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Found 50 results

  1. Hey guys, Thinking of upgrading from Gaggia Classic and would like your opinion on the below machines: Fracino Piccino - 550 euro although I think I could get it to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/business-stock/fracino-piccino-coffee-machine/13852744 Little Gem Fracino - 500 euro and probably could also get it down to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/other-business-office/little-gem-fracino-coffee-machine/14044323 Can't find too much info about both of them and how they compare to each other. Piccino is pretty much brand new and has been only on one exhibition; Little Gem has been used in the small coffee place. Appreciate your thoughts. Also, what would you be looking at when inspecting them before buying? Cheers.
  2. Hi all, Help needed to get my posting numbers up to be able to view the for sale section! Current set up is Rancillo Rocky and Gaggia Classic, but now looking to upgrade the Classic. Was planning to buy a new Fracino Piccino, but the dual boiler is not really relevant as I always black coffee and only steam milk for the occasional guest Wife won't let me stretch to a Fraccino Cherub this time, so after reduced my expectations to a Quick Mill Carola, I have dropped the budget to £500 for a new Quick Mill Silvano (tickling my fancy due to the PID). I'd like to see what used bargains the good people of this forum are selling. Sooo, that's my thinking.........nice weather here in Bristol...!!
  3. The Fracino Piccino is a dual boiler machine, one boiler for coffee and one to provide steam. Made in Birmingham and are very well built and are very well regarded. This machine is very small and compact, barely larger than a Gaggia Classic, it will fit on most kitchen work tops. It is a definite and worthwhile improvement from the SBDU (Single Boiler dual Use) machines such as the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. Tank fed, does not need to be plumbed in. Because the brew boiler uses a bimetallic thermostat to regulate temperature, it suffers from the same drawback of imprecise temperature control and a lag in getting back to optimum temp after use. The same problem afflicts the Classic and Silvia. To improve on this and to give the ability to set the desired output temperature, I have modified the machine to PID control. I have read of other people asking about this modification but don’t know of anyone having ever done it, I’ve read that the factory considered incorporating a PID but there is a lack of space in the case and they thought that it would be too expensive for the machines price point. It can easily be put back to standard if needed. Faults – not many, machine is working well, no issues. There is a 3/4 inch scratch on the ‘power bulge’ on top of the machine, light scratching on some of the rest of the stainless, nothing serious. New group gasket and shower plate. Standard two hole steam tip and a home made single tip, I can provide a blank tip as well so that you can drill it to incorporate any of your own ideas. It is deceptively heavy for its size, cash on collection preferred, I can demonstrate it working. I live near Oswestry on the Welsh border. Local meet up or delivery is possible. I can bring it to Birmingham or Manchester train stations for £15 towards my fare. I don’t like couriers but will pack it up as well as I can if you want to arrange you own courier and insurance – I don’t want to be held responsible when the couriers throw the box about. I am asking £350 for it, I am selling in order to upgrade so if you have a better machine to swap, perhaps needing attention, talk to me. No commercial machines please, I already have an Iberital L’Anna.
  4. Hi all, After lurking for a little while, and reading your informative and helpful posts, I went ahead and bought a piccino. Just had my first cup, and very impressed. Have moved up from a Gaggia Classic which seems to have developed problems, and the difference is notable. No crema on the first try, but I think that is due to the grinder. I think I need to set the grind finer to get the full benefit. using Whittards Santos and Java beans, which I have been drinking forever, so I think the next steps may be a new grinder to get a finer grind, and some different beans to experiment. as you can see from my user name, I prefer dark roast and a rich extract. Any suggestions for what beans I should try - or indeed what grinder to look at. Thanks to everyone for your unsuspecting help!
  5. I have been considering upgrading from my trusty Gaggia lately but am a bit unsure of what the other options are. I mostly drink straight espresso but make the occasional milk drink at the weekends, usually for the misses, and when guests come over. I considered the Silvia but dismissed it as not really enough of an upgrade from the Gaggia. Then I read about Fracino and their Cherub and Piccino machines. These appear to be really interesting propositions and seem good value for money. I love the look of the Cherub but wonder whether a HX machine is really for me or whether a double boiler would suit me more considering I mostly drink espresso. I know there are people on this forum with these machines and other similar machines and I would be really interested to know their thoughts.
