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Found 101 results

  1. Hey, I've come to explore the world of good home prepared coffee. I used to have a Delonghi Bean to Cup (Please don't judge me too much). However I've seen sense and got rid so I could purchase a Barista Touch. First impressions are good, however it looks like I've got a lot to learn before I'll get a really decent coffee from the machine. The milk however is in a different league to the Delonghi and given that most of my drinks are milk based means this will get a lot of use. So little effort to get fantastic milk! Anyway, look forward to learning about what is rapidly becoming an expensive hobby and chatting to some like minded people on here. Luke
  2. Hello fellow coffee addicts, My first post on here. Ive spent the last couple of weeks exploring the forum for as much info as I can possibly gather and thought I should probably sign up and introduce myself! I've been a Nespresso user for the last 4 years or so (mainly due to convenience), and I'm yearning for more control over my coffee. I have a feeling I have opened up a can of worms with this coffee malarkey. Im an obsessive, perfectionist by nature. Combined with a love of good coffee, I sense this will become both time consuming and expensive! I wonder if anyone might be able to offer some advice. For my first setup im fairly set on the Niche Zero as my grinder (I've seen excellent reports on here and my local coffee shop recently acquired one and has nothing but great things to say about it) but im stuck on the machine itself. I’m juggling between the Sage Bambino Plus, it seems to tick many of the boxes as well as being compact. Having said that; I cant seem to see many reviews and the 54mm PF concerns me as I'd like to easily source a bottomless PF (so I'm better able to see where I might be going wrong as I learn). On the other hand, I'd quite like to be able to steam milk and brew simultaneously so I've been looking at other HX and DB machines. Again, I like the convenience that Sage seem to provide so potentially the Sage dual boiler is an option, but clearly a big step up in price! Really I just want to be sure that im not going to be too limited by the coffee machine itself but rather my own Barista skills (or lack therof). Will the Sage DB produce a far superior coffee to other cheaper options? Or are there any machines I should definitely be looking at in this price bracket? Help! I look forward to becomming part of this obviously thriving community of coffee lovers and learning from the wealth of experience! Cheers, Josh
  3. A couple of weeks ago my Krups Novo 2300 died on me. I know its not the machine of choice, but when I got it 18 years ago I was very happy with it as a huge step up from just having a cafetiere and who fanatasied about being able to have a tasty espresso at home! After a very short period of research, a 2nd hand Gaggic Classic seemed a decent bet, and when one turned up on Ebay in my locality and including a MM grinder too I was keen to buy and now have it sitting in my kitchen. I've been using it for a week or so and (for me) am perfectly happy with what I'm getting out of it at the moment, though I will admit I'm just relying on pre-ground Lavazza stuff at the moment for convenience. I'm hopeful that I can get the MM to provide me with some passable fresh grinds, though I am well aware of its limitations and have relatively little cash-appetite for spending any more money on coffee at the moment! But I do have some queries in the meanwhile. The model I have is an August 2006 one, "made in Italy" on the label and quoted as 1300W. I've honestly no idea of how / if it's been serviced over the years, but it's lived in a soft water area. Cleaning materials - I've seen videos with PulyCaff online, I presume there's unlikely to be anything in my kitchen already that could replace the branded cleaning materials? Backflushing - there was no backflushing disc with the machine, are the silicone inserts that you can pick up from Ebay broadly as effective as the full on backflushing metal disk? They are a lot cheaper... Tamper - the plastic one that comes with the machine is a few MM short on the diameter, I presume the more expensive ones fit the PF basket accurately? Volume of grinds to use - I'm mostly using the double basket, but I've found if I fill that right up to the top and then tamp down I sometimes struggle to get the PF into the machine, and can see the screw head imprinted on the grinds. I'm guessing that implies I'm using too much or not tamping hard enough? Also it comes with a tapered single basket, but I'm conscious that apparently there are different types around. How would I go about identifying the basket that I've got? It seems a looser fit than the double (it has a tendency to come out of the PF when I'm emptying the puck) and I struggle even more to get what I would expect to be a sensible amount of grinds into that one and still have it fit into the machine. Temp lights - without getting too technical about temp surfing and other stuff that I've read a little about, am I right in thinking that providing the machine has had a decent warm up period, the light on the switch which starts to pull the espresso isn't a binary "do use" or "do not use"? On the Krups that I'm used to (which I suspect had a very small boiler, if it had one at all) the instructions were to only pull the espresso when the light was on. So it doesn't matter hugely whether the light is on or off? I'm sure I will have missed some questions here, hopefully you can help me with some useful answers! I have been trawling through the forum a little, but if I'm missed an obvious place that answers all these, please feel free to point me in the right direction - I won't be offended!!
