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  1. argh. I was all set to buy a sage dual boiler from amazon. now this forum has offered up too much information and i cant decide what to do. lever, dual boiler, hx... where do I start? please help
  2. I have justmoved into the big boys league and after 4 enjoyable relatively successfulyears using an ISOMAC Brio with a built an integrated grinder have just got myhands on a rocket Cellini and Mazzer super Jolly..... oh yes! I am just getting to grips with each element bean, grind, tamp, temp andam definitely making mistakes with all of them, all part of thefun/frustration I guess. My logic tells me to deal with each element separatelyand as such I have a question for all you bean connoisseurs out there. I currently use Monsoon Malabar purchased from YorkCoffee Emporium. Seems like a
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a newcomer to the site and am looking for some advice. Apologies, I know this type of post must be very common but I couldn't find an exact similar situation. I currently use coffee capsules - Nespresso to be exact - and have done so for many years now (wait..bear with me).... But I'm strongly considering taking the plunge into buying my first proper espresso machine and a grinder. I love espresso - that's all I drink really. My wife likes lungos/americanos and the occasional cappucino if we're out. I've been researching a lot and based on my budget I've n
  4. Hi, I been lurking in here for a while and appreciate the advice given by those who have the knowledge. As much as I enjoy reading Im a visual kinda guy and wondered if anyone knew of any decent websites of youtube channels which would also assist a new starter. Cheers Steve
  5. Hello All, Collected my Londinium 1 yesterday, first shot this morning went better than expected. Started with the same grind and dose as my gaggia classic just to see what it was like. 19g in an 18g VST basket. I was advised 6s pre-infusion by the previous owner, shot time was about 35s. Any hints and tips from fellow owners on their routine/rituals. I don't have a manual for it. Steaming milk was a disaster, so much more power than the Gaggia. Re-education required! Thanks, Simon
  6. OK so I have bought a DELONGHI Magnifica S ECAM 22.320.SB, I also own 2 Nespresso machines. I have searched for answers to these but I cant find anything satisfactory. I have a few questions I would like answered by the experts :-) The DeLonghi out of the box is set at approx 40ml short and 120ml long. I have adjusted these volumes to my usual cup size of about 60ml and 250ml. Is this wrong? Does this mean the water is being pressed through the coffee for too long? Am I better to keep it at the lower amounts and top up with pure hot water from the wand? I discovered that my
  7. Hello and quite simple I like coffee, but maybe i'm doing it wrong I have a Tassimo machine and like the Latte's Caramel and Vanilla ect. I recently seen at Aldi the Bodum Cafetiera for £9.99 and I read that the Aldi Ethiopian Coffee is widely accepted as good?
  8. I am a complete novice when it comes to coffee having only used a pod machine in the past. I decided that the pod method was no longer an option for me as I don't think it is as environmentally friendly as the traditional method. After looking for advice and watching many videos on the subject I opted for an Aeropress and ended up buying a Wilfa grinder. I have to say that I was amazed at the quality of the coffee the Aeropress made. I am now on the lookout for recommendations on where the best places are to buy coffee or which subscription service represents the best value verses qualit
  9. Hiya, i just purchased a gaggia classic second hand which came with the standard tamp. It doesn’t fit very well so I would like to a better one unfortunately I can’t afford a reg barber 58mm so I was wondering if you have an alternative suggestions? thanksin advance.
  10. Hello Yet another newbie here! Have posted in the machines & Grinders section on upgrading from, or souping up my Gaggia Classic. Basically wondering if I'm better off gettting a good grinder first? Discovered this forum only recently and it's a treasure trove of useful information. Am really impressed with the interactivity and helpfulness of everyone. Gaggia Classic - (bare bones); Krups conical grinder (cheap as chips); expresso (pm) and latte (am) addiction. Looking forward to even better shots!
  11. Hello, I am new to the forum. As I mentioned in my intro post I am looking at buying an Espresso machine for at home. I currently just brew using an Aeropress (home and at work) and a V60, but I’d like the variety of home espresso and espresso based milk drinks. I like the look of the Rocket machines and aesthitics are important if its going to occupy a permanent space on my kitchen worktop, but I’m intrigued as to the opinion of how reliable/serviceable they are versus ECM etc. The Apartmento looks nice and I see that the ECM have also recently launched a smaller machine too.
