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Found 142 results

  1. Purchased a Acaia Pearl, mainly for pour-over, but looking at options for my Classic. I noticed someone is producing 3D printed slim drip trays & I’ll probably cop one of these. I’m currently using the original portafilter with spouts, does anyone know how much extra clearance I will get by replacing with a bottomless version?
  2. Hi All - I have a 10 year old Gaggia Classic and did the OPV mod a while ago. I am getting decent shots however I want to figure out what bars I am really putting out. I tried the volume of water method (blank portafilter, putting a class of water under one of the tubes) and I am getting no returned water? Does this mean my machine is still set to too many bars and I need to turn the OPV nut more. I am getting decent shots, about 32g out in 30s when my Fiorenzato grinder at a 1.8 setting. A few questions... 1.) there are two tubes in the water reservoir, which one is for the water supply and which is for the OPV overflow? 2.) Is the general rule of 170-180ml in 30s from the OPV tube mean the machine is roughly 9 bars? 3.) I tried alternating with the left and right tube in water and it didnt seem like either was drawing water.....strange since my machine does work when both are in Thanks everyone in advance!
  3. Hello. I'm a long time lurker and few time poster. I have owned a Rancilio Silvia for 8 years and had excellent service out of her and especially more recently since installing a RaspberryPi based PID. I have really enjoyed learning on Silvia but more recently started to yearn for a dual boiler. After many hours spent reading, watching etc I had settled down to a few machines on my shortlist. However, then I became very fortunate at work and one of our suppliers said there was a Sage Dual Boiler I could have for an sum that I could not turn it down. I'm enjoying using, learning and experimenting with the SDB and think there is much more to come. With Silvia I have always used a bottomless portafilter and sadly my Silvia one doesn't fit my Sage. I have don't countless searches and read hundreds of threads in an attempt to find one for the DB - I know Sage do one however it is exceptionally expensive - Does anyone know of a Portafilter that does fit the Sage. I have heard the Gaggia one does albeit at a funny angle. Looking at images it seems like the La Spaziale one will fit but I wondered if anyone did know of any alternatives. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, For anyone interested, I'm selling a new 54mm Sage Bottomless Portafilter, ordered from Sage and hand machined for £46.50. These have a unique group fitting, only for use on Sage and Breville 54mm coffee machines like the Duo Temp Pro. I believe it's also compatible with these machines... BES810, BES840, BES860 and BES870. Please check compatibility with your machine though. A friend of mine with a Sage Duo Temp Pro expressed a lot of interest in having a bottomless portafilter like the one I was using on my Rocket. Without thinking I sung the praises of bottomless portafilters... They're great for figuring out how to make fantastic shots, diagnosing shot issues and the coffee only ever touches your basket and your cup. Once you've got your shot dialled in, there's less cleaning and dripping over your worktop, and of course... it's a unique and enjoyable way to make coffee. However, the small flaw in my sales pitch came about when he mentioned that he'd looked everywhere and Sage and Breville only sell a bottomless portafilter for their top of the range 58mm machines, and the only way to get a bottomless portafilter for the unique 54mm group head was to buy a custom made one or make one yourself... So weeks later, and more conversations about bottomless portafilters, I decided to surprise him and order a new portafilter from Sage, and machine it myself as I fortunately have all of the metalworking tools required. He was blown away with the result, so mission successful, and he suggested that I sell these online as there are probably others like him. So here we are!
  5. Aluminum portfilter handle, think it better suits the machine. Does get hot if machine is left on for a long time, usually not an issue. Have just made a new one which has a larger diameter which goes a bit better, will upload a pic when its on.
