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Found 43 results

  1. The last bit arrived in the post this week so it seemed like a good time to put this up here. I bought a used Europiccola millennium from @coffeechap in November, it was in great condition. Really a whim as I was pretty curious about how it would compare to my pump machine. It’s been great so far and I’ve finished kitting it out to make it a bit more flash looking... The coffees are shorter and more ristretto like than I’m used to, I’ve quite liked the difference really in terms of being more punchy and syrupy. Once I got the new steam tip on it was pretty good and more powerful than I expected in terms of frothing. Brew pressure gauge and temp strip made a massive difference in terms of repeatability, really impressed at the results people get without using them though. Upgraded bits: - Coffee sensor boiler and brew pressure kit, plus temp strip - Stainless bottomless portafilter with IMS basket - Metal drip tray - Single hole steam top - Spalted tamarind handles
  2. Hey Guys, I've recently fixed up two la pavoni's I've bought on Ebay. The idea was to kinda fix up and learn about Lever Machines as I'm used to a Rancilio Silvia, and sell off the machines I no longer use. After much more repair that I had anticipated, I have gotten them both working, one is a Post-Millennium and another is a Pre-Millennium machine. The Post-Millenium machine I have works beautifully. After a short while I was making what I considered better coffee than my Silvia. It's easier to adjust the slightly course/fine grind with the pressure you manually apply with this machine. The Pre-Millenium I've tried to use but have failed to get a decent shot from. I know these machines are different to operate, and after having another go today trying to ready guides about how to pull espresso from this one I am still failing. I think it's overheating, but I know we can't adjust the temperature on these machines, only the pressure gauge (which I assume is the pressure of the boiler, not the temperature). I've tried pulling a shot after turning on from cold, heating once, easing out some water, it quickly re-heats and then I go for the shot. I have also tried a cold flannel to cool down the grouphead, then pull a shot with similar results. The coffee generally tastes very bitter and has lots of tannin (like a dry red wine), and always tastes poor. I usually aim to overextact my coffee rather then underextract as I have it with milk. This generally ends with a nice sharp espresso taste which is toned down by the milk. With the pre-millenium I'm getting bitter burnt. If I go to extract normally, it's just bitter and bland/slightly watery. I've noticed a couple of differences with my machines on how they operate, I'm not sure if this is common for these machines: The post-millenium (good coffee) takes ages to re-heat the boiler after use or opening the steam value, usually after about 30-60 seconds of the value open it kicks in. The pre-millenium (bad coffee) is very very quick to get to temperature, after you pull any water it reheats about 5-10 seconds later for a few seconds and is up to temp again. Another thing about the coffee I'm producing, sometime I get islands of crema from the pre-millenium machine which break apart and float around. It breaks apart like something bad is floating of the surface and doesn't look appetising in the slightest, hard to see in a static shot but it all moves around like little pieces: Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to get good coffee from this machine. Do you think it's user error or my repair error? Thanks for reading! - James
  3. Having purchased a 49.5mm Pullman tamper from @coffeechap I was sadly excited to finally get a chance to use it today. To my dismay it's too big for the microcasa basket I use. I could use the original basket but that only holds 12-13g where the microcasa holds 15g. Does anyone know where I can get larger baskets for the pre mil? I'm not convinced the IMS ones are worth the price.
  4. Morning all, What sort of output are people getting using one pull (no fellini etc.) on their millenium machines with a double basket? I find myself getting ~25g from a standard single pull, this is whether I dose 12, 13, even 14 or 15gs. I've done a bit of searching online and from the small amount of info I've managed to find people seem to be getting 30g plus... Thanks, Harry
  5. Interesting article in the 'news' section of Francesco's great site, It features a pre pavoni type Euro a full 3 years before Pavoni put out their first machine. This one was made by Bezzera http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/Macchine/Bezzera/baby_bezzera/baby_bezzera_eng.htm
  6. Currently using a Pavoni Pro pre millennium and having had some truly disastrous moments with it I’m interested to hear your tips for a consistently passable pull.
