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Found 22 results

  1. Due to a lack of interest in selling a second hand Pharos to me (see Wanted, I presume everyone loves their Pharos too much to part), and coffehit having no intention of stocking it any time soon, I'm going to order directly from Orphan Espresso. Just thought I'd see if anyone wanted to tag on to my order, anything that would be cost prohibitive for them to order separately. Obviously if it adds any postage that would need to be paid also. So, if you need screws, washer, replacement handle, etc, let me know. I'll be ordering tonight or tomorrow, speak up soon. I checked postage by adding a few small (light) parts to my basket, and it didn't make any difference to postage cost - currently $75.81. To clarify: - As long as postage remains the same I will pay, over that I will not pay. - Courier charge (in U.K.) for collecting tax, I will pay. - Assuming the package gets stopped at customs, there will be an additional 20-25% tax on top of list price. Swap the $ for £, that's roughly what it'll cost by the time it gets here. - Check https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/orphan-espresso.html first, if they have items, probably the same price as ordering from http://www.oehandgrinders.com/. - Really I'm offering to add small items (repair & maintenance), that cannot be sourced elsewhere at reasonable price.
  2. Pharos 2.0 seems to be for preorder! Any experiences from ordering from OE? Shipping seems to be quite expensive. Wonder when coffeehit will start stocking these. http://www.oehandgrinders.com/OE-Pharos-20-Manual-Coffee-Grinder_p_108.html
  3. Anyone looking to part with a Pharos, preferably v.1.1 (made in Taiwan) as I would like to get the v.2.0 upgrade pack later this year - or whenever it becomes available. Budget is flexible, obviously not more than a new v.2.0 - although not yet sure what that will be in the UK.
  4. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282682073105 I know it isnt cheap but best offer available.
  5. Hi there, I am looking for advice. I am selling my Pharos hand grinder and I would like to get feedback on where is the best place to sell it. I have put it on Ebay, but maybe I should remove it from Ebay and see who here is interested - as this should be full of people who want to buy a top class grinder. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?39514-Pharos-hand-grinder-for-sale John
  6. I'd be interested in a OE Pharos in good condition, if anyone has a second-generation version they want to move on.
  7. I’m set on the idea of handgrinding for espresso as I think the good quality electric grinders tend to be too expensive and over-engineered for my own needs; i.e. just one or two espressos per day. I do want an excellent coffee, but don’t need to make 80 cups per day or enter any barista championships! I have a Feldgrind and I think that does a very good job. Early days with using it for espresso, but I’m liking it a lot so far. But I wonder if I could improve things even further; maybe with a larger burr-set? Or at least get an interesting variation in flavour in the cup if I run two handgrinders? So I was looking at my options for alternatives, under £300. I like the look of the OE Pharos, but I’m also intrigued by the Kinu M47. The Kinu has smaller burrs than the Pharos, but they claim tighter tolerances and better alignment. Does anyone have any idea what difference that might may be in the cup, compared to the Feldgrind? Or have any recommendations? So does anyone have any experience with the Feldgrind, Kinu M47 and or Pharos who could give me some idea of the likely differences I might taste? Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I have for sale my Orphan Espresso Pharos Grinder, number 826. I'm selling this for a number of reasons. Firstly, I no longer make espresso - so this grinder is surplus to requirements and I'm looking to get a dedicated brew grinder. Secondly, it hasn't been without its issues (though I'm sure someone with a bit of technical know-how would be able to sort them no problem!). It's the grinder featured in this post (http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?24815-Trouble-with-pharos-grinder). The 'off' smell has gone - but it has had bicarb run through it and the burrs have been cleaned with water (though not run through the dishwasher!). The other issue is with the alignment, which I can't seem to sort out - but I reckon someone confident in taking it apart would be fine. The burrs have what looks like rust on the top and there are a few dings - I've pictured both as best as I can. I'm selling this as is - let me know if you have any questions. Comes complete with original instruction manual, looking for £140 + delivery. Thanks.
