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  1. I recently found that the KitchenAid Artisan espresso machines used mainly Gaggia Classic parts inside and that they were dual boiler so I managed to pick one up from Ebay at £41 in a nice fetching "Medallion Silver" finish. It would be a great starting point for a project. I did have in mind re-casing the whole project but the KA casing is in fantastic condition and does look a lot better on the counter-top that it does in photographs. Anyway, It all worked absolutely fine on testing and produced a decent espresso. The steam boiler I could hear a slight hiss from and upon inspection noticed a little weeping between the top/bottom boiler sections. The plan is to completely strip, clean, re-seal and rebuild the boilers, 3 way solenoids, OPV etc. Clean up the casing and framework. Add all the Arduino gubbins. Features/Mods: 1. I've already modified a V1/V2 Silvia wand by cutting and welding the "ball joint" section from the old wand onto the Silvia wand - So now it articulates! 2. Arduino controlled PID's with PT100 sensors and SSR's. I'll program the steam boiler to go into Idle mode after 5 mins of no activity and reduce temp to save the seals. 3. An SSR to PWM the pump so I can add pre-infusion and possible pressure profiling at a later date. 4. Volumetric flowmeter so I can switch between volumetric shots, time-based, or manual 5. Possibly add pressure sensors for boiler pressures (and brewhead pressure if I can figure out how) 6. Will add other features like On/off for service boiler, descale/backflush programs, steam boiler auto-refill etc 7. Remove the two useless temp gauges and replace them with OLED displays 8. Original switch gear will be replaced, possibly a d-pad/joystick type for scrolling through menus Photos of the machine in it's various stages of disassembly below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B3v_CZkXpclEsZ6LjCiI0q16ndA4oxRd Any ideas of features that I've missed or would be a good addition please let me know. Any information of any kind would also be appreciated, always good to ehar other people's experiences of similar projects. Cheers, Kev.
  2. So I am just in the process of gathering all the parts to do a DIY PID controller mod to my Classic I know there is a very helpful chap on here who will supply a whole kit - but since I am an electromechanical engineer by trade I thought i really should have a go I'm using a Rex C100 clone for the controller - so 45x45x100mm footprint I would really like something that fits aesthetically with the brushed stainless finish of the machine and as small and unobtrusive as possible. plan to mount it to on the right hand side of the machine. so was initially looking at extruded enclosures - but very little out there that fits the bill size wise. there is this folded aluminium silver painted option which is about the next best I have come across https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/products/0244134/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Enclosures_And_Storage_And_Material_Handling_MOB-_-Enclosures%7CInstrument_Cases-_-PRODUCT_GROUP&matchtype=&pla-394256332783&s_kwcid=AL!7457!3!319513463502!!!g!394256332783!&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-c_iBRChARIsAGCOpB0SJIMu8dNPAMTKa5Wq0f3NLWzPfktg3RFqCops2ddJXTPax2307nYaAu89EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds or I thought perhaps to use a 50.8mm extruded aluminium box section, as the controller would be a snug fit and make a simple cover for the rear.... what are you guys using ? photos or links would be perfect
  3. Hello everybody. I've been a lurker for a while but finally joined I thought I posted yesterday but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I've got a Gaggia Classic to which I've added the standard Rancio steam wand and I splurged on a Malkoenig grinder. I also got an Aubin PID sent from America which a friend installed for me after doing one of his own. The new thermostat is installed and the display seems accurately to measure the temperature. However, it only seems to measure the temperature, it doesn't seem to influence it - the kit looks installed correctly and I've fiddled with the settings without much difference. The temperature reduces to 102 then heats for about two seconds which then takes it to about 116 and so the cycle continues - as the video below shows. I'd be very grateful for any advice. [video=youtube_share;5JX_MhjdI3s]
  4. Not sure what I have done wrong. I installed a C100 PIDand thought I followed all instructions but heating continued past the alarms. I then took the PID out and the problemremains. Checking the wiring it seems fine (compared to photos onhere) but obviously isn't. I left the PID powered and have kept the temp probeagainst the boiler. I have both the original thermostats wired. The machineis a really old one – about 17 years but had a break for 6 years when I had asuper automatic. When I power on the brew light comes on at about 80 degreesbut heating stays on till I turn the machine off (about 160 degrees). Any advice on what it could be would be welcomed. I guesssomething really simple