  7. Hey everyone! A friend of mine just got a new La Pavoni Europiccola. Tried using the machine and it looks like this! Anybody have any idea whats wrong and how to fix this? Video 1: - Is this the pressure valve not being tightened properly as I have been reading around? Video 2: - Is this water flow too fast? Or is this normal without a portafilter? Thanks in advance! Ryan
  8. Hi all, So it's taken me all of a few days being a member on this forum to decide that I want a la pavoni. I just don't want to repeat the mistake I made when buying my gaggia classic and buying a model that I now regret a bit(should've gone pre 2015) So can anyone tell me the differences between the pre-millenium models and post? Which model is the one to go for? I generally make a 1 flat white a day during the week and 2 on weekends. It will be very rare that I need to make more than 2 cups back to back, but planning on keeping the gaggia for when guests come around. Also prices seem to have quite a big variance, I'm assuming this is due to some models being more desirable than others. Im looking for a used machine. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated
  9. This is the second attempt at documenting my restoration of a Pavoni Europiccola 1977. The previous thread got corrupted and the admin decided to take it offline. This is it, a Europiccola 1977 bought on Ebay for about 150 EUR. There is a bit of rust on the base, but the rest looks good: I will disassemble it and then start documenting the restoration
  10. Got a bit bored with my old avatar so looking around for something Pavoni related I remembered this clip. Not sure if this has been posted here before and I expect lots of you have seen it but here it is in all it's 70's glory - the La Pavoni Europiccola as demonstrated by James Bond himself in the film Live and Let Die The prop 'espresso' looks very odd and spot the unorthodox steaming technique - espresso in with the milk and the opv tube! These bloopers seem so obvious to us now but of course back then no one would have had a clue. To a British audience this was all new, this was a sophisticated and chic new Italian machine. We were just dazzled by the whole performance as Bond apparently skillfully shows us how those sophisticated Continentals make their espresso at home.. maybe some Italians would have had a chuckle though. And love M's response.. A smart bit of product placement by La Pavoni, I expect it would have had quite an impact on sales. Wonder why they added the aluminium plate on top and removed the rubber around the base. Seems odd, as if they were trying to disguise it a bit for some reason, but obviously not completely as they left the badge on. Perhaps it's to do with this being an older model than would have been on sale at the time of the films release, maybe at the time of filming the new design hadn't been finalised yet. Espresso's looking a bit watery there James! ... yes that's great James but what on Earth is that aluminium plate doing there? ... and why the missing rubber base cover? add a splash of milk to the cup.. and the coup de grace.. Bond's patented double barrelled *coffee* steaming technique..
  11. La Pavoni Jolly grinder Burr grinder in a similar platform to the rancillio rocky, probably the same internals. modified for stepless adjustment (easily returned to its stepped adjustment if preferred) so grind size can be fine-tuned. I'd guess roughly 20kg though this from new, and about 500g since last cleaned. only negative point, the cap that sits inside the hopper is missing. only an issue if you have a few beans - if you keep the hopper topped up then you'll have no trouble at all. Not a bad place to start for espresso. £40 SOLD: La Pavoni Europicolla pre-millenium spares/repairs Collection just north of Oxford please. Local delivery considered.
  12. La Pavoni for sale gumtree £100 https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/lapavoni-coffee-machine-/1313115449.