  6. wolsnah

    Hi all :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Steve, and I'm a coffee-holic. I've been reading these forums for some time now, and thought I better sign up and get involved in the community. Myself and my good lady have been the proud owners of a Magimix R500 Robot Cafe bean to cup machine for the past five years or so, but it's now starting to show some signs of age so we're looking to replace it with something a bit more engineered, from metals rather than plastics, and will give us a superb cup of coffee. I like the look of the new Fracino Piccino so interested to hear from anyone who has played with one, seen one, etc.
  7. after speaking to a couple members. ive just joined btw. narrowed my first real machine to a v3 or gagg class, and a piccino, wud like to know peoples thoughts on these and what grinders they recommend to go with these. thanks. all advice or help appreciated thank you
  8. £375 delivered I dropped my guard and the dreaded upgraditis hit me quite unexpectedly, now my trusty Piccino, chrome with black side panels is surplus , it's too good to relegate to the shed with the Gaggia baby so here it is for sale. I bought the Piccino Nov 2012, me and SWMBO have 2 drinks per day, reduce that by the fact that for 4 months of the year we are not here and that gives you some idea of it's usage. The water in Yorkshire is as soft as a fairies' fart so descaling is never an issue. It is a fantastic machine, compact for a double boiler, nice looking and as they say does what it says on the tin. It's in really good condition, back flushed with Pulycaf and clean water regularly with (as expected) a few marks on the drip tray cover, and a little scuff where you would warm your cups. I've done pics to highlight this Bottom picture with patterned tiles was when it was new, the others are today. In the quest for better microfoam I experimented with steam tips, trying 2 hole and 4 hole, the 4 hole I felt depleted the steam boiler too quickly so I bunged up one of the holes, it worked for a time but I thought I could do better. The 2 hole which came with the machine wasn't as quick as I thought it could be so I drilled out the tip another millimeter, then my final effort was to block up one of the holes. That's what is on the steam wand now, single hole pushing the steam out at an angle making the milk swirl around the pitcher giving maximum mixing of the foam. Works well for me but I will happily send the 4 hole for you to mess with to suit your preferences. Comes with Standard portafilter, Single basket, Double basket Naked PF to fit the machine, it's the Faema one but it fits OK apart from the handle not being at 90degrees. New unused water filter is also included. Because of the weight I would love it to be collected from Wakefield (1.5miles from M1 Junc 39) but I'll pack and ship if you arrange your courier. I might be inclined to meet you somewhere locally if necessary Price reduced to £375 INCLUDING DELIVERY
  9. Blackstone

    fracino piccino

    After 2 years and having just recievd a la pavoni from Coffeechap, I need to sell my piccino. It's like new with the wear and tear signs being on top the machine where I would keep cups. Average use is 2 cups a day. Comes with Single basket Double basket x 2 Blank basket Naked pf Original pf No mods have been performed. Ideally looking for pick from Finsbury park area as don't have original box and its heavy. Asking price £350.
  10. One to watch as it's just starting out. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151340198125?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Ian
  11. Guys, I've been weighing up my options for a decent espresso machine for a long time and various Fracino models have been on my radar (see my thread re: the Cherub from some weeks ago). I see the Piccino on sale at the site below for £499, and my question is, is this good value for money at this price point? Is an ex-demo machine a sensible choice? I'm on friendly terms with a chap who runs a small artisan coffee place in Cardiff and he advised never to buy a second-hand coffee machine... http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/fracino-my-espresso-piccino-dual-brass-boiler-espresso-machine/
  12. I have a 9 month old Piccino which is only used for 2-3 coffees per day; I always use Volvic water. When I switch it on in the morning it goes through a filing and heating process, then it vents steam from a valve behind where the steam wand joins the upper part of the machine. This can last from 1 to 5 minutes before it clicks off and all is well. Over time this steaming time is getting longer. Any suggestions of what is wrong and how to fix it. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. My modest set up which I am thoroughly enjoying. Fracino Piccino, with Eureka Mignon Grinder.