  9. unoll

    Pharos wanted

    Orphan Espresso Pharos wanted ideally with Voodoo daddy mods but a standard one will be fine as well although I'd be willing to pay less. Alternatively I'd be interested in lending one for a month and I'd be happy to cover all postage and pay a deposit if there's folk out there who are happy to do without one for a while. Cheers unoll
  10. Hi I have decided to upgrade from a nespresso to a good quality espresso maker. I am still researching what to buy in this space although I am leaning towards a lever machine. I understand that the most critical piece of equipment is the grinder. I currently just use a hario for brewing on v60 or aeropress. I was originally thinking of getting a Eureka Mignon and upgrading later. The Mignon seems like a good bang for the buck lower end motorised grinder. However, after much searching I have run across the big hand grinders - the Grist, the Pharos and the HG-One. The cheaper end of this hand grinder spectrum is the Lido E hand grinder at about £150. What I am looking for: Budget ~ £800 ideally much less as that would mean I could spend more on the espresso machine. So this makes me lean towards the Mignon / Lido E as I could probably get the machine and grinder for about this budget. Coffee - I currently use brewing methods but want a grinder that I can use primarily for espresso once I buy a machine. Ease of Use - I know this doesn't seem right when talking about hand grinders but I don't want something that is a lot of trouble to use. I am aware (having used Hario) what hand grinding involves - I just don't want to be cursing every morning when making coffee. Size - I have only a smallish footprint in my kitchen for the grinder so a massive commercial would not be an option. The three hand grinders listed while not small are able to fit. The three grinders. The Pharos - lowest on my want list although it's retail price is right at £250 available in Uk (I think this is the latest version). Having watched it in use it seems to be a bit of a beast to grind with and the whole shaking it to get the grounds out puts me off. I suspect that this would quickly start to annoy me. I do appreciate this is a trade off for the bang for buck for its grinding performance. The HG-One - very pricey and seems that you have to buy direct from the US, also does not seem to have much availability. Looks nice and seems to be quite easy to use. It is the largest of the 3 and would be over £800 with shipping and duty etc. The Mahlgut Grist - I can't find much information about this one but it appeals to me the most. It is similar size to Pharos, is priced between a Pharos and a HG-One at about £600 and seems to be also reasonably easy to use (sticks to counter and has a grounds tray). However, I have found only one real review of it on a different forum which was glowing but I am concerned it has been out for a while and there are not a lot of reviews. This was a bit lengthy but I am looking for people's experiences with these grinders especially the Grist. Ideally, I would like to buy into a grinder I won't need or want to replace for a while. If I am not decided then I will go down the Lido E or Mignon route in short term realising that I can always resell them. Thanks
  11. Can anyone tell me what the landed UK cost of a VDD Pharos is, and also what specifically the VDD mods do. Ta.
  12. Hi. Has anybody got experience of this grinder? I can find a lot of info on the US forums but there doesn't seem to be much chatter about it in the UK. General consensus over the pond is that it's a little bit fiddly and temperamental but great value at $250. Does this still hold true at the higher UK price of £250? How does it compare with something like a second hand super jolly in the grind department? I nearly bought a Mazzer major from sales corner the other week but with it being so close to Christmas and above budget at £350 I reluctantly had to pass on it but since then I've decided spending so much on a grinder and then modding it with bits of sellotape and cardboard isn't the way I want to go anyway. I'm looking for something I can single dose with without any hassle but can't seem to find anything electric that fits the bill in my budget. To be honest I'd rather not have another hand grinder but I'll get one and put up with it if people on here agree with general feelings in the US. I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. I'm upgrading from an MC2 so anything that's a big improvement on that, either new or second hand and in budget would be great.
  13. I have a Eureka 65e which I use most of the time and a couple of Pharos. I use mostly quite dark (but not cremated or oily) beans. IMHO the Pharos produces a better result than the 65e but I have a dodgy shoulder... Only interested in 'on demand' grinders. What commercial grinders with low retention should I be looking at for a significant improvement in clumping and in the cup? (I don't like the Versalab.) I'm tempted by the Compak E10, the Mythos and 75e. Less so by the EK43 which seems to be better with lighter roast beans. I'm looking for alternatives to these that I might have missed. Any suggestions/comments gratefully received.