  13. well it was either going to be pimp my chip pan pavoni or Pimp "my god your greasy" Pavoni I think the Motorhead reference suits the all chrome and grease look that the previous owner was going for... has to be a single bloke this one with a love for deep frying- a life style i can only dream of..........wipes a tear from his eye so on with the initial assessment and the pics - please look away if easily offended
  14. 1962 Pavoni on ebay italia 2nd year of manufacture - even has the original blue rubber base !- owner wants £300 or near offer - sooo tempted but will have to pass https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/la-pavoni-v-1-2-1962/352342360668?hash=item52093dc25c:g:G50AAOSwh9pa2cNF&autorefresh=true
  15. Having 5 pavs in the bunker at the moment and only 4 portafilters gave me the chance to purchase one of the £50 bottomless portafilter that have appeared on-line over the past few months - I can only say what a pleasant surprise the basket is massive 16g with a spring clip, the chrome is quality and the handle is proper Bakelite. Anyway the chance here for a quick comparison old to new - the first was used up to 66-70 the second is the standard 74 till 2000 - the third is the new one. The 66-70has massive depth and can take up to 21g basket but with titchy handle (this one has a standard 14g basket) The 74-2000 is the standard 49mm type - comes with a 14g basket that only takes 13.5 g at a pinch The last is the new one Interesting that the handle shape of the new one reflects the old design, but larger. First impressions of using it are - well I need to see a DR as ive not stopped kicking myself yet- - no mess - the basket doesn't fall out - when i put 14g in it doesn't jam the puck against the shower screen - when you remove it you don't find that the group head seal and shower screen are covered in coffee - WHY DIDNT I GET ONE OF THESE YEARS AGO! - its the best £50 upgrade ive made PS - the bigger newest basket fits the 74- 2000 portafilter !
  16. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/pavoni-coffee-machine/1294683355 Get amongst it at that price. Even if it's borked.
  17. Hi All, Took the plunge and went for a Rocket Fausto, which I received last week. To be honest, my results so far haven't been great, with a fair bit of clumping despite my having seen many comments about how the Fausto generates little clumping. I've been trying double shots with an 8.2 second grind time and have dialed the grind setting down to 2. Thus far, the shots I've been pulling through my Pavoni have been watery and fast with little to no crema. Any suggestions about how to minimize clumping and/or what settings to use? Any tips/advice appreciated!
  18. Got to be an easy fix! £150 Buy it now Europiccola in what looks like great condition near Woodbridge. I would. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Europiccola-Chrome-Expresso-Coffee-Machine-/192270975967?hash=item2cc43e43df:g:lQcAAOSwU1RZibcx
  19. Heya... was wondering if anyone had a spare naked portafilter for the millenium (51mm) pavoni? I only just acquired a machine, otherwise I would have jumped on the one which sold 2 weeks back. I'll be willing to offer the same £35 + 3 postage Thanks!
  20. I don't know if anybody else struggles with this but I found it nearly impossible without risking breaking the clips or scratching the plastic or chrome with a screwdriver. I tried some cocktail sticks at first, jamming one in the gap then another behind it to unclip the cover and it worked for the top clip but there wasn't enough room to get at the lower clip. Then I remembered some old plastic membership cards (like credit cards but thinner) and wondered if I could do something with them, and amazingly the answer is yes.. By carefully pulling the unclipped part out slightly, push the corner of the card into the gap created on the outside, then slide it towards the clip by wiggling it along. At the clip just keep pushing and wiggling it to get around the clip and eventually it will get past. Ideally if you have another card leave the first card in place and repeat for the other clip. When I first tried it and it got to the clip I thought this isn't going to work, but somehow if you keep at it the card it does find its way through. Maybe this method is already out there but it's the safest and easiest way I've found so far!
  21. Woohoo!!! I just got me a Pavoni on ebay! - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332307790618 My first lever and first espresso machine! Complete noob to espresso really, but I had to give it a try and I love the engineering simplicity and heritage of the Pavoni levers. And the fact that they can make fantastic espresso in the right hands... hopefully mine too eventually! Think this is an 80s machine, no idea what shape it's going to be in so it was a bit of a punt really, but will be happy to strip it down and rebuild as a project if needed. There have been some great threads here lately from @christos_geo and @owain which inspired me to go for the Europiccola so thanks to you guys I'm sure the great info there will come in handy. Will be just as happy if I can start pulling that lever and making espressos as soon as I get it home, but the engineer in me really wants to get it in pieces anyway! Hopefully picking up in a couple of days... excited!
