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Found 43 results

  1. So I bought this grinder thinking it was suitable for espresso but it isn't, whilst it can go very fine, it's quite slow to grind there and it's stepped so not great for dialling in espresso. It's marvellously well-built, internals very similar to a Helor 101, it feels really really nice in the hand (way nicer than the Lido E I got to replace it). I used it for 2 weeks, there are a couple of slight scratch marks on the front which were from me being a bit careless whilst taking it somewhere in my bag (I should've used the included carry case!!). It comes with the instructions, carry case etc in a very nice box. It costs around £130 new but I'm just looking for now £80 (previously £90) delivered as I know it isn't a big name. There is a comparison here with the smaller slightly less well built model to the comandante: Socractic coffee on instagram did more comparisons with the Timemore Nano that you can check out. I think it really holds its own and is better than anything else in this price range in terms of grind quality and build quality (not to mention looks). some pics:
  2. Hi, ive been doing a lot of pour over recently. But the one thing that ive been thinking about is when people talk about the ideal water temperature being 93, 94 degrees or whatever. how is this kept constant over a 3/4min brew in the kettle? I’ve got a hario pourover kettle and it’s just thin single walled aluminium, which is going to lose heat pretty fast. So if I start my bloom at 93 degrees then it’s not going to stay at that temperature for the whole 3 min brew. So I was just wondering how people get around this? Are there insulated kettles that keep the temperature better? Or this this just not too much of an issue to worry about? Thanks!
  3. Any issues with getting this? Just want something simple for my V60. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01JEB7UFS/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1524327282&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=gooseneck+kettle&dpPl=1&dpID=417MdxzyeYL&ref=plSrch
  4. Just got an email from Tap, my regular supplier of beans, letting me know they're merging with Dept of Coffee & Social Affairs. I've not heard of these guys before, anyone have any experience of them or any recommendations from them? Cheers
  5. My current pour over methods are Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave 155 and GINA by Goat Story. Is the Kalita 101/102 worth adding to my gear? How does it compare to other methods? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  7. Light use with only volvic in there. Boxed with everything it arrived with and receipt for warranty cover (I think its 2 year cover, but if not there's a minimum 11 months remaining should it be 1 year). I've added the blurb about the kettle below. £82.50 inc P&P Brewista Smart Pour Digital Kettle 1.2l The all new Brewista Smart Brew Kettle is the next generation kettle you have been waiting for. If you brew coffee or tea then is the must have kettle. Its list of features is impressive: Features: Auto start function Displays kettle temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius Displays actual Water Temperature in Kettle even after power off Allows user to set and hold water temperature for up to one hour Preset temperatures for the most popular hot beverages Easy Grip handle for excellent pour control Brushed Stainless finish 1500W Cord Storage wrap in Base Retains last temperature settings when power off or unplugged. Like to have a coffee in the morning? Set the kettle to come on at say 6am and your water will be at temperature and ready to brew.
  8. Long time no post. Hope you all are well. I am still an avid coffee lover just not online as much as i used to be! I have been looking for temp controlled kettle for a while but both the Brewista and Bonavita are still selling at nearly a £100. I remember they had a brief time where they were sold a little cheaper but it seems they have not come down in price since release. Aesthetically I also found them a bit bland, not much different than a normal kettle. Whereas things like the Hario Buono are quite striking and iconic. So in steps Diguo! Yes that famous brand you've never heard of So it's a Chinese company that is unknown really over here but the price is a more reasonable £65 and seems to have all of the same features. I was a bit dubious buying from an unknown brand but a few good reviews on Amazon and i decided to take the plunge. Here is my review: Name: Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle Price: £60-£65 Available From: Amazon Looks: Totally subjective i know but this thing really looks great in my opinion: -It has a plug adaptor to convert from Chinese to UK plug but it is not a big plug so no issues there -My unit had all English printed on the buttons (pic shows chinese) which is a real plus -Instruction manual is also in English and very easy to use -Kettle lid just sits on top and has no notch or anything so need to be careful when pouring and use a hand to hold lid on -Comes with what looks like plastic packaging but is actually a waterproof cover for the base that you leave on, all the buttons work by pressing through the plastic. This is a simple but nice touch to keep unit clean and free from water -Surprised how small it is, takes up very little footprint. Makes up to 700ml Usage: This really is a doddle to use. There are 4 custom presets or you can choose your own and it remembers this for the next time you use it. There is a Temperature Hold button which will keep your water at the desired temp for up to an hour if you wish which is great if you are multitasking in the morning! Once you take the kettle from the base there is a Timer button so you can start a timer for your pourer. This simply stops when you place the kettle back on the base. 500w so not the fastest to boil but i usually make less than 400ml at a time which takes a few minutes, but if you wanted to use this as a normal kettle for other kitchen uses this might be a little slow, just worth noting. Reliability/Durability Kettle is nicely made out of metal with a plastic trim at the bottom. The base unit seems to be very sturdy and and the plastic cover serves to keep grinds and water away from the unit. No complaints from me at all, in fact this seems very well made and not some cheap Chinese knock off. Final Comments Absolutely love this thing. I played with brew temps a lot and have found that 85C is my fave which by all accounts is a tad cooler than most experts recommend. However since purchasing this kettle my brews have been absolutely amazing with no bitterness at all and i can actually taste the flavours that the roasters describe their coffee with. Peach/hazelnut with a brown sugar sweetness? yes i can actually kind of taste that now
  9. These look nice and seem like a good deal - anyone got one? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000E5ZLQY/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1444936171&sr=8-2&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=Coffee+pourover+kettle&dpPl=1&dpID=4115xLvHyuL&ref=plSrch
  10. Hi - has anyone used this machine before? If so would you recommend it over other high spec grinders solely for pour over coffee? Thanks, Nic
  11. Hi, ive just come across the Melodrip, which is a small plastic device used to basically recreate the shower head agitation of a pour over machine rather than the agitation provided by using a pouring kettle. But I’m just curious what the science or thought process is behind this? Why is it important how you pour the water? Its £45 when you include postage, which to be honest seems crazy for what it is. But anyway, I’ve not got any plans to buy one but what’s the idea behind it? Thanks!
