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  1. Mulling over if it's worth upgrading my Sage Smart Grinder in the short term whilst waiting for the Niche to be delivered? I'm thinking that the Sage grinder is my weak link, ignoring myself for a moment I've backed the Niche product as I say but I'm really trying to understand and dial in my shots but so far a lot of frustration. Therefore I was thinking is it worth buying someone like a secondhand Mazzer SJ or Major to play with in the meantime? What puts me off the Mazzer is the retention and faff, which is why I've gone for the Niche in the first place. However, is it still worth pla
  2. Is there any news from Niche? In checking there website and Facebook I'm not seeing any recent updates on production or shipping. With all the pre-orders and positive reviews the lack of information coming from Niche is a little unsettling. I know some of the folks here know or are familiar with the company principle(s), so anything you can share with those of us less informed?
  3. Has anyone else had any trouble trying to back Niche on Indiegogo? I have tried the last 3 days but it will not accept my bank zip code no matter what i do. No response from customer support so far
  4. Hi guys, Looking very likely that I'll be pulling the trigger on a Sage DTP for £234 with 3 yrs warranty in the next couple of days. The issue I have is grinding. I currently have a Wilfa Svart for making French, v60, aeropress and Turkish coffee but espresso is my favourite method of getting my hit. I don't drink milk at all either, so all black. Whilst I was looking at second-hand grinders, likes of the Super Jolly etc, I noticed the Niche. It's twice my budget, but I'd have a couple of months to make the difference in buying a Niche instead. The fact it's small and comp
  5. Reading around there seems to be lots going for the Niche grinder. One question I have is how the Niche compares with traditional grinders with larger burrs. Comments in this forum suggest the Niche outperforms those more expensive grinders and I’m curious as to why this is. Is this because of the very low retention or does it outperform in terms of grind quality and ultimately taste as well? In the back of my mind is whether someone would be better getting a new Niche or a well looked after used grinder with larger burrs. Any thoughts on this?
  6. I've created this thread because we were detracting from discussion about the grinder itself. A short summary of what was said on the other thread: A few people gave the opinion that it would be better for consumers if the project left Indiegogo so that there was no doubt over consumer protections. More people gave the opinion that it really doesn't matter where Niche sells its grinder. Universally people credited Niche for its consumer-focused approach. A few people gave the opinion that Indiegogo might not be acting appropriately by allowing a well-funded project to conti
  7. Our new Synchronika and Niche combo perched in it's temporary corner. Trying to rejig our house layout just now - so, inspired by others here, hopefully going to fit in a snazzier wet coffee bar area.
  8. If anyone is in the market for a lightly used Niche grinder, I have a black one that's had 2.5 - 3 kgs run through it. With such relatively light use, in terms of condition, it's still pretty much as it was when Niche originally delivered it. I have the original box and manual and I would prefer collection but will courier at your risk and your expense if you are unable to collect. I am located near Reading (jct 10 M4) £440 via bank transfer
  9. Hi all, After getting the help of the community on here I decided to plump for an ACS Minima as my first serious espresso machine, which should be with me tomorrow, and I've already got the Niche ready to go, so I'd love to hear some recommendations for the first beans I should use with it.
  10. Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago, moving on to 2 different nespresso machines. Swiftly followed by a bean to cup delonghi for 2 years and another bean to cup Krups for another 2 years. That brings us to Christmas 2018 and i got to thinking wouldnt it be great to do it properly, it looks easy! So 5000 hours on youtube later and we
  11. You know him by now, he's just released a youtube video on what he thinks of the Niche.
  12. Hello fellow coffee addicts, My first post on here. Ive spent the last couple of weeks exploring the forum for as much info as I can possibly gather and thought I should probably sign up and introduce myself! I've been a Nespresso user for the last 4 years or so (mainly due to convenience), and I'm yearning for more control over my coffee. I have a feeling I have opened up a can of worms with this coffee malarkey. Im an obsessive, perfectionist by nature. Combined with a love of good coffee, I sense this will become both time consuming and expensive! I wonder if anyon
  13. Ever had one of those days? I need International Numpty Rescue (or at least someone thinking straight) because at the moment I 'can't see the wood for the trees'. After I received my Niche a few days ago, I had a play with it and found a ballpark setting for espresso that worked on my lever. It seemed to work really well with my current bolivian bean. I was then experimenting with settings on the grinder for the same beans brewed in a V60 set up. I ended up with a setting 'off the marked scale' (almost a full turn anticlockwise with the marker close to the 0 mark). This produced a good
  14. I am selling my Mahlkonig K30 since my Niche has arrived and sadly I am unable to keep both. I do still feel I could use this for parties we have but my wife isn't letting me entertain the idea sadly. I am including BOTH the tall and short hoppers, as well as some secret goodies for it's new owner. This grinder has a USA standard three prong plug and I found this link for more specs on dimensions, volts, etc. https://static.prima-coffee.com/mahlkonig/commercial/k30-es-spec-sheet.pdf I am located in the States; Chicago to be specific. I am able to ship it overseas hence post
  15. Hi, So, I've just put my name and money down for a Niche Zero, might be a bit premature as I have bought an espresso machine yet! The website says December delivery, I messaged and asked if it would be before Xmas and they said it would be - fingers crossed. Best put my order in for the espresso machine now. Given the discussions and current popularity of the Niche would it be worth the admin setting ups Niche forum - just a thought as I don't know how these things work.
