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Found 19 results

  1. Hey All, Purchased my first machine last weekend from a member on this forum. So far I love it! Machine is really easy to use, bottomless portfilter allows me to see all my mistakes (I have made a lot of mistakes) Looking to buy a grinder (Sage Smart Pro) off another member on here. Thank you all for helping in my journey. Cheers, John
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm currently looking for the perfect home Espresso Machine. Every domestic coffee machine I've used produces espresso which has an awfully watery consistency unlike cafe espresso which is extremely thick almost like caramel. I've got roughly £200-250 to spend any suggestions on which machine i should buy? I use Ebay and do not mind buying second hand. The first brand i have spotted is Gaggia Classic. Ive also been told to look for an Ascaso. All help appreciated.
  3. Have finally heard from the insurance today and am getting £1250 for scrapping my car off. I have had my sights on a brewtus for a while, but now its pretty much time to invest I figure its time to decide for definite as to what I can get. I could go a bit higher if needed, just after some suggestions!
  4. Hi everyone! I've been (just) surviving for the last 5 years without an espresso machine on filter coffee. Finally, after dropping hints for about the last year, my wife bought me a Rancilio Silvia for Xmas just gone. The new machine is great although it has been quite a learning curve getting the most out of it. Thanks to these forums I've managed to find the answers to all of the problems I've had. I've also finally taken the plunge and got myself a fairly decent grinder, a Mazzer Super Jolly. I've only just picked it up but the few shots I've just pulled have been excellent, a real step up from my Iberital MC2! Looking forward now to really perfecting my coffee in the coming months!
  5. Hi all! I have just collected and descale my new Fracino little Gem machine. Cost me £220 for both (expected il need to do work at this price). But so far so good at what is a bargain price!! Good condition and man is the steam arm powerful! Group head shows a few drops every now and then when pulling a shot (new seal needed) easy to do? Have seen for £4. Made a couple coffees and flow rate is faster than expected, but have not dialled in grinder yet, an excited post purchase coffee had to be made which tasted good but a little bitter, finer grind needed I'm guessing? So my questions, what other maintenance should I do? What tamper suits this machine? Recomendations would be great? What maintenance for the grinder? Im no expert and the burs il have to check, worth replacing? Had for 6 years with minimal use, but I expect it could be worth it! Thanks for your help Ash
  6. We are looking to upgrade to one of these machines this week, luckily we live in the same town as Bella Barista, so can go and have a look and try the machines. I just wondered if anyone on here had one and if so how do you rate it? what are the pros & cons? Thanks Sarah
  7. Hi, I've been using a Classic for the last year and imminently upgrading to Sage DB. I have a 65E and the first beans I tried were Jampit, probably not a good idea TBH and didn't like the dark roast too much, but it was early days and I hope my palate has developed somewhat since. Have now had a couple of kilos of Rave Signature, some Italian Job (didn't get on well with) and a few assorted smaller bags from Rave to try out. I'm pretty sure I'd like to stick within the general band of medium roast, maybe a touch towards dark. I tend towards nut/caramel/chocolate rather than fruits etc, but I'm open to suggestions. I just want something super tasty that even my philistine friends will appreciate and make them understand how irrelevant the Costa/SB/Nero debate is.