  14. I have a Eureka 65e and a couple of Pharos'. The Eureka is convenient and quick but the Pharos is better in the cup. Unfortunately I also have a knackered shoulder. So, I'm looking for a serious upgrade to the 65e. It must be 'on demand' as low retention as possible and I'm not interested in single dosing. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  15. Just saw this on Twitter. Take a look at @orphanespresso's Tweet: Still have to remove the grounds from the bottom chamber through a hole. Anti static plastic might make it easier. Will probably wait to see if there are any problems with the first batch rather than pre-order.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm new here...basically I'm having trouble with my pharos grinder...it's around two years old, has developed an 'off' smell in the 'hopper' and all coffee ground through it when brewed tastes pretty 'off'. I've run rice through it to clean the burrs (I know this might not be the best idea) and also taken it apart completely to clean it. Neither of these has had any effect, although I'm pretty sure it is the grinder as I've tried other coffee/pre-ground coffee, different water, different brew methods etc. with the same result. I know that might not be much to go on but any thoughts? Cheers!
  17. I like hand grinders. I have this Pharos, plus a Rosco Mini, and have now ordered the HG One, which should arrive next week. Something's got to give, so the Pharos is for sale. Please read the ad carefully. This is an honest description of my Pharos, and it may not be the right grinder for everyone. You can also read my thread here http://www.home-barista.com/grinders/pharos-grind-regularity-t30318.html with some of my concerns about the Pharos. My Pharos is number 420, and was bought for $250 direct from Orphan Espresso by me (plus shipping and customs fees). It was my first grinder, and I knew nothing about espresso before I started using this thing. When it arrived, it was fairly obvious to me from an early stage that the ergonomics of the Pharos were not ideal. In particular, I really struggled to make small adjustments to the grind, and also it was quite hard to get the grinds out. I kept it like that for a while before deciding to take the plunge and spend another $220 (plus shipping and customs fees) on some of the Voodoodaddy mods. This is the list of mods I bought... Acrylic scale $15 Drilled and tapped stainless thumb nut with nylon tipped setscrews $16 Roller bearing set $6 Stainless pointer $5 Ground catcher mod $130 Alum bolt covers set (61&62mm) $50 I have a mate who is very handy, and he kindly performed the mods for me with great care and attention. So my Pharos has a nice and easy adjustment system, the excellent aluminium bolt covers, and the catch cup for collecting grinds. I've also kept all the parts from the stock Pharos, but it's not really reversible because the shaft gets trimmed as part of the procedure. Overall, the Voodoodaddy mods are great, even if I've never really worked out how to clip in the catch cup between the rather tight rubber retainers (doesn't really matter as there's plenty of space). Now, I am someone who strives for perfection. I am trying to get my pours to be good and even, my grinds to be the perfect consistency and regularity. I have not always been happy with the output from the Pharos, despite the raves I have read on the internet about how great it is. There is a LOT to adjust, and I have never been convinced that I've got the alignment of the burrs right. Comparing the grind size with what I get from the Rosco mini, in my opinion I get more regularity from the Rosco, especially with harder beans. With darker roasts, the grind tends to be better. I do not know whether my expectations are too high, or something is wrong with my Pharos, or I just don't have it aligned properly. At one point I was worried that perhaps my burrs were worn through grinding when misaligned, but I've contacted Doug about this, and he thinks that's extremely unlikely given the way the burrs are constructed. So, my grinder would suit someone who knows what they're doing, who is prepared to spend some time fiddling around with alignment and so on. It is not a perfect out-of-the-box solution for a newbie. It may require money throwing at it in the future to get it working perfectly. Or I could just be a fussy bastard. Either way, I want to sell the grinder with no false expectations. I don't like buying items and getting surprises. When I sell items, I declare all the issues I am aware of. I hope you've read this ad carefully. Some stock Pharos have been sold on here for £170 recently, albeit with no declared issues. I have at least $470 in this Pharos, plus the customs and shipping. So I've been trying to decide on a price for someone who has fully read and accepted the condition described carefully herein. So I will sell for £200 plus shipping (perhaps a tenner) within the UK (I won't ship abroad). Pay by UK bank transfer in advance, or Paypal gift. No returns. Demo at my place welcome (West Wickham, Kent). Meet up in London for handover welcome.
