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Found 13 results

  1. I've had a bit of an odd outcome every time I try to check the OPV setting on my ISOMAC Millennium. I have a pressure gauge that I fit to the portafilter. When locked into the grouphead, water somehow flows past the grouphead seal so I can't get an accurate pressure reading. When I do normal backflush routines, this never happens. Always seals. What am I doing incorrectly? Why would this happen?
  2. [video=youtube_share;Uofi6sCuNW8] apart from the internal pressures being akin to those in the large hadron collider, which I shall be addressing, does anyone else get drenched when the reactor pressure relief valve blows? As you can see the pipe doesn't align with the drip tray hole.
  3. I'm not sure which thread but i seem to remember someone mentioning the prospect of pressure profiling on a Brewtus by adjusting the OPV during extraction. So for you more experienced Brewtus users I ask: - Has anyone tried playing with adjusting the OPV during extraction? - How low can the OPV go without risking damage? - What else should be considered if you're planning on doing it? - Should I even bother with trying?
  4. Hi all, So been playing with my gaggia, still waiting for la poste to deliver my silvia wand and the PID that I have ordered from China. However I have been trying to make espresso's, and to be honest the results have not been great, some have been drinkable but still not perfect... So I am wondering what would happen if I adjust the OPV to the 9-10 Bar? Would it really make the espressos better? Just to say that yes I am using an UN-pressurised filter, quality fresh roasted coffee, and am using the Porlex had grinder. Many Thanks Chris
  5. Hi there have just bought a new Gaggia and then having joined the forum and found all the possible mods and upgrades, discovered they are all for pre- 2015 machines.. oops Anyone know what I can actually do with this thing - politely of course PID No I cant Silvia V3 ?? OPV ???? Brass Brew head and micro screen I think so.. Maybe I'll just leave it.. All the best J
  6. Im looking to borrow a modified portafilter with gauge or just the gauge its self to fit my Gaggia classic in order to adjust the OPV, can anyone help please?
  7. I am on the waiting list to borrow a pressure gauge so that I can set the OPV to 9 (bar - or whatever is recommended?) My machine is a second hand purchase and it apparent that the previous owner has had a nosey around inside and may have adjusted the OPV already. I too have a had a fiddle and am now not sure where I am with the OPV setting! The machine appears to work as it should but I am now on the quest to improve my shots, so - Whilst I wait for above mentioned gauge to become available I have tried to 3/4 anti clockwise turn of the OPV but I have no idea if that has taken the setting to far and thus making the shot a bit crap. How do I set the OPV to a factory setting (and then maybe I can retry the 3/4 turn thing again)? Thanks
  8. Tonight i have adjusted my pressure down to 10 bar as i have heard this is the optimal pressure for espresso machines. Its a bit late for a brew now so im looking forward to trying it out in the morning. Ive been getting decent coffee so if this improves things further then great! I was just wandering how this would effect whats in the cup and why we adjust it to 10 bar when the factory setting is about 15 bar? Why would the set it to the wrong pressure? Also, would i have to grind a little coarser to account for the pressure drop and keep the same 25-30 second shot? Cheers, Robbo.
  9. Will i need to adjust my grinder after adjusting the OPV? I'm thinking lower pressure so coarser grind to keep the same flow but maybe this isn't the case. My normal tamp is "medium" - i guess around 20-25 lbs. Also, i don't have a guage yet but I've read that 3/4 turn usually does the trick. I'd be happy to try say 1/2 turn and check for any improvement but only if i don't need to redial the grinder. Otherwise i'll do it once with a guage. thanks stuart
  10. Hi, I've tried searching but not finding the info I need. I've got an Isomac machine that uses the E61 group head. I'm in the process of an overhaul and need to replace the OPV (expansion valve) so need to adjust it to the right pressure once all together. I have a pressure gauge but need the right joint and thread. Can anyone advise what the thread size on the spout of the portafilter is likely to be? Thanks.
  11. Without the aid of a pressure gauge (anyone know where I could get one for the Simonelli Oscar 2?), I am not sure if the OPV is working, which was fitted when I bought it. I haven’t touched the adjustable screw, but I used to hear a high (ish) pitch sound when pulling a shot, but now I dont. Just wondering if the OPV has somehow come loose or the screw ? This is a video showing the sounds it USED to make which I thought to be the OPV in action: https://photos.app.goo.gl/APrXf5a7B4mu0uy52 Doesn’t make the same sound anymore, just the “Post screech” part of the pump. How can I assess?
  12. Hi there guy's! Firstly I'm a new member so hello! OK, I tested the static pressure on my 2006 gaggia classic (that I just bought) and it was off the scale at above 14 bar. So I watched all the videos and read the guides on opv adjustment and purchased a 17mm socket, but I can't get the top of the opv off. It just won't budge even when using a lot of force. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure I have the right tools. I just thought I'd check on here because I don't want to damage anything inside the machine. Many thanks, Tom.
  13. Hi from a newbie just joined today. I have a cherub bought in January and although it makes nice shots (1st and 2nd are yuk!). I'm not getting the crema i was getting of my Krups (yeah i know now) when it was new. I recently bought a cheap portafilter pressure gauge and on first test this went off the scale and back to the pin, the max reading on the scale was 12bar so i'm guessing 16-18 bar. Is this theoretically possible? as i thought the designs cater for a 15 bar maximum. Now the quality of the ebay gauge hasn't inspired me with much confidence. But i have dialled my OPV down half a turn 180deg, retested and got 13bar so i think another quarter to half turn may do the trick. I am getting a spurt of excess water being returned to my water res' through that little plastic pipe. But i'm still not going to rely on this gauge. Can anybody recommend a reliable gauge with a 3/8 fitting. Cheers. David
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