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Found 25 results

  1. Hi All, It has been just over 12 months since I last posted here and whilst I have been lurking, I've found my interest in coffee has dwindled. I have reached a point where I am no longer sure that the equipment I have is right for me and generally just need to decide on a direction to go in. Owing to the amount of money I have invested in this (which is nothing compared to some of you!), I'm hesitant to make any rush decisions without first seeking advice. Rewind back to 2015, having moved from the good ol' cafetiere to a Hario V60 dripper and Mini-mill, something possessed me to p
  2. So I just received the kit to install the OPV to my Oscar II in the post (thanks Gianni!), but i've realised it's not set at any particular pressure.. and I don't have a manometer! Nor do I have the budget to buy one right now (Just bought the Oscar & a Macap MXD, as well as throwing money at paraphernalia for my newborn Skint doesn't even cover it, haha). Does anyone local to me (Fife, Scotland) have one I could use, for a day? Either that, does anyone have any other suggestions?! I'd be happy to travel, if that helps? Thanks!
  3. Ok guys, I've been reading, searching and researching on this forum, on other forums and in real life about my future purchase of an espresso machine. I've found enough info that almost convinced to look for a good used Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2. My budget is super tight and I still need to purchase a grinder (Niche Zero, probably, because I'd hate an espresso-only grinder). You can get a used Oscar 2 for 450€ from time to time, which seems a no brainer given its features. So, I know I'd need to install an OPV to set the pressure, and it's a cheap fix. Now, I need you guys to
  4. Up for sale is my beloved Oscar, which was an absolutely perfect espresso machine for getting a bit more serious with home espresso making. I bought this from coffee chap about 4 years ago, and its been an absolute pleasure. The outer casing is starting to show some signs of age, with a few scratches and marks, however the internals are going strong and the steaming power is as crazy as ever. I am selling with the following additional items as a package.. 1 x blanking plate for backflushing 1 x regular portafilter 1 x naked portafilter (modded by a coffeeforums member
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to run my Simonelli Oscar on a timer/wifi plug but have read that because it has no anti-vac valve, it needs to be warmed with the steam valve open. Looking online at Elektros.it they sell the Anti-Vac valve for the Oscar. Is this any different from what can be purchased from say Bella Barista (https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/espresso-parts/anti-vacuum-valve-1-4-long-pin.html)? It seems like the Elektros anti vac comes with a copper cup to catch condensation but I'm not seeing any real difference apart from that? Many Thanks, Josh
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone has had the same experience as I have lately. I recently fitted my nuova Oscar machine with the opv, anti vacuum and gigler's modifications and noticed after when using it that the volume of the pump has increased and can make the odd unusual sound. I am curious to know what this might be down to. Could it be down to me not being great at diy or something more logical like the gigler's reducing the amount of water that goes through the pump therefore maybe increasing the pressure? If anyone has noticed any difference when they have fitted the mods on
  7. Nuova Simonelli Oscar Silver, heat exchanger espresso machine. The machine works perfectly, it is sold together with: portafilter, 2 cup filter, 1 cup filter, tamper. The machine is located in: Conselve, ITALY Price: £240 delivered to the UK
  8. Having done a little research it seems that the Oscar beats gaggia classic and Sylvia every time to for anyone needing to get started I give you the £125 Oscar. If you are going to do it pull the trigger, no prevaricating at this price I reckon and 10 watching http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nuova-Simonelli-Oscar-12-Cups-Espresso-Machine-SILVER-/302116559277?hash=item46578cd9ad:g:rUgAAOSwx2dYDJpZ
  9. ...and if so What sort of money is right for an average one? I'm asking about this one
  10. Dear All, I Have nova simonelli oscar 1 i need 1- Bottomless profiterole (whats the Best for my machine) ? 2- VST Basket (whats the best size & type )? 3- Group head Shower screen (whats the best company and what fit with my machine ) ? 4- Good Tamper size with reasonable price ?
  11. I have before me an oscar that want's to fill up the boiler as soon as i turn it on, but the boiler is already full, which i know because i have the steam outlet open and it lets out the excess water. If i close the steam outlet, eventually the safety valve blows and lets out water. My waterlevel probe is in the right position. It is as if the probe can't sense the water in the boiler and therefore tells the pump to keep filling up the boiler. The waterlevel probe cable is attached properly as well. I don't really know what to do to fix this. Any ideas?
  12. I have a dilemma. I bought a second hand Gaggia New Baby about a year ago from Ebay. It was my first foray into espresso machines. Over the time I have had it I have struggled to descale and clean the system. I could never find the right instructions, and it became more of a chore than anything. I am thinking about selling it, and purchasing a new machine. I only would use for a double shot black americano every morning, I have been thinking of my options. I have considered a Gaggia Classic, I would rather by new or well conditioned, I have also been looking at Rancillo Sil
  13. Hi all I recently bought my NS Oscar brand new and have had it around 3 weeks. I've probably run around 25 cups through it so far. The only cleaning I've done is after each cup I run hot water through the empty PF after emptying the puck out, then clean it and leave the PF to dry. I also clean the shower screen with a a paper tissue after each use. But I'm not sure exactly what to do regards backflushing. With the machine came a blind filter as well as a big tub of 'Dusty Caff' detergent. As far as I can make out, I need to fill the blind filter with a little detergent now agai
  14. Sorry if this has been done to death but an opportunity has come up to buy a brand new Oscar for peanuts from a local supplier, presumably to make space for new models. I'm sorely tempted to upgrade, however wanted to hear your thoughts on whether this is a worthwhile upgrade over my gaggia classic. It currently has the brass shower screen holder, ims shower screen, reduced pressure and rancilio steam wand. It was my intention to PID it in the coming weeks. It is paired with a mazzer super jolly. Thoughts please?