  4. I have to laugh - I realised in the middle of the night I have been using the wrong basket (pressurised) in my new Gaggia Classic for 2 weeks - no wonder it wasn't quite what I thought All that tamping and weighing... I should have realised immediately, I took the spout off the portafilter and the coffee was coming out in a tiny stream - not a chance of a tiger stripe!! Anyway I mention it for the illumination of any others in my position and a little weekend humour for the veterans All the best J
  5. Hello to all you fine coffee lovers and Merry Christmas what's left of it. Simply put I have been lurking on this forum for far too long dipping in and out of posts when I had 5 minutes spare or to try and find the reason behind my poor shot pulling abilities its a rocky road which many find themselves giving up and going the easy route, not for me I take the difficult route every time maybe for all the wrong reasons at times but anyway thats me and my little opener. Thanks to you all for your help that I have not yet thanked in my lurking days, I am here now to make amends
  6. Hi all, so a little background to me joining here and apologies for such a long post - feel free to ignore it. I've lurked for a few months now and finally felt it was time to pull the trigger and join. I've been a long time (good) coffee lover and it seems each day I get taken further down the rabbit hole and now it's snowballing! There's so much to learn and its really got me excited. The more I read and learn the more I realise how little I know! I recently did a home barista course at Extract Coffee in Bristol which I would absolutely recommend if you're pretty new to all this - though I warn you it will make you spend more money on coffee and equipment! My long term goal is to start my own roastery - I know big ideas but you've got to start somewhere right? (oi! no eye rolling!) I have worked in the wine trade now for over 20 years and the more I delve into coffee and the industry around it the more I see how strong the similarities are to wine: flavour profiles, climate, altitude, cupping, processing etc. Which is great as it makes me feel pretty much at home already. Wine is also getting squeezed more and more by price increases from duty and currency fluctuations, (dare I mention Brexit?!?) health scares, Dry January and just far more choice – Gin, craft beer etc. So it seems time to dip my toe. This is going to be a gradual move - I'm not going crazy and buying a 30kg Probat - yet! Baby steps. I've got so much to learn and it seems there's a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum that could hopefully help me with advice. Soooo, finally to the point of this ramble - I'm looking for some advice on equipment, specifically espresso machines. Along with a V60 I have a Breville Cafe series (I'm guessing this is the older version of the Sage Duo Temp?) and until recently I had a Delonghi conical grinder hacked to grind fine enough for espresso. This was ok but its evenness of grind was not great and I'm now the very happy owner of the Niche Zero. And wow the difference is night and day with the V60, but of course - you guessed it - now my Breville is not up to the job and I'm really noticing its limits. I need a dual boiler with a PID that would see me for a good few years to come. I need to learn to make better espresso based coffee as I am now starting to understand that having a successful roastery is about far, far more than just roasting great coffee. It will be used at home for now but will possibly go into the roastery if/when I get it off the ground so could be used to showcase my coffee to prospective customers. How much it costs will depend on when I can get it, I don’t have loads of cash lying around but I’m not in a massive rush – I want to do this right. The ACS Minima or Expobar Leva both seem like a good start but would I outgrow them in a few years? Or how about something like the Profitech 700 or ECM Synchronika? They seem very good technically proficient machines. Then there’s the Lelit Bianca. (you can see who's reviews I've been reading!) this pulls at my heart strings more than any of the others. Would this actually help me with my end goal though? I need to produce consistent shots to show off the bean to its fullest with the minimum of fuss. Well that’s me. A lot of me – perhaps I’ve had a bit too much coffee today! Any advice more than welcome.