  12. Hi, Just got hold of a Sage Barista Express BES875UK (normally use a percolator) and have just opened the packaging. Having a browse in the forums looks like I should ideally use Waitrose essentials water ( will Brita filtered water from a jug do ? ). Now need to source some coffee beans and I can see lots of talk of Rave and Coffee Compass. All beginner tips welcome or any links to any post/FAQ Thanks
  13. Hi all, My first post here and I'm just getting into coffee. Have a gaggia classic my 'old man' gave me after he couldn't get a decent cup out of it. I struggled too, until I got a bargain Wega 64mm grinder on Gumtree and discovered freshly roasted beans! Problem is, I just can't go back to drinking c**p when I'm away at the in-laws on holiday. So, to the point of my post... I managed to source another bargain(£30) Wega/Compak grinder and Krups XP2000 (£5) combi-machine to leave there forever and have half decent coffee. What can I do to get the best from this machine? My plan was
  14. Hi all I just discovered this forum a few days ago and it's great so much info and great to find at other coffee lovers. I have a nespresso at the moment which I hate and looking to get proper machine and grinder to hopefully recreate flat whites that I like drinking in my favourite coffee places. Ok so after a few hours lost on here it seems the gaggia classic is a good entry level model. However I think I would prefer not to go down the second hand route. i also wouldn't want to buy it and then wish I had got something a bit better later on. Also I just drink flat whites so re
  15. Hi, new to the forum here. I've been wanting an espresso machine for a while and my GF gave me as a present the Gaggia Classic, which seemed to be a solid machine. However upon more research I find out that the 2015 model I have (RI9403/11) is very different internally and inferior to the older versions. On top of that the machine only comes with a pressurized basket so I would need to buy a decent tamper & new basket before I could even start making decent espresso. Furthermore in the old gaggia classic it seems it was quite easy to reset the pressure to 9bar however I don't know ho
  16. I appreciate its a bit like how long is a piece of string, but I have to start somewhere. I'm about to order a Silvia and Eureka Mignon. Both will be completely new to me, so there will be waste I'm sure!! Ive looked at various roasters and a few do ship to EU (like Union Roasters). Any recommendations of the blends or single origins I should look at as starter types, medium to medium+? Or point me in the right direction please.
  17. Hello! I'm new to the forum so bare with me I have joined for advice on my upcoming purchase of either the Sage Oracle or the Rocket Appartamento, Both very different I'm aware!! Will be good to speak to people in the know!! Thanks Jacob
  18. Hi all, I bought a duo temp and a smart grinder about 6 weeks ago after 8 years of nespresso ownership and I'm having a few issues. All was going well to start, I bought a bag of pelican rouge barista blend beans and had reasonable results for a novice. I was using grind setting 5 and I was getting the hang of the machine and getting fairly good results, I finished the bag and bought some lavazza crema e aroma beans and that's when my main 'issues' started,?I cleaned out the grinder and refilled with the lavazza beans and pulled a shot, it dropped out about 2 teaspoons in 30 seconds. I have up
  19. Happy Friday! I was recommended this forum by Bean and Bud, Harrogate. I went on a beginners barista course there, which was great! It made me realise how low down the learning curve I am, gulp! My equipment is really basic at the minute and could do with some advice, if you fancy it? Equipment I own Gaggia Baby Rancilio Steam wand mod - on it's way [*]Bottomless portafilter, 14g non-pressurised basket - on it's way Please recommend the following (feel free to post links) decent milk jug Tamper and mat Grinder - I don't mind spending
  20. I've only had my Sage for a couple of weeks but I have got through masses of coffee dialling in. Some favourite beans already emerging. I had the White Gloves Service which was very helpful as being a bloke I'm not too good at reading instructions! One question I forgot to ask is whether there is any difference between the 1&2 shot buttons other than the ability to program different extraction times. From my crude test with the larger basket, and no coffee, the same amount of water emerges with the same time setting. Apologies if this is a stupid question. Many thanks
  21. Now I am nearly sorted on my machines and am now looking into what other equipment will i need and where is the best/recommended suppliers to use? The Sage comes with a milk jug but am wondering if different jugs are better? I am guessing i need some scales, timer and cups. Should you use a thermometer when steaming milk or use the nearly to hot to touch method? Sorry for the seemingly daft questions but want to be prepared !! Afraid the questions may get even dafter when I get fully set up and going?! Thanks in advance
  22. Hey everyone! Very new to the home coffee gig so please excuse any silly or obvious questions I may ask. I bought a Gene Cafe CBR101 a couple of weeks ago and just been having a play around. Starting to get a good hang of the machine etc, but in the last couple of days i've been trying to get consistent roasts. Even using the exact same beans/temp/time they still came out different - whether it's taking longer to reach temp etc. Just wondering if anyone had any pearls of wisdom they could send my way about how to try and get consistent batches Thanks
  23. Hi there, I am new to this hobby/field and have very limited experience with drinking espresso neat, so my pallet isn't very refined so I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me find a bean to use as my "go-to". I was surprised on how sensitive each bean is to grind settings (this may be due to the type of machine I have though) so I am now wanting to settle on one bean to use for the next few months. Ideally I would go to a large roaster or quality coffee shop to taste a varriety but for now I am unable to do so. First of all here is the equipment I am using: Esp
  24. which one of these do I buy? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gaggia-Classic-RI8161-Machine-Professional/dp/B0000C72XS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427126000&sr=8-1&keywords=Gaggia+Classic or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gaggia-Classic-RI9403-11-machine/dp/B00P2I15ZY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1427126000&sr=8-2&keywords=Gaggia+Classic
  25. Hi, I was really happy to find this forum after trawling over lots of overwhelming and primarily US based info on coffee machines. I'm tired of paying out to Nespresso for pods that really don't taste great despite fancy packaging and want to get a real espresso maker. I'd like a double boiler one, I think, so in the dash to make coffee before work I'm not waiting around for a heat up, but I am looking for a machine that is not too temperamental and on the quiet side. I'd like to stay under £1000, and its got to fit under at 17in - 43cm cabinet height. I've read some of the newbie
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