  5. So I'm in the process of installing a pid to my classic, and I just have a question regarding controlling the heaters. Am I correct in my assumption that I'm disconnecting the thermostat and wiring that to the SSR? so that the wires going through the termostat, actually control the heaters? I can't find a concrete schematic for connecting the PID anywhere (Or it's not clear enough for me I guess)
  6. Good evening, I'm new here but pretty set on getting the Gaggia Classic and adding a PID. I can't seem to find any comparisons on the systems, and the last best PID kit thread dissapeared into DIY. I'm looking at buying a kit rather than doing a full DIY, I just don't have the time. As far as I can see theres MrShades kit which looks great, the Auber kit which offers the same options as MrShades so not much point looking at that or the mecoffee kit which has the app integration. Anyone know if I'm missing any or which is best? Cheers
  7. Hello I am selling my Gaggia Classic and some accessories The machine is in good condition Mods include: OPV set to 9 bar, silvia steam wand, and a Mr Shades PID which has really transformed this machine Included in the package is the Gaggia classic machine, standard portafilter (double and single spouts included), bottomless portafilter. Baskets included are single (accepts pods) and double pressurised baskets, 18g VST and a triple basket (only fits the bottomless portafilter due to its depth) and a blank for flushing Asking price is £180 and collection only from Northampton town (J15-J16 on the M1) Sorry for those that live too far but I do not wish to go through the hassle and risk of posting this item, but could meet halfway depending on distance and fuel being covered
  8. Hey guys, I upgraded to a Fracino Piccino so it's time to sell my Gaggia Classic. This machine has served me very faithfully for the past year or so, and now it's time to find a new home for it. Most of you on this forum will be aware that the Gaggia Classic is one of the most popular "entry" level home espresso machines that produces a brilliant cup of coffee when handled properly. This particular Classic is also all modded out so it's even better! The mods: OPV (Overpressure Valve) mod set to 10 bar via Pressure Gauge which means it's actually a dynamic 9 bar, as required to meet the "official" definition of espresso Rancilio Silva wand instead of the crappy default steam wand PID mod - A PID stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative. What that means is that the PID basically sends multiple commands every second to the heating element to ensure that your temperature is extremely precise. A normal Gaggia Classic without a PID will at any point of time have it's temperature range from 85 - 98 degrees or so. To use your machine effectively, you will have to learn to "temp-surf". Long story short: With a PID, you can expect your boiler temperature to always be within half a degree of your desired temperature. You will not need to temp surf - just let the PID do the work! Along with the machine you also get a portafilter with a double spout, a double basket, and a triple basket. I am looking for £200 for this, before shipping. DISCOUNTED TO £180! You are welcome to test it and see it in action at my place if you can make it to M3 Manchester. I also welcome pickup with cash payment. Unfortunately I cannot deliver as I do not have a car. I am happy to post, if you are willing to pay for postage. In my experience postage is usually £14 - £20 depending on the insurance you want, the speed, etc. Please feel free to ask questions!
  9. As mentioned in another thread: There appears to be a newer version of these machines from April 2018 with "upgraded" PID and safety valve. The difference being that the steam boiler can go to a higher temp and consequently produce a higher pressure - to 2 bar and 272 degrees Fahrenheit (133 degrees Celsius). There is no suggestion in the video that anything else has changed. Funnily enough before I saw the link, I was wondering if I could raise the temperature for no reason other than the dial goes up to 3 bar but at the factory setting of 125C, the steam boiler sits ready at 1.25 bar. Anyhow it seems the "older" version (I bought mine in late January this year) only goes up to 128C. It does raise the pressure to 1.5bar. Anyway it seems to make no discernible difference and I had no complaint about the steaming ability at the factory setting. I've no need to be tempted by the upgrade kit the guys refer to in the video. One thing that does make me wonder though is why the cheap retro displays on PID systems? A display that showed both temperatures at the same time would be far classier. Also I have to keep explaining to people, to whom I am showing off the machine, that no it's not at 12.5C, the decimal point means something else. It almost seems as though its an off-the-shelf part that was meant for something else.
  10. I've got my temp set to 94, it drops to about 88/89 by around halfway through a shot, and then starts to build up again. I've done a few auto tunes to see if I can stabilise it more but I'm thinking maybe that's just typical? I'd be Interested to hear what others experience are. Thanks in advance chaps
  11. Hi guys. All of a sudden the PID on my classic is not heating beyond 99C - when I switch on the steam I expect it to go up to around 140-150 as it has done for the last year but it seems stuck somehow? It's beyond my knowledge to work out what the problem could be! Advice please? It's a MrShades PID if that's any help?