  7. Hello all, I have been researching quite a lot recently about getting anew coffee machine after having enough of spending a fortune on an inconsistentmorning coffee from a coffee shop for the past year! I mainly like a strong flat white in the morning. My wifelikes milky coffees like latte’s and cappuccinos. I am also a fan of anespresso or double espresso (Is that the same as a doppio?) on the odd occasion. My budget is up to £500 and I am thinking ease of use willbe a big factor in my long term compliance to make the most out of the machine! I popped into John Lewis and had a look at their range as Iknow that these machines can break down and John Lewis have a good guaranteeand have narrowed it down to either a Sage machine or a Delonghi machine. TheDelonghi machines all have very confusing model numbers with very littledifference in the specifications. But they appealed to me as they are superautomatic. The Sage machine I understand I need to get a weighing scaletoo in order to make the most of it? Also, on the list of drinks they make, the machines alwayshave cappuccino on them but not always flat white, should that affect mydecision or does it mean I will just have to prepare the ratio’s manually? I also read about extraction ratios on this forum for makinga flat white, but I couldn’t see an option on the delonghi settings for this. Sorry if my questions are silly and thanks a lot for your adviceand recommendations in advance!
  8. Hi folks, New to the forum and looking for some advice. Basically spent months researching and frankly dreaming about a new machine set up for the home. I'm interested in coffee and passionate about it - but dont have infinite budget (say roughly £1500). I am not massively interested in dialling in each shot each time to perfection - mainly just producing quality espresso consistently at home for double espresso, machiatto etc. With this in mind I have originally been looking at the Rocket Appartemento which looks great but the guys at bella barista have put me onto the ECM Barista which apparently is better built and is a bit more consistent. I currently use a baratza encore for my v60 and aeropress but been told this is next to useless for espresso so I will need a new grinder. I have been told the Eureka Mignon Mk11 is a great entry level bit of kit so I have been looking at this but tempted by the jump up in quality by a mazzer mini or mazzer super jolly - also thinking perhaps I can source a quality mazzer second hand for the price of a new eureka? So - anybody out there any thoughts on the overall setup? Has anybody tried both the appartemento and ECM barista side by side for comparison? How much better is a mazzer really going to be over a eureka in terms of grind? I assume I will be able to create great espresso at home with basic barista skills with machines like this? Any help is appreciated as I am now lost in the coffee world with the infinite amount of options and possibilities - profitec 500 also mentioned as great!!!
  9. Don't boo or hiss, Christmas isn't far away, I want to get some friends into coffee. What's the best complete setup for under £100? Must have's Be new Include good "easy to dial in" newbie friendly beans Have everything someone would need to make a decent cup Be easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to get good results from Not have a steep challenging learning curve Assume's they will use a standard kitchen kettle and they have their own cups! Ideally this needs to look nice on the table so I'm ruling out an aeropress even though I own one and they're great. I'm currently thinking something along the lines of a Porlex and Chemex with jewelry scales. Any suggestions?
  10. After chancing upon this article exalting the merits of a new cold brewing contraption, I started wondering about this relatively new (for me, at least) cold brewing phenomenon. Of course, I have seen it mentioned a few times in forums / on the web, but - other than the fact that it is presumably based on brewing coffee at colder temperatures - I know nothing about it. Would anyone care to explain the process of cold brewing, and/or share some resources to learn more about it? Why are so many coffee aficionados raving about it? I've never seen cold brews at coffee shops (perhaps I just haven't been looking)...Where can I try some?! And why does it take so damn long to cold-brew? Well, maybe the answer to that is as straightforward as "lower brewing temperature = longer extraction time"... but anyway, any knowledgeable input would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! Hedomystico
  11. I'm looking for recommendations. What I mean by the title is, something that is forgiving to a newbie like myself with exceptionally poor technique but at the same time offers easily discernible flavours etc. Whilst I'm trying to improve my technique with every shot, I'm also trying to improve my palate in order to try and recognise all the different flavours. A bean which requires the perfect shot in order to release subtle flavours isn't much use to someone who is probably never going to achieve said perfect shot. My first thoughts was something like HasBean's InMyMug, but would I be better sticking with one bean and trying to master it? I'm using a Gaggia Classic and a Baratza Encore if that will affect your recommendations. Or maybe you think I'm completely off track? Any advice welcome!
