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Found 24 results

  1. received this from espresso services, spare parts for La Pavoni parts http://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/offers.aspx?PartnerID=26&utm_source=irp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13_la-pavoni-sale-now-on_2016-05-25_14-16
  2. Hi All, Here we have a reliable Ascaso Basic (or "Pablo") that I have neglected for a while after getting a new machine. As you can see from the photos it powers on fine. Stored inside for a year without use and the gasket and unit around the shower screen needs replacing, as it has corroded and I can't force the screw holding the unit in place out. This is the grim bit and there's a closeup photo, seems to me it could be stripped back. Water pump, brass boiler etc all working but water just flows out from around the bottom of grouphead and portafilter when used. One of you chappies will have the expertise to fix this up, and it can go back to happy days of brewing short sharp cuppas rather than end up in a local skip. Also included, all the parts: portafilter + baskets, water tank, drip tray + cover, steam dial. May split for parts if no real interest in a couple of months. Post included in now reduced price of £65, or pickup from Stockport/Buxton area in person for less. Cheers! Kitch
  3. Hi, I am new to this forum and just bought my first gaggia classic. its a 2005 model. I was trying to adjust the pressure earlier and the allen key hole has rounded quite badly, and it looks quite seized. So I have removed the valve and trying to find a replacement, any suggestions on best places or links to shops? really struggling to find one, thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I just picked up a 2007 Rancilio Silvia, which looks very much like the v2 model (left-right steam arm, old version steam knob, and chromed plastic group head cover) - it's all working but missing a few parts. When I bought it I was under the impression it was complete (excluding the portafilter), but it appears I'm missing a couple of bits. Essentially, I have the grouphead all attached and a shower screen separately, but nothing in between (and no shower head screw). I know a few things changed between models, so I was hoping someone with a model form around the same time could tell me if I need a group spacer (20200182) and water spreader (25139001) like the v3, or something different? The part numbers are form here - http://cdn.espressoplanet.com/images/D/group-head-parts-01.jpg My reason for asking is the difference between these diagrams - I just don't know when the change over date was, or how to tell! Pre-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaComplete.pdf Post-2007 http://www.espressocare.com/assets/uploads/SilviaParts2007.pdf Thanks for any help!
  5. Hey guys I converted my SJ to a doserless so I have a few spare parts I want to sell. The lot has the doser (without lid) fork, tamper, and lid to the hopper (no hopper). You can see these in the photo. I'm happy to sell the lot for 10GBP collected from Manchester or shipped if shipping cost is included. Let me know if you want a quote, I'll have to weight everything and get an estimate from a courier.
  6. "By participating in this Group Buy all participants agree to release Coffee Forums UK, its Owners, Administrators, Moderators or any other staff of any and all liability and waive all rights I may have under all laws and governing bodies. By posting in this thread you agree you are entering a binding contract between the Organiser and the Participant." The group buy rules can be found at this link: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?14547-Group-Buy-Rules As you will know the Brasilia/Rossi group went out of business in 2012 and since then obtaining parts has become problematic at the least. I have found 1 stockist in Germany who has a limited stock of a few items and two suppliers in Australia who have pretty much all spares which would be required. For both of them there is a a minimum shipping cost which is about £20, so the more parts we can assemble into one order the better. I will select the vendor based upon which has stock of any parts which the group requests, I will then divide shipping by the relative weight of your parts. So if you want a set of burrs which weigh 100g, the total weight of the order is 1kg and the cost of shipping is £20; your share of the international shipping will be £2.00. Seems fair? Shipping from here in the UK will be simply on a cost recovery basis for the packaging and postage. Postage in the UK will be Royal Mail 2nd class recorded. So after reading all of that if you have any parts you want to put into a consolidated order please send me your requirements. I plan to leave this open until Tuesday the 21st only before I place the order as time is of the essence if we want to ensure that we get the parts. Please include the part reference number from this Australian supplier: http://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ginorossi/ Once I have everyone's requirements I will get quotes from the German and two Australian firms and whoever can supply all the parts for the best price plus shipping will be selected.
  7. I am looking to move from a Delonghi B2C machine to a manual set up preferably starting with a grinder first. After scouring the ads on Ebay and noticing every now and again non working Sage grinders turning up for reasonable prices, working as a Electrical technician it got me thinking as to how easy it would be to get these working again. However there appears to be very little information regarding obtaining parts for sage especially for internal components. Can anyone enlighten me as to Sages policy on after sales parts especially for main electrical components. Thanks
  8. Hi to All, I own an Izzo Vivi (NO PID) machine and am looking to buy some parts, especially Legs and Vacuum Breaker. Since this machine is no longer in the field, I'm having a hard time finding these parts and some others. Where should I search? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello All, My gaggia platinum vogue is starting to leak slightly on brewing. Pucks are dry, coffee tasting great but small amount of water leaking. I thought perhaps O ring replacement would be good. Any ideas would be very welcome please and also if anyone can supply parts please?
  10. CFUK

