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  1. I have a US spec Minima Beta machine. I've had a few expected issues with the machine all of them have been relatively easily addressed. Recently one of the brew boiler wire connections melted, likely due to a small leak at one of the boiler fittings. After fixing it I reset the machine to the PID settings recommended in the manual. Machine is now tripping the 15 amp breaker in the power strip - no problem when directly connected to the wall receptacle. This is not a big deal, but I do typically have the machine on a 15 amp timer and would prefer not to fry the timer if the machine is now draw
  2. Hi folks, i've been lurking for a while, reading reviews and on that basis bought a Gaggia Classic and Iberital MC2 grinder. I love the classic, however as an eternal tinkerer i went after the PID mod to try and get some more consistency in my espresso. I got all the bits together, however the controller i purchased was a CKC tinner Rex-C100. I've two issues, when is set the input as PT100 i get nonsensical temperature readings, i'm using a 3-wire PT100. I'm ordered, or should i say received, a cheap HK variant of the C100 that isn't configurable for pt100, i.e. software is but
  3. So I am just in the process of gathering all the parts to do a DIY PID controller mod to my Classic I know there is a very helpful chap on here who will supply a whole kit - but since I am an electromechanical engineer by trade I thought i really should have a go I'm using a Rex C100 clone for the controller - so 45x45x100mm footprint I would really like something that fits aesthetically with the brushed stainless finish of the machine and as small and unobtrusive as possible. plan to mount it to on the right hand side of the machine. so was initially looking at extruded enclosu
  4. I have upgraded my coffee machine, so want to give away the bits from my Gaggia Baby Class (all fit Gaggia Classic as well) for FREE. Just pay me for the postage. The first one to go is MrShades PID. MrShades made some custom modification for me, as I could not fit all the parts inside the machine. Also I had multiple AC SSR failures (probably because of the bad steam switch), so MrShades send me an a little AC/DC power supply which is used instead of the AC SSR. This is to say that you need more skills to fit/adapt this one into your machine compared to the original MrShades kit. I will
  5. I am considering a product to turn a Gaggia Classic into a high-tech, internet connected, touch-screen IOT device. I would like to make a kit which you can buy to easily retrofit your pre-2015 machine. It would require only some re-wiring and plumbing and not significantly change the machine's external appearance. Possible ideas/features: Replace the front switch module with a box containing a powerful microcrontroller and a full-colour touchscreen interface with Wifi connectivity - no cutting, no external boxes!!! Full PID temperature control Full closed-loop pressur
  6. Hey All, Purchased my first machine last weekend from a member on this forum. So far I love it! Machine is really easy to use, bottomless portfilter allows me to see all my mistakes (I have made a lot of mistakes) Looking to buy a grinder (Sage Smart Pro) off another member on here. Thank you all for helping in my journey. Cheers, John
  7. Probably a question done to death on here but.... Having had a second hand silvia for a few months I am not particularly convinced by the consistency of the extraction and am thinking about installing a PID. But given the expense I am interested in views on the cheaper solutions. The mecoffee interests me but the product seems hit and miss on quality. Be great to get some feedback from those who have used various solutions. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, I upgraded to a Fracino Piccino so it's time to sell my Gaggia Classic. This machine has served me very faithfully for the past year or so, and now it's time to find a new home for it. Most of you on this forum will be aware that the Gaggia Classic is one of the most popular "entry" level home espresso machines that produces a brilliant cup of coffee when handled properly. This particular Classic is also all modded out so it's even better! The mods: OPV (Overpressure Valve) mod set to 10 bar via Pressure Gauge which means it's actually a dynamic 9 bar,
  9. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I had a mishap with my Mecoffee Pid, which sadly resulted in the melting of what I believe to be the switching transistor (though I might be totally wrong, see pics attached). I've tried contacting Mecoffee, to no avail. My only remaining options are either to go for another PID with a better heatsink on the chips, or try a cheaper solution, which would simply mean replacing the melted chip and crossing my fingers that it would pop back to life.... However, since the chip is kinda FUBAR, I can't read the serial number, and there are hardly any
  10. Thought I'd share my restoration project here to maybe inspire some others as well as to get some pointers from Gaggia veterans! I wasn't satisfied with my old Breville BES830XL machine and some searching led me to either the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. After watching a couple of teardown videos on the classic and seeing how mechanically simple the machine was, it was the route I decided to take. I found a used Classic from the late 90's for sale and began the project. To say it wasn't well maintained would be a serious understatement! I forgot to take a pic of the machine
  11. Hello everybody. I've been a lurker for a while but finally joined I thought I posted yesterday but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I've got a Gaggia Classic to which I've added the standard Rancio steam wand and I splurged on a Malkoenig grinder. I also got an Aubin PID sent from America which a friend installed for me after doing one of his own. The new thermostat is installed and the display seems accurately to measure the temperature. However, it only seems to measure the temperature, it doesn't seem to influence it - the kit looks installed correctly and I've fiddled
