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Found 48 results

  1. Hey, Just made my morning coffee and it took ages as my porlex handle has finally rounded to become totally useless ? Has anyone got one going?? Cheers
  2. hi all, i have recently entered the, what i previously thought of as, simple world of coffee making with the machine pictured. how wrong i was, i didnt even know what a tamper was for example, let alone its importance to the dark art, and as for making frothy milk.........??? anyhow i am making progress and i am turning out pretty decent coffee from costa pre ground but i realise i have a long way to go. i think i will invest in a coffee grinder, can you get a decent one for approx £40 ?, and try that. Chris
  3. Hi everyone, this is my first post on here and may appear a little strange on a forum for coffee lovers. Please be gentle with me.... I've owned a Gaggia Classic for about a year and love the coffee that it produces. My wife thought it would be a white elephant. She said that she would never drink coffee from it because the high street stuff would be far superior. She tried it once and is almost as hooked as I am. Our choice of coffee has always been illy ground espresso. We haven't seen a need to try anything else on account of the fact that we like it. Anyway, for Christmas, and having seen what we have, my sister in law bought be a bag of coffee beans. Clearly, she didn't appreciate that I don't have a grinder. I could plant those beans and see if a bean stalk grows or I could do nothing with them or I could buy a grinder.... So, I started looking and quickly realised that anything less than a burr grinder wasn't going to be any good for espresso. Even with that in mind, I would be looking at a cost of between 100 and 150 pounds for something of a reasonable baseline - Iberital MC2 or similar. My (our) coffee habits are typically a double shot each per day - seldom espresso alone and often turned into a cappuccino for each of us. The taste is far nicer than the high street and, having practised a lot, I think I can do them pretty well, even on a Gaggia with a single boiler. So, do you think that there is a world out there which will justify the outlay of a decent enough grinder? I have to be sensitive to price within reason and it would be nice to think that, over a time, I may recover some of my outlay through cheaper but as good or better quality coffee than illy ground. How does illy ground compare with beans bought from the places that you normally frequent? At the rate that we get through coffee, will the beans loose their freshness unless I buy very small quantities at a time and pretend not to notice the cost of postage? Any other thoughts, suggestions, pointers, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ian
  4. I'm looking to change my set-up completely, so I'm selling a job lot of everything you need to make espresso with the exception of beans. The Gaggia Classic is four month's old and the other items are slightly newer. The Gaggia is cleaned and descaled ready to use, as is the Porlex grinder. All items are in excellent condition and have been well looked after. The Gaggia Classic was bought online from Harts of Stur in Dorset and still has 20 months left on the manufacturer's warranty. The Gaggia Classic cost £200 new and the other items in excess of £100. I'm looking for £270 OVNO. And preferably cash on collection. List of items: 1) Gaggia Classic 2) Porlex Mini ceramic burr grinder 3) Motta flat-bottomed tamper 4) Motta Europa milk jug 0.5ltr 5) Grindenstein Knock box 6) 2 x Gaggia cappucino cups and saucers 7) 2 x Saeco descaler (Saeco/Philips own Gaggia) 8) Non-pressurised double filter basket 9) All the original accessories, manual, receipt, boxes etc complete. Please see pictures below for everything that's included. Any questions or offers please reply to the thread, don't just throw wild offers into PMs – thanks, much appreciated. Kind regards, Andy.
  5. hi there does anyone here own a porlex hand grinder? do they work well for a coarse cafetiere grind? iv just bought one from coffee hit. thankyou
  6. My porlex has stopped clicking as I adjust the grind size - I've taken it apart and tried looking at threads that help with this stuff but can't seem to sort it out; this is also what happened to my Hario grinder which made me buy the porlex... As well as not clicking, the burrs themselves are moving every time I adjust the adjuster... Picture below of the pieces when unscrewed; I'm thinking it's something to do with the spring and the thin metal bit next to it pictured - in what order do I put these on?
