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  1. Treated myself tot he new pro. It looks great. Problem I have there seems to be a fault with the PID it wont heat past 72 but the water is scalding hot. so 72 is really 92/3. Bit annoyed didnt even get to make a single brew out of it. Obviously will be onto them tomorrow, anything noddy I can check ?
  2. I am new to the forum so hello to all! I am looking to purchase a good espresso machine and was considering some dual boiler ones like ECM, Bezzera, Profitec , Lilet and Exobar. I came across Sage Oracle, which has some good features and a fair price but its built cheap and based on many reviews I read, it brakes down fairly often. This is not an issue for me, if I am able to buy parts. So I just phoned Sage to enquire about some parts and prices and found out that they do not sell internal parts at all!!? I gathered from various posts, many in this community are hands on an
  3. Hi, I’m fairly new to making espresso at home so I’m hoping to get some advice. I have a sage oracle machine and I’m really struggling to get drinkable espresso out of it using the double basket. It’s hard for me to describe the taste but the coffee seems to be over extracted and bitter and possibly sour at the same time - if that’s even possibl?! It’s like it’s picking up all of the sour / bitter and none of the sweetness and nice flavours. I’m using a variety of different beans from Hasbean so don’t think that’s the problem. I weigh the dose in which is usually around the 22.5g mark and
  4. I think I need medical assistance. I have had a Sage Oracle for 2 weeks (it cost me £1150) and already Im thinking.....hmmm theres not a whole lot of technical ability needed here - what else should I look too! I did originally buy a sage barista touch but took 2 back as the temp of the espresso was barely 55 C - so decided on the oracle albeit an older model and it was another £350! But - it's a dual boiler. Obviously, I can't now afford to buy much else (that would be madness) but I can't help feeling that I have made a bit of an error with this machine. I just received my fir
  5. I’m planning on replacing my old second hand Oracle with a brand new DB but I’m worried I may miss the auto foam steamer thingy. I also like the grind and tamp, but on the other hand with the DB I actually get to use a decent grinder. That’s the main reason for the change anyway. Has anyone done this move and what did you make of it?
  6. Hi I have a Sage Oracle touch and am trying to find a suitable 58mm portafilter for it. Unfortunately Sage don’t sell these as accessories in the UK and the US site (which can supply) don’t sell to UK. Can anyone suggest an alternative make that will work with my machine and that’s available in good old Blighty
  7. ronsil

    Looking good

    A very sweet Coffee Compass Hill & Valley out of the Oracle this morning. Probably the best espresso delivered todate. Combination of things really. H & V roasted on the 16/Jun/16 so now 19 days after roast the Beans at their best. Built-in grinder set to 13 on the dial - Time set to 34 seconds including 8 secs pre-infusion Brew temp up a little to 94C. The set 21 grams in delivering 38 grams out. With these parameters its mighty similar to using the EK for these Beans. Lighter roasts would be a different story. Really enjoying using the Oracle. Requires car
  8. Some great Latte Art skills on display here from Alex Stithies; 2010 Australian Barista Champion. Good for Sage and Breville owners too. [video=youtube_share;wvJ02AJBEG4]
  9. Hi all, my first post on this forum having read a ton of useful stuff in the last couple of weeks. My my old bean to cup delonghi died a fortnight ago and, looking for something better, I stumbled across the Oracle. It looked ideal as a way of getting better coffee without necessarily giving up all the convenience of the old machine. Unfortunately I've been really struggling with it! I just don't seem to be able to get any consistency out of it... Initially when pulling shots by the standard time settings I was getting really sour, unpleasant coffee. I was trying ancoats warehouse
  10. jomo

    Which machine?