  12. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I had a mishap with my Mecoffee Pid, which sadly resulted in the melting of what I believe to be the switching transistor (though I might be totally wrong, see pics attached). I've tried contacting Mecoffee, to no avail. My only remaining options are either to go for another PID with a better heatsink on the chips, or try a cheaper solution, which would simply mean replacing the melted chip and crossing my fingers that it would pop back to life.... However, since the chip is kinda FUBAR, I can't read the serial number, and there are hardly any high-res pics of the board online from which I could get the model of the wayward chip. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or could someone perhaps post a high-res pic of the board or chip? Huge thanks, Nitay
  13. Hello, You all should see this: https://mecoffee.nl/blog/the-straw-which-broke-me-and-mecoffees-back/#comment-1426 Take care, Portafiltre
  14. This post is more mostly about installing a PID on my Gaggia classic,because when I was looking to do it I could not find a specific post, blog, or video that explained it step by step. Thank you for reading—I hope it helps you with your project. Recently I took my Gaggia Classic out of storage and dusted it off. I put it up and nearly forgot about it when it completely stopped working. I pulled it out of the attic last week after I did a little work on my encore baratza grinder. It reminded me that I was never able to pull a good shot of espresso from my Classic due to the OPV (Over Pressure Valve) being set the the factory settings of 14 bars and the mechanical temperature control switch caused the water temperature to vary 20 degrees. The OPV was super simple to adjust: You can build the pressure tester or buy this kit ($28) on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012WQ5XLK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The temperature took a lot more research and was a lot more difficult to install. I learned a lot about PIDs, which are basically small computers that read the temperature inside the boiler and send a signal to the heating element to turn on. The advantage of the PID over the mechanical is that it is more sensitive to temperature change and also the PID can vary the amount of power sent to the heating element. The mechanical switch is either on or off (100% power or 0% power). The PID initially runs at 100%, but as it gets up to the desired temperature it ramps down. At the desired temperature it might only send 1% to 5% power in 1 second intervals to maintain the right temperature within a few degrees. That's a simple explanation of a PID, but this George explains it better than I ever could: I had very little experience with electricity, so this video and this blog brought me up to speed:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGufeODqU6g https://kabalin.blogspot.com/2014/03/gaggia-classic-controlling-temperature.html I got really lucky that I bought the exact PID that George has a video wiring and programming, but its not super difficult to do either using any PID if you watch these videos and do a little research.Its the Inkbird ITC-106VH in case Amazon stops selling it. It will work in Europe and the USA. https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-Temperature-Thermostat-Controllers-Fahrenheit/dp/B01KJZMWSI/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_328_tr_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DY8Z2A07DA6DMWWMA604 The temperature sensor included the Inkbird kit does not fit into the Gaggia Classic, you will need to buy a thermocouple from Auber ($31.99 shipping included): https://www.auberins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=21 Programming the PID seems daunting, but after George walks you through the steps, it will be a lot easier: One thing that took a little playing around with is under the sensor screen, you will need to change the character that looks like a “y” or “k” to the character that looks like “Pt.” This is only for Inkbird models—it will be different for other manufacturers. Wiring you will need assorted gauges of wires, the blog above explains the wiring for the Gaggia Classic and has very helpful pictures. You'll need terminal, piggyback terminals, and wire. I did not have any luck finding piggyback terminals at Home Depot, Lowes, Autozone, or O'Reilly's. I bought them off of Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0195UKJWY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It was fun learning about PIDs and wiring them. All in all, I am happy that there wasn't a step by step tutorial for adding a PID to my Gaggia. I learned a lot more and I feel way more confident that I could install another PID on any semi-automatic espresso machine. I'll post pictures later.
