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  1. [h=1]My old Nespresso machine packed up last November so my family bought me this spanking new Sage Nespresso Creatista Royal Champagne Coffee Machine, thought I would get it out and try it out this week, fabulously good looking machine,[/h] Now I have a Profitec 600 Dual Boiler and have struggled to get decent milk out of it, the steam goes so fast, even tried a 2 hole steamer as regards a 4 hole steamer, still crap milk, anyway this machine above claims to texture milk to whatever drink you want, so yesterday tried it out after having pulled shots on my Profitec, set the milk texturing off on the Sage machine and at the end the milk was BLOODY PERFECT, you had to pick me up off the floor, I have persevered with my Profitec for months and had gotten no where near as silky milk that the Sage produced, did not even have to tap it to pour, it poured like a dream and you could have made any pattern you wanted on the top as the milk was that good. The easiest thing to do would be to use the Sage machine for milk and my other machines for pulling shots, however, did not pay out for the Profitec to give up, I will make better milk than the Nespresso machine does even if it kills me!!!! Tis a beautiful looking machine the new Nespresso.
  2. I have a nespresso machine at work. I don't much like the coffee I get out of it but needs must. It's time to place a new order so I'm going to test whether I can improve things by changing the pods. Does anyone have experience with alternative brands of pod? It's a basic nespresso machine and I tend to drink a sort of poor man's flat white: 1 or 2 short shots with half a cup of lightly microwaved milk. I also think it can be improved by stopping the shot short. I've used loads of nespresso's own branded pods and not felt much love for any of them, frankly, so I haven't noted down what i liked and disliked. Sorry not to be more specific! Is there a significant improvement to be had from moving to say Pact's pods? Or is there anyone else I should look at? I'm skeptical since at the and of the day we're talking about pre-ground coffee. However, if there is an improvement in quality to be had then I don't mind an increase in cost. Edit: I see a couple of other roasters at it too: https://colonnacoffee.com/collections/capsules https://departmentofcoffee.com/pods/ I imagine there are more, but given the limitations, is there much of an improvement?
  3. Interesting idea from Rave, only just saw the email about it. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/nespresso-compatible-coffee-pods-signature-blend
  4. I'm new to pods, but getting excited waiting for a Nespresso Inissia to arrive. In the meantime my research is telling me that the Lavazza A Modo Mio system brews better coffee, so wondering about a cheap Minu machine. There's also the Dolce Gusto system to complicate things, plus the Caffitaly system as well, which seems less used in the UK than the rest of Europe. A Modo Mio has better and cheaper coffee so should be a simple decision? Or not? I read that Nespresso compatible pods don't work too well because they adjusted the puncture system to make it less sharp, and the originals remain expensive. And are Dolce Gusto and Caffitaly worth considering........? Feedback and experience on these systems and their pros and cons most welcome.
  5. Hi all, Question I couldn't see as asked yet (forgive me if I'm wrong). I've recently started off my at-home brewed coffee journey with a Nespresso Inissia and their "Aeroccino 3" milk frother. Now, the frother works very well, heats it and produces plenty of nice stiff silky microfoam. Usually. However - it seems where I get the milk from, and possibly even the size, is yielding variable results. So my aim here is simply to find out what froths best? I've so far found semi-skimmed (green/2%) to be about the best, which many seem to agree. As for brands: Iceland 4pt 2% - excellent. Tesco 4pt 2% - fairly good. Tesco 6pt 2% - not good. Tesco Pure 4pt 2% - fairly good. (Pure is their version of Cravendale filtered milk) So far the Tesco 6pt seems for some reason to be a bit disappointing (and their 4pt to a lesser extent), it's producing a somewhat watery, flimsy foam. I'll add to this if I find any more - and your suggestions too of course. I'd also like to know if this general idea holds true for steam frothing, or whether it's a bit more forgiving in this aspect? I've tried to discount other factors, like checking milk temp is consistent throughout, machine is cold, clean, working properly etc. Any help or advice would be gratefully received, thanks.
  6. The interesting fact at nespresso is that - despit it never tastes really great - it also never tastes really bad. How do they do that? You can use the same capsule and let the machine run 20 seconds or a minute or even pause the extraction it for 15 seconds and then continue (in which the coffee stays in contact with the water and so tastes awful on a portafilter) - the taste never gets really sour or bitter.