  22. Look like it is in good condition. Keep an eye on it if you are local. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-Europiccola-EN-8-Cups-Espresso-Machine-Black-Black-/332305553982?hash=item4d5ef45a3e:g:ZuQAAOSwb~9ZafRt
  23. -WARNING, I got carried away. Also will have to be multiple posts due to 5 photo per post restriction. And sorry about rotation- Part1 About a couple of weeks ago and after a few failed attempts at wining a bid on a Pavoni on fleebay I happened to be scavenging the depths of Gumtree for misspelled ads at 2am as one does. And would you believe it, there it was! An il pavoni europiccolo (a.k.a. La Pavoni Europiccola) for £50… in Leeds. Couldn’t believe my luck. I texted, emailed and texted again, and all that before 8 am. Got a response eventually from a very obliging seller much to my disbelief and took it from there. Arranged for a door to door courier service with Parcelforce 48 which with a 10% off code came to just under £14 to London. It was one of the only courier companies that didn’t have coffee machines on their prohibited list or excluded items and offered free cover up to £100. I was of course very suspicious about the whole situation thinking id be left £50 + £14 poorer but the seller was excellent and packaged the item really well and despite being really busy managed to coordinate with me on this. (I count myself lucky on that front). Now in terms of the machine…. well…. the photos presented it as this lovely old rusted ornament that may or may not hold water and with little chances of life, but I was after a project after all so right up my street. Thank you @jimbojohn55 for the pre and post-guidance and @coffeechap for sharing his passion about levers. Upon opening the box and getting past the first whiff of rust I examined the contents. Some rust, bit more rust, scaling, neglected, crusty, dull finish, strange aroma emanating from boiler (almost like pine resin) and a plug! So the first stupid thing to not do is turn it on right.. ? So I filled it, turned it on and flicked the switch.. It’s alive, I’m alive and the house windows are still in place. That was until it started pressurising… and pressurising and then almost shaking. Steam and water started coming out of every part of the machine. Switch off, pretend that never happened and jump onto theespressoshop website and fill my shopping basket. So it turns on, it heats up but that’s about it. I therefore ordered 1x group service kit containing all gaskets, seals and washers, all potential O-rings and seals for the other areas, a brand new brass piston to replace the manky plastic one, sight glass seals. I was now up at £90 in spares and that’s pretty much just for seals and gaskets. Had to get circlip tweezers a few more spanners, as the 16mm one does not come in your standard pack, some sandpaper and brass brushes.
  24. Here's my La Pav pro, owned it since August last year. The previous owner bought it new from Raimondi in Italy back in 2003. He said it was used when he lived out there but then sat in a cupboard for quite a few years since moving back to the UK. It's in great condition with no rust or bubbling under the drip tray. The group and piston seals were changed a few months ago so should be good for a while yet. I've added some walnut handles and a copper heat sink which seems to help. I can remove it if the buyer wanted a traditional look. There's a single hole steam tip and a clear silicone hose section so you can move the wand when hot. The pressure stat has been reduced and it now stabilises at just under 1 bar. There is also a thermocouple and display included, it is foil taped to the group. Included are 2 tampers, one stainless, brass and walnut handle and the other delrin. The delrin one was a prototype on the cnc lathe but I quite liked using it. There are 2 double and one single baskets, spare piston and group head seals and all original accessories. Comes in original box. Since getting a Sage the pav has been sitting there longing to be used. It doesn't seem right to keep it and I'd prefer for it to go to a new home where it'll get some use. Looking for £220. Collection preferred from Pontypool but I can post, however it will be at your own risk.
  25. I bought a Europiccola in January and use it sparingly (about one espresso a day). About a week ago it started to leak from the group head. It only leaks for a minute or two losing about 50ml of water and the leak then stops as the machine heats up. It's not affecting the coffee so wondering if its something I can leave alone, or should I get it looked at? Thanks
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