  12. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Gooseneck-Variable-Stainless-Controller/dp/B075GJJWCN/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1517314193&sr=1-2&keywords=Doctor+Hetzner Price: £50 For a long time I've planned on purchasing the Stagg EKG. However I had to accept that this won't be available in the UK for a while. This kettle is my temporary fill-in whilst I wait for that. Likes: Overall size. With the controls on the handle, this allows the footprint/base to be smaller than the Bonavita and Brewista variable kettles. This does not sacrifice ergonomics, the handle is fine even with my small hands. Spout. Very controllable, I can get the water to flow in drips. Very impressed and surprised. Dislikes: It beeps. Handy if you walk away and want to know when it's reached your desired temp. Annoying if you are afraid of waking someone (assuming your grinder hasn't done this already!) I'd like it so when I take the kettle off to pour, and then place it back on the stand, it would then automatically re-engage and bring the temperature back up to my set temp. I have to keep turning it back on every time - prompting more beeps. Other notes: No save preset function. No timer. Buttons are a little 'mushy', but I expected this at the price point. Those of you who are particular about that kind of thing might be put off, but it's not the end of the world for me. I don't see them breaking anytime soon. 2 year guarantee. Has a keep warm function that lasts 1hr. Kettle switches off moment you lift it off of the base however. Max capacity 1litre. I believe that both the Bonavita, and the Brewista comparable versions are better. However I saw the opportunity to save a little bit of cash, and opted for this. Since I do plan on upgrading regardless. Do I recommend it? Yes, if beeps, auto shut off, and no timer doesn't bother you. Disclaimer - I was not, and have never been paid or associated with any brand/s. This is my honest opinion. UPDATE: I have noticed once the kettle has been taken off the base, and placed back on. The temperature reading defaults back to 100c. Meaning you can not effectively reheat water quickly between pours, as it won't let you activate the heating element if it thinks its already boiling - Very frustrating! This kettle is therefore suitable for one-pour methods, or Tea drinkers.
  13. Hi Guys I use a Kalita Wave and recently purchased a Kruve. They recommend 400 microns for pour over but from what Ive seen and tasted in actual coffee shops this just looks far too fine a grind size. The coffee gets very sludgy as I brew and it has trouble going through the filter. In coffee shops it looks less fine and you can actually see the grinds. Does anyone know the correct micron size for pour over coffee please? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. I saw this device in use in a small cafe on my trip to Tokyo, and looked really neat: Small form factor, temperature control, and programmable pulses. Does anyone know if it's ever being released for the UK/European market?
  15. Was thinking of buying something to make an easy brew especially in anticipation of my Kruve (Rafino) arriving in the next few months. Was looking at a clever dripper or bonavita immersion and stumbled across this: http://www.espresso-products.co.uk/ims-espresso--brewing-lab-dripper-833-p.asp A metal IMS V60 that doesn't require papers. Anybody have any experience of this and/or recommendations regarding the easiest/quickest thing to brew with? I was leaning towards immersion for the quick and easy requirements but if you get a superior cup from a V60 I would go for this.