  7. As per above, Porlex, Rhino etc - Please let me know what you've got. Budget is circa £25 Would require postage to Oxford (can collect in Oxford though). Thanks
  8. Hope someone can give some advice. I've finally managed to get some consistent results from my Gaggia Classic using a Porlex grinder (many thanks to Big Tony). The problem being the settings on the Porlex grinder. Most people seem to get the best results from 3-4 clicks from tightest for espresso, however I've found that the setting works on my grinder at 6 and other people at +10 which should be French Press territory. As a nubbie to world of coffee, I wouldn't really know a decent grind if it hit me. I've taken the below photos of my grind at 6, I'd be grateful if a qualified eye could look at the grind and see if it looks about right for an espresso or if there's anything wrong with it. Has anyone else had similar experiences with Porlex grinders?[ATTACH=CONFIG]2155[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2154[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2153[/ATTACH]
  9. Hi everyone, this is Heru LS, a communication specialist living in Leeds, and obviously a coffee lover. I'm from Indonesia, and will soon back to my homeland in this year, miss the Indonesia coffee since the first day arrived in Leeds. My first coffee sip was in 1990's in my house in North Aceh, Sumatera Island. It was only a sip because my father suddenly reprimanded because I was deemed too small. I was just in primary school. I've started consuming coffee again while studying at the University, in Yogyakarta, Java Island, in 2000. It was only an instant coffee, sometimes worst, a sachet coffee. Then I've started to appreciate specialty coffee in Yogyakarta in 2010, mostly from joined a cupping event. I love reading, then I read many coffee blogs. I have visited a coffee plantation in Takengon, Gayo, Central Aceh, Sumatera Island, in 2012. But unfortunately, I made no conversation with the farmer, only taking a lot of photos on it. That was because my visited is only for enjoying the nature, and I'm not started yet growing my curiosity about specialty coffee. I bought my first hand grinder in 2013, a Tiamo. Since 2015, I only bought single origin whole bean from several roastery for consuming at home. Currently, my tools are a Porlex hand grinder, an Aeropress, and Hario V60 dripper with a server for 2 cups, a digital thermometer, and a bad and inaccurate digital kitchen scale, hope soon to raise money to have a good one. I had attended the Generation Coffee event held by La Marzocco in London, in 2012. A very rewarding experience, opens my eyes directly about how the specialty coffee scenes in the UK, rather than only read it online. Hoped enough as an introduction. I'm here to learn, making new friends, and hope can get information of best prices for some tools or beans.
  10. Looking for a relatively cheap but decent hand grinder for work for my Aeropress and Clever Dripper. As I can't run to a Lido (maybe Santa will say I've been a good boy and it's only 8 months or so away) and I'm desperate because I don't like grinding at home and carting containers of grinds to work. Plus I can easily swap beans day to day when the notion takes me, so what do you recommend chaps?
  11. Hello Apologies my first ever post after registering is probably a very dull question, but I would be grateful for any help. I have been a lurker here for some time, enjoying reading the various threads. I'm a moka pot and Aeropress user, and now wanting to purchase whole beans. To the matter in hand: I decided on a Porlex Mini grinder, but my buying experience so far has been disappointing and confusing. All three units I've purchased (from three different UK sellers) have had slightly taco'd (they rock on a flat surface) and oval-shaped female/outer burrs. The first unit (first photo) I excitedly did my first grind with set at 5 clicks, only to get very coarse grounds. I then tried 3 clicks, followed by 1 click, yet still got coarse grounds. The finest was still ~1mm in size. On inspecting the burrs I discovered the cause - the female burr was oval thus allowing an obvious pathway of least resistance. The second and third grinders are the exactly the same, each female/outer being ~1.5mm wider N-S axis versus E-W axis and the male/inner being perfectly round. Pics 2 and 3 show the latest unit's taco shape and the gap around 1/4 of the circumference between the burrs. The fact all three female/outer burrs have been identical confuses me: is this typical manufacturing quality of the Porlex, or am I being unlucky?