  7. I'm spending a month working in Portugal where the local coffee is dreadful, bitter, UHT milk etc. I'm desperately missing my daily latte but have a Nespresso machine and an Aerocinno in my villa. Has anyone any tips for achieving best extraction from the Nespresso? Yesterday I used factory settings and a shot came through in about 10 seconds. Also has anyone got anywhere near microfoam with the Aerocinno? Thanks
  8. Has only been used intermittently over the past 4 years. In excellent condition & only used a few times for holidays each year. Used only with bottled water & always cleaned & descaled after each holiday Comes complete with a rack to hold 40 capsules & all contained in a plastic box for easy transportation of the full setup. Full instructions & with a couple of descaling sachets & some outdated capsules for testing. Took the ‘pics’ & then gave it another run to check it out. Cleaned & re-dried ready for immediate use. Working perfectly.
  9. My wife and I love coffee, especially flat whites but we are both students and will leave the UK in 2 years. Around a year ago we bought De'Longhi ec330 and had a terrible experience. We went through 3 of them before giving up. They simply wouldn't last. We just came from visiting friends in Spain and having a coffee after every meal was really nice. All of our friends were using Nespresso pods and the coffee was consistently good and so convenient. My wife and I are looking at the Inissia models with the Aeroccino and I'm a bit confused. KRUPS and MAGIMIX seem to make identical models save for the color. Is their any difference. I tried asking at Curry's today but I they could do was look at it and state the obvious. I know that these are not for the purists but I figured this is still the best place to ask.
  10. This may be the wrong place to ask this question(!) but would like to hear your opinions anyway I've been a coffee fanatic for 10 years and have been through every kind of machine. In the past few years I've become more of a coffee snob and learned a lot, first owning a Fracino Piccino for 2 years and then Sage Dual Boiler + grinder for the past year or so, as well as V60 drip, cafetiere, the works. However after having used a nespresso machine for a few weeks at my parents house, I fell in love with the convenience, and have found myself now a bit bored of spending 5 minutes faffing around on a fully manual machine to make the perfect cappuccino, when the nespresso machine is so compact, quick, easy and makes a perfectly acceptable drink. This plus the fact that the manual setup took SO much space in my kitchen (the dual boiler is a beast, and this was also a big factor) lead me to give up my machine last week. I'm now trying to decide the best next move, my current order of preference for a new machine (but not totally decided), is: - £700 Delonghi Bean to cup. Pros: Freshly ground, very good cappuccino with one touch. Con: Most likely to develop a fault. (Although I had one for 7 years and it worked perfectly through to the end) - £180 Nespresso machine. Pros: Super easy quick cappuccino, cheap, compact little machine. Cons: Preground coffee (would use Pact when they bring out nespresso capsules later this month), capsules a bit more expensive (but money isn't a huge concern). - £500 Sage Barista Express. Pros: Freshly ground, very good cappuccino (not sure I will notice a difference vs Bean to cup?), can still retain some coffee snobbery. Cons: More faffing around, less convenient. Bearing in mind I only drink cappuccinos & americanos nowadays (so getting the perfect espresso shot doesn't really factor), What are your thoughts? Has anyone else been through this dilemma and questioned whether all the extra faffing around of a manual setup is worth it / been tempted by convenience? thanks!
  11. Hi All, I love single origin coffee from independent roasters. My office desk is full of various coffee paraphernalia v60, areopress, scales etc. (the list goes on) I've read the James Hoffmann blog on Nespresso Nescafe and cant wait for a Part II - if it ever happens, and I think I have already lowered my expectations for what to expect from the standard "Dolce Gusto" pods from the supermarkets. However the boss man has just brought a Nescafe Dolce Gusto pod machine for the office. I would like to buy some refillable pods from Amazon and try to fill with some HasBean espresso blends. My question is, beside ropey reviews for the actual pots them selves, if I was to fill these with proper fresh coffee: Would the machine actually be up to extracting anything that resembles an espresso? For £20 I might just give it a go anyway, but does anyone on here have any tips or tricks?
