’ve recently noticed that the pump that triggers on pulling the lever at the start of the shot isn’t always coming on. I’m sure this always used to do so. It still does sometimes and then others will trigger at another point. I’m sure I’d heard that the ceme switch for prefusion was a bit temperamental but I’m not sure if that’s got anything to do with the pump. Any other owners got any insight into this??
  4. Hello all, I am looking at the Lelit Bianca machine given its favorable reviews and unique place in the market for size/performance/price with pre-infusion and profiling capabilities. I see that the alternatives today are much higher cost - Dalla Corta Mina, Vesuvisus, Rocket Nine One, La Marzocco GS3, Slayer, etc. Are any new machines with profiling in development by the E61 manufacturers - ECM, Quick Mill, Profitec, etc? Thanks!
  5. This impresses me, the idea of being able to see precisely how much pressure I'm building up in the chamber before applying pressure: https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/en/ricambi-la-pavoni-esperto.html. They advise that they are made to order for whichever diameter you need, so what looks like a well made lever and a brass piston in my post-millennium machine.
  6. Having just received and fitted my auber PID this afternoon I've only had time for a quick play with it but I'm looking forward to working out how best to use it. I just had a few questions for anyone who has experience of a PID'd classic. I have had a read through the instruction manual and the temperature studies. I knew of the issue with the water temp dropping significantly during a shot due to the small boiler. The default set value for the temp is 102 which apparently gives an average brew temp of 91 with a peak at 96. I know it varies depending on what coffee you're using but what typical temps are people setting their SV at? Is 91 low for an average temp? The few recipes I have come across for espresso blends (workshop's cult of done and square mile's red brick) seem to be based on brew temps of around 94. I know these are based on larger boiler machines with greater temp stability and therefore not the higher peak temp. It's the model with the pre infusion option. I wanted the steam option and it wasn't a huge amount more to have the pre infusion and shot timer. I will likely use the timer but not convinced about the pre infusion. Anyone have this option and what settings are you using for pulse time and dwell time? Finally, has anyone tried to add a preheat coil to their classic? Not convinced I'm up for that degree of modification but it would be an interesting project.
  7. Ok, so I've been playing around with the pre infusion settings on the DB for a while now. My machine is set around the 10 bar mark. To get 9 bar I set the pre infusion to around 90% throughout the entire shot. This seems to work well and the pressure remains fairly constant. I then started going a little lower. At around 80-85% I'm around 8.5 bar; however, around 15 secs in the shot the pressure slowly declines. Any thoughts?
  8. I don´t want hold back my Silvia reconstruction mod. The Rancilio Silvia PID mod adds a lot of new componets and features to the Rancilio Silvia machine, like touch-display and several sensors. The reason was to improve the temperature accuracy and simplify the operation of the Silvia machine. Fact is, that under normal condition the Silvia regulates the temperature relative inaccurate and exactly this temperature inaccurance of the Silvia has an important influence on the flavor of the coffee. Additional to the temperature regulation I have added a pressure, a fluid sensor, a flow sensor and a membrane regulator. Of course shall all set-actual data from the sensors are shown and set on the display. All this together is my MySilvia Rancilio Silvia PID mod. You can read the full project under the following link: https://mille.click/rancilio-silvia-pid-lcd/ or https://mille.click regards Holger
  9. Hello everyone, I am about to fit a new pump with a dimmer to control the pressure on my Gaggia, and would love to hear your views on what to expect from the pre infusion / changing pressure profiles with this DIY setup. Reading the posts on the pre infusion on Gaggia I noticed that people mention "more balanced" taste but with less mouthfeel, i.e. the shots seems more watery. Also the puck is less defined and looks like slurry. A better results were from constant lower pressure (e.g. 8 bar) or a dropping pressure profiles (e.g. 10 -> 3 bar). So is the pre infusion good or bad and what it is for?
  10. Hi, I was just curious if its possible to do a pre-infusion on a gaggia classic? Also what advantage really does a pre-infusion give? thanks! Rory
  11. Hi guys, Well I've had my EP lever for a week now and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it - just looking at it makes me smile everyday! So thanks to Delfi for hooking me up! So now we get onto the coffee bit - I have a single and double basket and I've been dosing the single to around 14g and the double to around 18g - (please let me know if this is ok?) The coffee I'm using is from PACT - Praline Espresso, thought I'd give them a go and sadly I'm still grinding using a KRUPS 75 blade machine as it's all I've got currently - if anyone could suggest a low cost Burr option, hand or otherwise that would be great. I've been blading for around 20 seconds in order to try and get the finest grind I can (I can hear the groans already!). So the process has been thus: Lift lever slowly wait 6-8 seconds for PI watch few drops fall into the shot glass pull handle slowly 1/3 of the way lift handle again and wait for around 3 seconds slowly press lever all the way down whole process including PI is around 30 seconds. Now I'm getting coffee - which is a good thing right - so bonus there. As for taste and consistency, it's different every time due to my inexperience I guess - but generally pleasant and I'm not binning too much. I've started to not get any PI drips - why is this, is is the grind, the size of basket vs gms, is it the tamp - I for got to mention the tamp - using a KNOCK 49mm tamper - medium pressure with a bit of a polish. I'm open for all the help I can get here on A) sorting the PI issue (if there is actually an issue) and B) for you guys to tell me how to do this better? Cheers...!
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