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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone interested in a fully working Galaxy S8? 64gb black version. I dropped it and the screen is cracked but it still works as it should. Potential bargain for someone who has the skill/patience to replace the screen! £175 posted ono.
  2. Or, what is Don on about now. Well it`s mobile phones actually. I consider myself to be someone who embraces new technology, though always with a degree of healthy scepticism and an expectation that the technology may need to mature and also prove itself worthy of adoption. Regarding mobile phones I have just never got it, it`s a phone and yes you can do texts, they all do it so what`s the fuss and what is the need to rush out and get the latest eyewateringly expensive handset. Anyway, my contract came up for renewal and I was offered an all singing and dancing Android handset for no more money plus more minutes etc etc and no more pennies a month. Took the deal and after a couple of weeks I am sold on it. It`s a phone, sat nav, music player that plays mega high end flac files, stupidly addictive games, web browsing, touch screen that works as well as the Apple product and more apps to get the hang of, some may even have a work application (did I just type that). So the convergent aspect is that it gives me the function of four gadgets (phone, mp3 player, web access and a bit of gaming) in one. Ok it doesn`t exactly replace my netbook and i certainly will stick to a DSLR for photography and Kindle for reading.
  3. We used to have a gaggia beans to cup machine that went faulty 3 times so we gave up on it. However we are now in a position to get a new one but because of what I do for a job I now have access to a ipad/phone/touch app that will control anything via RS232 or IR (Infared) Would be really cool to get a new machine that I can control as a little bit of a show off. (I could then buy it through the company as a development tool!) Any ideas as to what to look for. V.
  4. I desperately need a new phone, currently using a HTC M8 which I'm on the verge of throwing out the window (almost happened yesterday when I tried resetting the phone and it simply shutdown and wouldn't turn on). Wife is on my older HTC M7 which is also crap and keeps turning itself off (hint here, never buy a HTC). I'm eyeballing used Sammy S7s on ebay, you an get one for around £200, almost mint condition. For my wife I wanted to get an older version of a Sammy A5 (2016) as she's not really crazy about speed, but likes to take photos and the A5 has a much better camera than the HTC M7. Again probably a used one will do, around £100 off ebay. Anyone has any other suggestion before I pull the trigger on the above? perhaps you've had them and weren't that happy about them? one thing I'm worried about, especially with the older A5 is Android devices getting slower over time, so perhaps it's going to be as crap as the HTC M7 that my wife is already using... T.
  5. I've been getting a lot of spam calls since switching to Vodafone. I had one today about 'the accident I had a while back...' and it got me wondering - what's the actual end game of these spammers? With PPI, accident claims etc. what's in it for them? Do they really go off looking for money, or do they take your details and shaft you?
  6. I made an app to help when brewing your coffee. Essentially it's a guide and timer for various methods. When I was starting out with Aeropress I got confused easily with how much coffee to use, how long to steep, stir etc. Since I wasn't great at really knowing what a good cup of coffee tasted like I found it hard to know what to change to get back on track. So, here's Barista Coffee Boff for Android which I'm still in the process of making but works well to get going. Expect constant updates in the near future. I've kept the price rock bottom while it's in development, hoping to get some people using the app to keep motivation in to the long nights, luckily I have coffee too of course. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.henleyb.aeropressbrewer All ideas and suggestions welcome!
  7. This is a long shot, but I've exhausted every other avenue... I sent my Gaggia Syncrony Compact Digital away for repairs & service in early June. I received it back last week and the machine is still broken - with a whole difference set of problems. When I turn the machine on, the digital display lights up, but there is no text When I first turned the machine on, once it had heated up it immediately poured a shot of coffee (without me telling it to do so) Now, when I press any of the buttons on the panel, nothing happens. I have been trying to contact Gaggia UK on the phone (01422330295) since 9am on Thursday 30th July. Each time I call, I hear a pre-recorded message informing me that you are experiencing a high volume of calls, before my call is terminated by the phone system. There is no option for me to simply wait in queue until my call can be answered! I have also sent - A fax at approx 12:15pm on Thursday 30th July An email at approx 10:30am on Friday 31st July A fax this morning at approx 11am An email this morning at approx 11am . I have not received any response and am becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed. Neither House of Fraser or the independent repair centre at Maidstone have any other contact phone numbers (aside from 01422330295). In fact, when I spoke to the guy at Maidstone he indicated that he had received calls from other Gaggia customers reporting the same problems contacting the company. Does anyone have any info that could help me - any other contact numbers for Gaggia or service centres that might be able to repair the problem (Maidstone can only do mechanical repairs). Thanks, Anecia
  8. Has anyone used these? My DSLR is old enough not to have video so I wondered if there is any mileage in getting something to fit my boy's sony phone
  9. Hi guys, Sorry that I have not been active as a forum user, typically just lurking around. I have been busy with work and got distracted by other life-changing moments. So I do apologise. I wanted to let go of this iPhone of mine, which I have purchased from Giffgaff, previously as a Giffgaff user. I paid £549.00 for the item. My offer price is £250.00 negotiable plus postage. I have listed it on eBay, but I think it is safer to sell this to someone who's legitimate and alive. I saw a couple of offers from eBay accounts that were only created literally today, which sort out raised my suspicions. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263719822991?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 This is the link to my listing. I have a teeny weeny bit of OCD-ness. So I take really good care of my belongings. It is so precious to me. Let me know if you're interested. I accept bank transfer and also for both sides of interest, via PayPal. Cheers, Ivan Wong
  10. jeebsy


    My HTC One M8 is on its last legs. Contract is up next month so got a sim free deal from BT but wondering about what handset to go for. Want to keep cost to a minimum so was looking at the Nexus 5X at £ 260ish for the 32gb, but noticed on eBay that the Nexus 5 is really cheap now - is this dated or would a bargain one still be alright for 12 months? OnePlus looks interesting too. #abc
  11. Just curious who here dislikes Android? Read a funny quote the other day which went something like this: You can change everything on Android but nothing works, you can't change anything in iOS but everything works. Which isnt far from truth in my opinion. The amount of times Ive had apps just not working on Android is plenty. On my HTC m8 the camera constantly refuses to work giving me a 'can't connect to camera message' and the phone sometimes goes silent when making a call, you can see theres an ongoing conversation as the call timer is enabled, but you cant hear anything. A reboot fixes both, which is great if those two functions weren't the main features of the phone. Google the issues and they are well know, actually google any Android issue and it seems most things are well known or been there forever with no real fix apart from the usual clean cache / clean data / reboot phone. I would be willing to accept this on a £50 device, but not something close to 10 times that. So who feels the same or disagrees? T.
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