  12. I have a Nespresso Maestria bought 4 years ago. Always good. Now when turned on espresso and lungo lights flash rapidly, on a 3-4 time cycle and then lights go off (main switch still on)..won´t work. I´ve tried, descaling, emptying....everything indicated in the manual and...nothing I filmed a short 1 min video and uploaded to youtube. Local Nespresso Agents were not helpful... so here it is, https://youtu.be/UhphA4dVMis I thought that maybe someone had the same issue (although I did not find anything similar in the web). Thanks! ?
  13. Hi, I am buying my dad a Nespresso Machine for Christmas. A couple of questions: 1. Do I get Dad an Inissia (currently on offer for £49 with a free Aeroccino) or a citiz and milk? 2. Do I buy myself a Inissia for work, or take my Dad's old Dolce Gusto to work once he gets his new Nespresso? Please justify your opinions to help me make up my mind! Thanks in Advance!!
  14. I have this machine model, but the online manuals refer to a slightly different machine (possibly a newer model) The manuals refer to a machine that has a expresso cup button and a lungo cup button. My machine has a power button on the left hand side which illuminates and a cup button on the right hand side. My problem is that the coffee does not stop pouring even when it overflows the cup. When i press the cup button it starts to pour and when i press the same button again it stops pouring. I have tried to "program" it to only pour a desired quantity then automatically stop (by pressing and holding the cup button) but this has not worked. I have tried to reset it to factory defaults but to no avail. Can anyone help?
  15. Yep, as the title says. Time to say hello and introduce myself. It's nice to have a good coffee forum here in the UK and I've enjoyed reading many, many of the posts as I try to gain more knowledge and better my Barista skills. I know the US has the two big forums but I find them very US-entric (if that's a word?) and some of the level of detail they get into boggles the mind. The UK just hasn't been into coffee, to the level of those boys, for nearly as long. (That's a sweeping statement I know, but you know what I mean) But we're getting there. My road follows the same well trodden path of many others, a path littered with questionable gear, and countless crap cups of coffee. From DeLonghi machines and grinders - modded to hell with La Pavoni 51mm filter baskets, steam wands, hacked burrs, to Whirlpool bean to cup, then Gaggia Classic, Moka pots, Nespresso, on and on. I think the light bulb finally came on when I took (the then brave) step of getting reasonable grinder, and I finally realised that the freshness of the coffee and correct grind could allow me to get fairly close to a good coffee. Something approaching my local Neros but never quite getting there. So, after finally getting sick of the daily 'what's it gonna be today...good coffee,OK coffee, or bad coffee' lottery, and coming to the conclusion that, Nero's (as an example), would not train their Baristas on a £100 DeLonghi and make them work like hell to produce anything like a decent drink, before letting them loose on their E91 four group Ambassador, I needed 'put up or shut up'. I love coffee, and I want to drink consistently good coffee at home. So with a self imposed budget of £1500, and literally hours of research, I have finally ended up with a La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II, and Quamar M80 grinder. Why the hell didn't I do it years ago - would have saved a lot of heart ache. And heart burn. Ciao.
  16. Dear Forum Members, Cup of Excellence is perhaps the most prestigious competition and award for high quality coffees. The level of scrutiny that Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the speciality coffee industry. The competition is rigorous, with cupping evaluations conducted over a three-week process by industry experts: first by a National Jury of about a dozen qualified jurors from the origin country, and then by an International Jury, comprised of approximately 20-25 experienced jurors from around the world. A competition with 300 entries yields an average of 9,000 analysed cups, with each “Top 10” coffee being cupped at least 120 times. Fazenda Santa Barbara is this year’s Brazil Pulped Naturals Champion, having scored highest from all winning farms, a whooping SCAA score of 91.66. This winning micro lot of 510kg in total, was split and auctioned to two buyers - 270kg went to Japan, and 240kg was purchased by Difference Coffee. As you can imagine, the coffee is absolutely delicious. It has sweet fruit aromas of melon and honey, with refined and multidimensional acidity. A super juicy cup with great balance and consistency. Due to the limited supply of this champion bean, a maximum 300 boxes per month can be produced, 100 of which were pre-sold to the trade. Should you be interested in pre-ordering a box of 10 capsules, compatible with your home nespresso* machine, do drop us a line at [email protected], but do hurry as we expect this coffee to be sold out relatively quickly. Many thanks and hope to share this amazing coffee with some of you. Warmest wishes, Amir Gehl *third-party brand with no link to Difference Coffee Co.