  6. Just thinking out loud here, does anyone produce or has anyone tried to see if a basket with ripped or ridged side walls would help with chaneling down side walls? I'm thinking by creating a more torturous path along the walls of a basket would reduce the likelihood of chaneling occurring. to ensure the ridges are nicely filled with grinds would require some experimentation, possibly using a domed tamper to help force grinds sideways into the ripples. steve
  7. I'm just wondering if there's a fancy portafilter out there that would fit an old delonghi EC710 other than original delonghi? the one I've had from the start has been chopped up and modified into a bottomless set up to try better my technique, but now I've done that I fancy getting a new pf. Possibly something with two spouts. Nice and shiny if possibly. From what I've seen online a la pavoni may be pretty close but it's an expensive punt especially when I don't know exact measurements. Any help or advice welcome cheers
  8. Hello all I'm using the standard portafilter on my Expobar Leva. The portafilter has never locked in a 6 o'clock... more like 7! Never thought anymore about it until today. Just moved onto a new bag of coffee and dosed 18g, locked into machine and it felt a bit tight... took the PF back out, and the tamped coffee is touching the shower screen. I realise there should be a gap... is it 5p thickness or something? I normally dose around 18g, and in the basket, the volume is the same as normal I've tried to get the shower screen out, but can't and didn't want to force it... I think it's standard... gauze type. How do I remove this... makes me wonder if gasket is incorrectly fitted or something? w
  9. The pros and cons of using a naked Portafilter crops up from time and there is a suspense-ridden thread just started by GrahamS: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30914-Place-your-bets while we wait to see how far up his kitchen wall and along his floor he can get his first naked PF shot. I assume entirely by coincidence, today's Perfect Daily Grind provide a non-scientific review of four reasons to go naked - but it's still an entertaining read: http://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2016/03/espresso-machine-mods-4-reasons-use-naked-portafilter/?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=deae6b0f6f-April_5_Newsletter4_5_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e5c3eb4dc6-deae6b0f6f-153460069
  10. Since getting back from Italy I am fixated on buying a machine that will give me something of a little class. I have narrowed my search down to the gaggia classic and the rancilio silvia. I have read many advantages and disadvantages of each and it looks that the rancilio silvia will be the one for me but at a greater cost. I was hoping for a little advice, if I bought just the rancilio silvia for now, is it possible to still make a fairly good standard of coffee using supermarket pre-ground coffee? I have three bags that need to be used up. As long as its drinkable and better than instant thats a yes. Also, I have found a website selling such a product which is going for £360 (excl delivery). Is this a good price for the 2009 version? For both the silvia and rocky grinder, its talking about £560(excl del). I will have a lot of problems from the missus to justify spending so much money if it turns out to be bad. Is this money well spent? Also, does the rancilio come with pretty much everything I need to start making my milk based drinks? Does it come with the portafilter and is it a twin or single?
  11. you know, the bit that makes it drip into 2... the reason I ask is I only ever make coffee's in 1's, and when its the small Gaggia shot cup you have to be pretty accurate on cup placement and then hold it their in case of movement.. been out of the coffee scene for a while as I developed a bit of an addiction, okay I developed a huge addiction but all that is over.. I had a Selecta Deluxe before and managed a couple of weeks back to get a hardly used in pretty much spank condition Espresso Pure for £70 delivered, came with all accessories and even 4 boxed unused ipa cups and saucers apart from their looks they seem pretty similar to use although I must say it gets up to temp quicker than I remember on the Selecta Deluxe and I am getting a much better milk froth from it.. so back to my Q, is the twin flow bit at the bottom crucial to the process or can I take it off? and if so is it safe? Thanks
  12. MyEspresso claim to be offering a "custom made version of the Piccino" which is "a much sturdier construction both external and internal". Anybody know anything about this? (No, I am not replacing my Londinium, this is just an enquiry on behalf of a friend)
  13. Just saw this on ebay, beautiful machine, could be knackered though! The guy selling clearly has no idea, as described the portafilter as the 'small handled cup'! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170659155700&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123#ht_500wt_1156
  14. I just purchased a new group head seal from CoffeeHit.co.uk It was dead cheap (93p) and they were doing free P&P http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/gaggia-group-head-gasket-9mm/p297 I fitted it yesterday and now the PF is pretty hard to get on the machine. It will fit but I have to hold the machine to turn and lock it into place. Is this normal for a new gasket? My machine is getting better and better the more bits I service. It was in pretty good nick anyway but every shot I pull just gets nicer and nicer since changing and cleaning various parts. I also got a new double filter basket from them and it will barely hold 18g. Is that normal for a double? With 18 I can just close it and it gets left with a screw imprint in the top. http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/gaggia-double-filter-basket/p205 The basket is a slightly different shape the the one I had previously. The angled bit at the bottom starts nearer the top whereas my old one was almost vertically down until the very bottom where it angled in. My old one looks more like this http://www.coffeehit.co.uk/synesso-double-ridgeless-basket/p326
  15. What do people use for portafilter storage? Have 2 with the rocket (soon to be 3 when I get a naked) and ideally want something that isbwall mounted (if such a thing exists!)
