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Found 34 results

  1. Whilst we have some ideas of how we would like to take Coffee Forums UK forward, we would like to involve the community in any decisions that are made. What features would you like to see introduced on Coffee Forums UK? Please post your suggestions below and at the end of March a poll will be made from the suggestions. The user who suggests the most popular feature will win a CupKozy. All suggestions will be considered but not all can be developed.
  2. Is there a barista who makes better coffee than their colleagues that you are happy to wait for if they are busy? Or do you accept a coffee from whomever is serving you? I'm keen to hear your thoughts
  3. You can view the page at http://coffeeforums.co.uk/content.php?162-Poll-VAT-Rise-effect-on-pricing
  4. My wife and I always challenge ourselves to get a meaningful/practical/useful/thoughtful gift for each other to the value of £50 I'm not about to change that in any way.... but thought it would be interesting to find out what sort of budgets you set for each other (or would expect to have spent on you) Please click on the budget range in the poll above and feel free to leave any comments below.
  5. If asked, do you or would you add sugar or sweetener to a customers drink? I haven't heard of many requests when out and about in cafes in the UK but in the US this practise seems common. One of the more ridiculous examples I heard was "Double decaf skinny mochaccino with 2 sweeteners" Do you? / Would you? or are you undecided?
  6. Ok folks so here are the results Few stand out changes from last year's poll Espresso based drinks are still the tops at 62.2% but this is down on 2014 where it dominated even more at 72.4 % ( 10 % down on last year and a movement of 14% ) Within espresso base drink , drinking espresso is on the up from 38.9% to 42.7 % , with milk based and americano both of the decline , as a result Manual brewed now accounts for 31.9% of drinks up from 24.9 % in 2014 ( a change of 28 % up ) I suspect the advent of the BrazenBrewer accounts for a lot of the Auto drip drinks with 3.1 % If we add these together brewed now accounts for 35% of the coffee drunk in the poll Within brewed Aeropress rules the roost , putting immersion brewing on top for all brewed types V60 has dropped a last year 25% from of brewed coffee to just under 12 % , over a 50% drop Pour over methods ( lets say for simplicity chemex , kalita, and v60 ) itself seems less popular , in 2014 it was 50% of all brewed coffee methods now its 26% Perhaps thanks to Professor PatrickSiphon now makes an appearance at 6 % of brewed too .. So brewed coffee is being drunk more ,with more varied methods being used Espresso is on the up , so more people leaning towards black coffee perhaps ?? Milk based drink are still the favourites for now …. Let's see the results in another year ,and see where the forum is then... Big thanks to all who took the time tocast their votes Massive thanks to MWJB for the piecharts and %'s ….
  7. The current wording of the posting guidelines for the Deals section is; Before posting an eBay link in the Deals section, please read the following guidelines; Only "Buy it Now" items should be placed in this section - as these could represent a deal Items for sale and not auction, constitute a potential deal since the contract price is known Items for auction (where no such assurance of a deal exists - eg an item with a starting price of 99p with 3 days to go) may not be a deal - as the end price is not likely to remain at 99p, and the definition of whether this item was a deal or not will not be known until the auction ends Items for auction may be removed at the moderators discretion The increased visibility is likely to push the price of an item up and may disadvantage a member who has in interest in bidding for the item ************ It would appear that there is an appetite to be able to post eBay links for grinders, machines and accessories which are being advertised and do not have a buy it now price. Please vote on how you would like to see these links displayed This poll will run for 10 days from today
  8. Following on from the drinks poll, where espresso based milk drink were by far the most popular, I wanted to see how often and why people drank milk in their coffee and why So go two basic polls for you Firstly - how often do you drink milk in your coffee Secondly - Why I'll run these for a week til 9pm next sunday You only need to vote once on each poll ..... Lets get some more insight into what and how we drink the beanz.... How often do you drink your coffee https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DZ0K6wMCtK4O-y009DaG6yneYL3-YCsQY8o-UO4Pa5w/viewform?usp=send_form Tapatalk click here Why do you drink milk in your coffee? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IikXr2gwJU_-8jK250axC4wth7RFzGNUGBnHIq1hPcs/viewform?usp=send_form Tapatalk click here once again thanks for those who help me put this together question wise ( MWJB)
  9. Not every cafe has a toilet, and on occasions I have found myself heading to one that does, purely on that basis (given that the coffee is good at both locations) Assuming you don't need to go when making your decision, is this an influencing factor? Or does it not really matter? Please vote in the poll
  10. A quick poll and please post the details too - from Glenn's recent poll, espresso is clearly a fave, but how many distinct brewing methods do you have at home? For me, it's 6 (so far ) - ibrik, french press, aeropress, chemex, moka pot and pour over.