  17. Hi Everyone, Wanted to share a short article that was written about us over the weekend. If anyone wants more information, please PM me. Many thanks, Amir http://europe.newsweek.com/how-one-entrepreneur-reinventing-coffee-pod-542657
  18. "Nespresso?" Don't panic! I come in peace. I mainly drink Aeropress, sometimes V60, and occasionally syphon or stovetop. I grind my own, usually from local micro-roasters, looking forward to the summers of Ethiopians and winters of Brazilians, and try to convince myself that a lightly roasted natural does still taste enough like coffee to serve to a non-coffee-nerd friend. The problems are two: 1. My espresso sucks. I've had a couple of cheap machines. I've modded my Delonghi disc burr grinder to go finer. It's still too inconsistent. I try riding the 'ready' light to get water at different temperatures to what the machines are calibrated to. I've reached the ceiling I think. 2. My wife loves milk drinks. I can spend ten minutes making a mess in the kitchen with frothing jugs and hand-held whizzers and get something lukewarm and less good than a Costa Express machine. And the beans I buy for filter don't work great for cappuccinos. So I keep getting served Nespresso at people's houses - they're proud to serve me it as I'm their coffee guy. To me it tastes genuinely OK. I prefer the traditional espressos to the very bright and fruity ones anyway. And they're so quick and unmessy. And so I'm wondering a simple question, as I write my Christmas list: Do I save up over the next year or so and spend nearly two hundred quid on a new Delonghi machine, and another similar amount on a much bigger and better grinder, or do I spend about one hundred on a basic Nespresso one with an Aeroccino and stop aspiring higher than I can ever justify spending on equipment? Is a £200 manual machine really any better than what I have? Or will I regret getting a convenience machine in six months time? (I also have an expensive flat white habit in local indie shops but am still partial to a Costa from time to time. No accounting for taste.) Please let me know if I'm going mad and sorry for sullying the good forum with this pod machine talk.
  19. Dear Members, I am pleased to announced that from January, Difference Coffee Co will be extending its coffee menu to include Geisha from the Esmeralda Special collection- winner of more than 14 international prizes since 2004. This highly prized bean was sourced from micro lot Bosque 5 within the Jaramillo farm. It is perfumed on the nose with a unique floral aromatic of jasmine and roses and good citric acidity on the palate. A sweet, juice and delicious cup. The coffee will be roasted by Jonny England, one of only four QGraders in Europe who is licensed in both Speciality Arabica and Fine Robusta. Jonny is also a trainer for the SCAE as well as head judge at World Barista Championship and World Brewer's Cup. Only a limited amount of this coffee will be roasted and should you be interested in securing a little allocation please feel free to send me a private message. Warmest wishes, Amir Gehl
  20. As above - bought these to try - and concluded that although these are the closest I've got - Nespresso (in all it's forms) just isn't my bag. The full pack is 40 capsules and £26 posted. This is 31 capsules. Most of the nine are taken from the least expensive of the three coffees, so I'm left with: 9 (out of 10) of the Carmen Est. Geisha Panama. 15 (out of 20) of the Cavla Colombian. 7 (out of 10) of the Nano Challa Ethiopian. £26 divided by 40 capsules is 65p 31 x 65p is £20.15 So - how about £18 including postage?