  16. As it says I have a bottomless pf for a Gaggia which includes a good quality basket in the price. This has never been used as my partner put it away in its original packaging and then promptly forgot where she put it. Only a week after I sold my Gaggia Classic did she remember where it was. I would like to recover my purchase price but will cover the cost of postage. So its £30 and post and packaging is included in the price.
  17. Got this for Xmas, only switched to E61 machine now. Pristine condition. http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/naked-porta-filter-holder-for-gaggia.html £20 delivered
  18. Hi all, Can anyone speak from experience of having used one of these? Normally with something like this I'd quite enjoy making my own, but I'm feeling outrageously lazy. Cheers http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161207195351?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  19. Just picked up a s/h classic. chucked all the bits in pulycaff, and the shower screen and basket are nice ans shiny. The portafilter looks like the attached file - is that normal or should it be all shiny inside?
  20. I am looking for a good solution for tamping and I am hoping to get some insight from people's experiences. I am using a Londinium L1, which comes with a naked/bottomless portafilter, so I cannot use the various tamping stands/stations that use the spout as a point of connection. I could potentially use a mat, though I am not sure I can easily get the PF level on a flat mat and I cannot use a mat that lines up at the edge of a table (since it is in an office and I need the space to be open along the edge of the table). So it seems like the best option would be a tamping stand that the portafilter sits in as a cradle. I did some searches here and elsewhere and am not sure what the best options are. I saw recent discussion of the ECM Tamper Station, which I suppose could work. Londinium also sell their premium portafilter cradle, which might be overkill. Any other ideas/suggestions? Anyone used the Londinium one? Cheers/.
  21. Hello everyone, I am new on this forum as I've just bought my first coffee machine and I would like some advice. The machine is a Gran Gaggia RI8323/01 and I already bought the Silvia wand to replace to the original plastic one. Now I would like to buy also a bottomless portafilter but I can not find it. First of all, what size is the PF of the Gran Gaggia, 54mm? On eBay I can find lots of them for the Gaggia Classic that I guess is 58mm but nothing for size 54mm, does anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks, David
  22. My Gaggia Classic has developed a leak today. When pulling a shot, water is leaking out of the top of the portafilter where it seals with the machine. Water then runs down and into the cup. Ive cleaned the shower screen and everything looks clean and normal. Any idea why this is happening please? The leak isn't very visible in this photo as it was leaking around the back of the portafilter, but it does show water running off and into the cup..
  23. For sale is my Gaggia Classic which I got just after Christmas, so only around 1 month old! The model number is RI8161/40 which is the last one before the 2015 model which means 3 way solenoid and you can still do the OPV mod etc and it has the aluminium boiler. Its in fantastic condition as you would expect. The only reason I am selling it so soon is that I quickly realised I make lots and lots of milk drinks for my family and that I want to go for a dual boiler machine as a result. I have done the following: The OPV mod - adjusted to 10 Bar static and 9 Bar pressure Upgraded the steam wand to the Rancilio Silvia steam wand. I bought the complete kit for £20 so that the original wand and bolt remained intact The machine has had 1 descale and has been cleaned with Cafiza It comes with the following: Original Portafilter Original Double and Single pressurised baskets Non pressurised double basket Non pressurised single basket Blanking disk Naked/Bottomless portafiler with double basket Pro portafilter with single spout Original panarello steam wand/arm Will also include the pressure guage and bolt I used for the OPV mod in case you want to change at all. The item comes in its original Gaggia box and comes with all instructions. The item is in Essex and I would prefer collection and cash on collection. Would post at buyers expense and risk as people have had issues with couriers recently. These are around £250 new. The steam wand £20, and the portafilters and baskets cost around £65/70, the pressure guage etc £10, making the total lot around £350!! The price is £240 for everything. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11613[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11614[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11615[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11616[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]11617[/ATTACH]
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