  11. Hi all results will be out shortly , but I though while we are waiting we could have a little fun .... So, how may responses did we get in the end for the poll.....? One clue only - it was over 2000 Nearest person wins Prize - 250g of coffee from my local roasters - chosen for your taste and brew preference Open til the results come out ..Lets say Friday 6pm Off you go Copy and paste your name and guesses please One vote per person ....
  12. With an ever growing selection of freshly roasted beans available I'm keen to find out how you buy your beans If you buy from more than 1 source please choose the method that you use to buy the majority of your beans
  13. Inspired by my wife showing me the cards she has in her wallet, I am intrigued to see what the average number is...
  14. coffee_forums: #poll Since the rise in VAT on 04 January has the price of your regular coffee increased at your favourite cafe? http://twtpoll.com/sotyd6 More...
  15. coffee_forums: Poll: How long are you prepared to stand in line to be served when ordering a takeaway coffee? http://twtpoll.com/smtcuw - Pls RT More...
  16. Would you like to see interviews with UK Coffee Industry personalities on Coffee Forums UK? http://twtpoll.com/uuw3eu #twtpoll Click the link above to participate in this poll
  17. Have you noticed a significant speed improvement of the Coffee Forums UK site since the server was rebuilt this weekend? Your thoughts and comments would be welcomed This information will help us choose the right environment to host Coffee Forums UK as we grow
  18. Hi there, I have created a shared calendar for people to view and add to by sharing the event on here. The calendar can be found here. It can be added to your own calendar views, phones, etc so that you will always know when your nearest event will be. But this requires your input to feed me with the information to make this a central resource for events and share the knowledge. The calendar can be used for major events (festivals and the like), coffee shop openings, training seminars, site sponsor events, etc. If you have anything to add to the calendar then please drop me a PM on here with dates/times, description, location and costs if applicable. Would be useful to get an idea of people who would find this useful and make the forum a bit more on the sociable side if possible! Thanks, Gareth
  19. Just curious to see who is the favourite big player amongst the members here. Personally, Starbucks every time. Nero would be second choice, with Costa bottom of the pile. Please vote and comment. Andy
  20. **UPDATE** Poll created HERE Sorry but I cannot identify if I can post a Poll and where it should be done.Perhaps one of our Admin people will help please? I am intrigued as to how people in general and our experts, drink their coffee. 1. Do you drink it black? 2. Do you drink it black with sugar? 3. Do you drink it with milk only? 4. Do you drink it with milk and sugar? 5. Etc. I would be most grateful if some one could assist to make a Poll with these questions and perhaps even with more questions. Thank you.
  21. If you could only drink coffee made by a single brewing method from now until the end of the year, what would you choose?
  22. What espresso based drink do you drink the most? There is no option for Filter coffee as that will be a separate poll
  23. A well designed work area can make all the difference when preparing coffee. If you work in cramped, poorly lit conditions your final product is likely to be of a lower standard than you could produce in a well lit space with plenty of room to move about in. There are constraints within a normal kitchen that are not often found in a cafe setting. Eg Placement of electrical sockets Water Supply (pipes for plumbing in etc) Bench space taken up by the better half's other gadgets (Smoothie Makers, Bread Makers etc) Do you feel your workspace is adequate and if not how would you like to layout your perfect work area for coffee?
  24. Please Note - You must be signed in to Vote in this Poll - Register for FREE Coffee Forums UK started little over 2 years ago and already has a member base of over 900 members. We are keen to understand where you heard about Coffee Forums UK, and ways that we can become more visible. With an increased membership comes additional benefits, such as more competitions and prizes, group buys (discount opportunities), and greater sharing of knowledge, and assistance from other members in your area. Please take a few moments to choose the reason in the poll that you identify with, or choose 'other' and leave a comment below Thanks for taking the time to help us plan to serve you better
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