  15. Regrettably up for sale is my 2012 Gaggia Classic with PID fitted by previous owner for great control of the brew water, not set to control steam temp but as you can see the temp rise when switched to steam I've always found it great just to know when to start steaming. You could wire it to control the steam temp if you wanted. - It's got the OPV adjusted to 9 bar. - IMS shower screen and silicone gasket. - It's also got the Rancillio v3 wand upgrade not the normal v2 mod, its a bit thicker and on a ball joint, I've loved that particularly. - Gaggia double spouted pf & bottomless pf & old pf with blank basket - LM 17g basket (and a couple of Gaggia baskets I never used) - I'm in West Yorkshire (Huddersfield) so no problems with scale but its still been descaled probably every month to 8 weeks and backflushed every week or two. For everything above I think £180 collection ono or £200 with insured postage [sold] (no original box but can double box and package well) Collection would be preferable but if fuel costs were covered I could maybe travel say an hour from Huddersfield. I work in Leeds so something could be arranged there aswell. The only reason I'm selling is because since starting work full time after university in a brewery I'm doing pretty long hours and have found myself going for a v60 or chemex at home and my aergrind&aeropress at work so sadly my classic and mignon only get my attention at the weekends and I can't justify keeping them. I've absolutely loved them both but plan to stick to filter brewing for a while and return to espresso later. I will post the Mignon mk2 for sale in a seperate ad. Also for sale seperately or could be bundled above if there was interest is: 1) 58mm tamper with smoked oak handle £10 posted [sold] 2) Hardly used tub of cafiza weighing 934g £7 posted 3) Rancillio v2 wand with Gaggia fitting £7 posted [sold] 4) Unused chocolate dust shaker and templates £3 posted 5) Gaggia bottomless pf made by MartinB (the one with the square handle in the pictures) £15 posted [sold] 6) OE funnel £16 posted [sold] 7) Black grindenstein knockbox £10 posted [sold]
  16. After using my Bean to Cup machine, I want something more advanced, better, essentially a proper espresso machine. I would like a controllable PID for the brew temps, and the Expobar caught my eye (mainly because it seems a very reasonable price). Am I picking a good machine? Should I go more expensive for any reason? Sorry I might be a little vague here, I'll let my thoughts out aloud; - I want a dual boiler (I suppose is directly related to my third point here) - I much prefer the "Rocket Appartamento" style of design rather than the "Profitec 300" style of design, hence picking the Expobar - Although I might not use the controllable PID to start with, I know will want it once I am more experienced, hence picking a machine with it That's as much as my knowledge takes me to. More than happy for people to question me to help guide me, if someone thinks I may have not thought it through correctly/thoroughly enough. This will not be an imminent purchase, much more likely to be towards mid next year at the very earliest. But I like to plan ahead, and hopefully if I start this thread now, I can collate all the necessary information to help me once the time comes. I would love to rush out and buy one yesterday, however it's simply not possible for a few reasons
  17. For sale is my 2006 (pre Philips) Gaggia Classic in good condition and which has all the common mods: - PID upgrade - Rancilio steam wand - Brass dispersion plate - VMS shower screen - OPV set to 9 bar The group seal gasket has also been recently replaced (and I will include a brand new, spare gasket). Also includes portafilter, single and double baskets, blind basket and I'll throw in a milk frothing jug. No tamper is included in this sale. I bought this second hand prior to modification in 2014 and it has performed faultlessly since. I don't have the original packaging so it would need to be collection only (from Leeds/Bradford). I'm looking for £180 to include all of the above. I'll also throw in an Orvibo Smart Plug (similar to Belkin Wemo) which allows you to remotely get it heated up before you arrive home. Thanks, Jonathan
  18. Now that I have a @MrShades PID on my Gaggia classic I thought I would look at how the boiler temp changes over time. I'm interested to know if the behaviour I am seeing is 'normal' or if there is something else to optimize. Here is a graph of the PID temp vs time during a 35s shot. I have the initial temp (of the boiler) set at about 106. This is because when I tested the water temp at the brew head (with a styrofoam cup and thermometer) this was the temp reading on the PID that gave me about 93' in the head. This may be too hot (?) but the taste of the coffee seems better at this temp than at a lower temp. I suppose the graph isn't revealing anything too interesting - as the extraction starts colder water is coming into the boiler which is then losing temp until the heating elements kick in. I guess there is a question about: - is the heating starting soon enough or is the temp drop too great? - does this cooler water get to the brew head and is that affecting the taste? Does anyone else have any figures about how the temp changes on their PID so that we can compare to see if we are at least in the same ballpark? I'm trying to think of a way to measure the temp at the brewhead effciently (I have about 99 cups left to experiment with). This is all part of a possibly never ending process of ticking off things that could potentially be sub optimal in my setup so any help is appreciated.
  19. I find my PID sits 1 degree below the set temperature probably just under half of the time. Do we know how the Gicar PID actually rounds (i.e. to the nearest degree or does an actual temp of 91.99 still display 91 until it reaches 92)? Also if anyone has discovered any proportional integral and derivative variables that work particularly well (steam boiler on), that they'd like to share I'd be eternally grateful. I currently get about a 1 degree swing at worst, so not bad by any stretch but couldn't hurt to have it even better.