  16. Hi guys. So the Vesuvius I ordered will finally arrive tomorrow. Can't wait! As there are quite a few owners here, I was wondering if you had any starters advice? What profiles to start with and grind settings? I've downloaded @ronsil's excel file and will have a play around. It's paired with a Niche grinder. I've got some sumatran dark roast beans from Wogan's in Bristol. Coming from a Gaggia classic, I'm expecting things to be quite different. Upgrades wise, I read about the knife foam tip and IMS Screen change. Worth doing straight away or wait? I hope it's alright to pester you guys with q
  17. Got my Niche recently and also had the kitchen done with a little spot designed all for myself.
  18. OK I keep fidgeting when i transfer the coffee into the PF from the cup, and sometimes we have the Alps, other times the Cotswolds but never close to flat.... I saw the little home made whisks and thought yes, that's what i need, i can make one of them and give it a little whisk before tamping. So i had an old whisk and pinged off a loop and thought hmmmmm that shape reminds me of something... So i made this instead. and put it here ...and twist the cup a couple of times on the PF and carefully remove the cup. I've only tried two shots so far
  19. So I have tentative upgrade permission from the boss.... she started it (honest) with a 'would a bigger machine be faster?' after the usual 20+ mins to make 4 single and 1 double latte with my Sage DTP. 'Yes' says I 'a dual boiler would be much faster..... but a better grinder would taste better' (we both like the workmanlike styling of our Santos 4) Hence our dilemma - the Sage Dual Boiler would be an obvious upgrade from the DTP, but longevity seems a bit suspect. The new ACS Minima looks brilliant. Or do we stick with the DTP and buy a Niche? Or will we need to upgrade both (will t
  20. The original Niche user experience is now getting in for 50 pages long, alot of the original discussion points have subsided, which just leaves people using it and enjoying it I guess. Perhaps a newer thread where people can post some recipes for coffees they are using (brew and espresso) and pass on some advice may be useful. Perhaps it won't as people are happy using it and will just quietly continue to do so, in which case all good. For me I use what would be referred to as predominantly lighter roasted coffee, I buy into the greater capabilities of the flat burrs grinder for espre
  21. OK, have had the NZ now for over 6 months, and i've been trying a few different beans which typically live in the 11-18, probably approaching 10kg of use. So i adjust it a little but often. Noticed today the number 20 where my thumb will rub against, is starting to wear away and is noticably smother (and fainter) than the 30. I haven't cleaned it with anything apart from th brush now and then. I'll post a picture over the weekend... and it is still a thing of wonder! :good: edit: the weekend has started It's kind of status badge, how many numbers have you worn
  22. Hi everyone, Recently started my promestic journey in coffee. Currently use a manual grinder, but am looking for an electric upgrade that will suffice for a good few years. I'm on the fence between going for a Mahlkonig Vario with ceramic burrs (seems sturdy, reliable and great longevity) and the Niche Zero. The latter is considerably more expensive. There are loads of reviews on the Niche and everyone seems sold, but cannot find any direct comparisons. Is there anybody on this forum with hands on experience for both? I'm mainly pulling espresso and flat whites for now, but am looki
  23. Hi all, My long term coffee plan was to get a niche zero to use with a lelit mara X. Currently I am not in a position to buy this combination yet but potentially in a year or so will be. My plan was to just continue using a Nespresso machine until then but I have recently discovered the V60 and love it. I had planned to use the v60 with ground coffee as didn't want to purchase a grinder yet but my wife has ordered a few packs of coffee beans so I am now in need of a grinder. Here are some options I am considering: 1. Buy a Wilfa svart for under £100 and use this for drip c
  24. I am in the UK and wish to start my journey with espresso making. I have been manually brewing coffee with a siphon and a cafetiere for a few years now with a hand grinder. I am looking at getting a Gaggia Classic - second hand it seems you can find them in decent condition for ~£200, though I am happy to be swayed to a different option if I can understand the merit (and justify additional cost!) For a grinder I have been looking at the Mignon Manuale as an option as it has a stepless adjustment and is also not bank breaking. However I understand the coffee starts with the grind so
  25. Hi everyone. First ever post on here after a long time lurking. Thought I'd share my most recent upgrade path. Before upgrade: sage barista express.
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