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Found 12 results

  1. I recently changed the brew head gasket and it's a much tighter fit for sure but it's got to the point I can hardly get the wretched thing in at all. It's OK if I put the pf in when the machine is cold but I have to turn it off and allow it to cool down again before I can get it back out again. I'm hoping its because the thermostat has gone but has anyone come across this before? (I did think it was the cack handed loading technique but it doesn't matter if the pf is loaded or not. I'll draw a veil over the technique but my attempt s with my lovely new bottomless pf were astonishing; I didn't
  2. I've just replaced the seals in the steam/water valve on my gaggia platinum vision as it was leaking from the valve stem. I'm trying to run a test brew with the casings off so I can see if it's still leaking from there and, if it's not, to check if there are any other leaks. Powering on, I need to place the bean lid and door reed switches/sensors onto a magnet to bypass the "Close the lid" and "close the door" messages and it then goes through a warm up cycle as expected. If I wait more than a few seconds after it's up to temp, the "restart to solve the problem" message app
  3. [video=youtube_share;rBunN5V4xtk] Hey Coffee enthusiasts i have a problem with my recently bought used rancilio Silvia v2 from 2009 with Auber PID. It worked like a charm untill i Yesterday where i upgraded the steam Wand and knob from v2-->v3 on my Silvia. I didn't break anything and it was not a Big problem to install it. normally I sat The Auber PID temperature at 95 celcius, and it never got hotter than that. But now today the boiler gets way too warm, when i turn on the machine. And the temperature on the PID says 140 degrees, even though i sat the PID temperature at 95 celci
  4. My 4 Year old Cherub has overheated a couple of times in the last few months, presumably setting off the pressure relief valve. Does it maybe need a service? Gaz
  5. Hey Guys, I've recently fixed up two la pavoni's I've bought on Ebay. The idea was to kinda fix up and learn about Lever Machines as I'm used to a Rancilio Silvia, and sell off the machines I no longer use. After much more repair that I had anticipated, I have gotten them both working, one is a Post-Millennium and another is a Pre-Millennium machine. The Post-Millenium machine I have works beautifully. After a short while I was making what I considered better coffee than my Silvia. It's easier to adjust the slightly course/fine grind with the pressure you manually apply with this m
  6. I got my sister's Rancilio Sylva, which was in storage for 4 years. I followed the instructions, and had lights on and all was going well, until the main power tripped in the kitchen. After some investigation, it seems the coffee machine is causing a trip after a couple minutes heating up. I'm guessing that it heats up too much and causes a short somewhere, but I don't know enough about electrics. Is this a common fault, and is there a really easy fix?
  7. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help as my Classic is on the blink. When turned on normally it’s started overheating to steam temperature, as though the switch has been set to steam (which it hasn’t). The machine is very old now and I was considering an upgrade anyway, so depending on how difficult/expensive this is to fix I may go this route. However, if it’s very simple it be great. Thanks in advance. Tom
  8. has anyone had difficulty with the La Nuova era CUADRA running hot?
  9. Hi all, at my wits end... 😞 I’ve had my machine for about 7 years. Always been able to dial in well when buying good coffee. Iberital grinder. I’ve been buying Limini and was at an all time high with amazing crema and taste. Then... Bad espresso. Barely any crema. Tried running water through / temp surfing, no good. I think the machine’s too hot, could that do it? Also, leave it on for a while and it shuts down, won’t pump, click sound. Takes at least 20 mins to cool enough to work again. Changed thermostat on boiler. No difference. Bought referb kit with both thermostats.
  10. I was using my Appartamento yesterday and all of a sudden I noticed the gauge (steam boiler) spike well beyond the green zone, to over 2 BAR. At the same time it made an awful noise and pressure was automatically released via the 3-way solenoid valve (that also removes excess water from the group head as you move the brew lever down to end your extraction). I immediately turned the machine off and watched the gauge drop back down to about 1 BAR. I then turned it back on and see if I can assist with reducing steam boiler pressure by opening the steam wand. Steaming functionality worked fine
  11. Not sure what I have done wrong. I installed a C100 PIDand thought I followed all instructions but heating continued past the alarms. I then took the PID out and the problemremains. Checking the wiring it seems fine (compared to photos onhere) but obviously isn't. I left the PID powered and have kept the temp probeagainst the boiler. I have both the original thermostats wired. The machineis a really old one – about 17 years but had a break for 6 years when I had asuper autom
  12. Hi, our 'Gaggia Coffee' has recently started to heat the water up too much, and I've noticed that it heats the water in the plastic water holder (hot steam/water comes down the white rubber tube (the whiter one) that hangs into the water tank). Is this due to the (107C) thermostat gone faulty - or is it something else? Also, steam from the steam outlet seems to be a lot hotter than normal. Is there a way to check if the thermostat is working, or if there is somehign else going on? Ideas - I dont want to order a thermostat incase its a totally different issue?
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