    Gaggia Forum

    Welcome to the Gaggia Forum, for dedicated discussion about Gaggia Espresso Machines, Gaggia Grinders, Gaggia Parts and Accessories. Discussions about other makes and models will be moved to the Machines / Grinders and Accessories forum
  11. Can someone list some parts that typically need to be replaced on a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Mazzer SJ. It's working well, but I imagine it will need some spare parts eventually. It may have been used commercially in the past. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  12. I recently bought a used Elektra but it turns out it has a leak in the boiler (amongst other problems). So, in order to recoup some cash, I've decided to sell off the working parts... Portafilter with double basket: £30 +delivery. Brass eagle: £25 + delivery. ...I'll add pics and other parts over the weekend. Cheers.
  13. I have just bought a Gaggia G105 but it has no coffee basket, tamp or frother arm (but it has the bolt in place to secure it). I am not finding it easy to get the parts! Does anyone have any spare parts for sale or can anyone advise on where I can get them from? Am I right in saying that the basket is the same as for the Pavoni Millennium (part number MP68)? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  14. Hi all, I'm new to the Coffee Forums and absolutely love coffee. I've decided to buy my first reasonable starter machine and have decided on the Gaggia Classic. However, with Gaggia Uk (or parent company) having problems, is it advisable buying one at the moment and will it have a warranty? I know Philips have bought the company but I'm a little nervous that I may be left high and dry if there is a problem with the machine. Does anyone know the current situation? Thanks Peter
  15. Here is a Classic that really has done its time. Having said that note that it has a Rancillio steam wand - A Torr Tamper - 3D printed coffee catcher - Internally a brass distribution block replacing the original. A newish PF c/w basket & would you believe it still ‘fires up’ The major problem is that the group head gasket has welded itself to the head. If the good parts were taken out & sold separately. The Torr Tamper alone must be worth more than I am asking for the Machine. However its being offered as one lot & I have no intention of splitting it. If you want it, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad but really £25 for the lot!!! (+P&P) It has been in my Family ? since 6 years ago. Maybe a ‘project’ for someone? ?
  16. Evening all! Just a quick question for your perusal, if I may.......... Can anyone reccomend a COMPREHENSIVE parts supplier for Mazzer SJ parts? Looking for some parts that appear obscure on the usual suspects websites, so any help or advice greatly appreciated............ Happ Monday evening to you all.......
  17. This post is a bit of an oddball but here goes anyway At work there are a couple of Schaerer Coffee Celebration BCL machines that have been dumped due to the lack of spares availability/ high cost of repair. Both have faulty electronics I am told. Now then, due to the fact that parts seem to be like rocking horse $h1t I thought I would just check to see if anyone needs any of the more mechanical parts from these, stuff like sensors or solenoids or even the boilers (small 1ltr ish balls). They are a bit trashed already and much as I like to help please don't ask for the fridges Yeah it is a long shot but I hate to see potentially good stuff go in the bin (except perhaps my parts bin)
  18. Hello all I own a 2005 (I think) Gaggia Baby which came to me second hand. I have spent quite a long time servicing the machine myself and learning a lot about Gaggias, their quirks and how to make a great espresso. After finally sorting out my setup by adding an Iberital MC2, a Reg Barber tamper (bargain from eBay!) and modding with a silvia steam arm, disaster has struck! Whilst making a latte this week, the steam switch stuck in the on position and I was not able to switch it off again. I opened my Baby up, removed the offending switch and it seems to be a problem which can't be fixed. I didn't think it would be too hard to find a replacement switch, but I cannot find the right one for my model. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to get hold of a 6-pin steam switch? I have absolutely no problem sourcing a 4-pin switch, but this won't work with my machine. Having spent so much time restoring my Baby to its former glory, it seems a shame to give up and buy a replacement over such a small problem. Any pointers would be a very big help. Thanks!
  19. I've dismantled the Baby Ivory I had as it was missing a few bits and I wasn't going to buy them so I had no use for the machine apart from putting the boiler in my classic as it was a lot newer. Everything available apart from: Boiler Water Tank Drip Tray & Lid I have the complete wiring loom, switches, chassis (good condition apart from a mark - can get pics for those interested), pump, solenoid, group head, steam wand & ball joint etc. PM me or leave a post below if interested in any parts - if part isn't listed above just ask and I will see if I have it!
  20. Hey there. I am new here. I need help finding the right parts for my Bellman cx-25(which is amazing, I am in love with it, I found it a thrift store for $12!) My problem is I don't know if the parts I see online will be the right ones. I need gaskets, particularly the one on the very bottom, at the bottom of the shaft. The one it had was red and sort of squared off, if you know what I mean. The only one I see online is white, rounded, and made in Taiwan. None of the diagrams I have or have seen really name or show the gaskets...like a specific part name. There is no Bellman site that I can find. Has anyone had to replace this/these gaskets and can steer me in the right direction? I bought one at a hardware store and it made the coffee taste like petrol/rubber...obviously not meant for high-heat food applications! Help! I miss my espresso!
  21. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here - I've got an older model VTA6S Gu II, the discharge spout of which has sheared off at the top. I'm trying to source a replacement part, but being such an old model, neither La Spaziale, DMA UK, nor the Mahlkonig factory in Germany have any spares in stock. Does anyone have a spare kicking around, or know anyone in the UK (or elsewhere) who might have one of these in stock? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  22. Can someone please list some parts that typically need to be replaced on an Expobar Office Control? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Expobar Office Control. It's working well, but I'm sure it will need some spare parts eventually. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  23. Does anyone have any experience ordering from EspressoXXL.de? It's a German website, but with a bit of help from Google translate I have managed to find some very very good deals on machine parts which are quite hard to find in the UK and even a bottomless PF for €35! International shipping seems to be a flat rate of €12 too, so as long as you're ordering a few bits it won't break the bank. Any ideas before I test them out?
  24. evoman

    L1 lights

    I'll start by admitting that I can probably get the basics of this question answered by doing some searches, but given that there might be other issues linked to the question I thought I would start a thread. I just noticed that the top light on my L1 (the white light) is off and I assumed that I had forgotten to switch the machine on this morning. But no, it is on and warm. I assume that the light should always be on when the machine is ready, so if it is off does this necessarily mean that the light is simply broken? If so, does anyone know what I can do about it - like is it easily user replaceable? I'll look into this myself later, but if anyone has similar experience that can help me get this sorted, it would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
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