  14. Chaps Switched on my Piccino today and left it to warm up but..... No heat or pressure at all in the steam side of the house :-( All the normal lights come on and the group head gets hot - and water flows But the pressure dial doesn't move at all. and the is no sign of anything on the steaming side. Everything seemed OK when I switch did off (last Sunday). Is there any reset button or any safety cutout gizmo for the steam boiler? Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. My Piccino coffee machine has lot's of steam coming out of a valve near the on/off switch and the pressure gauge does not move very much at all. Does anyone know what might cause this and how to fix it? I am not sure if it is safe to descale it as it is still in warranty. I have cleaned the filter which was clogged up but it still has not made it better. Grateful for any advice. Thank you! Mark
  16. i serviced my piccino recently and was wanting to double check that the pressure gauge tube and steam arm tube are back on the right connection. one goes onto the 90 deg quick release elbow and the other goes into the straight quick release connector. both these are on the steam boiler. thanks
  17. Hi Does anyone have a PDF of the proper* Piccino User Manual they could send me please? I thought I remembered a thread where someone confirmed they had one - but can't find it :-( * by proper I mean a User Manual that tells you how to do things "inside" not just the two page glossy that tells you it is pretty and comes in lots of colours! Mine is playing up a bit - intermittently it isn't pumping much water through (barely a slow drip).... Which makes for measuring shots etc very difficult. I thought for several shots that my grind was way too fine it was taking so long to pour...... but I ran a few tests and I got various examples of it running dead slow with out even having the portafilter in place..... Sometimes (quite often) it gets a "proper decent" flow but then it gets a mere trickle just a few seconds later :-( I'm guessing there is something sticking/blocking somewhere - but I'd rather have a manual to refer to before I start taking covers off and poking about!!!!
  18. Hi all, My first proper contribution to the website. There'll no doubt be some rambling, and possibly incorrect terminology, but hopefully some useful information/pics will follow... After seeing Andy's (coffeebean) offer for the Fracino Piccino, a bit of umming and ahhing and a few emails later saw me putting an order in with him at The Coffee Bean. Firstly, I have to say Andy was excellent and really easy to deal with and left me a happy customer, following up the purchase to see how I was getting on with the new machine. Unfortunately, due to the wonderful pressures of being a modern day software project manager, with am imminent release on the horizon, I had a machine sat on the worktop at home on the 21st March, and no time to use it. Many late nights working ensued, with coffee not being the ideal refreshment late in the evening. Fast forward to the 26th March, a weekend free of work (and other distractions), and a bit of time to play with the new gadgets finally presented itself. Firstly, here's what has been keeping myself and my good lady in constant supply of coffee for the previous four or five years. The Magimix Robot Cafe has given us plenty of good, easy to produce cups of coffee. Set the water level, press a button, bingo, nice tasty coffee. The years of (ab)use have started to take their toll, so the new equipment was in order. So, here it all is: From left to right, my self built knock box, the Eureka Mignon and the Fracino Piccino. I'll include more photos at the end, but in the meantime, here's a description how I've fared so far. Firstly, bear in mind that I've come from a bean to cup machine, and have zero experience of proper barista technique or skills. With that in mind, a minor level of fear and major level of discovery ahead, I started with the grinder... In went the beans, well that was the easy bit done. This version of the Mignon came with the timing mechanism which is inconveniently set underneath the machine, with the grind fine/coarseness dial on the top. Having done a bit of reading, I started with setting it as fine as possible, with an average grind time, hoping it would produce roughly the right amount of ground coffee. Errr yes, how was I going to know if I had the right dosage? We'd just disposed of our digital scales, and the classic replacement scales only measure in increments of 20g. Ok, guesswork was in order. The manual for the Piccino states that the ground coffee should be placed in the filter basket, and once tamped, should reach to the edge mark that lies around 5mm under the top of the basket. That seemed a lot of coffee, but hey, that's what the instructions said. In went the coffee, after having done a couple of grinds, and on to my first attempt at tamping. The provided tamper is plastic, no frills (I have a Motta on order already) but seemed to do the job. How much pressure do I use beats me. So down I push and get a nice pressed flat surface. So far so good, this barista malarky is simple! Time to put the filter into the group head... Hmmm yes, I seem to have put too much coffee in the filter basket, or maybe that's how it's meant to be and I'm not used to the feel. Caution got the better of me and I took some coffee out, and retamped (probably a major faux pas in the barista world). At this point I realised I'd forgot to turn the machine on and warm it up! On it went, and the bright blue LED on the front lit up to tell me it was transferring water and heating up. Maybe this would be a good point to describe the machine? Engineering wise, the machine appears to be very well built, and if weight = quality, it was going to be a pro machine. Apart from the drip tray, the machine appears to be engineered from