  21. Recently got a Nespresso machine, an entry-level Inissia which was just under £50 - obviously Nespresso as a concept is not for most of us on this forum and I've been on here long enough/appreciate good coffee enough to fully understand why that is (I didn't drink coffee for 20 odd years because I thought it was terrible, then I discovered speciality and the rest is history) Having said that, I think these machines do serve a purpose, and given the vast range of pods you can buy nowadays, the convenience, the price, all things considered, many of us are likely to come across one either at the office, or at a friend's house, or at an airport... Or even just to have at home to serve to guests you don't particularly like. Whatever. I wanted to document my "adventures" - which will basically be my experiences with the machine, and as part of this I thought I'd just go through the pods I use and give my thoughts. If this serves no other purpose than as a diary to myself, that's fine! ----- Nespresso own brand: (1) Kazaar: this is apparently the strongest, most intense pod in the Nespresso range. I even read I think on this forum a few people stating that this pod in particular was much better than the rest of the range. With this in mind, Kazaar was the first pod I tried but to be honest I wasn't too pleased. It's very dark! You can taste it, but also I cut open the used pod after and the coffee was pitch black. I suppose it fits the description of "exceptionally intense and syrupy" but for me, this didn't taste good at all. (2) Rosabaya: with the above Kazaar experience in mind, I wanted to try something more "high quality" - this one is 100% Arabica, a blend of Colombians apparently. Time for some honesty... This really surprised me! You can taste that it's arabica, it's drinkable, not too dark, no usual bad quality bitterness, at least not as much. I even picked up some red fruit notes and then saw on the website that this apparently tastes of "red fruit, reminiscient of wine" - fair enough, this was very impressive by my initially low expectations - very nice acidity. I've had two of these now and really enjoyed them. (3) Dulsao: another 100% arabica, this time from a blend of Brazilians, and apparently slightly lighter than the Colombian. It tastes pretty much as it sounds, and again I have to say this is very drinkable... Again I am surprised, this doesn't taste terrible at all. Along with the Rosabaya these made very drinkable shots. (4) Indriya: continuing on from the single origin range, beans from India - I think this is described as spicy, and darker than the Brazilian and Colombian offerings - can taste the spice, this is pretty decent as well, especially if this sort of spicy coffee is to your liking. I must say, this whole single origin range is quite impressive, relatively speaking. (5) Ristretto: as the name suggests, this is intended as a ristretto, however my machine doesn't have a pre-set ristretto setting and I wasn't going to faff about with stopping the pour early. Had it as a regular espresso (or rather, what is regular by Nespresso standards) and it was quite syrupy? I'm clutching at straws here... It was alright, will give this another go and elaborate but nothing unusual about this one. (6) Selection Vintage 2014: yes, they've released what they claim is a vintage coffee. Green beans have been "aged" since 2014 apparently... I must admit, this was tasty. Relative, yes, but this I enjoyed. Difficult to pinpoint flavours but it was very easy to drink, can tell this is a slightly better quality than the other pods. ---------- SUPERMARKET BRANDS: ---------- Taylors of Harrogate: (1) Brazil: I don't know why I bought these, was in Waitrose on the way back from getting the machine and wanted at least one non-Nespresso pod to compare... They're fine. 100% Arabica, a bit bland but not offensive - as seems a common complaint, third party pods don't always work as well as Nespresso ones, and these are no different. I notice the shot is slightly more watery, and I don't know if that's the machine struggling because of the pods being slightly different in size etc. Not bad but very average. --- Cafe Pod: (1) Ethiopia: never even heard of Cafe Pod before, the packet says "good strong coffee" - also these are for Lungo but I've only had them for espresso (or rather, what a Nespresso machine thinks an espresso is) and they're again, very average... You can sort of tell they're an Ethiopian, a bit fruity but that's it really. As with the Taylors, I felt the machine struggled a bit with these. --- Cafedirect: (1) Peruvian Spirit: surprisingly pleasant, quite light but zingy with a nice acidity/citrus note coming through. The usual non-Nespresso issue of being a bit thinner and choking the machine slightly but the end product tastes decent, this might be one I purchase again. This is the lightest in the Cafedirect range, with the other three reviewed below. (2) Americano: this is the second lightest in the range following on from the Peruvian. I had it as an espresso rather than a Lungo, despite the name, quite good. A very drinkable shot, still getting some nice acidity but at the same time it is noticeably darker than the Peruvian. Again I'm surprised, these Cafedirect pods are decent compared to the other supermarket offerings I've tried. (3) Espresso Vivo: the second darkest in the range, it's fine - again, slightly surprised at the drinkability, i.e. that it isn't awfully