  12. I am going to be spending a small fortune on a coffee set up later on this year, after my issues with a sage barista express i have decided to the full hog and invest in a quality grinder and espresso machine. I seem to have fallen in love with rockets. The Appartmento been the most likely candidate for me, problem is it lacks PID. Is this a huge issue? Space wise I've measured the width and i could actually go for either the Appartmento or the r58. Obviously the 58 is almost double the price, but comes with dual boiler and PID. If i can get top quality coffee from a Ap
  13. I've just finished refurbishing two Silvias. I want to move this one on but not sure how much to ask. I can't find any recently sold Silvias with a Rex PID to guage a fair price. Some details- Its a 2007 V2 Silvia, I have just replaced the element, this involved adapting the boiler to take the early Silvia element that is still available for about £30, future element replacement will be easy. I have replaced all seals and modified the group to take a flush fitting screw (rather than the original screw that protrudes into the portafliter basket and limits the amount of coffee in the basket
  14. So this is my current set up. Delonghi EC710 and a Sage dose control pro. The grinder is a recent upgrade from a krups blade so i'm still figuring it out. I've been using some coffeemasters super crema and occasionally hit a sweet spot with it. The EC710 i've had for around 5 years and was a gift from my darling. From what I've read online they are deemed to be a bit pants. It's worked for me though. Recently switched out the pinarello for a steam wand off a Silvia and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement. I can actually produce nice latteart milk so that has been fun experimenting. I h
  15. I am considering buying a new espresso machine for the money I could get from selling my compak e8 and rocket giotto V2. They are both extremely good (and beautiful) pieces of equipment but I am tired with not having a PID. My main issue with the rocket is that it is extremely difficult to get reproducible temp profiles (based on Eric's thermometer readings) affecting the consistency (based on my tastebuds readings) of the shots I am pulling. I think that dual boiler machine with PID could solve this issue. I would use a Pharos grinder as my main espresso grinder instead of the compak. I do
  16. hi, wanted to hear some thought from the fellows who have a PID installed on their Gaggia Classic. i've moded mine today with one (XMT7100, PT100) and here's a video from a shot after auto-tune: as you can see, it starts at 102.5C and after ~17seconds temperature drops to 98.5C and it starts going up. can someone share their experience with PID? maybe it must be tuned more "aggressively" to respond to temperature drop?
  17. Title says it all. Looking for you humble members to weigh-in your opinions for these entry level espresso machines installed with a PID. Which works better for you and why. AK
  18. I have seen in the Bosco workshop in Naples a Bosco with temp. PID. Can you explain to me, if it makes sense to use a lever machine with PID?
  19. The Fracino Piccino is a dual boiler machine, one boiler for coffee and one to provide steam. Made in Birmingham and are very well built and are very well regarded. This machine is very small and compact, barely larger than a Gaggia Classic, it will fit on most kitchen work tops. It is a definite and worthwhile improvement from the SBDU (Single Boiler dual Use) machines such as the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. Tank fed, does not need to be plumbed in. Because the brew boiler uses a bimetallic thermostat to regulate temperature, it suffers from the same drawback of impre
  20. I have a Miss Silvia with the production date 01/00, which I assume is January 2000. I have read somewhere that machines pre May 2000 do not have the M4 thread for a temperature sensor. So is it not possible to PID it? Or do I just need some other temperature sensor, and if so what kind? Thanks!
  21. After the success of my 'screw in' Pt100 sensor, for the Gaggia Classic and pre 2006 Silvia's - I'm now trying to produce a Pt100 sensor that is embedded within a surface mounted thermostat housing, as used on the post 2006 Silvias. Essentially it's going to be a direct replacement for the cylindrical thermostat, that's held in place with the metal strap - like this (this is a standard Silvia thermostat, NOT my sensor!). I don't own a Silvia, so am initially looking for someone that has one - that either already has fitted a PID (perhaps with a K or J thermocouple) and they want to u
  22. As some of you may recall from an earlier thread of mine (a few months ago), I got frustrated when fitting the PID (to my Classic) because I couldn't find a suitable, nice looking enclosure. In the end I "made do" with a black plastic one, and then had to take a dremel to it and hack it around. Everything else I could find was too small, too big, too ugly, too - but just wrong. So - I started the quest to help others in my situation... as these PIDs are 1/16DIN (45mmx45mm) and there just seems to be NOTHING that is currently made (even on eBay or AliExpress, or anywhere) that will
  23. It would be really handy if there was a sticky or similar in the bean sub-forum where people could add their experiences using different temperatures or even ratios. As fun as it is to go on the voyage of discovery yourself sometimes it is better to use a map (saves a lot of beans as well). ps. this is where someone probably directs me to precisely the above, already in existence!
  24. Does anyone have a wiring diagram / pictures available for modding the Silva V4 with a REXC100 for Brew and Steam control. Also - If anyone has further details on the process for both modding the brew AND steam controls this would really be appreciated I have the following: REX c100 PID with all pins available. SSR 40 DA-AC for brew SSR 40 AC-AC for steam Thanks in advance Tim
  25. A bit of an update on my PID kit that I've recently been working on. Whilst I'm keeping the current kit alive and kicking, and the full details of it are still here: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?27931-MrShades-Gaggia-Classic-PID-Kit-Complete-PID-kit-with-full-guide-%A389 I've also been working on a kit that uses a PID controller that looks almost identical to the Auber one. It's 1/32DIN (rather than 1/16DIN for the Rex C100) and therefore half the size. It's half the size as it only has one display (rather than the two displays on the 1/16DIN Rex C100). It's obvio
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