  12. Hi all! Just registered for some advice on a grinder to go with my Gaggia Classic - just posted in the grinder forum so hopefully you lovely people will be able to advise! Took an interest in espresso a few years ago and love it! Having made do with pre-ground I now want to grind my own! I really don't know much about coffee so probably won't be overly useful to have around but it's always fun to browse! Thanks!
  13. Is there much difference between the two? Pros and cons please? Also when are you better off using the single over double basket? Newbie advice!
  14. Would a bottomless PF be considered a sensible purchase for a totally newbie, or should I spend a couple of months getting to grips with the other aspects of good espresso first? My s/h Classic should arrive next week, and in prep I've got a couple of sachets of descaler, a tub of Puly Caff to backflush, a blind basket and a group gasket to make sure the machine is clean and fresh. I'll then check the OPV and adjust as needed. I've also got a 17g vst to try out and I know I'll have to get the grind right on a fresh bag of beans from Rave. So, thoughts on a naked PF as my last setup item?
  15. Hi all, new to the forum and wanted to make the usual introductions! As my partner Grimbonick has already posted, I've currently got a FrancisFrancis x1 and an MC2 to play with. Having a lot of fun trying for that perfect shot and slowly but surely improving my steaming skills! The coffee corner of the kitchen is the most frequented part of our house now! We live in Birmingham and we're enjoying exploring all the great coffee places available to us, Six Eight Kafé is a personal fave.
  16. Fell in love with espresso on my year abroad in France. Ordered 'un cafe' expecting a milky thing and got a proper espresso, never looked back since! Been using moka pot for years and just got an aeropress for work. Now for the real thing, starting with a Gaggia Classic I hope. Got a Hario mini mill to see me through the first few months whilst I do some budgeting, then will uprgrade to Eureka Mignon.
  17. Hi there coffee people, Found you when Googling a Fracino Piccino ~ and yes you had comments and feedback and yes I've bought one ~ so thanks. I was looking at an Iberital all-in-one machine but nobody knows about them and they're certainly not built in B'ham! It isn't the best maker in the world, but i had to be sensible for two Espressos a day !!! I've been using a Brika stove top with black label Lavazza, so we're moving up. So I love good coffee; I play the double bass in a 1950s Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly band; mess with Apple computers, design websites and create iBooks and generally keep myself very busy in partial retirement. Oh nearly forgot I renovate houses in my spare time :-) So thats me and any help with a baby Fracino will be greatly appreciated. Boogie On Bruce Boogie http://www.boogiebopboys.co.uk Playing the music that created the teenager !!
  18. Hi all, another Newbie to the forum here. One reason is to sell my mini mazzer e, having just got my hands on a lovely new HG one grinder. Unfortunately looks like I have to post 5 comments before I'm allowed to start a new for sale post Once the mazzer is gone, its in with the Londinium and out with the Andreja premium. Oh happy times.....Kevin.
  19. Just saying hello as a newbie from "sunny" Glasgow. Taking my first tentative steps on the road to real coffee with an aeropress. Now hoping to grind at home. I will probably start with a hand grinder (but sorely tempted by an electric grinder in the for sale section which might be overkill. Impressed by the number of decent coffee place that have now sprung up in Glasgow. Haven't bitten the bullet yet and bought any of their freshly roasted beans yet. Any recommendations welcome.
  20. Hello all I need your wisdom! I've had a De'longhi (icona) espresso machine for just over a year. It has now packed up and will cost more to repair than it's worth. I used it about 5 times a day and when everything went well it could make a good espresso. However it was temperamental, would intermittently leak at the seal between the portafilter and machine and would only rarely stay at full temperature for the time it took to make an espresso (usually needed 2 or 3 start/stops per drink). It already had to be replaced under warranty after about 5 months. So now i'm in the market for a new machine and a grinder to go with it. Trouble is I'm not sure which price point to go for. I know already that I love making espresso, enjoying trying to tweak things to make it as good as possible, and get genuinely mad when the machine misbehaves/breaks . I'm in need of something that makes very good espresso, gives predictable results and isn't likely to break every 6 months. So my shortlist for an espresso machine is: Gaggia Classic/Baby Rancilio Silvia Quick Mill Cassiopea Quick Mill Silvano Obviously these are very different grades of machine. But which one to get? Will the Gaggia be good enough? or will I be thinking after 3 months that I need to upgrade? If I'm going to upgrade now, what level makes sense? I am assuming there are a fair few people out there who have been through this process - what are your thoughts? Anything else you'd get instead of these? Currently I'm stuck trying to decide and have been drinking Cafetiere coffee for too long now!