revolting. Very standard, but still, in line with the above two, cafedirect seem to be better than some of the other supermarket offerings. (4) Espresso El Reto: Darkest in the Cafedirect range, but wasn't as dark as some of the dark Nespresso pods. Like the others in this range, this made a decent shot. --- Waitrose: (1) House Blend: pretty good actually, these pods appear to have a unique design in that they have a foil layer on the back as well as on the front of the pod (the one on the back is small, not sure what it does) and this seems to contribute to a better flow. A drinkable coffee. ---------- SPECIALITY PODS ---------- Department of Coffee and Social Affairs: (1) Cameroon "Queen of the Hill": yeah, straight away you can tell this pod is made from good coffee. My shot was way too watery to decipher the exact flavours but I'll try again with a shorter shot and expand. The important thing is the taste is pleasant. Update: tried a shorter shot, it tastes good, not much acidity, very smooth and biscuity almost. I think that with these speciality pods, they're always going to taste higher quality than Nespresso pods but the consistency is never as good, not as thick as the Nespresso pods. --- Colonna Coffee: (1) I got a pack of four - their range consists of: foundation, discovery, rare and decaf. Without going into the individual flavours too much (not much point, they'll change by the time you've read this anyway) the overall impression I get is positive. Of course you need to recalibrate your expectations to Nespresso standards but with Colonna's capsules you'll get the fruity, acidic, exotic flavours of high quality coffee that you won't get from Nespresso. One thing I would criticise: some of the pods don't work - a couple of them just didn't puncture and I just got water instead. This has happened with some of my other non-nespresso pods as well which I can only put down to the fact that the capsule size is not exactly identical to the presumably patented Nespresso pods.
  22. Hello, I need to buy a coffee machine for a (very) small office. It is important that it can serve cappuccinos. What matter is: reliability, easy of operation, quick (i.e. not requiring an employee to waste much time). Thus, an espresso machine + grinder is not an option. I have read through dozens of topics on this forum, but none of them has really addressed my questions. What options do I have and what are their pros and cons? The following are my thoughts. Do you agree? (1) All-in automated bean-to-cup machine The easiest solution, but also the most expensive and most fault-prone. The best machine in this category, from what I have read, seems to be Melitta Caffeo Barista TSP, TS, or T. Other options are Jura Impressa, Sage Oracle and De'Longhi PrimaDonna. (2) Bean-to-cup machine + external milk frothing machine This allows to bring the price down considerably. Also, less likely to break down, as it is less complex (?). The end result shouldn't be much worse than that with an automated all-in machine (?). Bean-to-cup machine Plenty of options here, but Jura, Gaggia, De'Longhi seem to be the most popular. Milk Frother KRUPS XL200044 and Severin SM 9688 seem to be the main contenders here. Which one is better? Krups seems to have two different options (for latte and cappuccino), but Severin has adjustable temperature. (3) Pod machine + external milk frothing machine Will it be better than B2C? Will it be much more expensive on "per coffee cup" basis than B2C? (4) Automated pod machine The only option here is De'Longhi Lattissima. Any clue about the quality of cappuccino produced by it, vs. by pod machine + external milk frothing machine? I do appreciate that this website focuses on more... traditional coffee preparation methods. But I hope that some of you might have heard of these heretic solutions :-). Thank you for help!
  23. Just posted so thought I should say hello. Been mucking about with various coffee preps for ages, nespresso, aeropress, French press, stove top. Nespresso finally gave up the ghost, and I picked up a classic for a ton on the bay. Got a crappy old broken burr grinder, not very consistent, but can't stretch further. Never realized how much stuff you 'need', but a decent tamper has made a huge difference. One thing in give found really helpful is prestering the guys in the local coffee shop, they have been great and of course love to answer all my daft q's. No doubt I'll post some here too! anywho, chow for now....
  24. Hi, We have some accommodation units in South Devon and want to buy a pod based coffee machine for our top of the range accommodation. We need 30 for now, maybe more in future years. We will be including some free pods and want to sell additional pods in our shop. So the availability of the pods for re-sale and the cost per pod are probably more important than the initial machine cost, as well as the taste and ease of use for customers! I have looked into the Senseo machines and individually wrapped pods (which is ideal for us) from thecoffeepod.co.uk which work out at about 12p each. The only thing that concerns me with Senseo is not many people sell the machines now, will they be discontinued? Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? Thanks..
  25. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Nespresso machine. Can someone please hook me up on Nespresso Member Get Member programme ? [email protected]
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