  15. My Krups grinder recently packed in and after reading posts on here and elsewhere I have just ordered a new Eureka Mignon to replace it. I have owned and used a Gaggia Cubika machine for the last 10 years, but I am now thinking that it may also be a good idea to upgrade my machine to something that will get the best out my fancy new grinder. I usually make myself a macchiato every morning and then flat whites for me an my wife plus occasional guests at the weekends. I don't want to have the delay I currently experience with my Gaggia in between making the coffee and steaming the milk, and
  16. Hi, I am rather conflicted as to what to go for as suggested in the title. I am very close to buying a used Silvia (v3) (price yet to be agreed but hovering around £240) and I will most definitely install a PID kit from Auber which will cost another £100+ if I get a silvia, which brings the total close to £400+. But I have been reading up on the benefits of HX and saw that CoffeeItalia is selling Nuova Simonelli Oscar for £479 and possibly much less for a used Oscar (if i can find one). How does a PID silvia compare to a HX like Oscar? Just a bit of background of my current set up (w
  17. Hey guys, I have been laying an eye on the nuova simonelli oscar as an upgrade from my gaggia classic, which I think I might have outgrown it needed that simultaneous frothing milk and extracting espresso..... but!!!! The Oscar 2 was announced and will be launching soon in January 2016, does anyone have a better insight on this machine? I can't seem to justify whether to wait for the Oscar 2 or just pull the trigger on the current Oscar, because I just can't find any details on the type of boiler system that the Oscar 2 is being hooked up with. Thanks to anyone for any inpu
  18. Well I finally received my new NS Oscar coffee machine and am thoroughly enjoying it. There's so much to learn though! I now realise I need a new grinder. The Ascaso i2 I have now (bought second hand a few years ago) is the weak link. After lots of reading I've narrowed it down to 2 grinders: Eureka Mignon - €302 ($330, £222) inc. shipping Mahlkonig Vario - €379 ($415, £280) inc. shipping I'm favouring the Eureka because of the price, sturdiness and favourable reviews. I haven't read any reviews that convince me the Vario is definitely worth getting over the Eureka (some pu
  19. Hi all, another one of those threads asking for advice on machines... sorry...! I'll try to be concise. My original budget was around £400. I mostly drink espresso, but milk drinks will be required less frequently for my other half/guests/myself. I am totally done with temperature surfing...! And we don't have a lot of space, max size 400x450x500 (WxDxH) but ideally 100 less in each dimension (particularly width). So I came into this endeavour fully aware that a Classic or (ideally) a Silvia with a PID were my only two options. I have been watching eBay for about a year for these ma
  20. A heat exchanger or dual boiler espresso machine the size of a Classic. I know this brief imposes some fairly major restrictions but I wonder if something could be achieved for not much extra footprint? If it were possible it would have been invented by now, wouldn't it?!
  21. Hi guys, I came here a while ago asking for advice for a new machine, and finally bought a fully modded Oscar from elektros.it. People asked me to share my thoughts, and I'd like to! So now I've had it a few weeks I thought I'd write up something. First caveat... while I know a lot about making espresso through having lessons and reading about it, my hands-on experience timer is very very low. I had a Delonghi machine before this which does not even remotely compare, the transferrable skills are almost none. Luckily that's changing now, but it does make comparisons to other machines more
  22. Dear coffee fiends, After many years playing with entry level SBDU machines, currently with a Gaggia Classic w/ Silvia wand, I am ready to splurge on an upgrade! I am using an Ascaso i1 grinder which worked well with the Classic which I will upgrade very soon so let us not digress into a grinder discussion! I tend to have an espresso in the mornings and a few flat whites on the weekends. Because they are few and far between, I look forward to them and take the time to get them right. The Classic has been inconsistent with shots, and the steam is lacking. I've temp surfed, descaled, a
  23. Hi, First post :-) I am sure I will need help in the future. Just upgraded from my Dualit to Oscar....oh and a new grinder. Learning and having fun! Ordered from http://www.elektros.it late on Sunday, it arrived first thing on Friday - great packaging / communications / advice. Oscar was modded by Elektos - OPV, Anti-vacuum valve and Sirai. Free gift - Group gasket / Steam tip 4x1mm [ATTACH=CONFIG]2891[/ATTACH] Could not have been happier - oh and a great price :-) I just need to learn how to control that steam!!! Steve
  24. I have decided to jump into the world of home espresso making and am currently trying to decide on my first machine. I have already picked up a Rocky grinder from ebay which I think should serve enough as a starting point but am now in a bit of confusion regarding the actual espresso machine. Initially I was looking between the Gaggia Classic and the Silvia but find that, although a good starter, I just don't quite "feel it" with regards to the Gaggia. Browsing around on the net and the forums there seems to be an opinion that while the Silvia is a good machine it is overpriced and w
  25. So I recently picked up a Nuova Simonelli Oscar to replace my Silvia, which had replaced my Classic. At home he's paired with my Anfim Caimano that I got for an absolute steal off eBay I have a new set of genuine burrs on the way for the Anfim too, as the ones in at the minute are cheapo copies and I want peace of mind that I'm getting the best grind possible from this grinder. Oscar has no mods yet, apart from fitting my La Marzocco spout to the pf. I use it mainly with an 18g VST although I recently got a 15g that I want to play around with. I've a few things I w
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