  8. Hi, i am looking at getting a new machine, budget will be about £500, ideally it would have an inbuilt PID. i will be making mostly cappuccino and Americano. I have only just started to accumulate my coffee items and already have a Mazzer SJ. Any advice please on the best available options, I have looked in the sub forums but there are so many options. thanks daz
  9. In December last year I bought a Sage DTP and SGP as nice starter setup, at the time I thought it would be all I need. Turns out I'm enjoying making coffee way more than I thought I would. I have already upgraded the grinder to a Niche Zero, now I want a shiny quality machine to match it. The problem is that there seems to be loads of choice and so many options, DB, HX, E61, PID, pressure guages, plumbed or not, rotary vs vibration pump. I generally only drink Americanos, but I do make a few Latte's for family, friends and visitors. The DTP takes aged to froth the milk and my Latte art sucks, not the machines fault. My machine doesn't get huge use because I often work away, so I don't want to spend huge, but I also don't want to be eyeing up another upgrade in 6 months time. It would be great if I could get a machine for £600-800 but I don't think it's realistic. I could push up to around £1200 for something that will be great. I'd like fast warm up but will compromise with a smart plug. I have just over 45cm height under my cupboards, worst case I won't be able to use the cup warmer, but I can heat cups with hot water. I don't want anything too big compared to the DTP, most machines seem deeper which won't be too bad. Filling the water tank could be difficult, but I could run a filtered water line to the machine so the option to plumb in would be nice. I saw on CafeItalia they have the Expobar Brewtus IV Leva Multiboiler Volumetric Pump for £1280 down from £2155, this seems very cheap and I heard some bad reviews about this seller. Is the machine good and suitable? Others I have looked at ECM ACS Minima Lelit Bezzera Quickmill Rocket Bella Barista is only an hour from me so I will go visit at some point. I would consider secondhand but I'm impatient and already been tempted by a few, also watching for anything else popping up. It's hard when I don't know so much. Any help and advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi All Wonder if i could get some feedback on below: I currently have a Sage BE that i am now finding limiting, issues i see are below: small basket size pain and hard to get larger size dose into basket inconstant grind, really hard to dial in and stay consistent pressure gauge no use for real feedback as doesn't show pressure generally struggle to get constancy over any period Pain not being able to steam at same time when making few drinks so i am going to look at purchasing new grinder and machine. i did a Barista course and using the commercial machines was so much easier to control parameters! I mainly drink espresso but also partial to flat white so want machine with good steam power. All this is pulling me towards a HX machine rather than twin boiler due to cost and i was planning a trip to BB. Don't really want to spend more than £2k on set up and would appreciate thoughts any pointers? Many thanks Mark
  11. Time for an upgrade from my beloved La Pavoni Pro pre-mil. Got it from coffeechap in amazing condition 2 and a half years ago, and have since then upgraded with a bottomless portafilter, 49.5 mil tamper, new basket, aluminium funnel for my HG one and so on. As you can imagine with the money spent on it (had to import most things from USA) it's sad to say goodbye. So, i'm willing to spend up to £2000, and not lightly. This has to be the bee's knees for the money My first thought, and honestly only thought so far is the Londinium 1. Be nice to get one second hand a bit cheaper, but they don't come by very often. Can anyone convince me otherwise? Thanks Tom
  12. As Ive complained elsewhere on here, my Gaggia Classic seems to be on the way out and servicing prices in Ireland are so high that Im not sure its worth getting it fixed. So Im on the look out for a new machine. Ideally, Id like (wouldnt everyone?) a well-maintained second hand Gaggia or Silvia with some of the more technical mods done (PID and the like) as Ive no electrical skills whatsover. Probably something that someone is upgrading from to better develop their espresso habit. Thanks,
  13. Hello Been out of the loop for some time now sorry Have there been any new machines in the last twelve months? Happy with my setup but accept its limits the new machine would have to be usable by my wife who doesn't fiddle as much as I do. Any ideas
  14. We are opening a bakery and plan to sell coffee but are not sure which machine would be best. We estimate that we will sell 100 cups a day and we are hoping to sell the highest quality possible (with training of course). Any help with respect to machine selection (and grinder) would be much appreciated! Many thanks Jon
  15. why? Because this morning I took delivery of my new machine, a Fracino Cherub. Its still boxed and sat in the back of my car. I'm counting down the hours before I can leave work. Photos etc will follow ..... but first I have to bond !!!!!