  20. Gaggia Classic Pre Philip - Heavily Modded (PID, OPV, IMS shower screen, Silvia Wand, bottomless PF, IMS double filter) - £200 ono inc postage Machine was stripped and rebuilt and descaled this week I did notice that after the descale the steam wand may not be fully closing but this really is minimal when at steam temp and I assume with passing more water it would close fully again as it worked perfectly before. This comes with a lot of extras to list for this so will do my best but everything you see is included. Motta 58mm Tamper 2 xGaggia portafilters Bottomless portafilter Backflushing blank filter 2 x Original Gaggia double filter baskets 1 X 21g filter Basket (Came with Bottomless unknow make) 1 X IMS 12/18G Filter Basket Original Steam Wand Original Shower Screen Original Double and Single Pressurised filters and creama device Original Spare Pump Original Classic "Spoon" Now has a MrShades enclosure, cables tidied etc
  21. Hi, just joined. Been on a coffee journey for a while now Went from a caffetierre to espresso style coffee a few years ago and have been happily using a Delonghi EC330S - which does a decent job ( if it is having one of its good days ) however the delonghi is 12 years old and becoming more temperamental by the day, so it looks like its time to upgrade I was going to go for the bean to cup option, but I'm on a budget and have also become quite attached to teh manual process. So, after a bit of google research, I have just bought a Gaggia Classic in need of a bit of TLC and plan to get that up and running over the next few weeks ideally with a DIY PID setup and maybe a few other tweaks looking forward to lots of tips on what's what from you guys feel free to chip in with thoughts, tips, questions or unabashed barracking!
  22. Free PID Removed from my Classic, which wasthen serviced and sold. I can NOT guarantee that it works,the temp sensor looks worn. Might just need that. I really have no idea. All that’sincluded is in the pictures. But hey it’s free, all I wouldlike it a picture of your classic without a PID and it’s yours. I’ll even paythe postage. Post your pic on the thread. Boxed up ready to go. Collectionfrom Norwich if you want. Cheers Steve
  23. 2003 Pre Phillips Gaggia Classic with PID Rancillio Steam Wand I.M.S Shower Screen MyPin PID OPV set @ 9 Bar Good condition, descaled regularly, no expense spared, recent new seals, Comes with various spares £220 Collection preferred from SO22 (Winchester, Hampshire) courier @ buyers expense & possible risk Sorry about the sideways images
  24. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my second hand Gaggia, I picked it up 3 days ago, it was pre modded and controlled using Sestos PID. It was working normally for the previous owner. Quick explanation: The PID works well when 1st switched on. This I see as the PID gets up to temp quickly, overshoots by about 1 degree and stays 1-2 degrees above slowly going to desired temp of 94.5 as it cycles. As it is doing this I see: Scenario 1: --------------------------- 1: The Gaggia power indicator bulb is on 2: The Gaggia boiler indicator bulb (on the 3rd button) is on when the PID stops power 3: The Gaggia boiler indicator bulb (on the 3rd button) is off when the PID enables power --------------------------- The problem occurs around 15 or 20 minutes Scenario 2: --------------------------- 1: The Gaggia power indicator bulb is on 2: The Gaggia boiler indicator bulb (on the 3rd button) is on when the PID stops power 3: The Gaggia boiler indicator bulb (on the 3rd button) is on when the PID enables power --------------------------- Once it switches to Scenario 2, The PID starts trying to deliver power as usual, I know this because the output LED on the PID turns on. However the gaggia boiler light stays on as if its at the correct temp. The PID accurately shows the temperature of the boiler reducing to room temperature over a long period. The water from the head reduces to room temperature in line with the PID display. I can then get everything working again by powering off at the plug for 5 or more minutes. The machine eventually starts running properly in scenario 1 again. If I leave the power off for less than this (I just tested 1 and 2 minutes) It goes straight into scenario 2. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. The Gaggia appears to be a 2010 model.
  25. I have fitted a PID and have a K type thermouple which is held to the boiler in the shell of the coffee thermostat housing using JB Weld. What I am noticing is that the solonid dumps water back into the tank at about 125 degrees C when heating for steam. Not sure if the pressure is set to low - it was adjusted to 9 bar some time ago but I no longer have a gauge, or if this is normal or finally if my temporary reading is too far off and it's a lot hotter ( although unlikely, it's water being dumped not steam) - I also have a leaky steam valve and no steam escapes till the PID reads almost 100. Any Thoughts?
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