metal all round, with the side panels being black in colour with a slight bump texture finish. The rest is lovely polished steel. I'd tested removal of the drip tray, which is wedged between the side panels, so held in place by the pressure of the panels surrounding it, rather than any clip/click mechanisms. The water is entered via a panel at the back left hand side of the machine on the top, and I believe the water tank is removable, but I've yet to do so. Water went in via two full kettles. Back to the coffee... the machine had heated up, the pressure showed 1.1 bar and with a flick of the pump switch, the pump burst into life and the coffee started to flow. I filled the cup enough for a standard espresso (by eye, not by measure), and had some crema present, but not as much as the Magimix gives. Regardless, it was time for the taste test... Man! This stuff was like rocket fuel. A nice level of bitterness, but oh such a strong powerful flavour. Whilst this was pleasing on one hand, it wasn't quite what I was aiming for. I wanted something richer in flavour, with a bit of a kick, but one that left me still on the floor and not on the ceiling. Back to the grinder then and attempt two, and then three, four, five, six, etc. Sadly, the first cup was probably the best cup I'd done, with each subsequent one being slightly worse than the one previous. Sometimes the water flowed from one side only, other times hardly at all, and when it did flow, seemed a little anemic. At that point, having drank my fair share of potent, and awful, coffee, I gave up. It was time to break out some of the other toys that swallow up my free time, and before I knew it, the weekend was over. Sunday night was spent ordering various bits and bobs that I hope will help me measure better and start on the road to better coffee. As mentioned, the Motta tamp is on order, as are some measured shot glasses, a tamping mat (to save the new work surface in the kitchen, as you might have guessed from the state of the walls and lack of tiles!) and most important, some digital scales so I can start with the recommended dosage of ground coffee. Will I have time to use it this week once the new orders have arrived? Probably not, but the weekend is so far free from activity, although if the weather stays nice, some driving time will be in order, but otherwise will start round two with the Piccino. I am very much of the opinion that the problems so far, lay firmly and squarely with the owner. The machine appears to be very well built, and certainly capable of producing a good brew, and my respect goes to those people that can produce a good espresso consistently. I had no idea what skill was involved in doing things manually. The struggle will be worth it, I've enjoyed my initial (frustrating) foray into the barista world, but am looking forward to getting a technique sorted that produces consistent good cups of coffee. Here's a few extra pictures to give you some detail of the machine. Apologies if there's a lack of detail in the writeup, I don't know what people are looking for in a description, so feel free to ask any specific questions and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can. Steve
  19. Hi, I recently got a Fracino Piccino from the for sale section in these forums. I'd like to strip it down, give it a full service and upgrade any parts that can be done. I know my way around a Gaggia Classic pretty well, but was wondering if anyone had any advice in terms of where to buy parts/what the best upgrades are. Fracino's website doesn't have a parts shop anymore, it just links you to an email address. I've found this website for parts https://www.espressounderground.co.uk/Fracino-Coffee-machine-Spare-Parts-s/1961.htm but I'm not sure how to identify which if any fit the Piccino as the part numbers don't match up. Any useful guides or well trodden paths for this machine? Much appreciated as always! NitJay
  20. It is time for my Fracino Piccino to go to a new home. Built Jan 2013, its just had its group seal and water filter replaced. I have another brand new group seal and some unused water filters to go with the machine. I have run it on bottled water. Looking for £320 collected (Jct 10 M4 nr Reading) or plus carriage at cost​
  21. Hi, I've been looking into buying a Piccino, but could someone please advise on how easy (or more likely difficult) these machines are to clean and maintain? So far from reading, there is no difinitive answer on how to descale Fracino machines, other than sending them back to manufacturer. And as a complete novice, how do I properly look at a second hand machine before buying to see that it has been properly cleaned and cared for? Thanks in advance!
  22. [ATTACH]27839[/ATTACH][ATTACH]27840[/ATTACH] As per other thread - I have the following for sale: 1 x Black handled Naked portafilter handle - fits Gaggia classic and Fracino Piccino - plus possibly others - £15 - sold to rws 1 x wooden handled "two spout" portafilter handle - fits Gaggia classic and Fracino Piccino - plus possibly others - £25 Postage at cost https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?39076-PF-handles-Naked-and-double-spout-(Wooden-handle)
  23. Mods please remove if unsuitable. I was going to buy but decided to upgrade existing kit instead. I thought I'd share as might suit someone: https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fracino-piccino-coffee-machine/1218462126 No connection to the vendor.
  24. Hi, I am having problems getting consistent microfoam with the steam tip on my Piccino machine. It is the standard 2 hole variety. Sometimes I get good results other times the milk is way too thin. I have been using this machine for quite a while now and don't regard myself a novice anymore. Any help would be appreciated. I only tend to steam milk for two coffees.
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