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Found 20 results

  1. Is it just me or is the Niche going to be an example of a product that we can’t believe didn’t exist before it did? Here’s the problems I have I can’t wait for it to fix: 2 grinders - 1 for caf, 1 for decaf - what a faff and expense Beans going stale in the hopper - oh my the hot weather made this so much worse Not being able to swap beans - having to get through a hopper full of a bean I’d love to change Beans going hot in the hopper as I have it too close to my machine as space is at a premium Any others? Brexit? Ah don’t go there
  2. Very pleased to finally have my set up completed with the arrival of my Niche Zero, excellent grinder and compliments the ECM Technika, Niche was bought direct and the ECM was purchased from Rinscoffee (#rinscoffee), great service and good price.
  3. I am possibly the first person to be selling one of these lol, I ordered it months and months ago when I was drinking a lot of coffee but truthfully I don't really drink that much anymore and just have other things that the money could be better spent on. I ran about half a bag of beans through it just to see what it was like (it was amazing) but I have to go with my head and just can't justify the money at the minute. Selling for £350, collection from Belfast (or can meet somewhere else in Northern Ireland) or will post and split postage with buyer (I have the all original packaging a
  4. Actually I just realised it may be a latte. Anyway, here is me making one, using the niche and gaggia classic. I havent made one in months so this went well. Have just got through all my filter stuff (developing a fruity taste) and now need to go through my espresso coffee... Hope you enjoy the vid. feel free to critique, especially the milk bit I am pretty terrible at that, this might be my best latte art. Also let me know if you want more videos of niche. [video=youtube_share;f0JmVfIssik]
  5. I've had upgraditis for a long time now with my Gaggia Classic (old version) and Iberital MC2 out performing and out lasting all my expectations for the last 10 years + Following lots and lots of research and agonising over HX vs DB and Rocket vs Lelit etc. I finally came across the YouTube content on the ACS Minima courtesy of DaveC. A full E61, dual boiler machine, made in Italy with great specs for £1199 at Bella Barista. Read every word there is to read and decided that Dave seems like a stand up guy and BB wouldnt retail it if it had nothing going for it. Arrived today and
  6. Luigi76