  16. Hello, I thought I should do I was told by the intro email and make my introduction. I'm a Scot (from Glasgow more specifically) that's been living in London for 5 years or so (loving it down here). I'm definitely not a connoisseur of coffee by any standards (I don't think I have the nose or palate for it) but I do like coffee and one of things I love about being in the big smoke is access to what I currently perceive to be some great coffee houses. Probably cliche' but I'm fortunate enough to work around the corner from Monmouth coffee so I tend to drink their brew more than most. In terms of what I use at home I'm currently strictly pour over with the full hario v60 set up (stand, scales, manual grinder, kettle, etc) and I do love the clean taste but when it really boils down to it I love a good espresso or latte. I'll hang my head in shame in saying I'm generally a sucker for convenience so I have also have a nesspresso machine but it doesn't really cut the mustard so I think I'll be taking the plunge and investing in a proper machine and grinder in the next couple of months (Probably the Sage DB as it ticks most of the boxes I'm looking for. The jury is still out on the grinder, but I'll post my query about that in the grinder section of the forum). Having lurked over the last few weeks, the forum has been super informative and helpful so I look forward to getting more involved. That's probably enough blab from me. G
  17. I've been happily brewing with an Aeropress for a few months now but want to change things up a bit. I tend to make pseudo-lattes heating milk in microwave and frothing it up with aerolatte. I have miniscule budget for gear, so an espresso machine is something to be saved for. I'm grinding using a Hario Skelton, which suits for now (although I get cramps in hand from holding the body while grinding). Any suggestions as to which pour-over would be the next logical step? Cone drippers? Chemex? Any guidance would be great. If anyone has a used grinder in need of an overhaul, I'd love a project to work on. Thanks Andrew
  18. I am looking for a grinder that I can use both for espresso and pour over coffee. I have this espresso machine Breville duo temp https://www.breville.com/us/en/products/espresso/bes810.html and I have looked at the Eureka Mignon silenzio https://machina-coffee.co.uk/collections/eureka-domestic-grinders?page=1 which I have read should be really good except it’s should be really difficult to change between grind levels, e.g when you want an espresso and when you want pour over. is that true and is there some solution for this?
  19. Spent the weekend looking into upping my brew setup and after establishing I’m not willing to drop tons on machines right now I’ve decided to dabble I’m brewed and a hand grinder. I’ll be getting an Aeropress but having never tried pour over I’m contemplating picking up one of the cheap plastic v60s if I enjoy it I’ll upgrade straight to a proper v60 or a Chemex if the other half enjoys it too. If it makes any any difference I’ll likely be getting either a mini, skerton or Rhino not sure which yet. But is a gooseneck absolutely needed or could could I suffice without one?
  20. This is the premium version of the 155 made by metalworkers in the Tsubame district. No difference in the cup to my unsophisticated palate but it is a thing of beauty. These retail at £50 but I’ll take £30 + p&p or meet up in London. https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/kalita-tsubame Thanks for looking Ed
  21. V60 newbie here, coming to the end of my first beans; Rwanda Nyaruzina from Tap coffee and Ethiopian Suke Quto from Horsham Roasters. Enjoyed them both (especially as I've started to get my technique a bit more down..) but preferred the Rwandan, a bit lighter and sweeter. Just wondering what other people are into and if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions? Cheers guys
  22. Somebody has finally created fashionable accessories for pour over! http://brewcoat.com/ I would be quite curious to test this, but can't get myself to spend any money on it. This is how it looks like..
  23. I'm looking at investing in a Gooseneck kettle for more precision with my pour overs and wondered if you guys and girls had any recommendations? I'm currently working with this. She's a top of the range, high end, beauty! She slaps the hot stuff all over what I'm working with, just lacks the finesse I'm perhaps looking for. I'm sure many of you can sympathise, no doubt you've been there. Now, here's my quandary. I want something with a gooseneck for better pour control, that's for certain. I'd also really like something that helps me control or monitor water temp better so I don't end up boiling the life out my grounds. There's electric, gooseneck kettles out there in the £60-£100 price range that would allow me to adjust temp settings to heat to my preferred levels, I love the idea of having that tight a control on the temp variable. However, there's plenty of gooseneck pour over pots for £20-£30 that I could just fill up from "ol' White Beauty", but I'm yet to see any that have a temp gauge built in. I could always just use the milk thermometer I have as a workround I suppose, but my minds not made up and that's where your feedback comes in. What do you guys use and how do you monitor your temps (if you do at all)? If you were in my place, could you justify to yourselves (or significant others) the extra £40 to £60 to bin off "ol' Smart Price", despite your many years of happiness for a newer, sexier model? Do any of you know of a gooseneck kettle with a temp gauge built in that would solve my problems? Or will I just have to curb my obsessive, compulsive tendencies for perfection and slap in a milk thermometer in a standard pot?
  24. Hi, I just got a Wilfa svart and loving it so far. Was just wondering what others suggest on the grind sizes for pour overs (Using an Oxo), and for french press? I read a guide on Workshop and they suggest always grinding somewhere in the aeropress range, but I'm not sure if thats too fine? Thanks
  25. Planter

    Chemex Wanted

    Hey all, As per title. Looking for a chemex. Ideally 1-3 or 3-6 cup variant, and filters if you've got any lying around. Price wise, I could buy new, but have bought multiple things from the forum at good prices, and been happy. So, will just say, cheaper than new. What have you got?
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