    Hi everyone, At the minute I have a built-in Siemens bean to cup machine which John Lewis have agreed to exchange for me as it in unable to heat milk to an acceptable level. I've never been particularly happy with the coffee it produces either. Anyway, I quite like the look of the Sage machines they stock. At first I thought I'd exchange it for the Barista Express and have the difference refunded but after reading more into it, a lot of people are saying the grinder isn't really up to the job so now I'm leaning more to the Dual Boiler and a separate grinder. Would this be a better option tha
  11. Hi there! I've recently purchased the Sage Oracle after enjoying it when in Sydney last Christmas. I'm no coffee expert, so I was looking for some starter recommendations for fresh bean brands and related Oracle settings (eg grind coarseness, tamp pressure, temperature, etc) for your recommended beans? I generally like mid-strong coffee, but not too bitter or tart. We live in south west London (SW6). Any guidance or suggestions hugely appreciated! P.
  12. I've just made a coffee and went to purge the steam and it came up with an err message and I can't do anything with the machine. the manual says to phone a number that won't respond until after the bank holiday and now i can't clean the wand any chance this might be an easy fix? An another message on the machine is 'service' so I assume I will need to take it in for repairs
  13. I've had my Sage Oracle for almost a year now, and I have to say, the coffee it makes is very good. You just need to spend some time adjusting to your tastes. It is also very sensitive to the quality of coffee beans you use: type, freshness etc. So a lot of adjustments even if you use the same beans but a "new batch". My problem really is from the error messages that I get. Change Filter, Service, Descale. These started to come up after a week of use so initially I thought nothing of it and followed instructions accordingly. However subsequently when it reappeared again after a shor
  14. I just received my oracle touch, set it all up and was ready to roll then got struck down with a sickness bug so didn't use it for two days Anyway, yesterday in a painkiller addled state, I tried to make myself a flat white. I left everything at the default settings, used the double basket and poured it all into one cup then added milk. It was the strongest tasting flat white I've ever had. I think the really obvious mistake I made in my hazy state was that using the double basket provides two cups worth of coffee right? And I put it all into one cup and blew my head off? Is
  15. Have permission to get a nice, easy to use machine for the new kitchen. Will mainly be used for lattes, so auto milk is an essential. Not fussed about the auto tamping on the Oracle, but the mrs won’t go for anything much more complicated, so rules out a separate grinder and a Rocket or anything. Has anyone gone from an Oracle non touch to a Barista Touch, or vice versa? With the Sage rebate and Easter offers, the prices are basically the same. Is the older Oracle better with the dual boiler, or the newer Barista Touch? Like the fact the Oracle can be programmed on in the morning, bu
  16. I've been using the Sage Oracle for the last month on factory default settings. 7s pre-infuse time, 30 seconds total extraction. Tried various grind settings from 21 to 25 with different beans and can never increase/slow the drop time above 8s. If I lower the grind too much, the flow intermittently stops or slows right down. I can get 30ml extraction x 2 shot and honey colour crema flow usually between 7-8 seconds drop time. Just curious why the recommended drop time is 9-14 seconds and why I cant get within this range? Only tried various supermarket beans so far including Lavazza Rossa.
  17. When I put my auto steam on cappuccino it’s lovely smooth and textured but not frothy and stiff like a traditional cappuccino I know I can use manual sta but wondered about auto . What does the steam delay option...
  18. Hi guess. I’ve just purchased a naked portafilter for the oracle. How come sometimes it squirts when the tamp and levelling should be perfect
  19. Hi fellow coffee chums can you help when I use my traditional basket on my oracle, I have no problem knocking my puck out at all . When I use my naked portafilter when I come to knock my puck out it stick. Why is this coffee fresh and perfect recipe
  20. Hi, there is this coffee shop where I get great Flat White. I bought their beans so I could try them with my Oracle (the original one) but results are not satisfying. I already wasted all the beans, now bought new ones and there are suggestions on the package. I really need your help. This is what is says on the package: 1. For the preparation of a double espresso on a porta filter machine we recommend a brewing temperature of 93 ° C. (check) 2. with a dose of 21g ground coffee (check) 3. and a brewing pressure of 8.5 bar. (how would I adjust the bar??) 4. The brewing time sho
  21. Sage Oracle for sale OK so after lots of deliberation, I’ve decided to put my Sage Oracle up for sale. I was originally going to give it to my daughter for Uni but that’s kind of on ice now, so I figured by the time it’s next academic year (2021 probably now) it will have sat around unused for many months. So in the meantime perhaps someone out there really wants to make some half-decent coffee for themselves! Background if anyone wants to know: — (Warning, boredom alert) Personally I loved my original Oracle for many years (prior to this one), it was a replacement f
  22. Hello I would like to buy a new Set of baskets for the Sage Oracle (Touch). So that it will dose different amounts of Coffee in those filters. Has anyone tried some filters? I would like to try those: https://decentespresso.com/basket Maybe someone has experiences with different baskets. Thanks Udo
  23. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. The first coffee forum I have ever registered. Really love good coffee. (Fav: 1. flat white 2. latte) I bought my Oracle in April 2016. Still excited about it. I use it every day. (still, I would still consider myself the worst Barista ever, but that's for another day...) Question: I had to buy a single filter basket from Sage for my Oracle. Back when I bought the Oracle, the single filter basket didn't exist. So, I bought one and I couldn't be any more disappointed with it. Same settings, but results are so much worse. I get more than double the
  24. Geezercdg


    Hello After having 2 Delonghi Bean to cup machines (and thinking that was a good thing) I decided to upgrade. The reason was because no matter what coffee I bought it always seemed to taste the same. So..I purchased a sage Barista touch - all was well for a day or 2 until I noticed that the temp of the espresso was coming out at Max 55 degree C - which I realised was nowhere near the correct temp. I returned the machine to John Lewis and got another - the temp was exactly the same. So - I contacted Sage who sent an engineer and the engineer agreed that the coffee was not brewing at the
  25. My Oracle arrived yesterday (non touch) and I’ve been playing with it a bit since then. My aim is to use this thread as a bit of a log of what I discover about using it, good and bad, problems/questions I come up with and also successes. So the initial set up is a doddle, unpack, read quick Start guide and within 20 minutes it’s heating up for the first time and filling the two boilers. As with other sage products I’ve seen it’s very well packaged and very user friendly in its design and style. I feel their user videos on YouTube are over simplified however but I’ll get to that soo
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