  16. Hi all, another one of those threads asking for advice on machines... sorry...! I'll try to be concise. My original budget was around £400. I mostly drink espresso, but milk drinks will be required less frequently for my other half/guests/myself. I am totally done with temperature surfing...! And we don't have a lot of space, max size 400x450x500 (WxDxH) but ideally 100 less in each dimension (particularly width). So I came into this endeavour fully aware that a Classic or (ideally) a Silvia with a PID were my only two options. I have been watching eBay for about a year for these machines, I see them come and go, and now I actually have the money, it's just a waiting game. I would love to just buy them new, but the cost of importing the Auber PID kit is extortionate compared to the used machines which already have them installed, and too many times I have come home to a note from Royal Mail telling me there's an extra customs charge waiting for me. I don't know of any other PID available in the UK other than sourcing the parts myself, and I am not an electrician nor do I want to learn...! I started looking around for other second hand markets for these machines (including here!), and in doing so, I found myself tempted by the Fracino Piccino and the Nuova Simonelli Oscar instead. It looked like I could get either machine new and shipped for £560. I can just about justify the extra £160 of leeway on my budget for the fact that they will be new, and that they will be able to do milk at the same time as the espresso. I was feeling pretty good about these machines, my only concern was that I would be trading some espresso making ability; I would be happy with £400 worth of espresso making power with £160 worth of steam, but if they lack in the espresso department I will be disappointed. I started trying to find out how stable the temperature would be; like I said, I'm done with temperature surfing. Then it turned out that my sources, myespresso and coffeeitalia, are both loathed suppliers around these parts. Plus I couldn't get any good information either way on the stability or the adjustability of the temperature of the machines for espresso. I can't even find anywhere reputable in the UK that sells the Oscar, and the Piccinos are all over £600. I was already pushing my budget quite far given that I'll need other accessories too. So now I feel a bit like I'm back to square one! Maybe it's just a case of waiting on eBay to deliver. But you know how it is when you get an idea stuck in your head..! Any and all advice very welcome
  17. I need a new machine. The existing Delonghi at 15 years old has an intermittent leak and quite frankly doesn't cut the mustard. Grinder acquisition hopefully under control (Niche, fingers crossed). I drink mostly Americanos. At least one a day and probably 2/3 on Sat and Sun. The weekend drink may also include a latte. I may occasionally need to make 2 or 3 drinks at a time (e.g. family over for dinner). My wife drinks green or rooibos tea which we make with less than boiling water - so a water tap might be useful for that too. My wife also used to live in Heidelberg, which may or may not be relevant when trying to convince when a much larger machine arrives in the kitchen. The budget's around £1,250 give or take a bit. I was thinking dual boiler - I can then just switch on the steam boiler at weekends. Plus hot water is available on tap. That rather narrows the field though and I wouldn't want to miss a great HX. I may plumb it in (if I can find a filter up to Bristol Water). That's not a deal breaker - I can pour filtered water into a machine. At Bella Barista that leaves me with a choice of two dual boilers: Epobar Leva or Profitec 300. I prefer the look of the former. On the HX front there's the Lelit Mara PL62 (plenty of change), Rocket Appartmento and the ECM Heidelberg. There are a couple of Bezzeras and the Profitec 500 (just about) though these are out of stock at BB. I intend to go and visit BB to decide. Before I do, any roaring favourites from these or others? Thanks!
  18. It came yesterday afternoon which was actually next day delivery which I was quite impressed with as I didn't have to pay extra. I thought I had a problem at first as the loud humming noise when it was first turned on wouldn't stop even after the machine had reached temperature and when I turned on the steam wand all I got was 3 beeps and no steam. I gave it a good while and in the end phoned Sage and the assistant said to email them with details and they would pass it on to the white glove centre and someone would be out. I then did an internet search and other people had had the same thing so I tried again . . .and again and eventually the noise stopped and I had steam . . .yay. I'm presuming it was the steam boiler taking a long time on initial start up. I had looked at one of the youtube videos for the first start up and that machine stopped humming and produced steam much quicker than mine. So I did a trial shot this morning and then had my first flat white. Lovely, the steaming is a joy, much quicker than the DTP( but I'm not knocking that machine it's brilliant). I have had to reduce the grind size, I was on a 12 for the DTP which gave me 16gms grounds for 30 g coffee in 26 secs. I've brought it down to 11 bt it's still a little quick so will try 10 next time and I will updose slightly. I tried 17 gms buut think the optimum will be 18gms So I'll keep you informed of my progress. Teresa x
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