    Niche Zero White

    Niche Zero White Received from Niche in March 2019 and used until May 2019 220V with EU plug Selling just because I prefer the taste profile of flat burrs Perfect working conditions, ground 2Kg of beans max All the original accessories and package included Please note the multiple small dents in the coating around the exit area (check the pictures) Price: 350€ + shipping from Italy (PayPal)
  7. Hi, So, I've just put my name and money down for a Niche Zero, might be a bit premature as I have bought an espresso machine yet! The website says December delivery, I messaged and asked if it would be before Xmas and they said it would be - fingers crossed. Best put my order in for the espresso machine now. Given the discussions and current popularity of the Niche would it be worth the admin setting ups Niche forum - just a thought as I don't know how these things work.
  8. Hi, just wondering if there are any Forte (BG or AP) owners who use the grinder for espresso and have some comments to make about it. I'm mostly wondering about noise level and retention. I'm currently between getting a Niche Zero and a Forte later this year. The Niche Zero particularly appeals for its form factor, ease of use in terms of changing grind settings (I often have 3-4 beans on the go at once, and my girlfriend would use it for her aeropress too), its quietness and of course the zero retention. However, I've always found myself preferring the taste of a well aligned
  9. Hi guys, I've been reading all the threads I can find on this topic, but still am torn between the 270wi and the NZ... I have an old Gaggia Classic + Encore that I'm looking to upgrade. I pull 2/3 shots of Espresso daily, and at times make filter w/ a Moccamaster on weekends mostly. Sette 270wi: I've heard grind is super fluffy with no clumping, and the built in scale does appeal to me. I'm, currently using a makeshift WDT instrument to un-clump my Encore grinds, and transfer to my portafilter using a Motta dosing cup. So this would be a similar workstream on the NZ I guess... Ni
  10. Hi folks anyone got any good 58mm>54mm dosing/funnel solutions to address 58mm Niche dosing cup in a 54mm Sage portafilter? i recently took the plunge on a Niche zero grinder and love it!! Game changer for me. Still only 2 weeks old and early days but I’m running it alongside a Sage Duo Temp pro which has a 54mm portafilter - transferring the grinds from 58mm Niche dosing cup to 54mm is quite slow and messy. Looking for a neat solution to address this and speed up my workflow - shame Niche don’t offer a spare grind cup in 54mm diameter. some solutions seem to be available i
  11. Lelit Mara X with Profitec flow control, Niche Zero and some other stuff
  12. Hi All After many years of nespresso usage and having found myself during the lockdown making espresso's 5-6 times a day I thought there must be a better way to make them nicer and without pods! Thus began my descent into espresso machine and grinder research. What I initially thought would be me spending a few hundred euros on a good machine has me with a Gaggia Classic Pro now on my counter as the minimum required machine from what I've read. In terms of grinders I have ordered a Niche Zero which seems to be the general consensus currently as the best value available in terms of b
  13. I am in the UK and wish to start my journey with espresso making. I have been manually brewing coffee with a siphon and a cafetiere for a few years now with a hand grinder. I am looking at getting a Gaggia Classic - second hand it seems you can find them in decent condition for ~£200, though I am happy to be swayed to a different option if I can understand the merit (and justify additional cost!) For a grinder I have been looking at the Mignon Manuale as an option as it has a stepless adjustment and is also not bank breaking. However I understand the coffee starts with the grind so
  14. Sorry if this is a silly question - I'm trying to get ideas on what to do when I want an NZ but there isn't stock around. I want to start with espresso as I've moved to the countryside (near, not in Bristol) and miss it dearly with endless working from home. I'm an amateur and feel like a MaraX might be a good solution - easy-ish to use (my wife might like to use it too), make a couple of flat whites a day, hopefully not too taxing but still allow a bit of learning and a quest for good shots. My hope is that it might be good enough that I don't feel the need to upgrade (well at least for
  15. I am currently looking to purchase my first espresso machine and I'm hoping you guys could help. If you could go back and have your first coffee machine experience again, what would you do differently? What machine do you wish you'd bought? I should note I'm open to any machine, I just want a good first-time experience so anything under my budget is up for to consideration. I've been looking at the sage dual boiler and the La Pavoni Esperto Competente. The Sage DB seems to have good reviews and I think that the ability to maintain constant pressure, temp etc. while I tweak various el
  16. £995 £799.99 Zero retention of money in wallet?
  17. I've just come up with the easiest and um ... workingest ... single dose mod for my e37s. All it involves is a chef's squeezy bottle and ... Actually, there is no 'and'. That's it. Easy, cheap, reversible and it works amazingly well. It fits snugly into the hole so all of the force of the puff goes through the grind chamber and out of the dosing chute. There's no noticeable popcorning. The WORST result I've had so far is 0.2g retained.
  18. For Sale I have my brand new never used Black Niche Zero Grinder. Price: £500 & £15 Postage Payment: PayPal please Location: Quorn (Just outside of Loughborough) ideally I’ll post but if there’s a local buyer happy to arrange a meet up. If the postage is cheaper than £15 then I’ll refund the difference - spoke with the postmaster and guessed it would be around this much to send recorded and insured. This arrived on 26th August and due to a change in circumstances I need to part ways with this beautiful thing. Ive spoken with Niche and they have confirmed that the w
  19. Lets start something that's not about, when is my grinder coming, interesting as it might be. How is everyone who has received their Niche Zero finding the grinder. Have you compared it against your existing grinder if you have one, has it helped the coffee making process, do we have some videos of your Niche in action and the shots it's producing. How are you finding the weight consistency out vs in etc..
  20. Rocket Mozzafiato Type V and Niche Zero ACME 190ml Cups Homemade coffee storage box and single dosing jar holder
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