  12. Scarab

    Porlex! Urgent

    Hi guys, Currently away on a little trip and my bag has got lost, by the airline, containing all my travel coffee items, I'm due home on Friday for a few days before going away again mid next week. All the other stuff I can replace quite easily but getting hold of a Porlex takes time. Does anyone have one that they'd be willing to part with? Desperately.... Alex
  13. Hi, I've just started into coffee making (before I used a tassimo). Recently I purchased just a cheap espresso maker, and I have a grinder. The problem is, my coffee bean grinder is awful - you just press it down until you think it is done. I'm just wondering, will this do the job better: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/4261687.htm ? I want to invest in much better espresso makers such as a Gaggia Classic very shortly but just want to get used to making espresso-based drinks first. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone! I am hoping that at lest some of you will have a few spare minutes and will be kind enough to offer some help. Basically I know very very little about coffee as I don't drink it - but my boyfriend started getting into coffee more and more recently. He has a filter coffee machine, a Kenwood one as far as I can recall. I would like to but him some beans and a grinder as part of his Christmas present. I'd appreciate any advice on grinders and best places to buy beans (online, UK) as I know so little - I've started reading about it all and my head is spinning. My budget is relatively small (below 60 pounds for grinder and some different types of beans would be great) - while I understand that spending more would get a better quality grinder I want to first see if this is something my boyfriend might be interested in getting into. I understand burr is better than blades and that if I want a cheap burr grinder that would mean going manual. Can you recommend anything? Is this Hario Ceramic Mill decent? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hario-Coffee-Mill-Ceramic-Slim/dp/B001804CLY/ref=pd_cp_kh_0 Or maybe electric/blades are fine for filter coffee? As for beans, I understand that I want them to be "freshly roasted" and preferably lightly-medium roasted. If there are any retailers that you can recommend it would be great. Since I don't drink coffee I have no clue where to look - I noticed that Whittard does beans, but it's not strictly coffee centered, so not sure whether that's a good choice. Any tips appreciated!
  15. SOLD ON [E]BAY For sale Porlex Mini hand ceramic burr grinder. Only 4 month's old with all the original packaging. Used, but in excellent condition, washed and ready for use. 100% genuine, bought from https://www.gallacoffee.co.uk/acatalog/porlex-mini-hand-grinder.html £24.20 posted in UK. Selling due to completely changing my coffee making methods and equipment.
  16. Heigh-ho Chaps, I'm Buzz. Let me tell you a little about me and my journey so far... I'm female, late 30's and live in London. I was introduced to drinking "proper" coffee on a regular basis, over the past year, via... Starbucks (eek! *awaits mass flaming*) Drinking mainly filter coffee (never Pike Place) with a few Frappuccinos thrown into the mix (that's not coffee) and a couple of Toffee-Nut Lattes at Xmas (neither's that!) I decided to expand my knowledge of good coffee...(!) I've recently begun to drink coffee at home using a cafetiere (admittedly, using s-bux beans) and realised I needed a good grinder to help me on my way. After narrowing my choices down to either a DeLonghi KG79 or a Krups GSX-whatever I looked online to see what sort of reviews they got. Discovering American websites such as CoffeeGeek, etc. - I quickly changed my mind! Due to budget, my new choice became a Porlex Hand Mill so I looked on the net again to see if I could find a British review and, more importantly, a UK supplier. This is how I found you kind people. (Thanks Yahoo) The next step was to lurk... One thing I noticed was that, unlike some (overly anal/ obsessive) forums, here the coffee dictionary doesn't start and end at espresso - though many of you do have a "healthy" interest in it. (This IS a compliment - Honest!) And... You have a sense of humour I can understand. Result! Naturally I signed up and (twenty-four hours, or so, later) here I am! What's next? To learn what good, fresh coffee actually is (mail order) and... well, I think that's enough to be getting on with for now really. Thanks for reading this far and I hope we can be friends. Buzz (sent using a really crap phone)