  18. OK I've spent a long time working on this, and I haven't got it completely solved, so it's time to ask for help. I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong, so I've tried to describe my technique as well as I can. I'm using a Cremina 2003 (49mm baskets) and a Rosco Mini hand grinder. On the shelf and currently not in use are a Caravel and a Pharos hand grinder (I use the Rosco because the Pharos grind seems less even). My routine is as follows: 1) Grind 16.5g weighed beans 2) Tip from plastic cup into an Elektra double basket with an OE dosing funnel 3) WDT with a paper clip, doing little circles about the same diameter as the radius of the basket 4) A little side to side wiggling/shaking to move grinds into the middle and some tapping bottom of basket on counter to get a nice level top 5) Remove dosing funnel, usually a little tap on the counter to let the grinds settle into the gap left by the dosing funnel 6) Tamp with 49.4mm RB tamper, no idea what pressure but just what feels right. Basket is just on counter, not in portafilter at this point. 7) Put basket into bottomless portafilter, into machine, lever brought up slowly, then down until first drops show through bottom of basket, then lever up (the drops stop) and preinfuse for about 6 seconds 8) Firm pull resulting in about 30g coffee in 28-30 seconds, no shower screen imprint on puck, which knocks out dry and intact I believe I'm doing everything I'm meant to be doing, but I'm still getting channelling. Once in a while I get a nice central pull with no channeling, but I haven't worked out how to repeat it. I don't get spritzes ever really. Any tips or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Simon
  19. Rob666


    As the title says. Offering £150 upwards depending on whether it has the latest updates. I know these are rare but it's worth a try.
  20. dfk41


    Hi, in conversation with a forum member on another forum, he has offered me a Pharos. It is brand new and was bought for evaluation purposes only. The chap is in Lincoln and wants £225 for it, which is approximately what he paid. But of course, if you visit Orphan Espresso you will see they currently and for some time, do not have any. If anyone is interested, please say and I will pm you his details. Hope that this does not break any rules, but I am just trying to help someone out.
  21. Guys after a lot of reading on here most are quick to sugest the MC2 burr grinder and the porlex hand grinder. the MC2 is too large for my current situation and the hand grinder takes a lot of effort when grinding for more than two cups. Are there any sugestions of a smaller electric burr grinder that will still give a consistant grind? i like to drink stove top french press and the occasional drip. espresso would be nice but i am limited by space. (hence my liking for manual kit as there are no cables and can be stored wherever) Dazzler.
  22. ....or it would do if I knew what i was doing Hi All, I've been lurking around on the forum since the London Coffee Festival reignited my desire to take home coffee making a little more seriously. I've had a baby Gaggia for a few years and seemed to be able to make a (barely) passable latte for much of that time (well it's a step up from instant but still not so good in the big scheme of things) but really terrible espressos (milk does a great job of masking a lot of nastiness). I've been a pre ground Illy person for ages or occasionally would get beans ground at Monmouth (when I was feeling fancy). Living within easy access of East and Central London I've been spoilt by all the great coffee places that I've taken for granted. For example this morning I enjoyed a 6oz Espresso with Milk (no flat whites or lattes on their menu) from Prufrock in Shoreditch on my way to get a flat white from Giddy Up (I do like to try a couple of places at a time to compare tastes) but decided to give Ozone a miss today even though I walked past it (3 in a row would make my head explode). So at least I have an idea of the coffee standard I'm trying to reach. O.K, its highly likely I'll get no where near but you've got to aim high I guess. So, after reading many posts about how things should be done, equipment upgrades etc I decided the first thing to do was get a load of new cleaning equipment and give the machine a proper deep clean instead of just the occasional descale - job done. Got a proper milk jug instead of trying to foam milk in another mug (stop sniggering in the back!). Digital scales and a timer are also new additions to the (small) kitchen coffee equipment collection. Resisting the urge to upgrade the machine before trying to get the best out of it, I've decided to stick with the Baby G it but get a grinder as all the experienced peeps on various forums are united in the fact that a decent grinder will make more difference to my coffees than a fancy new machine. So after much internet searching, review reading, umming and arring, I ordered my new grinder a few weeks ago. This morning I got my customs invoice in the post and confirmation that my OE Pharos has finally arrived. I'm very excited Now I just need to get some proper beans before it gets delivered after the long weekend. Thanks again to all the exiting members and posters for making this a great forum. F.
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