  21. first post! xmas bonus at work so took the plunge and upgraded from a delonghi dedica and cheap grinder to the Sage products in the title! I'm a little confused as to where to start! Managed to get some fairly solid tasting drinks out of the Dedica just by trail and error really. Now I've got a good quality grinder with actual settings and a machine that can handle a finer grind, I want to make sure I've got everything dialed in properly to maximize the investment. I'm currently buying beans from Origin, via the online store, I can link it here if that helps with my question. Just wondering where to start with making sure my grind size is right and all the other variables involved. (I currently don't have scales, but buying some soon) cheers!
  22. Jomider


    Hi All, After many years dodging coffee for whatever reason - I have enjoyed the odd macchiato and flat white over the years, I have now come across to the other side and am loving coffee - hence joining the forum. slightly obsessional now about the perfect crema and how to froth milk well enough to create sworls and vortices.. great to join J
  23. Hi All, So there's just two more days until I pick up my Gaggia Classic! I'll be buying the Classic from a member on this forum who ironically also purchased it themselves from a well established member "GerryM" who appears to have done an amazing job on the Classic already installing Mr Shades PID, 10 Bar OPV adjustment, Silvia Wand and more. The original For Sale can be found here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?38599-Gaggia-Classic-with-Mr-Shades-PID-OPV-and-Silvia-wand-Mod-%A3210-collection-Coventry After having a good read on the CoffeeForum and watching videos to pass the time by I've come across two things that I feel may be worthwhile such as: IMS Gaggia Precision Shower Screen Gaggia Brass Shower Plate Holder The current seller who purchased this classic from GerryM hasn't used it for months and it has just gathered dust so I was curious whether or not it would be worth considering stripping it down for a good descale and replacing the O-Rings and other seals? And of course, if anyone else has any considerations for me that would be great!
  24. Been lurking for a few years now reading and learning - there is so much knowledge to consume! But having been opened to the world of coffee by a roasters in Brighton, I'm starting to get a better taste for a good and bad coffee. I first bought a Rocky grinder whilst playing around with an aero press, but I've had a Gaggia classic for a year or so now, and I've really enjoyed playing around with making espressos. Some days an amazing espresso comes out of nowhere. But overall they seem, to me at least, to be better that an espresso from a non-specialist cafe. I'm at a point now though where I fancy an upgrade to get some more consistency... but having had a look around I'm not sure where to go next. It seems the top end £2,000 - £4,000 machines would offer great results with all the temperature stability and high end parts, but I only use my machine once or twice a day, a bit more at weekends. So, I'm not sure its worth all the money plus the cost of a suitably high quality grinder. Plus, I know enough good speciality coffee shops that deliver some fine coffees in London. I always use freshly roasted beans from places like Union in London, so that base is covered. I've seen Silvia is meant to be an upgrade, but I can't see it making much a difference, so I've got an eye on Rocket Appartamento, but again its still very expensive and I would need a much better grinder so I'd be saving for a while! I keep seeing PID control mentioned and people talk about that giving more consistency for a smaller price, would this be a better idea in short term, whilst saving for a better grinder and then a better machine like a Rocket?
  25. CreativeMumma


    Hiya, i had a delonghi ec680 for the past few years until it die a quick death. I got a gaggia classic 2012 secondhand this week and am enjoying playing although I feel like I know nothing! I have to admit I was surprised at the difference between the delonghi and the gaggia, the delonghi was definitely easier to use although I can see in the long run the gaggia will make a better coffee. have a good weekend.
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