  17. Hi nice people of Coffee Forums. I've been reading the posts on here quite obsessively and thought it might be time to say thanks for all the insights. I'm just starting my journey into the world of quality coffee. Yesterday my new Porlex hand mill and 2 bags of beans from Hasbean arrived. Couldn't wait to try some, so the Kenya Ndimaini AA probably had barely 48 hours to degass (with a little help from me squeezing the bag every few hours yesterday!). As well as the Kenyan I got myself some Brazil Fazenda Sao Judas Tadeu Pulped Natural 2011 which I have so far found enough restraint to sit unopened. However, I think that amount of self-control isn't going to last many more hours. So the Kenyan is already tasting yummy in my French Press even though I think I might have actually ground the beans too coarsely. But zinging with berries. It might take me a little while to get the Porlex precisely right - but experimenting will be fun. Glad I finally retired the blade grinder. Eager to climb to some higher peaks of experience than Taylor's Colombia Excell..(sp?). I did have a Krupps Espresso machine (at least thats what I thought it was going to make!). The best I ever got from it was a long and overextracted cup of coffee...which to be fair wasn't terrible. It was a step in the right direction anyway. Fortunately this has since died so once I have got to know my coffee and various interesting new preparation methods I will (in the next year) be getting myself the Silvia and Vario. In the next few weeks I will be getting an Aeropress and small Chemex. I don't have many questions to ask all you very knowledgable folks. Only thing I would have benefitted from are a) a "painting-by-numbers" guide to correct adjustment from a Porlex owner (how many turns from closed burrs to french press..aeropress..etc). b) where the hell can I buy a decent cup of coffee in Tavistock or Plymouth! Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line I can give a little back to the community and provide these answers should any one else arrive here as "green" as me.
  18. My classic arrived today so I'm looking for a starter grinder, would any of these be suitable? Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill Hario Skerton Porlex Mini Porlex
  19. Hi all. Selling my porlex mini, great condition. Purchased around one year ago, used to grind approx 1-2kg or beans. Burrs in good condition. Collection from stafford area or buyer to organise delivery. £40 or nearest offer. Cheers. JP
  20. Hi folks My birthday is approaching and I've decided I'd like to try and build myself a little travel set up as a treat. I started with a Skerton and Aeropress, along with the metal filter, but as per usual, you jump into a rabbit hole and now I'm not sure... Rhino/Porlex/Hario grinder; Clever Dripper/Aeropress/etc.... Just curious as to people's thoughts on a good, space-efficient set up to take away. Budget is around £60.
  21. Anyone used both and can tell me if there is enough of a difference to justify double the price? Hario can be had for £16 delivered whereas the Porlex is £33 and a wait from Japan. It will just be for a quick and dirty Aeropress at work, eyeballed measurements and water out of an Urn so nothing special. Am I going to be noticing any difference with the Porlex? Whilst it would be nice to slot my grinder into my Aeropress its pretty far down on my list, price and quality are much higher.
  22. I've been using my tall porleporlex for a couple of years with no issues (other than sore arms and hands at times!) However over the last couple of weeks it's developed a squeak. After the first 30 seconds grinding it starts squeaking. It's regularly disassembled and cleaned. Also I'm getting the impression it's not grinding as well when the squeak is apparent. Any ideas?
  23. Hey everyone, Just wondered if the good folk of these forums had any ideas with travelling and brewed coffee set-ups. I'll be travelling through the Middle East for around a month in the next week and wondered out of the two brewing methods, which one is more travel friendly. In the interests of packing light, I'll be taking some scales and a Porlex mini, extra filters, etc. I use a Bonavita Variable Temp kettle at home for my pourovers, but taking the v60 would mean getting my hands on a new gooseneck kettle that's stovetop-friendly and hopefully not too bulky. I have seen some Tiamos dupe of the Hario Buono, but from what I know they only seem to work for electric hobs? I could be wrong. Tbh, I do love my v60 for simplicity and ease, but perhaps the Aeropress is more consistent and a little lighter? Being plastic, maybe it can stand to be knocked around a bit more than a dainty glass v60! If anyone has any experiences or ideas for travel kit, I'd be grateful to hear
  24. Hi, I've had a Silva for almost 13 years but crazily, only now just woken up to freshly ground beans after my wife gave me a Porlex for Christmas. Looking forward to improving my technique and trying lots of different beans.... Simon
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